I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: Civilization!

The newly-added feature exists within the "otherworld" of "forces".

First, Bai Yan found himself in the "otherworld" and witnessed the already active Otherworld civilization.

"Civilization: Enos" (admiration, legendary)

"Civilization Level Index: 287."

"Located in the Chien Continent and some islands in the sea, there is a kingdom called Enos. It was established eight hundred and fifty-three years ago as a settlement for immigrants by a great explorer from the Andochels. Two hundred years later, the kingdom was officially renamed Enos by the Lion King. Enos has advanced alchemy technology and civilization compared to other nations on the continent. Thirty-one percent of the population is human, and they are ruled by the Queen of Crystal. With the help of members from the Babel Tower, she successfully rules over the Chien Continent and becomes the High King, to whom all other nations submit. They have been vigorously developing alchemy technology for three hundred years."

"Subtracting the loss of transmission caused by universal barriers, the Babel Tower can receive 30 legend points each day."

Originally, Enos had a civilization level index of only 26. But now, it has transformed into 287, increasing by more than ten times.

And Bai Yan also noticed that the civilization's friendly fondness towards the Babel Tower had transformed into admiration.

Most importantly, the provided legend points had changed from 10 points per day to 30 points per day.

In different worlds, the flow of time is different. Bai Yan discovered that here, only a few months had passed, but in the world of Enos civilization, more than three hundred years had already gone by.

In the span of over three hundred years, anything was possible to happen.

Now it seems that the development and changes of the Enos civilization were heading towards a path beneficial to the Babel Tower.

And Bai Yan also discovered that beneath the Enos civilization, there appeared a new description and a new choice.

"We can send Core Operators to complete daily and weekly missions," a new description was added, written in simple and understandable black text.

"Send." It was a new option, labeled with white text.

In the current "Babel Tower" game, there were more than just the Enos civilization activated in the "Civilizations" category.

Besides that, there were also the Noah civilization and the Zeuo civilization.

Bai Yan took a look and discovered that the Zeuo civilization had no knowledge of the existence of the Babel Tower for now.

"Civilization: Zeuo" (no awareness)

"Civilization Level Index: 49."

"Located throughout the Continent of Zeuo, a land ruled by a divine dictatorship, thirty-nine thousand and fifty-three years ago, the 'Light God' created all the native races. All intelligent races on the continent believed in the Light God and possessed powerful magical abilities. The church also had control over strategic weapons bestowed upon them by the gods. The main races consisted of twenty-seven percent humans and twenty-five percent elves. In recent years, they have experienced a Decaying Disaster, resulting in a thirty-two percent loss in the population of all intelligent races on the continent."

"After deducting the loss of transmission caused by the cosmic barrier, the Babel Tower can receive 1 legend point each day."

This is the civilization in which "Sacred Heart's Chosen" Aurora resides.

A world that was once prosperous has now fallen into utter chaos.

Bai Yan hopes that this time the World Tree will fulfill its purpose, and that the Babel Tower can save Aurora's world along with it.

"After all, I, Babel Tower, have enjoyed the meal of the Light God and even persuaded His goddaughter to help take care of our household... It feels a little strange whenever I say it like this."

Bai Yan fell into deep contemplation.

And what he saw in the end was the civilization of Noah itself.

On the mobile screen, different civilizations were represented by "nebulae", and the nebula of the Noah civilization appeared much larger than the previous two.

This might indicate that in a diverse universe, its influence would be much greater.

To be honest, this option of "otherworld" is a sub-branch of "power", but being able to see the Noah civilization, Bai Yan found it a bit strange.

"Civilization: Noah" (hesitant, legendary)

"Civilization Level Index: 529."

"In the world of Noah, spread across twenty-seven otherworldly colonies, each country governed independently. Nine thousand seven hundred and ninety-five years ago, the Heart of Radiance, the Steel Throne, and the Fate's Strings Master led various races from the Noah civilization to the present world. Most of the intelligent races believe in the 'Rainbow' and possess powerful magical abilities. They have also achieved a significant level of technological advancement. The human race makes up eighty-one percent of the population."

"The Babel Tower is the current main world."

Bai Yan looked and saw an option to deploy a Core Operator.

But if you select the option for the Noah world, the displayed daily missions and weekly missions will remain the same as before and will not be replaced with new ones.

"The first playthrough didn't have any "otherworld" element. At that time, the mission list was completely replaced. It wasn't possible to do daily or weekly tasks in Babel Tower. However, the second playthrough was more user-friendly. You could choose which world's missions you wanted to do and complete them."

Bai Yan then opened the list of operators. However, he didn't immediately dispatch a Core Operator to accomplish the mission.

Instead, he first checked what each Core Operator was doing.

"The Chronicles of Core Operator 'Sacred Heart's Chosen'."

"Defeated a powerful magical creature, but heard that it used to be a noble warrior, feeling sad."

"Saved the children of the village, brought them back to the resting place of their own knight group, mood +1."

Hmm, "Sacred Heart's Chosen," the unique Core Operator of the second playthrough, had been striving to save her own world.

Bai Yan thought to himself, "Finally, I can send the Core Operator of Babel Tower to lend her a helping hand."

"Intelligence Log of Core Operator 'Sword of Demons'."

"Deep in slumber..."

"Would the sword of all evil in the world dream of the dreadful Outer God?"

I wonder how long the mushroom will slumber this time.

And I had no idea what kind of entity the Babel Tower, the one that provided the information log, truly was.

Does it have its own will?

Bai Yan murmured, "But obtaining a trace of divinity from Dionysus would be a great blessing for you. This divinity is incredibly precious, so it must be cherished and put to good use."

"Core Operator 'The Final Gun' Information Log."

"In the safety house, the character organized information and became familiar with the newly acquired power. Skill increased by one."

"Investigate the detailed information about 'Siskin,' questioning multiple relevant criminals, mood +2."

You, you rascal...

The reason for the increase in mood was quite extraordinary.

Bai Yan didn't know how to criticize, but he also understood that these past few days had been quite oppressive for Old Mike.

"Core Operator 'Hidden Azure's' information log."

"Prepare a nice afternoon tea for the master, get the bath ready, but the master didn't come back."

"The sister, who was unwilling to take a sudden bath together, hid in the dimension of nothingness."

Kaluoer's mood remained unchanged throughout the day.

As expected.

After flipping through numerous intelligence logs, Bai Yan fully realized something.

The Babel Tower had enough Core Operators now.

In the following days, the main focus of summoning at the Babel Tower was on "Different Dimensions," with a quick visit to the "Fate" pool. Obtaining new operators wouldn't bring immediate improvements to the Babel Tower.

The main reason to go and summon from "Fate" now was actually something beyond Core Operators.

Next, Bai Yan dispatched a Core Operator.

Travel to the Zeuo civilization and complete the new weekly mission!