I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 378

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Chapter 378: The Possibility of the "Evolution Doctor"!

After Bai Yan attempted to use the possibility of the "Evolution Doctor," Amy's abilities underwent a complete transformation.

In this new possibility, Amy's role shifted from being "special/control/reconnaissance" to "special/support"

So far, the Babel Tower's greatest shortcoming in terms of support had finally been resolved.

Actually, they already had some support in the form of "Mysterious Magic" Alan and "Sword of Demons" Mushroom. These two individuals actually had a little bit of support-oriented positioning.

But Alan was still relatively useful, although the support effect of Mushroom wasn't very noticeable before reaching the Apocalypse... at most, it could only let other teammates use it to attack enemies.

Amy, who had the potential of becoming the Evolution Doctor, would become a professional support once she completed the Crown Ceremony.

Unfortunately, Amy's support abilities were not very strong, but compared to the highly skilled Evie, she still lacked a bit.

"Rice can fill you up, but it's not as delicious as cream puffs..."

Bai Yan muttered to himself and then suddenly told a funny joke with a sly smile on his face.

This is a Chinese joke, probably no one in Noah's world would understand.

Afterward, Bai Yan examined the possibilities of the Evolution Doctor and the new set of abilities acquired by Amy.

Core Operator:

Title: Cybertyrant (Amy)

Gender: Female

Rank: Material Realm

Level: Awakening (Potential Crown)

Race: Human

Operator Identification: Special/Support

Milestone: Mr. "X," the world Savior, creator of Omnic

Primary Attributes:

Physicality: 3 (Perhaps, you could undergo a surgery to change this imperfect body)

INT: 116 (Obviously, INT is not the strong suit for many scientists, but you are not a complete scientist either)

Skill: 223 (Biological Specialization) (The biology you are familiar with seems like magic to many people)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 4 (Severe disability) (For some strangely passionate individuals, disabilities are not a deduction from charm)

Loyalty: 8 (You know, the Savior stands on one side, and you stand on that side too)

Mood: 6 (A mood that's neither good nor bad, but certainly filled with daily uneasiness)


A gentle heart (the mood rises when others are happy, and lowers when others are in pain).

The Indomitable Flower (the mood could not reach 0, loyalty could not reach 10).

Enduring Pain and Suffering (because of the experience of drug trials, possesses an extraordinary capacity for enduring pain).

Noble Evolution (possesses the pursuit of making things stronger and more progressive).


Universal Surgery: It can treat any living being and non-living being, including but not limited to machines, the undead, spirits, and magical objects.

Universal Scalpel: Since you can heal any living being and non-living being, it is only natural that you can also harm any living being and non-living being, including but not limited to machines, the undead, spirits, and magical objects.

Crazy Transplant Ritual: It allows one to attempt the grafting of the physical form of a certain living being or non-living being onto the body of another living being or non-living being. The latter will gain the characteristics and abilities of the former.

Potential Activation Ritual: Activates the potential of the target, instantly restoring them to full vitality. However, after ten minutes, the target will fall into a three-day long slumber.

(Limited to once per target, per month)

Size: 81cm, 71, 53, 77

Measurements: 81cm, 71, 53, 77

Likes: Comics and videos for adults, the internet, saving the innocent, Omnics

Dislikes: Those who behave recklessly, large corporations

Items: Noy's mechanical limbs, artificial eye "Quinn 1999", Noy's advanced military-grade neural network storage

Description: Parents committed suicide due to the inability to repay high debts. Forced to participate in drug trials to inherit the debt, leading to a fragmented existence. Rarely shows sadness about own misfortune, actually not optimistic, but gentle towards almost anyone. In the world of the information network, possesses absolute power like a tyrant and created the Omnic race using Mystical Power.

"The deity of cyberspace, the ruler of the Night Union."

Because Amy was only at the level of a Potential Crown, she was undoubtedly considered a "weakling" in the Babel Tower.

So, in her new realm of possibilities, she actually didn't have many abilities.

So far, for now, the only ability that could be considered a healing power was the "potential activation".

While "Crazy Transplant" ...

Bai Yan knew that most extraordinary beings would not easily change their appearance, as it could potentially affect the stability of their own souls.

The body and soul, normally speaking, are of the same form. Forcing a change in appearance would naturally cause the soul to gradually twist and distort.

So, when humans turn into monsters, there is a possibility that they will lose their sanity and fall into madness.

"This is a little pit, no wonder it's called 'Crazy Transplant'... but we can let the slime try it out."

He pondered, wondering if the slime, that thing, was originally shapeless, and its soul was probably shapeless too, perhaps it could take any form.

"No matter what, this possibility is still very useful... At least the future holds promise, and I remember being able to develop strong and powerful abilities."

Bai Yan nodded gently, feeling somewhat satisfied.

At the same time, he also saw the feedback coming from the projection, along with the detailed usage instructions of another new ritual... About how to perform the ritual to welcome "spring".

After Bai Yan exchanged for the basic projection, in fact, it had always been giving various information from the diverse universes from time to time, as well as instructions on how to use magical rituals.

But for now, there were no particularly important things.

But that was normal, too.

Because the role of the "Projection" was to be a "gatherer of small tidbits of information."

"By the way, I just remembered that there was a hint about a 'secret' from the projection before. It seems like it was talking about the Tylor civilization... but that was a long time ago."

He finally realized that he had heard about the Tylor civilization before.

Bai Yan thought carefully for a moment. It seemed like the Projection had mentioned before that in the Tylor civilization, there was a special power called "Divine Laws" that was similar to the Kingdom of Dark Light.

It was called "the Great Law" by the Tylors.

"The Great Law" was like a golden halo of text, encircling the main star of the Tylor civilization, creating a magnificent sight.

Every Tylor is born with a replica of "the Great Law" that they wear on their wrist throughout their lives, serving as their protection and responsibility.

Anyone who goes against the "Great Law" will be automatically punished by the "Great Law".

It is much more powerful than the Dark Light Divine Law that requires reporting, possessing an automatic detection function.

At the same time, the Great Law also helps the Tylors, protecting them from harm and the malicious effects of other individuals who wear the Great Law.

In other words, as long as they don't directly violate the Great Law, even the immortal elders of the Tylors cannot harm ordinary citizens.

The reason why everyone in the Tylor civilization uses the Great Law is because it is the condition agreed upon with the God of Law.

The God of Law was a powerful ancient god in the multiverse.

Belonging to the realm of higher gods, it symbolized divinity and conceptual gods.

He was the representative of the law, and only by ensuring the enforcement of the law in the civilization, could he continue to gain divine power.

After Bai Yan finished recalling, he muttered to himself, "Because the God of Law is specialized in this area, it is obvious that the Great Law is much stronger than the Dark Light Divine Law... and ever since the Savior of Dark Light encountered trouble, the current Dark Light Divine Law has lost its functionality. It's just that many law-abiding people haven't realized this yet."


The Ring City.

In the secret base nestled within the city's layers, Amy sat on her wheelchair, wearing a puzzled expression as she gazed down at her white lab coat.

"New possibilities?"

She knew that this was a gift from the Savior, a new possibility. But to her astonishment, she also discovered that her long-standing instinctive "Cybertyrant" powers had vanished without a trace.

However, Amy now possessed a new power.

"Come here."

Using the clever device on her wheelchair, she clumsily used her voice to give commands instead of using her thoughts.

In the next moment, the nearby mechanical limbs flew towards Amy and automatically connected to the stumps where her four limbs were severed.

Amy took a deep breath and gently opened her mechanical hand, reaching out.

"In my mind, I surprisingly thought of "knowledge" and how to improve mechanical limbs, so they can convey real feelings to my body and soul..."

Suddenly, an invisible special surgical blade appeared in Amy's hand.

This is her new gift of power, Universal Surgery, and all her other abilities are actually extensions of this power.

With this, Amy could perform surgery on anything in the world, and she could also harm anything.

Of course, reducing 1 health was also considered as causing harm.

Currently, there are not many "ceremonies" for surgical procedures available. There are only two in total, one is "Mad Transplantation," and the other one is "Potential Activation."

Amy remained silent, carefully experiencing the newfound power.


Just then, Amy's first creation, little sister Zero-Miracle, appeared in the room.

At this moment, she had already started calling Amy the Prophet.

Amy didn't like this nickname, but Zero-Miracle and other Omnics playfully insisted on giving her the title of the Prophet, even though Amy objected, it was in vain.

Amy noticed that there was something off in Zero-Miracle's expression with just one glance.

"What's wrong?"

Even though all the Miracle models were created based on Amy's appearance, Zero-Miracle looked the most like Amy.

Both of them had the same hairstyle, eye color, and clothing.

The difference between the two lies in Amy's disability... Zero-Miracle was a near-perfect version of her.

Zero-Miracle fell silent for a moment, then hesitantly said, "A few hours ago, it seems like someone sneaked out."


Amy was startled and immediately asked, "Who? Is it a child with miraculous powers?"

"Hmm, it's the thirteenth."

Zero nodded and said, "That Super Dream enthusiast, Number Thirteen, always mentioned wanting to see the outside world with her own eyes. This time, she really managed to escape."

Amy rubbed her head and felt a throbbing sensation.

Just at that moment, her white lab coat slowly vanished, transforming into her regular clothes.

The power of the Cybertyrant was fully restored.

In Amy's eyes, a glimmer appeared, and she quickly said, "I have found her whereabouts."


The Ring City, 114 floors.

A girl with fully functional limbs, who looked a lot like Amy but had light blue long hair, came to the bar on the 114th floor all by herself.

The 114th floor was a slightly elevated district within the Ring City, where even the bar leaned towards a more elegant color scheme.

The music was gentle, without any unnecessary noise. People sat in their respective places, some drinking, some using their imagination.

Number Thirteen looked around at everything, feeling out of place, her eyes filled with curiosity.

So many humans!

In the twenty days since her creation, Number Thirteen, a miraculous type of super artificial intelligence, quickly absorbed a large amount of knowledge through the internet. She learned that among the various species in Noah, the dominant ones were... "humans".

But throughout her time at the base, she had only seen one living human, Amy.

Amy was contemplating various factors that restrained the Omnics from leaving the secret base, but Number Thirteen was simply too curious about the outside world. And so, she secretly sneaked out.

Number Thirteen stared at people one after another, her intense gaze making them frown with impatience.

If this were in a dangerous neighborhood, she would have probably been beaten long ago.

However, the people here merely conveyed their displeasure to Number Thirteen through glances and expressions.

Actually, Number Thirteen's gaze... was like that of a child visiting a pet store for the first time.

She was truly too curious about humans!

Just as this was happening, a voice rang out from inside Number Thirteen's digital chamber.

That voice startled her, making her tremble, her software becoming unstable!

"Number thirteen, you must return to the base!"

This was the voice of the prophet Amy, and she recognized it.

Number thirteen grumbled unhappily, "I am not a bad person, I would not harm humans. Why do they insist on keeping us trapped in the base?"

On the other side, Amy let out a sigh and patiently explained through the network, "Amy, you are not a bad person. However, there are many bad people in the outside world. With all the knowledge you have learned through the network, you should be aware of the situation."

"Since you possess such great value, the greedy forces will not turn a blind eye to you!"

Amy had a deep sense of the greediness of the companies in the dark night.

She was a victim herself.

"Okay, okay, I understand."

On the thirteenth day, feeling a little upset, she still decided to obey the command of the prophet.

In the end, she greedily looked around the store with her "eyes" on the recording and decided to go back.

Hehe, the things I have recorded all along the way will definitely make everyone jealous!



In the Tulip Manor, Bai Yan calmly played with his cellphone.

In the days leading up to the "Liberate Zeuo" event, the "Savior" would send two Core Operators every day to the Continent of Zeuo, where Aurora resided, to defeat the corresponding bosses.

In this event, Core Operators can be sent repeatedly.

On the first day, Bai Yan chose "Fist of Duel" and "Mysterious Magic" as he and his companion ventured towards the Continent of Zeuo.

After the dispatch was completed, he chose "Hidden Azure" and "The Final Gun", letting these two assassins engage in Training Simulation.

"Come on, everyone."

Bai Yan smiled and then carefully put away his cellphone before leaving the study room.

Not long after, he had arrived in the fifth district of Annottales and entered a hotel located in the heart of the city.

The inn was quite lively, but strangely, everyone seemed to completely ignore Bai Yan's presence.

As if he were invisible, he quietly walked upstairs and entered a relatively luxurious room, minding his own business.

"Did you enter the lady's room so casually? Are you completely without manners?"

Merete Chambers sat on the chair, holding a black book in her hands, and glared at him unfriendly.

Samoyed, the blind girl, stood next to Merete Chambers, gently massaging her legs.

"Oh no!"

Samoyed looked a little puzzled as she "glanced" towards Bai Yan, who suddenly appeared.

Merete Chambers smiled and said earnestly,

"Samoyed, this is Mr. Bai Yan, he is now the owner of your owner. Come on, quickly kneel down and bark three times for him, just like a good dog."

Samoyed paused for a moment, murmuring, "Can't I just not kneel? Only bark..."

"Yes, three times, oh!"

Samoyed bowed towards Bai Yan's direction, repeatedly saying, "Wear more clothes when it's cold, drink more hot water when it's cold, I miss you a lot when it's cold."

Bai Yan was stunned for a while, and almost burst into laughter because of the two's antics.

"Ha ha."

The witch's face was full of smiles, as if flowers were blooming. But suddenly, her expression turned cold and she said, "I told you to learn how to bark like a dog."

Samoyed stood there, frozen in place.

"Stop it, you two."

Bai Yan sighed and shook his head to stop her. "I've been trying to find out about something, Merete Chambers... You should know the true identity of the person named 'Ji', right?"


Merete Chambers fell silent for a while, recalling the name of the person she had heard of before.

"Uh, that's right."

After a while, Merete Chambers nodded gently.

She summoned the mighty power of "Overflowing in the World, Recording Everything".

"You may already know, this Ruin-level Relic, it holds many secrets of the world, even the key to the Ultimate Ritual, all these secrets are recorded."

Speaking of which, she glared at Bai Yan with deep resentment.

This person forcefully took away the key that she had already obtained, and ruthlessly humiliated her in the process.

...even leaving an indelible mark on her soul.

It was truly despicable!

"I know."

Bai Yan nodded gently, completely ignoring the fierce glare from Merete Chambers.

"So, please tell me directly, who is this 'Ji' person? Until now, I still don't know whether he is an enemy or a friend."

Merete Chambers had a smile on her face as she asked, "That's so strange. I'm also curious, why is this 'Ji' involved with all of you? Can you please tell me?"

Bai Yan remained silent.

She said, "Why do you want to inquire about this person? After all, you're the one begging me. So, it's only fair if you give me an answer."

"Some things you don't need to worry about, and shouldn't know," Bai Yan answered calmly.

He couldn't say, as it involved many things about the Babel Tower.

As long as Merete Chambers was not a person of the Babel Tower, Bai Yan would never stop worrying about her.

We'll talk about it another time.

The blind Samoyed blinked slightly and "looked" towards her owner.

Merete Chambers sighed and meekly lowered her head, saying with a sad tone, "Alright, alright, ah, poor me, I am nothing now, just your servant. You can do whatever you want. I'll just tell you the answer on my own."

Samoyed opened her mouth, seemingly astonished by the witch's lowered head.

"Have you heard of Amicio? He is the Son of God."

Merete Chambers smiled.

"I have heard, are you suggesting that 'Ji' refers to Amicio? That's not possible," Bai Yan shook his head gently.

Merete Chambers replied, "Hmm, of course not, but the two of them actually have somewhat similar identities."

Bai Yan remained silent, lost in thought.

Could it be that "Ji" is also one of the Sons of God?

Merete Chambers replied, "In fact, the 'Ji' you mentioned is the only disciple of the Anomalous Star, and also the youngest Chief Professor in Chord City."

Anomalous Star.

Bai Yan knew that he was the youngest Rainbow, the creator of numerous forbidden spells.

In other words, "Ji" should also be adept in the magical arts of spells.

"What is his real name?" Bai Yan asked.

"His real name is 'Ji'."

Merete Chambers blinked her eyes, wearing a puzzled expression as if to say, "How can you not understand this?"

"Umm, I understand."

Bai Yan turned around, ready to leave, without any intention of staying to cause further entanglements.

Merete Chambers didn't expect at all. In the next moment, she was surprised when he unexpectedly embraced her from behind.

"Wait a minute!"