I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 379

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Chapter 379: Move With Emotion

Didn't manage to hug.

Hmph, it wasn't so easy for Bai Yan to let her touch him!

He casually entered the Deep Blue World and in the next moment, found himself behind Merete Chambers.

Merete Chambers remained perfectly still, with her face adorned by a familiar, everlasting smile.

Bai Yan could not read Merete Chambers' thoughts and had no idea why she suddenly hugged him, wondering what she intended to do.

"This stance made me feel tempted to kick from behind..."

Time returned to normal.

Merete Chambers noticed the man in front of her had disappeared, but she wasn't surprised. She had long been aware of Bai Yan's abilities.

"Oh, how did he just teleport a moment ago!"

On the contrary, Samoyed was taken aback.

"Speak up if you have something to say."

Bai Yan stood behind the witch, calmly looking at Merete Chambers. He emphasized, "Miss Witch, I advise you not to lay a finger on her."

Merete Chambers didn't turn around, she merely left Bai Yan with her back view.

"Tell me, how can I join the Babel Tower, as you promised me a long time ago."

I don't know about that either...

But recently, I haven't been drawing operators very often, so you might have to wait a bit.

It will be soon. Otherwise, you can pray to climb out of the pool yourself.

Bai Yan pretended to be profound and remained silent for a while, before whispering, "Merete Chambers, you have been chosen by the Savior of the Babel Tower. Sooner or later, you will enter the midst of the Babel Tower. All I can tell you is this."

"Hmm? Is that so? I didn'tice some confusion in you."

Merete Chambers smiled faintly, turned around, and gazed into Bai Yan's eyes.

She seemed to be able to read the man's soul through the "window of the heart" before her.

"In fact, you don't know how to join the Babel Tower, do you? Or maybe, you are also waiting for the approval of the Savior."

Bai Yan remained silent.

Merete Chambers nodded gently and continued, "The Savior of the Babel Tower, so magnificent, is an existence beyond your full comprehension, am I right?"

Bai Yan remained completely silent.

So Merete Chambers furrowed her brow and continued to gaze into Bai Yan's eyes, gradually feeling something peculiar.

"Strange, isn't it because of this reason? Why exactly, I can sense that you don't reject me joining Babel Tower... Could it be that there are some reasons and limitations, causing even the Savior to temporarily unable to bring me into Babel Tower?"

Without waiting for Bai Yan's answer, she immediately asked,

"What's the reason?"

And that is why Bai Yan didn't want to have much contact with the witch.

Her special ability was too frightening.

It was not mind-reading like in fairy tales, but rather a power that resembled the ability to depict someone's personality.

Even if they had incredible strength, as long as they lacked an extraordinary aura or a mysterious appearance, they would always end up with the witch catching on to something...

However, compared to mind-reading, this ability of the witch is easier to defend against... In theory, as long as one wears a mask, they can resist it.

But what could she do to herself?

Even if she could guess her own thoughts inside out, what difference would it make?

The advantage is in my hands, and the little witch can no longer turn it over.

Bai Yan smiled and suddenly said, "How about you guess again?"

For some reason, he enjoyed seeing the witch look a little defeated. Perhaps it was because she had always been too composed in the past.

In the next moment, Merete Chambers's smile faded from her face.

Instead, what replaced it was an extreme exhaustion that Bai Yan had never seen before.

She looked very tired.

Betrayal of the gods, countless generations of reincarnation, a doomed fate leading to a deadly conclusion, for thousands of years, the Moon Witch and the Ultimate Witch have long ceased to be the same person.

But she had inherited all sorts of karma and had already grown weary.

"I can't guess... Bai Yan."

Her voice became very soft.

"I was very unkind to many people, especially those who betrayed me... but I listened to you and obeyed you almost from the beginning, helping you so much, and also helping Holly and them..."

"But what have you done? You have taken away my hope of breaking the fate."

She said apathetically, "Are you betraying me too?"

"I knew that no matter what I guessed, it wouldn't matter in the face of such a huge difference in strength. It was inevitable."

"Now, in front of you, I feel like a crumpled piece of paper, waiting to be picked up and cherished, or mercilessly trampled on under your feet."

Bai Yan remained silent for a moment, then finally responded, "I will never betray you."

"Since I met you, what have I done wrong?"

Merete Chambers stared into his eyes and continued, "Have I ever committed any heinous acts? No, the tragedy of the Order of the Moon Witch stemmed from their greed, feasting on the flesh and blood of the Ultimate Witch... The descendants of the culprits were cursed with the flesh and blood, but is it the fault of the victims?"

"Since it's like this, the self-proclaimed Savior Babel Tower has no reason to stop me from pursuing my dreams."

Rare traces of anger could be heard in her voice.

"I never wanted to harm anyone, I just wanted to break free from my fate."

"Bai Yan, you've been resisting me all along, but deep down it's because you're afraid of me, just like the family of that half-elf girl who fears her. Your actions are no more noble than those people."

After saying that, she left the room with a solemn expression, leaving behind Bai Yan and the clueless Samoyed.

"Oh, oh, oh? Wait, wait, master! This is our room, why are we leaving?"

Samoyed quickly ran out.

Bai Yan knew that she was misleading him, but he couldn't help but admit that Merete Chambers' words were persuasive.

In this timeline, she hadn't really done anything malicious, and she had even been quite helpful to herself.

But he continued to dismiss and resist her, taking advantage of her.

However, Merete Chambers understood very well that she was actually a person who valued emotions deeply.

So she confronted all these things face to face, appealing to emotions, reasoning... and then she waited for a response.

Bai Yan didn't dislike this person.

Her goal also didn't conflict with the Babel Tower.

If given the chance, he would choose to help Merete Chambers become a deity.

"I would rather say that as the Lord of the Tower, I definitely hope to have as many God-tier operators as possible before the end."

When saying these words, Bai Yan had already left this place.

He was always filled with caution and care, never speaking the most important truth in a place where the witch might hear.

Perhaps, in the end.

And no one would ever know the true identity of the Savior.

But what could be wrong with that?

As long as one can successfully complete the game "Babel Tower" flawlessly, as long as they can meet the expectations of the people in the Babel Tower and rescue the not-so-beautiful and even somewhat ugly world of Noah, it would already be enough.

Bai Yan sat alone on the throne inside the Babel Tower, silently reminiscing about everything he had experienced in the past few months.

In a mere four months' time, Bai Yan had already experienced quite a lot. He met many different people and encountered numerous unexpected things that he had never imagined before.

He even became the Savior of the whole world.

"I hope to respond to everyone, so I can't be called 'carefree' anymore," he muttered to himself.

He had also changed a lot.

In reality, Bai Yan was well aware of this.

A pale blue thread appeared in his hand.

This was something left behind by the witch before she departed.

It was a memory belonging to the Ultimate Witch.


The Continent of Zeuo.

Mindani City.

This city is a city that has been managed by the legendary Sage of Crystals for a long time. It is a city of progress on the Continent of Zeuo, and has been built for hundreds of years.

The position of Mindani City has always been second only to the Holy City of Heavenly God Church, located in the Holy Light Kingdom.

Just before the Decaying Disaster struck, the great sage suddenly disappeared without a trace, no matter how hard people searched for him.

So, after the Decaying Disaster descended, the order of Mindani City gradually crumbled under the influence of the Decaying Disaster.

Until this day, the once glorious days are completely gone.

A colossal evil creature, the "Demon Crystal Dog," stands at the center of the city!

There are countless corpses around the Magic Crystal Dog. It is not a creature that eats people; killing is just a hobby for it.

It is the colossal monster that mutated from the crystal after the Decaying Disaster happened.

The Demon Crystal Dog is over a hundred meters tall. Its eyes are glowing red, and its entire body is made of extremely unique transparent crystals. It is almost immune to all attacks from the material world.


Ganis leaped up with a powerful punch, but it had no effect at all.


The Demon Crystal Dog was just angry, roaring and shooting out a lot of crystal spikes, rushing towards Ganis who was about to land.

"Arrived just in time!"

Ganis took a deep breath and stood tall on the ground, like an immovable iron fortress!

The crystal spikes fell like raindrops, but when they made contact, they simply appeared as white dots that quickly vanished, without any chance of breaking through.

"It's my turn now."

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Ganis quietly said.

Suddenly, the temperature around began to rise rapidly!


The invincible Demon Crystal Dog, who has been unbeatable since its birth, now feels a huge threat at this moment!

Ganis's body was emitting a faint platinum color. In his blazing eyes, two scorching flames shot out!

The great power from the Primordial Fire emerged!

Burning White Sun!

Roaring and howling, the Demon Crystal Dog with its unharmed body was surprisingly melted easily by the formidable Burning White Sun. It was completely defenseless against the terrifying heat!


The enormous pain made the Demon Crystal Dog roar, charging fiercely towards Ganis, beginning its final struggle.

Ganis, he was like the sun!

The entire person transformed into a streak of white flames, shooting towards the massive head of the Demon Crystal Dog. In the next instant, it exploded with a tremendous and earth-shaking roar!


The enormous body of the Demon Crystal Dog collapsed heavily, making the ground shake as if trembling.

There were not many survivors left in this city, but from that moment on, they would have one less tremendous threat.

"So strong, so mighty, the power that gave birth to the sun."

Sitting on the ruins, Alan couldn't help but clap in awe, sincerely admiring, "You're truly amazing, Ganis. The destructive power of your strength is unmatched, instantly obliterating anything it touches."

"In theory..." he pondered for a moment before saying,

"I'm afraid even gods can be killed,"

Ganis breathed heavily, his body completely restored, and shook his head.

"But this power also comes at a great cost, and it cannot last for too long. Moreover, it requires a long preparation time. Compared to the fire that sticks and cannot be easily extinguished, it can be said that each has its own advantages."

He paused for a moment and added, "It only has the advantage of being powerful in terms of attack."

After saying that, Ganis changed the topic and, while the two of them hadn't been transmitted back to Noah after completing the mission, looked at his companion and asked, "Alan, do you know about the origin of the original Noah people?"

Alan's expression slightly froze, and he said, "I remember that the Noah people originally grew on the land of Noah, and then they were guided by the Heart of Radiance... What's wrong? Why suddenly ask such a question?"

He didn't know that the Fist of Duel was worn by sinners.

In fact, several Core Operators were unaware of this.

Not taking off their clothing to reveal the black pattern, sinners and Noah people were not easily distinguishable.

Ganis remained silent for a long time and then calmly said, "It's nothing."

Thick black mist swirled around them as they were about to return to Noah.

Someone would return to Tatsumi City, where they would enjoy drinks and electronic games in a civilized environment.

Another person would venture outside of Tatsumi City, accompanying natural disasters and the wilderness, taking care of their self-reliant tribe.

Although the two of them were not far apart in terms of the geographical location within Noah, Ganis was still hesitant to enter the city no matter what.

Once a sinner illegally sneaked into the city, it became a grave offense against the laws of the Air Alliance. The mighty Imperial Guards and the Demon Hunt General Agency would not turn a blind eye.


After returning to Noah, Ganis stood atop a hill.

He gazed at the small town built by Amicio, observing the busy tribal people in the streets. He pondered for a long while.

Ganis turned around and entered the stone house located outside the town.

Amicio and Noah sat down here.

Amicio, the Son of God, was reading a book, wearing glasses and giving off a scholarly vibe.

After seeing Ganis arrive, he smiled and closed the book.

"What's wrong? The king of the Persecuted."

Ganis simply looked towards the nearby city.

"I want to go to Tatsumi City."