I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 383

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Chapter 383: Because, There Is Still Hope


A pitch-black blade pierced through the void.

Death appeared as well.

Without warning, it pierced through the neck of the red-haired knight, Garfield!

The actions of the red-haired knight came to a halt as a result.

The raging weapon in her hand was dangerously close to Aurora. Terrifying lightning and fire scorched her face, leaving behind a horrifying scar in the blink of an eye.

Aurora gazed at the scene in astonishment, completely unconcerned about the wounds on her face.

Kaluoer magically appeared behind Garfield!

In the most crucial moment, she made a move, delivering not the strongest but the most precise strike, killing the heavily injured Garfield.

Aurora's body was sending signals of pain Aurora's body was hurting all over, and at this moment, she was almost fainting she was on the verge of passing out, yet she struggled to stay awake.

Perhaps, it was this pain that would allow her to witness Garfield's final moments.

The knight with red hair, Garfield, had once been one of the people that Aurora truly admired.

This moment undoubtedly marked his final act!

If Garfield had not been severely injured, if Kaluoer had not disappeared into the realm of the mystical power, if Garfield had not focused all his attention on Aurora, if Garfield's defensive abilities were a bit stronger...


There was never any room for "if".

The assassin of the Potential Crown, the knight of the Potential Apocalypse.

The difference in strength between the two sides was quite obvious.

In normal circumstances, it was nearly impossible for the extraordinary beings of the Potential Crown to kill the Potential Apocalypse.

But Kaluoer still managed to accomplish something that theoretically only happens in extreme situations!

Or perhaps, it is precisely because of being the "Hidden Azure" that this can be achieved.

This girl, who had just discovered emotions, became a nightmare for those humanoid enemies who had a weak defense.

She had no expression on her face as she slowly drew out the blade that pierced through her neck.


Garfield's eyes widened in disbelief, as hot blood flowed from the wound.

Aurora silently gazed at the scene before her.

In her heart, there was no joy, only a sense of sadness.

She didn't like the victory that ended in such a situation.

Of course, Aurora also knew that she couldn't blame her "Hidden Azure" companion.

She simply felt powerless.

She didn't even like the concept of "victory" itself.

There was never an "if," but Aurora still wished for an "if" where no one would have to harm each other.

Garfield knelt down on the ground, and for a moment, he hadn't fully passed away.

"I can't..." he mumbled with incoherent words, as blood continued to flow from the wound in his throat.

Kaluoer remained vigilant, anticipating the adversary's desperate resistance. If her attack missed, she would quickly retreat.

Suddenly, from Garfield's torn throat, there emerged an inhuman-like wail, his face filled with anger. Trembling, he crushed a silver Rubik's cube that he held in his hands.

Afterwards, he simply collapsed.

No signs of life remained.

The silver Rubik's cube shattered, spinning in mid-air, and finally released the "support" provided by "Tylors."

Aurora noticed that the earth was trembling.


A tremendously terrifying, thunderous roar suddenly echoed from the sky.

Aurora, still heavily injured, lifted her head.

She could feel the Blood of Darkness continuously healing her body, knowing that all she needed was time to continue the battle.

Who is the new enemy?


Kaluoer said nothing, and the silent assassin vanished once again into the void.

Aurora, gazing at the sky, had already spotted... a new enemy.

The sky cracked open.

That was a creature with enormous white horns, its immense blue-black body resembling a gigantic centipede and stretching nearly a kilometer long. It had dazzling multicolored, thin wings on its back, while hundreds of enormous hand-like limbs wildly flailed about.

A terrifying monster emerged from the shattered sky, its wicked myriad of pupils fixating on what lay below.

The Beast of Death was slowly descending.

From its mouth surged terrifying black energy, constantly condensing into a massive sphere. It grew larger by the moment, as if it aimed to utterly obliterate the people below.

Several of Aurora's knights gradually woke up from unconsciousness.


The black-haired female knight also witnessed the terror in the sky.

The immense gusts of wind and waves had caused the surrounding debris to roar and dance. Within the mouth of the Beast of Death, the black energy sphere was steadily gathering power to its utmost limit!

This strike probably had enough power to destroy the city.

"Are we all going to die?"

Judy suddenly turned her head and looked at the captain she was following.

While Aurora shook her head at her and said, "Are you scared?"

Judy paused for a moment.

"No, I'm just... I feel, very honored."

Judy had wanted to say, "I'm just really sorry," but in the end, she burst into laughter.

She discovered that she didn't feel regret at all.

In the sky, the Beast of Death gathered a power called "death," and the devastating impact that would destroy everything was about to burst forth. The awakened knights silently awaited the outcome.

No one knew who spoke first, but they began to sing a popular ballad that had been passed down through the Holy Light Kingdom for generations.

"The silver full moon."

"Caressing the green mountains."

"Tip-toeing, I walked into your forest."

"Adorable side face."

"Lying on the summer grass, under the enchanting and dreamlike stars."

"Silver tears fell to the earth."

"The Butterfly in the Cocoon."

"You have to go through seven transformations like a butterfly."

"With a gentle shade of blue, it emerged from its cocoon."

"Transform into a butterfly, soaring in the sky."

"Shining with the brilliance of life."

Aurora was not sure if she could be resurrected by the Savior.

But deep in her heart, she believed.

Even if she were to perish, the Savior of Babel Tower would never abandon this land.

The world, which was already in ruins, would eventually embrace a new life.

A golden barrier emerged out of thin air, stretching across the sky and shielding the land below. It stood firm, resisting the impact of dark energy.

Aurora and her companions were bathed in a golden glow, as if they were warriors chosen by the gods themselves.

Tactical Card · Protective Barrier!

Tactical Card: Power of the Gods!

The knights felt it, that was the power bestowed upon them by the gods!


Aurora took a deep breath, and the pain within her immediately responded, making her even more determined!

"Oh, Savior of the Babel Tower!"

"I have received your magnificent will!"

Aurora raised her hand high, conjuring a golden, gigantic spear. The knights stood beside her as well.

The Beast of Death, filled with immense fury, constantly spewed the "Death" energy capable of destroying all life, yet it couldn't break through the protective barrier in the slightest.

The chosen knights turned into light.

Under the guidance of the light, the golden spear continued to rise, passing through the translucent protective barrier and entering the body of the Beast of Death.

As countless people in the holy city bore witness, the great power permeated the creature's limbs and bones.


As a powerful weapon of the Tylors, the Beast of Death possesses great strength. However, no matter how it roars and struggles, it cannot break free from this divine power. It can only wait in despair for its complete and utter destruction!


The sky exploded in a tremendous burst of dazzling colors.

Countless streams of brilliant light shone.

The battle came to an end.

In the remains of the Beast of Death, with her armor in tatters, Aurora stood on the cliff alongside the knights, holding her arm. They silently gazed towards the direction of the holy city.

That was a city that still brimmed with the chirping of birds and the fragrance of flowers, a city that had been protected by Garfield for a long time, with the silent consent of the wicked Tylors.

Meanwhile, beyond the cliff beneath their feet, the land was still blanketed in a heavy snowfall.

The whole land was completely covered in white, and it was feared that in less than a year, all living creatures in the world would vanish in the snow.

Everywhere, the snow was even more terrifying than the Decaying Disaster.

"The threat of the Tylors still exists."

Aurora spoke slowly with a confident expression that left no room for doubt, "Until now, our true enemy has not suffered even the slightest harm."

"But on the Continent of Zeuo, people's situation still hasn't improved."

She knelt down on one knee on the ground, as if in mourning and at the same time, as if making a solemn vow.

"Today is not the end of our fight, but the beginning of a real battle."

Suddenly, Kaluoer appeared out of nowhere beside them.

She took out a green stone and spoke slowly, "Hold it tight."

In these past few days, Kaluoer, the most frequently assigned Core Operator, had actually been sent on numerous missions. And of course, her tasks extended beyond investigating the divinity of the Light God.

"This is..."

Aurora immediately recognized it. It seemed to be the key to a special, grand ceremony.

She didn't hesitate and tightly held the green stone in her hand.

The next moment, the special, grand ceremony began to unfold, and the power within her was continuously drawn out. Aurora grew increasingly weak, but she never had the idea of letting go.

She trusted her companion from the Babel Tower.

Miracle, it happened.

Green spring buds grew from under her feet, and the surrounding white snow gradually melted away.

The knights couldn't help but look back and saw spring colors and greenery sweeping across the snow behind them, reclaiming the vitality that belonged to this land!

As the extraction of power concluded, Aurora gazed upon the scene before her for a long while.

Even though a single ceremony could not completely cleanse the entire continent, as long as there was enough time, the complete eradication of whiteness was still within Aurora's grasp at this very moment.

Finally, a smile appeared on her face.

Do not give up.

Because there is still hope.


Inside the Holy City.

Many people knelt on the ground, praying to the great Light God.

They remained uncertain from the beginning until the end, unsure of who would save them.

Is it a god or a human?

The once "deceptive" prophet with a beastly hide appeared once again in the midst of the crowd.

With disheveled hair, he raised the wooden staff in his hand once again.

"The people on the Continent of Zeuo need to be saved!"

"The Holy Light Kingdom needs to be saved!"

"Oh, dear ignorant people, who are still in deep slumber, you must remember one thing: the one who can save us is not the fallen Light God, but the great Savior!"

"Oh, Savior from the Babel Tower!"

"He is not only the Savior of our world, but also the only hope for the diverse universes!"

"Follow him! He will never abandon us! Worship him! He will sacrifice himself for everyone!"

The city guards came pouring out, wanting to capture the escaped ones once again.


The prophet with the animal skin laughed wildly towards the sky, but in the blink of an eye, he vanished without a trace before everyone's eyes.

Meanwhile, in the distant city of Advancement, within the magical academy of Mindaldeep.

A wise and noble old man dressed in a light black robe materialized out of thin air.

He had been the great magician who had been missing from the city for many years.

People called him "the mentor of progress," a formidable figure whose power was said to be on par with the leader of the Heavenly God Church in legends.

"It was time."

The wise wizard of magic whispered to himself, slowly reaching out and unleashing a powerful spell, commencing the restoration of this damaged city.

"Follow in the footsteps of the Savior and liberate this continent from the hands of the Tylors," the voice echoed.


Inside the Babel Tower.

Bai Yan sat somewhat lonely on the throne, bored as he glanced at the contents on his phone.

"Game tip: The event 'Liberate Zeuo' has been completed."


As expected, it was completed. Everything is progressing smoothly according to the rehearsal of the game "Babel Tower".

Although even though, in the end, they the characters used two Tactical Cards, but because of that, they the characters received a perfect evaluation for the event.

The basic reward for a perfect evaluation can be doubled.

Bai Yan carefully read the rewarded treasure and a feeling of joy immediately rose in his heart. It was a natural response that he couldn't contain.

He loved victory, he loved the "winning" in the game.

Victory comes first, friendship comes second!

They obtained a total of a whopping one thousand four hundred Source Energy Points! Eight Spirits of Revelation! Fifteen Awakening Souls!

"Not bad."

He nodded gently, deciding to summon.

With five hundred Source Energy Points, one can do a ten-card summon. Now, the number of points that Babel Tower possesses is enough for Bai Yan to do a complete thirty-card summon.

He thought for a moment and decided not to spend all his Source Energy Points on "Different Dimensions," but instead, he chose to use five hundred of them in the "Fate" pool.

The purpose, of course, was not to summon new Core Operators, but to obtain powerful Relics and Sacred Runes.

Among all the rewards in the pool, the effect of Sacred Runes has never been very noticeable, but in reality, they are also very important.

After all, within the Sacred Runes, there lies the power that belongs to the gods.

The Scarlet Moon, who had already reached the Apocalypse, wanted to continue growing stronger. First, she needed to follow through with her chosen "Revelation"... And secondly, in the later stages of the "Babel Tower" game, Bai Yan could enhance the powers of the formidable beings in the Apocalypse level by utilizing the power of Sacred Runes.

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Yes, the highest-quality dog food was given right from the beginning of the game.

Bai Yan, having discovered the pool of "Destiny," once again, gently touched it with his finger.



He fell into deep thought.

"Um, I don't know how to say this, but the outcome... was rebuilt."

The result didn't turn out as expected.

Even with ten attempts, and even adding a rebuild, only a pile of fragments came out, that's all.

Hmm, but the witch's fragment gained another one, it was really close to being extracted.

This was truly something to be grateful for.

"It was actually a way for me to say goodbye to the witch by letting her into the Babel Tower."

Bai Yan pondered quietly.

It seems that my heart is still not strong enough.

Actually, she could also be completely used as a tool.

Although they worked together, they could never be considered friends or partners in any way.

"But no matter what, Merete Chambers has never done anything to hurt me...So I can't just easily abandon her like a piece of cloth."

Next, Bai Yan was about to draw from the "Different Dimensions" pool.

He took a deep breath, hoping that this time it would definitely pay off!

The first set of ten consecutive victories out of twenty!