I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 381

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Chapter 381: Conquest!

The Continent of Zeuo.

The Holy City.

The night was deep and the rain began to fall from the sky, continuously dripping onto Aurora's face.

The empty streets were whizzing by with the speed of lightning.

The water on the ground grew deeper and deeper, causing everyone to seek shelter in their own homes. They silently prayed to the departed sky god, waiting for the raging storm to pass.

And there were also some people who had long stopped praying.

It wasn't because the Light God had fallen.

But it was because prayers could no longer save the people in this world.

Aurora female and her knights stood on the dimly lit street.

"My knights, let's enter the Heavenly God Church and find Captain Garfield."

In her hands, the tall female knight held a massive golden lance, too heavy for ordinary people to lift. Raindrops splashed on everyone's armor and weapons.

The determination had become clear in silence.

On the path ahead, numerous Heavenly God Church knights surrounded Aurora and the others.

These knights, dressed in golden armor, all wore red cloaks. They were loyal to Garfield, the knight in charge of protecting the holy city, and remained vigilant against any outside threats.

"Captain Garfield, who has long joined forces with the Tylors, has always been causing trouble, assisting them in unleashing the Decaying Disaster... It's an unforgivable crime!"

In the rain, Aurora's eyes were filled with determination.

"If you are willing to surrender, I will spare your lives."

"Those who relentlessly pursue Garfield, will be mercilessly defeated!"

The knights with red capes were undeterred, their hearts remained loyal. It was Aurora, who had betrayed the Heavenly God Church and infiltrated the holy city, seeking to cause havoc, that was the true sinner!

The battle was about to begin!

Aurora swung her massive golden lance, which transformed into a dazzling beam of golden light!

The knights with red capes were astonished.

The power from the Babel Tower was an unimaginable force, something they could never hope to attain!

"Why does she have this power!"


The battle lasted for less than ten minutes, and the knights loyal to Garfield were completely defeated, with not a single person surrendering.

Aurora's knights remained unharmed.

"Sacred Heart's Chosen"

When she learned of her title, she felt confused for a moment. But now, she finally understands that she has been chosen by the fallen "Celestial Gods" and bears the responsibility to vanquish the forces of madness!

In the chaotic world, I am here to bring order!

"Let's go."

Aurora and her companions made their way towards the Heavenly God Church. At this very moment, no one stood in their way, as if even the ordinary guards had been withdrawn beforehand.

After all, in the battles of mighty beings, the existence of ordinary people had already lost its meaning.

Finally, they arrived inside the golden hall of the Heavenly God Church.

In the midst of the hall hung magnificent lights, glowing like flames from the sun.

Upon the platinum walls, there were paintings that depicted the various miracles brought forth by the Light God in the past, gifting the world with radiance and history.

However, the future had to be grasped by the people of the world themselves.

A dozen knights stood still.

Aurora took a deep breath, they no longer advanced because the target had appeared.

Garfield, the knight with red hair, stood tall as the leader. He waited here, his gaze like lightning, scanning the gathered knights.

"You, have committed a grave sin of betraying the Heavenly God Church!"

Aurora interjected, saying, "Stop! We both know very well who the traitor is, the lackeys of the Tylors!"

Through the memories of the captured white bear man, she discovered and understood Garfield's true stance over the years. This guy was unbelievably loyal to the Tylors, not only forced to carry out the enemy's tasks but also actively providing advice!

"Garfield, I cannot forgive you!"

Aurora was angrier than ever before!

She was determined to kill this man!

Garfield gazed into Aurora's eyes and said in a cold voice, "The true meaning of my mission is beyond your comprehension. The mighty Light God has fallen, and there is no one left to protect the beings of the Continent of Zeuo... The Tylors are now our only choice!"

"For many years, sacrifices have been made, Aurora. I cannot allow you to undo all the hard work! The Continent of Zeuo will become a vassal of the Tylors in this new era, and together, we will embark on a new journey under their protection!"

Aurora's eyes filled with an expression of incredible disbelief. She realized that Garfield truly believed in this theory; every word came straight from his heart.

"I don't understand, Garfield, do you really want to rely on the power of your enemies?"

"If it weren't for the Tylors, who could we rely on?"

Garfield fell silent for a moment and then spoke, "There is no other choice, Aurora. After the great Light God fell, there is no one else to protect us from the looming threats in the multiverse. Even though the Tylors may not be the best choice, they are our only choice."

"Not so," she replied.

Aurora shook her head in distress and said, "The Savior of Babel Tower is the new hope of this world," she spoke.

"Aurora, you don't understand."

Garfield slowly drew a flaming blade from his waist, with crimson lightning swirling around it.

He continued speaking, his attitude incredibly resolute, "The Tylors' strength is beyond your imagination. The power you believe in will only bring more casualties to those who resist. I will definitely stop you!"

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Garfield felt very awake.

He was well aware of what would happen next if Aurora defeated him. She would continue to challenge the Tylors, ultimately leaving the Continent of Zeuo lifeless under the wrath of the Tylors.

The obedience and endurance up until now would become completely meaningless.

So, he had to defeat her right here.

Aurora fell silent.

With things having come to this point, there was no need for either side to continue the discussion.

Garfield possessed the mighty power of flames and thunder, granted to him by the mystical artifact called "Thunderfire." He raised his sword high, and the colors of the sky began to change.

"Aurora, both of us don't want this city to be destroyed, let's find a different place to fight."

In the next moment, he transformed into a red thunderbolt and flew outside the city. A massive red lightning bolt streaked across the sky, causing countless people who witnessed this scene to gasp in awe.

Aurora and the knights chased after them.

In the empty golden hall, suddenly, a figure of a wolf-eared maid appeared.

With an expressionless face, Kaluoer surveyed her surroundings. She was another Core Operator who had been sent on a mission, but her responsibilities were different from Aurora's. She had to explore the Heavenly God Church.

"I found it."

Kaluoer muttered to herself, then her figure disappeared once again, and she found herself in a vast underground chamber.

A platinum-colored orb floated in the air, continuously absorbing golden grains of sand.

This is what Tylors have been extracting through the Decaying Disaster for many years.

In another world, Bai Yan used his phone to immediately confirm what this thing was. In fact, it wasn't the first time he had seen something like this.

But it was indeed the first time he had seen it in this form.

The divinity of the Light God!