I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 384

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Chapter 384: A Marvelous Sight! Five Skins!

Bai Yan couldn't remember anymore, how many times he had summoned before.

But summoning, no matter when, always had such a "beneficial effect on mind and body".

The premise is being able to deliver, not ending up as a failure.

If Bai Yan doesn't get anything from twenty consecutive summons, he would probably be so angry that he would drop dead on the spot.

First, it was time for the first ten consecutive summons!

The first summon!

"Possibility! Burning With Flames: Moon Witch (Seven Days)."

It has been seven days of 'Burning With Flames'!

Bai Yan knew that he absolutely hadn't made a mistake.

Off they go!

However, even with the skin, they still couldn't manage to draw the character!

The second summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Minoan Labyrinth×1"

The third summon!

"World Line Change·Valhalla!"

Shipments away!


Bai Yan's expression immediately became subtle, not just filled with joy, but also relieved.

The Valhalla of Babel Tower was an important wonder.

I was able to pull it out smoothly. Great, really great!

"In this way, I will be able to see those guys again," he murmured to himself.

The fourth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Fusang Tree×1"

Bai Yan was aware of the legend of the Fusang Tree.

Although Fusang used to refer to a certain country, the Fusang Tree is believed to be a mythical entity from the Classic of Mountains and Seas.

"Long ago, there was a magical land called Fusang, where the sun would bathe for ten days before rising in the north of Black Tooth Mountain."

The Fusang Tree is made up of two large mulberry trees supporting each other, where the goddess of the sun, Xihe, would have her son, the Three-Legged Golden Crow, rise up in a chariot from this place.

It is said that the Fusang Tree served as a gateway connecting the realms of gods, humans, and the underworld. However, when the great archer Yi shot down the sun from atop the tree, it was broken, and it became difficult for the realms of humans, gods, and the underworld to stay connected.

Bai Yan couldn't help but feel a little excited about the extraction of the Fusang Tree.

Subconsciously, he felt that this thing would probably work quite well.

The fifth summon!

"Possibility! Mechanical Ascension: Cybertyrant (Seven Days)"

Hmm, two more seven days obtained!


Bai Yan never expected that it would take such a long time to draw another "seven days" after obtaining the previous Mechanical Ascension.

"Fortunately, only two are needed to combine into a skin... If each skin required ten fragments, I would probably go crazy..." Bai Yan murmured.

The sixth one!

"World Line Change Fragment · Minoan Labyrinth×1"

Here we go again.

The "baby" was destined to be reborn.

The seventh summon!

"Possibility! The Deluge - Descendant of the Apocalypse Dragon (Seven Days)"

Bai Yan finally understood this time.

The skin of the Descendant of the Apocalypse Dragon should all be of the "disaster" type.

The previous one was called the Wilderness, this one is the Deluge... Following this naming pattern, wouldn't the next skin be...

Earth Rumble?

The eighth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Land of Fire×1"

The ninth summon!

"Possibility! Sky Fox - Ninetales Aision (Seven Days)."

There goes another delivery.

"This sales rate is a little high, but it's all because there were many 'seven-day' accumulations in the past, so it's also very reasonable."

Before, he already had a Sky Fox for "seven days".

So far, even though Ninetales Aision's character hasn't been obtained, surprisingly all of her few skins have been obtained.

"As long as I can obtain the Ninetales Aision in the future, I can help her evolve all the way to the Apocalypse, which is great."

The tenth summon!

"Probability! Sword Saint-Dead Insane Warrior Red Moon (Seven Days)"


Another one was delivered!

"But there were no characters..."

Apart from needing "Sacred Runes," Bai Yan didn't need to draw any more "fate" for now. There was no need for too many new Core Operators to join.

After all, the gap in strength gradient is actually getting bigger. Even if they draw three to five "Awakening Level" Core Operators, those who have not been cultivated cannot defeat a single Scarlet Moon.



After being recast, he had only obtained three new fragments, which were completely useless.

However, Bai Yan was already content in his heart.

This ten-fold draw was considered a success, especially since three new skins were obtained directly.

He gazed at his phone, lost in thought.

"Finally, I came across you, Valhalla... You are definitely one of the most important 'wonders'."

Compared to other skins, in this summoning session, Bai Yan believed that only Valhalla was the most important thing he obtained.

Although the effects of Valhalla and actual resurrection were different.

But with its arrival, it also meant that Bai Yan would be able to summon those heroes who had once passed away.

Transformed into spirits, they hurried to the mortal realm, aiding the operators of the Babel Tower in their battles!

"The miracle hall that summons deceased heroes... Unfortunately, the summoned spirits cannot exist permanently and lack a true physical form, only temporarily possessing a false body composed of spiritual energy."

The summoning was not random but rather intentional. Bai Yan used the "Real Digital World" to glimpse into the underlying rules, taking a look at the summoning list within the Valhalla of the Babel Tower.

The names of Lin Bian, Adelaide, Holly, and others were prominently written above.

But such a soul-destroying entity as the "Demon of Justice" didn't exist.

She is a demigod, but not a deity. According to theory, it is impossible for her to be resurrected once her soul has perished... at least, that is what Bai Yan currently believes.

Next up was the final ten-pull... um, actually it was just the second ten-pull in reality.

Bai Yan, who was already familiar, had no hesitation at all when summoning.

Wash hands?

No need!

I am the Emperor of Luck!

"The mighty Savior, Emperor Euho, is about to arrive at his loyal card pool!"

With a gentle touch of his finger, ten new cards instantly appeared.

In the next moment, Bai Yan felt a slight tremor in his heart.

He suddenly realized that he seemed to have drawn something new and wonderful.

This was a sign that had appeared before the opening of the cards.

He didn't used to have this type of "INT" before, but now, he suddenly had such a strange ability.

Bai Yan looked at his hand and lifted his head to gaze at the sun in the sky inside the Babel Tower.

"It seems like my connection with the game 'Babel Tower', as well as with the Babel Tower itself, has become even stronger."

When Bai Yan first entered the Babel Tower, he felt a sense of exclusion.

To this day, he still remembers it vividly.

But now, on this day, that once overwhelming feeling of exclusion starts to gradually fade away... Did Bai Yan finally earn the recognition of the Babel Tower?

Bai Yan wasn't quite sure about the cause and effect.

Babel Tower, what exactly is it?

And it remains an enigma to this day.

Bai Yan shook his head gently, no longer lost in wild thoughts, unable to comprehend them.

The new ten consecutive results were revealed one by one.

The first summon!

"Possibility! Water World: Drunken Masters Panda Rowen (Seven Days)"

Bai Yan saw and everyone was dizzy.

How did the panda swimsuit that was remade last time reappear again?

"Will there really be people who like to see pandas in swimsuits? No way? No way? No way?"

The second launch!

"World Line Change Fragment · Minoan Labyrinth×1"

If he hadn't reconstructed the previous Minoan Labyrinth himself... Bai Yan was stunned.

Is it almost drawn out?

In Bai Yan's impression, he seemed to frequently draw this thing.

Forget it, I'll just leave it alone!

The third summon!

"World Line Change Fragment - Interstellar Remains Battlefield ×1"

It's a World Line Change Fragment I've never seen before.

The fourth summon!

"Possibility! Water World: The Crime-Hunter Nightsaber (Forever)."

Bai Yan was slightly taken aback.

So far, the permanent skins that have been drawn are Fairy Tale Black Prince, Shadow Tactics, and Afternoon Lady.

Including the newly drawn Water World, there were a total of four.

In other words, "crime-hunter Nightsaber" still has five skins that haven't been obtained yet.

Unfortunately, in the past, in order to successfully complete the activity, he used the Fallen Angel - Nightsaber (for seven days) in a consumable manner.

Nine skins! Nine of them!

So far, there hasn't been any Core Operator whose total number of possible abilities surpasses that of Mu Ling.

"Can't help it, who said this guy is a T0 Core Operator in the warrior category."

When Bai Yan thought of Mu Ling, a faint smile played across his lips.

"The great power of the adult in the later stage, even though they were weak in the early stage, has now become more and more exciting."

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😔)

Mu Ling's early days were truly weak, difficult, and pitiful.

If Bai Yan could draw a Crown-level Core Operator at the beginning, then the early stages of the activity would undoubtedly become unstoppable!

"Mu Ling, why were you so weak back then?"

Mu Ling, with a promising future, was finally on the verge of nurturing herself towards the "future."

Bai Yan felt a strange and whimsical sense of contentment.

He increasingly realized that his feelings towards Mu Ling were the most complex.

The bond between a man and a woman?

The bond between a master and servant?

Friendship? Family love?


Perhaps there is more than that, actually...

He remembered that rainy night, when he saw the pixelated figure on his phone and heard her kneeling down in the game "Babel Tower."

At the moment when Nightsaber spoke,

It was a moment he would never forget.

"Meant to be."

For some reason, Bai Yan thought of a word that may not be quite fitting.

For him, Mu Ling was destined to be.

"So, Mu Ling, for me, are you a chestnut or a black wizard?"

He mumbled to himself, jokingly.

The fifth summon!

"Possibility! The Mysterious Source - AX450 (Seven Days)"

AX450 is a powerful Omnic and also one of the Core Operators.

But it was a very special and unique being that Amy's creations, the Omnic, could not compare to.

It was a mighty Omnic created by the advanced civilization called "Cycles"

Bai Yan only knew that he should be in the Night Union now, but as for where exactly AX450 was in the Night Union, he had no idea at all.

The sixth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Minoan Labyrinth×1"


Bai Yan suddenly regretted his past action of reconstructing the Minoan Labyrinth.

And then, he decided to rebuild it later.

Because nothing else could be reconstructed!

The seventh summon!

"Possibilities! Earthquake: Descendant of the Apocalypse Dragon (Seven Days)."

To my surprise, it turned out not to be Earth Rumble, after all.

Bai Yan sighed and muttered to himself, "Naming possibilities is a bit disappointing, isn't it?"

Eighth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment: The Land of Fierce Battles ×1"

Ninth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Land of Fire×1"

Tenth summon!

"Possibility! Daughter of Willpower·Psychic Dancer (Seven days)"

Bai Yan reconstructed the Land of Fire and the Minoan Labyrinth.

He pondered for a moment, hesitated, and then decided to reforge the fragments of the "Interstellar Remains Battlefield" as well.

As a result, two fragments of alternate timelines emerged, including one that belonged to the "Psychic Dancer" in the water world with a possibility of seven days.

Long ago, Bai Yan had once discovered a water world of the "Psychic Dancer" for a period of seven days.

They became one.

Forever and ever.

Oh no!

"Now Mu Ling and Maryse both have swimsuits to wear, but the weather is still very cold... However, with their extraordinary abilities, winter swimming should not be a problem for them."

"Mechanical Ascension, Sky Fox, Sword Saint, Water World, Water World, five possibilities of skins, combined with the magnificent Valhalla. This time's twenty consecutive draws were impressive, resulting in quite a few great finds."

Bai Yan first clicked on the relevant introduction about "Valhalla".

"Valhalla: The place of heroes, within Valhalla, brave individuals who sacrifice themselves on the battlefield are called heroes. Every day, they face each other in real combat training. And in the evening, they celebrate and feast as if they were uninjured."

"The Savior can spend Source Energy Points to summon 'Lost Heroes' that have appeared in the game 'Babel Tower' as spirit allies in battle."

"Summoning an awakening level powerful spirit will cost 50 Source Energy Points, summoning a Crown level powerful spirit will cost 200 Source Energy Points, and summoning an Apocalypse level powerful spirit will cost 1000 Source Energy Points."

It is obvious that summoning potential Crowns, potential Apocalypses, and potential Gods as spirit allies in battle is the most cost-effective choice.

Because summoning awakening lower-tier and summoning Potential Crowns, both cost the same, the same principle applies to summoning other levels as well.

The highest level of power that can be summoned is the Potential God.

Going further up, which means the true deities cannot be summoned by "Valhalla."

The ability of Mechanical Ascension, as the name suggests, means that Amy, after harnessing its potential, would completely abandon her human body and transform into a machine.

This extremely rare possibility, Bai Yan would only use it after obtaining her consent.

Bai Yan looked at the description of Sky Fox and Sword Saint once again.

"Sky Fox, in this possibility, Ninetales Aision's potential is unleashed to the limit. It grows to a huge size and gains the power to communicate with the heavens and the earth. It can freely manipulate the weather and use it as a means of attack."

"The immense magical power enables her to still perform a myriad of illusions. At the same time, her life force becomes stronger. The blood of Sky Fox even possesses the power to resurrect the recently deceased, but each usage of Sky Fox's blood results in a permanent loss of her soul essence, causing a decline in power and a reduction in the number of tails."

A really powerful, it is the strongest skin of Ninetales Aision.

It can directly enhance one's strength by a small level.

"In the possibility of being a Sword Saint, Red Moon's fighting style no longer relies on ferocity but prioritizes technique. They will obtain powerful combat abilities such as "Mind's Eye," "Before the Beginning," and "Flow of the Heart·Disorderly Soldiers," allowing them to perceive and instantly counter almost all fighting styles. However, there is no evident improvement in hardware attributes."

"When heavily injured, the original 'Dead Insane' state is no longer activated. Instead, it transforms into the 'Enlightened' state, where the ability to dodge is greatly enhanced and the ability to exploit weak points in attacks is greatly amplified."

The possibility of becoming a Sword Saint is also very promising.

The pinnacle of skillful mastery.

Calmness and experience are the foundation of its immense power!

The original "Dead Insane Warrior Red Moon" is undoubtedly a fierce warrior, where the possibility of becoming a "Sword Saint" is equivalent to a complete reversal of fighting style.

Finally, there were two Water Worlds.

"Um... let's just have them put it on directly. After all, reading the description isn't as clear."

Bai Yan chose the Core Operator from the list of operators, and then selected "Possibility! Nightsaber, the Crime-Hunter of Water World!" and "Possibility! Psychic Dancer of Water World!" respectively.

Next came... "Activate!"