I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Moon Witch

A few days later, Bai Yan came to the building of the Demon Hunt Agency as scheduled.

This building is next to the government building. Normal people didn't know what this place is for.

Until now, Bai Yan also didn't know that this was the official organization of the superpowers.

Alan also came to the DHA. He smiled and walked over and patted his shoulder, "Bai Yan, in fact, as a rule, people like you can't join DHA directly."

"What is the meaning of people like me?" Bai Yan narrowed his eyes and smiled, "People who are more handsome than you are not qualified, right?"

Alan shook his head and said, "No, no, no. You'd be qualified if you were judged like that."

"I'm talking about ordinary people. They have no superpowers and haven't received professional training. Do you think that the organization let ordinary people like you join at will?"

Bai Yan nodded gently and asked, "Theoretically, it is not possible. There must be a threshold for public employment. So why did you promise to let me join the Demon Hunt Agency?"

"Because there is an exception clause."

Alan and Bai Yan entered the building together. On the way, Alan continued to explain, "As long as there are two 'first-class night watchmen' as guarantees, any one can be eligible to apply to become a night watchman of the DHA."

"Even if this person has no superpower and has not been specially trained, he may become a night watchman. This rule is often applicable to recruiting some... special talents."

"Wait, how do you solve the loyalty problem?"

Bai Yan immediately raised the most important question. He always felt that the most important thing for such an organization was loyalty rather than strength.

Some criminals are just criminals no matter how talented they are. It is a huge problem to make mistakes at the root.

Alan calmly added, "There is a ritual contract... it is much more useful than empty words of loyalty."

Bai Yan's heart clucked. He then asked, "What kind of contract would it be to become a night watchman? Never hide anything from the superiors? Or obey everything that the superiors ordered?"

Alan shook his head and explained, "It's just a 'no betrayal' contract. The two contracts you mentioned have been used in the past for a period of time. Later, they were abolished after a series of changes."

"Of course, when many events need to be reported, the 'No Lies' contract will still be activated temporarily. But in daily life, if people are always subject to this contract, it will be very painful, and can even cause much unnecessary embarrassment."

Bai Yan understands that in a society where people are bound together by emotional intelligence", a contract that forces people not to lie is not conducive to unity and love.

At least the incidents of insulting superiors will increase dramatically.

"I see."

He nodded gently. Since there was so much room for operation, there was no need to worry about exposing his identity.

In fact, Bai Yan has just been ready to turn around and leave.

There are many people in the Demon Hunt Agency building, all wearing black and white suits. Many of them greeted Alan with "Enthusiasm".


The women passing by frowned and distanced themselves from Alan.

Bai Yan could not help saying, "Your reputation is bad to this extent."

Alan laughed and said meaningfully, "You don't understand at all. This is what I want!"

He then added, "Now I'm going to take you to meet someone, and we must convince her to give you a chance to join the Demon Hunt Agency."

They took the elevator.

After a while, they arrived at an office on the third floor.

The office with white walls, black desks and chairs is not particularly spacious, but it is full of many green plants with the faint scent of tea wafting around.

Bai Yan felt relaxed as soon as he came here, as if he could say anything here.

A woman in a black slim dress sat behind a desk calmly sipping black tea.

Her skin was white, which was obviously different from ordinary people. The evening dress wrapped around her body showed her delicate collarbone. Her long white hair reached to her hips. Her ears were decorated with emerald green butterfly hair ornaments. Her eyelashes were also white. Her dark eyes were slightly purple. The smile on her face made people feel a subtle sense of kindness.

Bai Yan was slightly stunned and felt she was very familiar.

Alan spread his hand and introduced, "Merete Chambers, the Moon Witch, Special Advisor of the Demon Hunt Agency."

It's her? Bai Yan's blood froze and he didn't want to stay any more.

Merete smiled and shook her head. Her voice was clear and tactful, "I am not a real witch but an ordinary observer."

"Is he the ordinary person you want to recruit?"

She looked at Bai Yan and tilted her head slightly, sizing him up.

"Yes, although he looks ordinary and plain and is not as handsome as me," Alan paused to emphasize and continued, "But he has great potential. I hope he can become a night watchman."

Merete Chambers didn't show any emotion. She smiled and said, "I see. But in my opinion, he is actually more handsome than you."

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Alan didn't know how to answer for a while.

Bai Yan smiled and said, "Hi, I'm Bai Yan. Nice to meet you."

Merete smiled at him and responded, "Merete Chambers, temporarily a special advisor of DHA in Tatsumi. Equivalent to a first-level night watchman. I'm a member of Damocles."


Alan immediately interjected, "Damocles is organized by local elites from the DHA General Administration. Everyone has great potential. Most of the members who can survive can reach the top of the Demon Hunt Agency."

Both the director of the DHA in Tatsumi and the ace Lin Bian were once members of Damocles.

Merete Chambers got up and walked towards Bai Yan. The distance between them was getting shorter and shorter, but she didn't stop until her nose was close to his cheek.

Bai Yan stood still and didn't back up, just letting Merete walk towards him.

He would like to see what she wants to do.

Merete closed her eyes and gently moved her small nose.

"Well, I smell... your essence."

Merete smiled and looked at Bai Yan for a long time.

Bai Yan raised his eyebrows and felt that there was something very special and unusual in Merete's eyes.

It was like... pleasure?

Merete explained with a smile, "This is my natural power 'Discernment', a very weak but interesting ability to discern a person's essence through scent."

Alan asked curiously, "You said that I am a liar in essence, what is his essence?"

"To be exact, your essence is' a liar who longs for truth '."

Merete corrected and continued, "As for him, I don't want to say now, but I have decided to promise you that I can recommend him with you."

"Oh, well, that's good."

Alan was actually still curious, but he also knew that since she had said so, he was bound to be unable to ask anything.

'My essence?' Bai Yan was lost in thought.

What kind of person is he?

The woman was very interested in him and acted very easy-going and friendly.

However, Bai Yan had a strong sense of crisis, even though she gave him a good "First impression" in reality.

Because he knew who the "Moon Witch" was from the beginning!

Although she didn't know him, Bai Yan knew her from the first round of the game of Babel Tower!

Moon Witch, one of the core operators of Babel Tower, has been a famous wise person in the backstory for a long time.

She is also the most famous betrayer of Demon Hunt Agency for decades!

Moon Witch will betray and leave the Demon Hunt Agency on all lines!

Although there is a "No betrayal" contract to maintain loyalty, in the infinite multiverse, nothing is ever truly absolute.

Bai Yan clearly remembered one of the traits of Moon Witch.

"The dominant world."

She likes people just as people like dogs.

Moon Witch had a unique world view that all people in the world have a relationship of domination, and didn't recognize the existence of "Equality".

This woman will either be put in a collar or she will put a collar on someone else.

"What are you thinking?"

Merete suddenly asked, smiling and staring at Bai Yan, who was daydreaming. Her beautiful eyes seemed to penetrate him thoroughly.

"Nothing, I'm lost in your beauty." Bai Yan talked nonsense seriously.

Merete said calmly, "I will be your recommender from now on, Mr. Bai. You should know how to repay kindness and not betray me."

Alan patted Bai Yan's shoulder and said with a smile, "Although I'm always a little prejudiced against this magical lady, she actually often provides private help for colleagues and strangers, and there are many night watchman in DHA who worship her."

"She is a real good person, Bai Yan. You should have a good relationship with her in the future."

He thought about it and added, "Of course, forget about pursuing her, it's impossible for you."

"Well, I see." Bai Yan said vaguely, "Thank you for recommending me."

"Mr. Bai, you are very wary of me." Merete said disappointedly, "I didn't do anything to you. I just promised to help you as a recommender."

Bai Yan smiled, with a feeling of being seen through.

He really didn't want to stay here any longer, even for a short time. Merete was analyzing him all the time.

Moon Witch, who has "Distinction", can easily see through people's shallow thoughts. No one knew that she can actually do it with her traits. They just thought Merete is a super master in psychology.

She hid too much from her companions, and only Bai Yan knew the secret through Babel Tower.

When Bai Yan was about to put forward the idea of leaving, Merete nodded in advance and said, "Well, See you later, Mr. Bai."