I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 385

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Chapter 385: The Breakup of Friendship!

Tatsumi City.

Maryse's room.

"Is this the first time I've invited you to my house?"

At this very moment, three beautiful girls are sitting on a bed.

Maryse is lying on the bed, dressed in a pink pajama.

Irena, the personal maid, is wearing a black and white maid outfit, with a big smile on her face.

Aside from that, there was Mu Ling, who had been invited by the two of them.

Mu Ling, as usual, was dressed in a black outfit, with wine-red eyes and long white hair. Her immense charm was impossible to ignore by anyone.

Actually, the idea of having Maryse invite Mu Ling over was Irena's idea.

She thought this was a very normal behavior. Since they were good friends, it was only natural for them to visit each other's homes and play together.

However, Mu Ling and Maryse were both women with unusual childhoods, so they rarely invited each other to meet. So, Irena encouraged Maryse to take the initiative.

Irena, like a caring mother, wanted to make the daily lives of these two girls who had unconventional upbringings a little easier.

Maryse was actually okay, but Mu Ling rarely took the initiative to relax. She always had a habit of being tense.

Even so, Mu Ling would complete various tasks of the Babel Tower at least five times a week.

She would often slay a nest of monsters in the wild marshes, leaving herself covered in mud. Then, she would later eliminate a group of cultists in another city, returning home bloody.

It can be said that it was quite hard work.

Um, the reason behind it all actually stems from Bai Yan's habitual excessive fondness of 'using' her.

Although there were various tasks assigned to her, if we were to summarize, Mu Ling's main duty undoubtedly revolved around "slaughter".

She killed people, she killed non-human beings, she killed monsters, she killed all sorts of incomprehensible creatures.

Just as Kaluoer had imagined.

The organization that saves the world had to eliminate a great number of people.

The spirit of the extraordinary beings is easily twisted, and continuous, uninterrupted killings for a long time might turn them into monsters.

Mu Ling had never accumulated madness. On one hand, it was because she possessed a strong determination, and on the other hand, it was due to having a powerful spiritual pillar.

Those extraordinary beings who gained superhuman powers through faith often find it challenging to fall into madness.

Unless their source of faith experiences abnormalities.

Irena walked barefoot off the bed and fetched a delicate and beautiful tray from the table.

She brought up a variety of pastries and coffee, which she had prepared well in advance.

Maryse looked at Mu Ling, who was sitting silently across from her, and took the initiative to pick up a macaron and handed it over.

"Mu Ling, actually I have always had a secret in my heart, only I and Irena know, no one else is aware, oh."


"Do you want to listen? Mu Ling."

Mu Ling took the macaron and took a bite. After that, she couldn't stop herself from eating.

She loved sweets very much, so one after another, she didn't let any of them go, and directly stuffed all kinds of pastries into her mouth.

"Did you hear me talk?"

Maryse couldn't help but pinch Mu Ling's face, this girl had eaten like a big hamster!

"Yes, I do."

Mu Ling chewed on the sweet treat, wearing an expression of "go on, I'm listening" in a half-hearted manner.

Maryse sighed, but she continued speaking.

After all, she did have a slight desire to bring up this topic.

"Actually, I have a feeling, maybe, that I could like someone."

"Oh, oh, oh!" Mu Ling continued eating without stopping.

"More specifically, it's actually more than just friends, but not quite lovers," Irena interjected suddenly, with a subtle smile on her face.

Maryse lowered her head, her face blushing with embarrassment.

"Well, you know, I don't really understand the situation right now. It just feels like our relationship is very delicate... Mu Ling, do you think I should be more proactive?"

"But since I can't be sure if I like them, wouldn't it be strange to be too proactive?"

Maryse was actually just trying to find a topic to talk about, but she didn't expect Mu Ling's expression to gradually become serious.

"Have you thought about having specific standards when it comes to choosing your life partner?"

"Spouse? Isn't that going too far to say? Actually, that man and I aren't even lovers!"

Maryse stood still, perplexed.

Mu Ling raised her eyebrows and earnestly asked, "Isn't dating for the purpose of marriage?"

"Um, it seems so."

Maryse fell silent for a moment. Mu Ling's words seemed fine, but she couldn't shake off a strange feeling.

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Mu Ling grabbed a piece of cake and stuffed it into her mouth, then asked again in all seriousness, "So, do you have any requirements or standards for the person you want to marry?"

"Not really..."

Maryse pondered for a moment, shook her head, and said, "As long as they can treat me well and make me happy, I think that would be enough."

She had never really thought about such things.

In the past, when Father was still around, there was never any possibility of experiencing the freedom of love and marriage.

Now, Maryse was feeling a bit confused.

"This is not acceptable."

Mu Ling sighed and continued, "Casual thoughts often lead to pain... I will choose a partner who is stronger than me, with a righteous mind, preferably a great hero..."

"At the same time, he also had to agree to my desire to have many children... Oh, and most importantly, this man cannot have any conflicts with the Babel Tower."

"Do the person you like meet these requirements?"

Maryse stared blankly for a while and nodded.

"So, you definitely need to be more proactive, in today's society both men and women need to be proactive."

Mu Ling cheers Maryse on and says earnestly, "Courageously pursue him! No matter what difficulties and obstacles there may be, don't easily give up. This kind of exceptional partner is rare and needs to be cherished by you."

Maryse took a deep breath.

Yes, she had been thinking the same way many times, telling herself to be proactive!

But in the end, she still couldn't muster the courage to take the initiative.

At twenty-eight years old, why was she still so melodramatic?

Is this okay? No, this is not good!

She nodded, finally making up her mind completely. She was determined to chase after that guy!

"I understand! Mu Ling!"

Maryse vigorously nodded and exclaimed, "I will catch up to him!"

Irena stood completely frozen beside them.

Wait, wait, wait, weren't they originally in a 'more than friends, less than lovers' relationship?

How did it happen that after the Mu family girl said something, it suddenly turned into Miss Maryse taking the initiative to propose?

Wasn't she still uncertain whether she liked that man or not?

Jumped quite far, huh!

The excitement was too intense!

"Mu Ling, Mu Ling, you will always be my good friend."

Maryse felt greatly inspired and couldn't help but hug Mu Ling, pressing her head against hers.

Mu Ling had just finished eating, her hands were oily. Immediately, she lifted up her hands, not wanting to dirty Maryse's clothes.

Irena promptly handed over a tissue.

[Keep going.]

At that moment, Maryse heard Mu Ling's inner voice.

She sincerely wished herself well.

[Maryse, you will surely find happiness.]

"Thank you..."

Just at that moment, Maryse became frozen in place.

She found herself facing a blurry "mosaic" in front of her and instinctively let go of her hands.

Mu Ling's clothes twisted, blurred, and transformed!


Her own clothes were also undergoing a transformation!

Mu Ling also noticed this, but to her surprise, she remained calm and said, "It's a new possibility."

Both Mu Ling and Maryse gazed at this scene, but the new possibility that had emerged left them completely stunned.

"What is this!"

Maryse exclaimed, nearly fainting as her own body transformed into a set of pink and white swimsuit dress.

She was not unable to accept the swimsuit!

However, this... was deceiving too much!

Not even a bit sexy!

It was definitely not meant for her, a mature adult, to wear!

What a peculiar thing!

"Is this a little bit..."

Mu Ling gazed at her new attire and shook her head, saying, "Hmm... it's completely unsuitable for the possibility of battle."


Maryse glanced at the girl before her, Mu Ling, and was immediately struck with surprise.

"Oh no!"

A captivating bikini in pure black, when she put it on, it was completely unsuitable for others to see.

Even though Mu Ling's slender figure was far taller than her own, the fabric of her swimsuit seemed to be half as much as hers!

What the hell!

She instantly started feeling a little hesitant about dealing with her "good friend" anymore.

This person was becoming more and more indecent!

Mu Ling furrowed her brows and suddenly asked, "Maryse, there's something I've never asked before. After you obtain new abilities, are you also unable to change clothes without permission?"

Maryse turned her head and remained silent.


Friendship shattered!