I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 377

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Chapter 377: Summoning: Embracing New Possibilities!

"Zeuo needs to be saved!"

In a small town outside the sacred city, snowflakes danced in the air.

At the entrance of the town stood a ragged fur-clad prophet. His hair was wild, and his eyes were blind. He raised his wooden staff high and waved it continuously.

The voice of the fur-clad prophet was deep and powerful, filled with anger and determination!

"The Holy Light Kingdom needs to be saved! Otherwise, everyone will meet a terrible fate, as the end of days has arrived! The land has already fallen into ruin, and we, the people, must rescue this world!"

"I know you want to ask, can the mighty Light God up above, the great Light God, save this terrifying world plagued by the Decaying Disaster?"

"At this point in time, the answer has already been revealed! Sadly, even the Heavenly God Church cannot save us! The once great Light God, now, cannot save us either!"

"Ah! What a sad fate, like a raging storm, sweeping away the fragile people! The weak ones kneel down in prayer, unaware that the heavenly gods have already fallen!"

Around the prophet with the beast skin, there were probably only a dozen listeners, mostly elderly, weak, and sickly individuals from out of town. There were only one or two grown men present here.

This is a small town near the holy city, maybe because it needed to provide food for the holy city, it was always well-protected and never faced any Decaying Disasters. Even the frozen soil was easily dealt with by the Heavenly God Church's extraordinary powers, so the land could be cultivated. As a result, people lived relatively well here.

The audience for the beast skin prophet's "enticing words" was actually not very large.

Just at that moment, the aged beast skin prophet suddenly stretched out his trembling, weathered finger and pointed towards the sky.

"I saw it! I saw it!"

"That was the arrival of the Savior, His coming will restore order to our world! In that time, our children will no longer cry! Vulnerable women will no longer be afraid! Suffering men will no longer feel sad! Radiance and warmth will eventually return to the earth!"

The beast skin prophet's face turned red and his eyes sparkled, while the listeners were all stunned, their emotions stirred up.

"Deceptive words!"

Suddenly, a loud shout made the onlookers scatter immediately.

The knight captain, dressed in red and golden armor, rode on a black steed covered in scars.

He led a group of holy city knights, who appeared and surrounded the prophet of the beast skins.

The prophet of the beast skins chuckled and gazed at the knight captain dressed in red and golden armor.

"You! You are a person of sorrow! I have already glimpsed your destiny!"

"Take them away!" commanded the knight captain in red and golden armor.

The prophet of the beast skins suddenly screamed madly, "Ah, ah, ah! You feeble survivors! Only the Savior can guide us, for the gods have long fallen! Fallen, oh!"

The angry knights quickly dragged him away, while the knight captain in red and golden armor had an unfriendly expression on his face, as if pondering something.

After leading the patrol for a while, he arrived in front of the completely restored inn and stayed there for a while.

"Bernard, the clumsy bear, couldn't even defeat a woman... Or perhaps, did he team up with Aurora and escape together?"

The captain in red and golden armor shook his head, chose to lead the team away, and returned to the holy city.

The holy city didn't have any snowfall.

The whole city remained just as busy, clean, and orderly as it had been over a decade ago.

Even if the entire Continent of Zeuo turned into winter, the holy city still experienced the regular four seasons.

As for the reason, people said it was because of the protection of the Light God, but only a few high-ranking members of the church knew the true situation.

In a distant land, there was a knight named Garfield, who wore a shiny suit of armor. He had a handsome face and fiery red hair.

He had always been called the "Great Knight of Honor" by the people. Among the three knights of the Heavenly God Church, he was the strongest in terms of strength.

According to Noah's classification, he possessed power equivalent to a Potential Apocalypse.

In fact, among the three knights of the Heavenly God Church, there is only Garfield remaining.

The Great Knight Bernard, the white bear man, disappeared without a trace, while the other Great Knight perished in battle against Tylor's army. However, just like King Silger, their deaths were kept secret, hidden from public knowledge.

After returning to the holy city, Garfield in his red and golden armor headed straight for the residence of the church.

Inside the church residence, the priests knelt on the ground, silently praying, with no one daring to lift their heads.

For many years, they had been doing this, hoping that the mighty Light God would bring forth a miracle to end the Decaying Disaster.

In the past, Aurora felt that it was all in vain, so she chose to leave the Heavenly God Church.

The singing echoes of the choir filled Garfield's ears as he walked through the sacred corridor paved with golden tiles. Without uttering a word, he made his way directly into the magnificent and radiant Hall of Light.

The iron boots stepped on the floor, producing a loud sound.

The Hall of Light used to be the place where King Silger would listen to divine prophecies.

Garfield humbly knelt down on one knee, while in front of him, a slowly rotating black sphere was floating.

"The substitute."

Garfield spoke calmly and said, "As per your instructions, we have created another Decaying Disaster and extracted the things you all need."


From the black sphere, a voice that was not human, but rather resembled the growl of a wild beast, suddenly came forth. However, it transformed into the word "okay" in Garfield's ears.

This is a Tylors who is responsible for delivering orders among the Tylors people.

Garfield now completely obeys him.

Many years ago, Garfield still remembered the epic battle in his heart.

In those days, the battlefield was far from the Holy City. Many powerful beings from the Continent of Zeuo, led by King Silger, voluntarily came to the place where the Tylors had landed.

Garfield and the other three knight captains were also among them. At that time, they were all filled with confidence, believing that they would never lose this war.

Finally, it turned out to be a one-sided outcome.

Facing the mighty army sent by the Tylor civilization, only King Silger and a few other demigods were able to resist. The rest of the people, unable to even defend themselves, were powerless.

The sky blazed with red hues, the land filled with turmoil, and countless majestic spaceships adorned with dragon patterns soared through the universe.

Garfield felt such immense fear for the first time!

The power that he once proudly cherished turned out to be so minuscule.

The ultimate outcome of the battle was that, except for the demigods of King Silger who either perished or were captured on the spot.

And the ruler of the Heavenly God Church, King Silger, was also stripped of his formidable powers by the fearful enemy, losing all his dignity and being reduced to a mere puppet.

This battle directly laid the foundation for the future of the Continent of Zeuo.

Even though the military of the Tylor civilization has withdrawn and left no one directly governing the Continent of Zeuo, the teleportation portals they established remain, ready to dispatch armies at any given time.

The people of Zeuo still could not resist.

"Oh, and there's one more thing, Mr. Agent."

After much thought, Garfield decided to tell Aurora about it.

"Aurora, the former saint of the church, has been searching for the truth outside for the past few years. Recently, she seems to have discovered some clues and has returned to the holy city with the knight's team..."


From within the rotating black sphere, a roaring sound emerged once again, transforming into the meaning of "erased."

Garfield immediately explained, "I sent Bernard, the chief of the Polar Bear Knights, to eliminate her... But after last night's battle, both Aurora and Bernard vanished... I'm sorry, they might have escaped together."


[Don't delay the plan]

Garfield hoped that Tylors would provide some support, however, the other party only conveyed a sense of dissatisfaction.

Let them solve the specific trouble situation themselves.

Oh no!

Garfield felt really upset, but he didn't dare to go against the other person's will.

On one hand, it was because he was completely scared by the beating.

On the other hand, Garfield hoped that, once only ten percent of the Zeuo people remained after the Decaying Disaster, he could become the Emperor of the Continent of Zeuo with the support of the Tylors.

Although there were many people stronger than him on the Continent of Zeuo, he was the Commander of the Heavenly God Church, which gave him a high and respected position as well as being the rightful leader.

As long as he had the support of the Tylors, becoming the Emperor of the New Era was not an impossible dream!

So, Garfield tried his best to please the Tylors.

He felt that he hadn't done anything wrong, and all of this was a result of circumstances beyond his control.

Even if it was someone else, they wouldn't be able to stop the current disasters and suffering of the Zeuo people.

On this basis, it was only natural to seek one's own benefit.

"Agent, I will surely eliminate anyone who stands in the way of our plan."


On Bai Yan's phone, a new event called "Liberating Zeuo" had already appeared.

This was a medium-sized event.

"The power of the Tylor civilization was indeed a bit exaggerated, but freeing Zeuo was just a medium-sized task, deemed not too difficult by the Babel Tower, right?"

Bai Yan tilted his head slightly, and the upcoming large-scale event before the deadline was Annottales' "Dark Night Lost City."

At that time, there were many tasks that needed to be completed, and the quality of the enemies was indeed quite high.

So it was a large-scale event, you see.

However, even though the Dead Silence sect was formidable, it couldn't possibly compare to the colossal dominance of the Tylor civilization.

The strength of both sides was extremely mismatched.

But the "liberation of Zeuo" in the Babel Tower was merely a small-scale event.

Bai Yan carefully examined the details of the "liberation of Zeuo" event and had already gained a good understanding of the overall situation.

"I see... the colonizers in Zeuo are not as terrifying as imagined... the truly formidable Zeuo army cannot be constantly stationed here."

The new activity lasted for seven days.

In the first five days of the seven-day period, they were required to dispatch two Core Operators every day to the Continent of Zeuo to deal with the Decaying Disasters.

On the seventh day, the Savior would be asked to send three Core Operators to enter the holy city of the Heavenly God Church and destroy the teleportation array left by the Tylors.

Bai Yan accurately grasped the situation, there are definitely not many Tylors left in the holy city or, in other words, on the Continent of Zeuo.

The Decaying Disasters, it was most likely done by the defectors of the Heavenly God Church.

Since that's the case, the main boss of "Liberating Zeuo" is very likely to be Aurora, a member of the Heavenly God Church herself.

"Well, considering it this way, the strength of the BOSS shouldn't be particularly difficult, it's more like a transitional challenge."

However, before the activity began, Bai Yan first discovered that Ganis had successfully returned from the trials in the Shadow Kingdom.

Ganis successfully obtained a legendary martial art technique.

"Bathing in blood!"

Bai Yan clicked on the detailed information about "Bathing in Blood" and discovered that it was a rather powerful passive martial art technique.

Simply put, it was the ability to strongly suck blood!

Ganis himself suffered more severe injuries, the greater the damage he caused, the more life force he could absorb.

And it was also an ability that didn't have any cost associated with it.

"So, does the "Fist of Duel" become an unstoppable warrior when facing countless enemies?"

Feeling a bit happy, Bai Yan gently shook his head and decided to draw a card next.

"Yes," he replied.

He collected enough points for a five-hundred-point draw again.

With the new daily and weekly missions offering more points to earn, along with the accumulation from other aspects of Babel Tower, it only took a few days to reach five hundred points again.

In the present, Babel Tower no longer requires an excessive number of Core Operators. At most, there is a shortage of support Operators that can provide buffs and those that can provide healing.

The existence of warrior-type beings had, in fact, become too numerous.

So, Bai Yan made the decision to explore "Different Dimensions" in order to train and nurture more Core Operators of the Apocalypse as soon as possible.


Ten summons!

The first summon!

"Possibility! Abyss Recorder - Truth Scholar (Seven Days)"

Bai Yan still remembers, last time he drew an Abyss Recorder that was a Truth Scholar.

In this way, it would be as if they directly unlocked a skin for the Truth Scholar.

But he couldn't draw the Truth Scholar at all!

This guy's fragments are also very few.

Bai Yan still remembered the last time he saw him. That fellow was disguised as "Xiao Xia" and was observing a fake Savior in a female form. Afterwards, he suddenly disappeared without a trace.

The second summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · The Golden Country×1"

The fragments of The Golden Country have increased once again.

Bai Yan still remembered that in the first playthrough, it seemed that he had also drawn The Golden Country.

Its specific effect, it seemed, was not to generate gold, but to unlock a copy within The Golden Country.

In this copy, the Savior will have three opportunities to dispatch Core Operators, and depending on the completion level of the copy, they will obtain different "treasures" from within The Golden Country.

The third summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Fusang Tree×1"

In the second playthrough, a marvelous phenomenon from the East appears on the world line.

Completely unaware of what the specific effect would be after pulling it out, there were quite a lot of fragments obtained.

The fourth summon!

"Possibility! Prisoner of Deep Sin and Moon Witch ×1 (for seven days)"

"Oh wow, another witch's skin acquired," Bai Yan exclaimed. But from what he remembered, she had quite a few different skins.

The fifth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Niebelungen×1"

Niebelungen, also known as the Land of Mist, is a legendary realm of the deceased.

In the first playthrough of "Babel Tower," Niebelungen and the Shadow Kingdom are similar, as they both serve as places of trials.

However, in Niebelungen, what one can obtain are not just legendary martial arts skills, but rather high-level relics, and even civilization-level relics are possible.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😠)

The sixth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Naraku Yellow Spring×1"

The things in the second playthrough, unclear.

The seventh summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Niebelungen×1"

Niebelungen already has six to seven fragments, so it seems that it can be exchanged soon.

The eighth summon!

"Possibilities! The Song of the Dragon: The Innocent Singer (Seven Days)"

Wow, Bai Yan was speechless. The hot-tempered guy's skin was just one away from being complete.

"But I can't find the main body!"

His desire to forcefully grab Evie and kick her from the top of the pond was becoming stronger and stronger.

Ninth summon!

"Possibility! The Devourer of Worlds, Descendant of the Apocalypse Dragon (Seven Days)"

Hmm, why does the organization of salvation possess a descendant of the world-destroying dragon...

Bai Yan was a little confused.

Tenth summon!

"Maybe it's possible! The Evolution Doctor, Cybertyrant! (Forever)"

"Mmm, very nice!"

Bai Yan was happy, even though he didn't have a real healer for the moment, but in another sense, a makeshift healer had arrived!

Amy, the possibility of the Evolution Doctor, was not so much a "healer" as she was a certain kind of character commonly found in movies... a mad scientist!