I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 373

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Chapter 373: Babel Tower in Motion

Where am I?

Ask, came from Elia's heart.

As the former Captain of the Knights of the Divine Blade, the wicked High Priest "Evil Spirit," a mighty extraordinary being, Elia had held many powerful roles.

Nowadays, however, none of it mattered anymore.

What he saw before his eyes was an endless sea of white flowers.

In the boundless sea of flowers, a gentle fragrance filled Elia with a growing sense of tranquility.

In the midst of the pure white, there stood a gentleman dressed in black, wearing a mask adorned with a crow's face.

He stood amidst the sea of flowers, seemingly gazing towards Elia's direction.

Silence fell over the scene.

In this world, there was no sound to be found, yet Elia had a feeling that the other person was calling him over.

So, Elia took a step forward and began to walk slowly.

The gentleman with the crow mask turned around and slowly walked towards the depths of the white flower meadow, with Elia following closely behind.

In this process, Elia became increasingly calm and content.

All the pain, dissatisfaction, and fear encountered in the material world, as well as all the happiness, joy, and excitement experienced, suddenly seemed completely unimportant at this moment.

The most important thing of all was finding peace of mind.

They walked for a long, long time.

Suddenly, the gentleman with the crow mask stopped and no longer moved forward in the white flower meadow.

Elia saw countless people lying around in the vicinity of the other side.

They lay in the white flower meadow with smiles on their faces, a kind of smile that spoke of finding joy, albeit slightly different.

Is this the place...?

Elia suddenly had a realization in his heart and nodded gently.

He closed his eyes and lay down.

In the silent and peaceful white flower field, he gradually found peace, and all his emotions slowly faded away.

The gentleman with the crow mask stood quietly by the side.

For the man in the flower field, a silent song of peace was bestowed upon him.

He would receive eternal peace.


Tatsumi City.

In the pitch-black alley, a lizard-like creature emerged, its body covered in scales that resembled red armor.

Among the densely-packed scales, there were pores resembling pupils, constantly opening and closing.

The creature, resembling a huge lizard, was staring at the girl who had just passed by after school.

It suddenly pounced out from the alley and dashed towards her at an incredible speed, hoping to swallow the girl whole.


The sudden attack cleaved the Seed of Chaos in half.

The passing girl, however, had no idea about this and calmly left the dangerous area.

The Seed of Chaos was gravely injured, so much so that a normal creature would have died instantly. However, it possessed an almost immortal body, and soon began to heal.

Next, the Seed of Chaos gazed at its attacking enemies, then revealed a look of fear and confusion.

Mu Ling stood on the opposite side of the street, hundreds of meters away from the Seed of Chaos. However, there was no doubt that the recent attack was sent by her.

"An indestructible body? Perfect, I'll capture you at the Babel Tower."

The Seed of Chaos made a decisive judgment and turned around to run away!

Steam billowed from the hidden pores under the scales as he sought to rely on jets of exhaled air for a burst of speed, to escape from this place!

But in the next instant, the Seed of Chaos was silently attacked and sliced into several pieces, completely falling to the ground.

Even if the Seed of Chaos wanted to recover, it was already too late. A black mist slowly enveloped it, intending to drag it into a place called the Babel Tower...

Mu Ling calmly left from here.

After a while, two white-clad individuals wearing masks appeared here.

They were the Leaf King's personal guards - one tall and thin, the other short and chubby. Both possessed extraordinary power at the Crown level, but they dared not show themselves until Mu Ling had left.

The tall and thin white-clad guard couldn't help but speak as he looked at the battle scars around, "It's hard to believe, in just a few short months, this girl named Mu Ling has become so powerful."

The short and chubby white-clad guard shook his head and said, "Do you think the two of us together can be her match?"

"No," the tall and thin guard responded immediately.

"Do you think we can protect the king, I mean, our leader, if she wants to assassinate him?"

"No," she said firmly.

After the tall and thin guard finished answering, she confidently added, "But Mr. World can."

"But what if she became stronger?"


Night Union.

The Ring City, on the 107th floor.

In the old abandoned factory, two savage gangs were engaged in a fierce battle, gunfire filled the air as bullets rained down, leaving both sides heavily injured and killed.

The river ran red with blood.

Suddenly, a tall and powerful cyborg appeared, with golden mantis blades emerging from its arms. With lightning-fast speed, it swiftly killed more than ten members of the gang in an instant.

The people from both gangs were extremely scared and began to work together to confront this towering cyborg.

However, the resistance was futile, and soon these people were mercilessly slaughtered.

From the pile of bodies, the towering cyborg picked up a small box. Inside the box was a chip, a crucial piece of advanced technology belonging to the Noy Military. It was the very reason why the two groups had been fighting each other.


Suddenly, he heard a voice emanating from the electronic device...


Suddenly, a sniper shot from over ten kilometers away pierced through its head with exceptional precision, blowing it to pieces.

The robot fell to the ground and passed away.

Before long, a spider robot crawled out from the sewer, took the chip box, and went back into the sewer.

A few minutes later, at a café over ten kilometers away, on Old Mike's table, where he was enjoying a hot dog, a tiny spider robot had appeared.

And there was also a chip box.

Inside the café, it was bustling with people coming and going, but no one noticed the bloodstains on the box.

"Bad luck."

Old Mike kept eating his hotdog, not bothering to glance at the priceless box. After all, it wasn't something he wanted himself.



In a gloomy mansion, an elderly noble sat on a dark colored sofa, engaging in a transaction with several cultists.

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Several trembling children were locked inside cages, tears streaming down their faces continuously.

"As long as you leave what I want behind, these children will be yours..."

The cultists nodded as one of them took out a prepared advanced relic from his pocket.

That was a treasure that could make people young again.

For some, it held a deadly allure.

"Great! Wonderful! Fantastic!"

The elderly aristocrat's eyes sparkled with immense excitement.

He had never been so excited in his entire life!

"Hurry, hurry, hurry! The deal was done! Hurry, hurry, hurry!"

The elderly aristocrat shouted, but to his dismay, the few cultists remained motionless, causing his brow to furrow instantly.

Could it be that they wanted to deceive each other?

Then, their bodies all fell down.

One day, a half-beast girl dressed as a maid, with an expressionless face, was standing behind them.

In her hand, she held a shiny silver dagger.

"Ah, ah, ah! Help! Help, ah, ah, ah!"

The elderly noble turned around and tried to escape. He called out loudly, but no one came to rescue him.

The guards seemed to have vanished without a trace.

"I am the descendant of that saint, from a noble family. You cannot kill me! I cannot die! I cannot die!"

He begged frantically for mercy!

In the next moment, Kaluoer had already appeared in front of him.

The elderly noble wanted to resist, but suddenly felt dizzy and had no idea what happened afterwards.

"I cannot..."

Twenty days had passed since the First Doomsday Crisis happened.

All the important figures in the world noticed that the mysterious salvation organization, Babel Tower, was becoming more active.

Babel Tower was on the move.

Of course, no one could have imagined that the bustling activity of these poor hardworking people from Babel Tower was solely dedicated to completing daily and weekly missions for Bai Yan.