I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: Tylor Civilization

The tall knight, a man with a bear-like appearance, knelt on the ground, devoid of any honor. His eyes were clouded, and his body was drenched in blood.

Until this day, the white bear man had never chosen to reveal the truth.

Perhaps it was because revealing the truth held no meaning.

The white bear man fell into deep thought.


His voice was deep, filled with sadness and despair.

"We, who have lost the protection of the gods, are so weak and vulnerable..."

The white bear man, Bernard, fell into a silence, appearing utterly lost and dispirited.

"Sir Bernard... please tell me the truth... perhaps, there is still time to change everything. I know that a noble knight like you must have his reasons."

"No, you don't understand anything."

You don't say anything, how could I possibly understand?

Aurora was almost infuriated, she really disliked the other person's "mysterious" behavior.

No matter how much Aurora pleaded, scolded, she couldn't make this knight, who had lost his spirit and faith, recover again.

Aurora simply couldn't understand.

What hidden story could possibly have made him turn into the person he is today?

Could it be...

In fact, they already knew that the Light God had fallen!

It is very likely that the Heavenly God Church is aware of the fact of God's downfall; otherwise, Knight Bernard would not have made those remarks just now.

Aurora furrowed her brows.

However, just like this, it still couldn't explain everything that happened, let alone explain the Decaying Disaster.

She suddenly thought of a very important thing, and immediately her eyebrows raised, as she asked in a cold voice, "Sir Bernard, in the many years since the Decaying Disaster occurred, have all the people who discovered clues to the truth been dealt with by you?"


The white bear man Bernard didn't deny, but instead directly admitted his wrongdoing.

Through the guilty tone in his voice, it was evident that no remorse was hidden, but it seemed that he also didn't regret his actions.

"Curse it!"

Aurora gritted her teeth, her anger now unstoppable and seething!

His hands trembled, desperately trying to control his anger, preventing himself from impaling the white bear man with his spear and ending his life right then and there.

Those brave individuals, just like oneself!

After they discovered the clues to the truth of the Decaying Disaster, they could simply ignore them and choose not to notify the church.

Since these people wanted the Heavenly God Church to know the clues, it meant that they were eager and determined individuals who wished to save the world.

They wanted to save their beloved friends and family, rescue unfamiliar strangers, and protect the home that belonged to everyone!

However, the determined individuals were deceived and suppressed by the malicious actions of the Heavenly God Church!

Aurora, who had initially felt a strong dislike for the Heavenly God Church, now harbored feelings of hatred in her heart.

Even if there were any big secrets, she could never forgive the Heavenly God Church!

"You... are unworthy to be called children of the gods!"

The white bear man stayed silent, trembling with fear.

At that moment, numerous bubbles suddenly appeared around, surprising Aurora. She looked at them with astonishment.

One after another, enormous bubbles floated in the air, each with a diameter of at least one meter.

They were gently floating in the air.

Inside the inn, all the terrified ordinary people were now safely trapped inside bubbles, completely unharmed.

Aurora and the White Bear Man Knight looked at this scene with great astonishment.

"Who accomplished this?" wondered the White Bear Man Knight in amazement.

Afterwards, two people appeared not far away.

Aurora discovered that one of them was the Scarlet Moon, and the other was none other than Mr. Moriarty, Profligate.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Clearly, it was Profligate who saved the innocent ones present.

And Aurora's knights also appeared shortly after, swiftly surrounding them.

"Captain, what happened exactly?"

"He, Bernard, the Knight Commander!" exclaimed the assistant in shock. Upon seeing the condition they were in, he knew they had certainly been through a terrible battle.

The assistant took a deep breath, his gaze turning cold as he asked, "Captain, what's going on? Isn't he a high-ranking knight of the Heavenly God Church? Are our enemies actually from the Heavenly God Church?"

The knights surrounded the injured white bear man in an orderly manner, each of them wearing a cold expression.

Even in the face of a potential conflict with the Heavenly God Church, the knights wholeheartedly trusted Captain Aurora. They immediately recognized that Knight Bernard and the Heavenly God Church could be enemies!


Aurora shook her head, not saying a word.

Instead, she looked at Mr. Profligate and the Scarlet Moon.

They were able to help themselves.

Aurora said to Profligate, who was not far away, "This Knight Commander Bernard is here to cover up the truth. He should know something, even the whole truth, but it's evident that he doesn't want to tell us."

"I could also tell that he didn't want to speak."

Bai Yan walked out from the crowd and, amidst the puzzled gazes of everyone, approached Aurora's side.

The white bear man, Knight Commander Bernard, said in a deep voice, "I will not speak of anything."

"I know."

Bai Yan nodded gently, a smile appearing on his face.

In the next moment, he activated his psychic powers and accessed the hidden memories of the kneeling orc knight commander.

"Ah!" the white bear man roared, trying to resist, but his eyes gradually became confused.

Psychic Dancers at the level of Potential Apocalypse possess an immense tidal-like psychic power, making them incredibly strong and not to be easily resisted.

"Aha, I see now..."

Bai Yan continued to recall memories, gradually understanding the reasons behind everything, and suddenly realized that it was much more complicated than he had imagined.

This time, the troublemaker was not really a cult member.

But rather, it was a different kind of threat from another diverse universe.

In a certain sense, this threat might even be more terrifying than cult members...

"Mr. Profligate, what do you see?"

Aurora was extremely eager, and she asked right away, she really wanted to know... What is the truth behind the Decaying Disaster, after all?

Aurora had been searching for this answer for many years.

Very important!

"I saw a giant obstacle."

Bai Yan took a deep breath. He was completely unaware that Aurora would face such complex difficulties.

He turned to Aurora and gazed into her eyes, saying, "Sacred Heart's Chosen, take your knights and followers and leave the town first, away from the royal city."

After a moment of silence, Aurora asked, "So, Your Majesty Silger from the Heavenly God Church, are you indeed one of the masterminds behind all of this?"

"No, Silger is already dead," Bai Yan said.


Aurora and the knights were filled with astonishment.

King Silger is the absolute leader of the Heavenly God Church and the ruler of several nations, including the Holy Light Kingdom. He can even be called the ruler of the entire Continent of Zeuo!

Surprisingly... King Silger has already passed away!

"He took his own life."

The voice of the White Bear Man Knight came again, filled with despair and sadness.

Took his own life?

Aurora felt a wave of dizziness, an unprecedented fear and despair welled up from deep within her heart.

She couldn't imagine what kind of enemy would make the ruler of the Continent of Zeuo so desperate, to the point of giving up resistance and choosing to end it all by taking their own life!

"What on earth, why?"

Bai Yan looked deeply at Aurora and finally spoke, "Sacred Heart's Chosen, what I'm about to say next, you should try your best to understand. The situation is even more complicated than you think."


Bai Yan, disguised as Viscount Edmond, returned to his home in Annottales.

Kaluoer, with an expressionless face, was helping him change his clothes.

The two, playing the roles of "master and servant," cooperated seamlessly and had been living together like this in the estate.

Bai Yan had already noticed that Kaluoer, as a "person," had fully regained her emotions.

She would often play pranks on herself with an expressionless face.

For example, she would intentionally replace the ingredients in the red tea with mud, purposely add cold water while taking a bath, and even engage in a student's mischief of putting frogs in her own clothes.

In the last adventure inside the Spirit of Dionysus' domain, Kaluoer even decided to dress up as a girl, which turned out to be another playful prank.

She had no expression on her face at that moment. Bai Yan even thought that Kaluoer was truly discussing matters at hand!

Later, he would discover that this fellow had been playing pranks on purpose!

Bai Yan didn't indulge Kaluoer either. Every time, he would respond to her pranks, but this young girl seemed completely unaffected by his teasing. She always maintained an expressionless demeanor.

"Thank you very much, Kaluoer."

After he put on his clothes, Bai Yan nodded gently in front of the full-length mirror.

"So I'll take my leave, sir," he said, bowing.

Kaluoer curtsied gently and turned around to leave.

Not long ago, Bai Yan personally embarked on the weekly mission in the Continent of Zeuo and managed to complete it quite comfortably.

He escorted the group to the royal city, and from the memories of the White Bear Knight Captain, he discovered the true nature of the Decaying Disaster.

The former was not a task.

The latter, in fact, was the weekly mission for this time.

So Bai Yan had actually known in advance that Aurora's group would be attacked, therefore he used the enchantment of "Mysterious Magic" to effortlessly save everyone present.

Then, Bai Yan obtained the truth about the Decaying Disaster from the memories of the White Bear Orc.

Far more complicated than he had imagined!

Once upon a time, as Viscount Edmond, Bai Yan had attended a noble gathering in Annottales. The host of the gathering, Duke Murray, had spoken to him about the Belan World.

It is said that in Belan World, there are remnants of the Original People. The Kingdom of Dark Light, which has already colonized the main civilization of Belan, and the Noy Military, which has attempted to excavate the remnants, directly clashed in Belan.

Similar things also happened in the continent where Aurora lived.

However, Aurora's civilization... was the one that had been colonized.

Yes, that's how it happened!


A very powerful giant civilization.

It had long discovered the weak civilization on the Continent of Zeuo. After the fall of the Light God, the army of the Tylor civilization immediately invaded this world.

They easily defeated the defenders of the Continent of Zeuo, forcing the people of the Heavenly God Church to spread the Decaying Disaster everywhere.

In order to produce a resource that Tylor needed, they created the phenomenon of Decaying Disaster.

If the Heavenly God Church refuses to cooperate, the army of the Tylor civilization will completely destroy the entire continent.

And so, the Heavenly God Church ultimately decided to yield, and the Tylor civilization promised to leave behind ten percent of the population on the Continent of Zeuo... on the condition that they obediently cooperate and stop any unnecessary resistance.

That's how it happened, the Decaying Disaster erupted.

On the Continent of Zeuo, one region after another, the people were "sacrificed," becoming raw materials for the resources needed by the Tylor civilization. Their deaths were utterly meaningless.

Despair filled the hearts of everyone who knew the truth, including the leader of the Heavenly God Church in Zeuo, His Majesty Silger. Several years ago, he chose to take his own life.

The truth of the matter was truly beyond Aurora's expectations.

But when she learned all of this, she was frozen in shock, then quickly composed herself and questioned Mr. Profligate.

That was a Tylor civilization that she had never even heard of, yet they had turned her world upside down. How powerful could they possibly be?

Aurora took a deep breath and asked earnestly, "Just how powerful are they? They must be so formidable that even Silger, the half-god and top-tier powerhouse, dare not defy them!"

So, Bai Yan informed Aurora about the terrifying aspects of the Tylor civilization.

This was also the first time he had heard of this civilization.

But from the memories of the White Bear Knight and the information he obtained, along with the introduction in the "Babel Tower" game, Bai Yan had already gained a lot of knowledge about the Tylor civilization.

Inside the study of the Tulip Manor.

Bai Yan sat on the chair and once again opened the "Babel Tower" game on his phone. He looked at the introduction about the Tylor civilization.

"Civilization: Tylor" (unbeknownst to him).

"Civilization level index: 3175."

Tylor = Tylor, Platinum Dragon = Platinum Dragon.

"Venturing through hundreds of universes, ruling over thousands of planets, the colossal empire was governed by a parliamentary republic. The autocratic empire, founded by the divine Platinum Dragon clan three million, four hundred and fifty thousand years ago, transformed into an elder council system after the fall of the Platinum Dragon deity. It is now perpetually led by nine immortal dragon clans."

"Tylor, who prides himself on believing in freedom, cherishing peace, and emphasizing inclusiveness, is a grand alliance formed by more than a thousand wise races. The alliance recognizes the Warcraft races as citizens, and the total population registered in Tylor exceeds five trillion."

"In terms of numbers, Tylor doesn't have a dominant race. The dragon race, which is the ruling race, makes up less than one-thousandth of the total population. Tylor's magic, technology, and divine arts are highly developed. Rather than resorting to violent warfare, Tylor currently favors a diplomatic approach focused on peaceful development."

"This civilization doesn't currently offer any legend points."

After reading the introduction, Bai Yan had a lot of thoughts running through his mind.

All I can say is that there is one thing that is without a doubt.

The Tylor civilization is definitely a heavyweight presence!

Aurora's homeland, the Holy Light Kingdom, had a population of just over five million people. In contrast, their enemies had a staggering population of over fifty trillion.

When she discovered the truth, her whole body felt dizzy and confused.

As for the other members of the Holy Light Knights, they couldn't even comprehend the existence of civilizations from outer space, finding the whole concept completely unbelievable.

For someone from ancient times, the amount of information was too overwhelming.

At first, Aurora thought that the true cause of the Decaying Disaster was either a cult group or the Outer Gods.

She even considered that the higher-ups of the Heavenly God Church had already been taken control of by a cult group.

But what does it mean to be colonized by an extraterrestrial civilization... Aurora couldn't understand it at all!

Bai Yan also found it inexplicable.

However, what he felt was not quite right was a little different from what Aurora felt.

Because according to the description given by the "Babel Tower" game, Tylor is not a civilization that is enthusiastic about conquest and colonization, and its moral index is not very low, so why would it create the terrifying Decaying Disaster?

"Perhaps their love for peace is only directed towards non-native civilizations?"

This, on the other hand, was a possibility.

In the first playthrough of the "Babel Tower" game, Bai Yan naturally encountered civilizations and creatures from the Otherworld.

Among them, there were some that were exceptionally powerful, while others were relatively weak.

However, immensely powerful super-dominant civilizations with vast territories, like the "Tylor" civilization, mostly exist only in the background story.

The Noah civilization was already quite powerful, but compared to the formidable Tylor, it was merely a small extent.

Through the unraveling of the "Real Digital World," Bai Yan had already come to understand the rules of civilization level classification.

In the world of civilizations, the strength and quantity of powerful individuals were just one aspect. More importantly, it was about the overall well-being of the civilization, its military prowess, and the extent of its territorial control.

And there was one more very important point, which was how influential the civilization was in the diverse multiverse.

Suddenly, out popped Tylor, who was incredibly powerful!

"Anyway, now in the Holy City of the Holy Light Kingdom, there are indeed people from the Tylor civilization."

Bai Yan muttered to himself.

"And, they had complete control over the top level of the Heavenly God Church."

Since that was the case, he knew he had to go to the Holy City himself or send someone to investigate the truth in the near future.

Aurora's problem was the problem of the Babel Tower, the Decaying Disaster had to be resolved, and Bai Yan needed to stop this tragic continuation.

"If we could also benefit while solving these problems, that would be great."

Luckily, it seemed that the Babel Tower was also aware of his thoughts. Just then, a game notification appeared on Bai Yan's phone.

A new event promptly begins.

"Free Zeuo!"