I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 382

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Chapter 382: Garfield, the Red-Haired Knight

Bai Yan had every reason to doubt that the various daily and weekly missions, activities, and the different otherworldly realms set in Babel Tower were all somehow extraordinary.

Otherwise, why would it be such a remarkable coincidence that Kaluoer, whom she had dispatched, encountered the divinity of the Light God?

As for why the Tylors could extract such powerful divine essence from the living beings of the Continent of Zeuo, Bai Yan could actually infer the reasons from the mythology in the scriptures of the Heavenly God Church.

According to the scriptures within the Heavenly God Church, the Continent of Zeuo was once a desolate land, devoid of any living beings.

After arriving on this land, the Light God willingly imbued a part of his divinity as a catalyst, thus creating numerous souls and establishing the Cycle of Life and Death in this place.

And so, theoretically, within the bodies of all living beings, there exists the divinity of the Light God.

However, the divided portions of divinity had become so minuscule that they were almost negligible, to the point of being easily overlooked.

But if all living beings were to transform from "countless" into "one."

Then, theoretically, this portion of divinity that was separated by the Light God could be reclaimed.

Clearly, Tylors' intention was to obtain divinity.

In addition, besides this land, there probably aren't many valuable things of sufficient importance, not even enough to incite greed in such a powerful hegemonic civilization like theirs.

Bai Yan speculated that the Light God was likely a powerful deity of high rank before his downfall, with formidable strength that should not be underestimated.

The difference between ordinary deities and advanced deities was very clear.

The most powerful advanced deity, possessing unimaginable strength that surpasses ordinary mortals, capable even of battling Outer Gods, and possessing mighty authority governed by rules.

However, ordinary deities were completely unable to achieve this.

In the vast multiverse, actually, the number of advanced deities is very rare. In theory, there are only one-tenth as many advanced deities as there are ordinary deities.

Some lower-level deities were nurtured by advanced deities, and thus voluntarily or involuntarily became the subordinates of the advanced deities.

A portion of the divine nature of the Light God was right in front of Kaluoer's eyes. Its significance was obvious, but at this moment, it was discovered so easily by the Babel Tower and could be taken away.

Bai Yan knew in his heart that the Babel Tower would come to save the Continent of Zeuo, guided by the deliberate influence of the Book of Babel.

Perhaps saving this world was just a side task, the purpose of the Babel Tower being the divine nature of a fallen deity!

Otherwise, everything would have been just a little too "coincidental".

"It seems that I still need to go there personally to absorb it through the concept of 'Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used',"

After Bai Yan discovered the divine nature, he fully realized one thing - it seemed that the Tylors would eventually completely annihilate all living beings on the Continent of Zeuo.

The Decaying Disaster was only an accelerating force, but it was the relentless snowstorm that brought true despair.

Next, Bai Yan turned the "camera" on his phone.

He wanted to see the outcome of the battle in Aurora.

"Come on, Aurora, it's time to show your strength and determination."


At this very moment.

In the outskirts of the holy city, crimson lightning flashes relentlessly.

Aurora, leading a group of Sacred Heart Knights, had raced on horseback until they arrived. She lifted her head and gazed at the heights.

On the cliff, there stood a red-haired knight named Garfield, his body and armor draped with flashes of red lightning!

He appeared as if a divine being descended, exuding an awe-inspiring presence, casting a disdainful gaze upon all living beings.

"I will become the king of Zeuo in the new era!"

"Even though this continent had to obey the will of the Tylors, this sacrifice was necessary!"

Garfield raised his right hand and conjured a crimson lightning spear from his hand!


A streak of red lightning!

The terrifying power made INT boil with inspiration. Aurora and the others immediately began their defense, and a massive surge of platinum light erupted from the ground.


The crimson lightning gun shot down onto the ground, instantly causing a massive cloud of dust to billow up!

As the strongest among the knights, Garfield possesses powers equivalent to that of a Potential Apocalypse. Undoubtedly, he is a true and mighty warrior!

After the dust settled, Aurora and the knights were unharmed.

The power left behind by the Light God protected them.

If it weren't for the divine essence of the Light God hidden within everyone, perhaps Aurora wouldn't have been able to wield Her power even after the Light God's fall.

But if it wasn't for this "treasure" hidden within all living beings, perhaps the Tylors wouldn't have unleashed the dreadful Decaying Disaster.

"My knights! For the Light God! For the people who have suffered from the Decaying Disaster! We must win this battle, we cannot be defeated!"

She didn't launch a direct attack, but instead shouted from her horse,


Aurora, with a determined gaze, said without hesitation,

"Your thoughts are completely wrong! The kind Light God protects us, giving blessings and mercy. That's why we believe and worship Him!"

"Tylors is not a kind master, He wants to enslave us with evil intentions, treating us as mere twigs and straw. So, we must fight against them until the end!"

Garfield stood tall, his voice filled with anger, and said, "Be realistic! Oh, deceived saint! The Tylors are a terrifying force we cannot defeat... Even if it means everyone perishes, will you still resist until the end?"

After listening, Aurora didn't immediately refute her opponent. Instead, she began to ponder uncontrollably about something.

Actually, if the Babel Tower didn't exist... from a realistic perspective, Garfield's act of surrender might perhaps be the truly "correct" thing to do.

At least he would keep the spark alive.

If they hadn't come across the Babel Tower...

So, indeed, as Garfield said, resisting Tylors' actions would be self-destructive, and one's own actions would bring about complete destruction for the people.

In such a situation, would they still choose to resist?

In this moment, Aurora recalled the countless hardships she had witnessed over the years, the people who suffered immensely in the Decaying Disaster, and she remembered her initial intentions when she first left the church.

Just in that moment, she had found the answer.

"This is my choice!"

Aurora's face was filled with determination, and there was no trace of hesitation in her heart anymore!

"Even if my resistance would make the world sink and civilization crumble, I still want to do all of this!"

"See it for yourself!"

A determined Aurora rides upon a Dragon Blood War Horse, as the power within her soul surges!

She led her knights, transforming into golden shooting stars, and charged towards Garfield amidst the red thunder and lightning.

Two powerful forces collided, creating a tremendous impact that reached the surrounding villages. Many people were knocked to the ground, and even the distant walls of the holy city trembled slightly.

Countless people beheld the golden and red rays of light emanating from outside the city.

They were unsure of who exactly was engaged in battle.

People simply understood that in this moment, they should pray to the great and benevolent Light God.

Almost no one knew that the Light God had long ago fallen from grace.

The red thunder and golden light had been entwined for a long time, until finally, the balance was broken!


Aurora and the others were all sent flying!

As a result, the aftermath of the red thunder destroyed the high cliffs, tearing open a ravine on the ground.

"The power was strong, but it was being used very clumsily. Strange, could it be that you have only recently become stronger?"

Garfield the red-haired knight appeared in mid-air, looking calm and composed.

Jump down!

In his hands, he wielded the Blades of Thunder and Fire, showing no mercy as he struck at the heavily injured Aurora.

Aurora tumbled to the ground, her golden armor in tatters and her lance broken in her hand.

Her knights were all heavily wounded, but no one had died yet.


In a critical moment, Aurora reached out her hand, unleashing her newly awakened extraordinary power!

The more severe the injuries, the stronger the counterattack becomes!

This was her secret weapon, just for her!


A huge golden lance, like an illusion, suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pierced through Garfield's stomach in mid-air, causing the powerful knight commander's attack to immediately come to a halt.

"Oh no!"

Garfield coughed up blood, which fell to the ground.

His organs were instantly crushed, causing him to suffer from extremely severe injuries.

Garfield knelt down on one knee, while blood trickled from Aurora's mouth. She gazed at him, realizing that he also lacked means of defense and recovery. Her strike had been quite effective.

Next, as long as...

Just as Aurora was filled with astonishment, she noticed that Garfield had already risen to his feet.

He gazed coldly at the severely injured Sacred Heart Knights.

"I have fought for a hundred years, on the brink of death, having experienced many hardships. How could you understand what a true knight really is?"

Garfield's determination exceeded Aurora's imagination.

Even though his insides were shattered, the fearsome red-haired knight could still keep fighting.


Aurora, unable to move, faced the terrifying force as he swept his sword, ablaze with lightning and fire.