I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 380

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Chapter 380: The Witch's Memory

Bai Yan frolicked in the currents of the Memory Sea.

His thoughts constantly navigated through the boundless, ethereal ocean.

The Sea of Memories exists within the dimension of "thoughts," it is intangible, only perceivable by entities of higher realms.

Inside the Babel Tower, Bai Yan sat with closed eyes upon the throne. In his hand, a blue thread wriggled incessantly, slowly entering his forehead.

The blue thread passed down the memories that belonged to the witch.

That was a "past."

In a daze, he seemed to see a group of stars streaking across the sky.

Bai Yan was startled to find himself within the interior of a medieval hall. The color scheme leaned towards black and white, and although the surroundings were not ornate, they were exceptionally clean.

On the Lord's seat, sat a woman with an indistinguishable face, but her clothes were exactly the same as Merete Chambers'.

Several knights knelt on the ground, with one leading knight loudly reporting:

"Lord, our canyon cannot accommodate any more people."

This person had a loud voice, and the witch from his memory shrank her neck, appearing somewhat scared.

She discussed with the knights, saying, "But perhaps we can accommodate one or two hundred more people? This group of individuals has been displaced by years of war and has nowhere else to go."

The leading knight spoke, "As loyal knights serving you, there are some words that must be said. These people are merely common wanderers, and we can never provide shelter for all of them. Furthermore, this war has lasted for hundreds of years, and who knows how many more displaced people the future will bring... The canyon is already home to tens of thousands, and it cannot accommodate any more people."

"No way, as long as everyone is a little frugal, it is possible to support more people."

The witch exclaimed, "Moreover, all of you are refugees I have brought here, and we are not so different, are we?"

The knights became mysteriously angry, and started arguing loudly.

"Different! We are wandering knights, not nomads!"

"We have been living here for decades, this place is our home, how could we possibly let outsiders come in wave after wave?"

"These wanderers eat and drink for free, and they are also causing trouble. They should be expelled!"

"Yes, we shouldn't have left them behind!"

The witch fell silent for a moment and said, "I'll give it some more thought."

Bai Yan silently watched this scene unfold. At this moment, the Ultimate Witch had already become incredibly powerful, far surpassing the future Merete Chambers. However, she was being driven to frustration by a few minor characters, creating quite a spectacle.

He understood why Merete Chambers harbored such hatred towards the Order of the Moon Witch.

Unfortunately, it seems that these knights and refugees had betrayed her. They greedily sought to harness the power of the demigod, only to face the consequences in the end.

However, their descendants have been bound by a curse all this time, which was quite unfair indeed.

But for now, it had nothing to do with Bai Yan.

He currently doesn't have the extra energy and time to meddle in other people's business.


In the following days, Bai Yan dispatched Core Operators one after another to the Continent of Zeuo, where they defeated boss-level monsters time and time again.

These little bosses were quite powerful, but when facing the mighty Babel Tower, they were completely powerless, unable to put up a fight.

Apart from earning certain points, Babel Tower also had many high-level monster carcasses that were taken for research purposes.

Bai Yan carefully examined various research institutes and suddenly discovered, "The Soul Core Research Institute has finally produced new results."

The Soul Core Research Institute, the slowest producer among all of Babel Tower's research institutes, had already passed some time since the First Doomsday Crisis. Surprisingly, it had just produced its first breakthrough.

However, the results produced by the Soul Core Research Institute were all related to the soul core and should not be underestimated.

Before Bai Yan opened the results, he was first given a prompt about the meaning of "spiritual energy."

"Lingzi power: Lingzi power refers to the scattered force from the rotating soul core. It is a powerful force that is often overlooked by ordinary people and even difficult for gods to fully control. It is as formidable as the power of miracles, the power of origins, and the power of endings. It is one of the four major forces in the multiverse, capable of interacting and transforming with one another. In theory, every living being with a soul possesses Lingzi power."

New discovery! "Soul Lock"!

"Soul Lock: An active skill of utilizing the power of spirits, it is an advanced application of 'inspiration.' It allows one to automatically detect the source and location of malice on a large scale, rather than just providing premonitions. The maximum range of detection can cover the entire city."

Oh dear, it truly is a remarkable skill for locating enemies, with a vast range and precise targeting.

"Unfortunately, the biggest drawback is that it needs to be released voluntarily. It would be too powerful if it could happen passively, just like inspiration."

Bai Yan, although he expressed regret outwardly, was actually very content deep inside.

Today was already the fifth day of the new event "Liberation of Zeuo," and the first five bosses from different parts of the continent had all been defeated. From the remains of each boss, Bai Yan's Core Operators also discovered some traces related to the Heavenly God Church.

It was clear that the final battle would take place in the Holy City.

"In two days, it will be time for the final showdown of the new event. I wonder how strong the enemies will be? And what about the final reward?"


In the Holy City, inside the grand Platinum Hall.

"Oh no!"

Garfield, the knight captain, knelt on one knee.

"Great protectors, all of your remaining battle creatures have been destroyed... Those who defeated the battle creatures call themselves members of the Babel Tower... Perhaps the next step is to target us!"

"Please think of a solution! They are very strong, and I'm afraid I won't be able to resist them alone!"

Garfield thought for a moment and continued, "If it weren't for me, I believe that your plans would become even more difficult to carry on."

Inside the floating sphere, another roar echoed once more.

Garfield heard this and immediately felt overjoyed.

Because the agent had promised to provide assistance!

Floating out from the sphere was a silver magic cube adorned with perplexing purple incantations that humans couldn't comprehend.

Garfield raised both of his hands carefully and cradled the silver magic cube, his face beaming with pure joy!

He had a deep fear of the power of the Tylors.

At the same time, that fear stubbornly convinced Garfield that with the help of the Tylors, any Babel Tower would become as fragile as straw, easily defeated!

"Come, you villains of the Babel Tower, if you dare approach the holy city, you shall never return!"

After communicating, Garfield went to a teleportation array and arrived beneath the holy city.

Here lies a gigantic Golden Palace, where at its core, a golden sphere of energy continuously absorbs an endless shower of golden sand falling from the sky.

Garfield knew very well that those golden sands were precisely what the Guardians and the Tylor civilization required.

He took a deep breath.

"Come, Aurora, if you dare to defy me, then you have chosen the path called death."