I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 371

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Chapter 371: The Spirit of Dionysus

The Spirit of Dionysus floated in the air.

Its appearance was not as rumored, a handsome man who loved wine, but rather a gigantic sphere composed of numerous gray skulls and white arms.

The extraordinary appearance made Maryse and the others feel a sense of strangeness.

Faintly, the girls present caught a whiff of a peculiar scent of wine.

Amidst this scent of wine, there seemed to be some invisible special power.

The unseen power heightened everyone's senses.

Dionysus, the god of wine, is a mythical deity representing a concept, with his own realm of symbolism.

He is not merely a symbol of wine.

Instead, he represents a deity of "sensory stimulation."

In an instant, the senses of everyone present were amplified, becoming more heightened and sensitive.

Regardless of whether it was joy or pain, the stimuli they were about to experience would be heightened by multiple times or more!

Maryse took a deep breath and vividly felt the sensation of her bare feet touching the ground with every step, as well as the feeling of her body against the deer skin.

And the feeling of breathing, blinking, and even the sensation of blood flowing through her veins.

These once faint and indistinct sensations now became incredibly clear.

[Let's celebrate!]

Crazy voices echoed in their minds, it was the spirited cry of the Spirit of Dionysus!

In the next moment, the ancient Greek-style theatre began to transform. Countless delicacies and wines appeared in the sky, continuously cascading without knowing where they would spread to.

The scent of abundant food and an ocean of fine wine rushed toward them with a powerful force, causing all three of them to squint their eyes in response.

It smells really wonderful!

Maryse couldn't help but feel that she had never been so tempted in her entire life.

It was truly too irresistible!

She suddenly felt that maybe, it wouldn't be so bad to go along with the festivities like this?

No, she always felt that there was something peculiar about it.

[Let's revel to our heart's content!]

[Drink, mingle, and forever rejoice!]

The Spirit of Dionysus waved numerous arms, wildly shouting within the hearts of the crowd.

"What does '交' mean?"

Maryse froze suddenly upon hearing the words she had just tasted.

She obviously knew that there was only one man here.

Hello, hello, hello! This is just a festival celebration, there's no need to go to that extent, right?

But she also understood that such natural instincts were actually quite common in certain ancient rituals.

In the realm of mysticism, coupling has always been regarded as a mysterious and special act.

But, there are so many people here... How can we do this? At least not the first time...

In the eerie atmosphere, Maryse's mind was already in a jumble.

[After the revelry, they feasted upon each other, savoring every moment!]

Unbeknownst to them, the Spirit of Dionysus started to take on an eerie and sinister demeanor.

It felt as if they were enticing and comforting at the same time.

Without realizing it, Maryse felt her head becoming dizzy.

"It seemed to become strange..."

Just at that moment, the three of them suddenly realized that the dance had come to an end.

Her own body could move freely now!

Then, Maryse also heard a word in her mind.


Maryse's face turned red as she heard the sudden voice of the Savior. It was collaboration, not a union. But now she was completely stunned.

So, who should she cooperate with?

Soon, she had an answer.

Suddenly, a magical sword transformed into a pitch-black lightning bolt and struck down from the sky above theater!

In an instant, it fiercely pierced into the Spirit of Dionysus, unleashing a tremendous burst of radiance!


The Spirit of Dionysus was ruthlessly pierced through by the magical sword!

[Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!]

The pitiful cry of the Spirit of Dionysus suddenly echoed in the hearts of everyone, instantly amplifying their agony by dozens of times and disturbing them.

"Drat!" the Scarlet Moon instinctively covered her ears, but couldn't stop the impact on her mind.

Under this overwhelming wave of negative emotions, almost everyone found it difficult to bear, including the Scarlet Moon who had arrived at the Apocalypse.

Except for Maryse.

She possessed a powerful psychic ability, allowing her to launch mental attacks even when suppressed by negative emotions!

Maryse soon saw the person she was supposed to cooperate with.

Mr. Profligate suddenly materialized from nothingness, brandishing Gungnir, and mercilessly plunged it into the body of the Spirit of Dionysus.

The Spirit of Dionysus was about to throw the Sword of Demons, but once again, it was pinned down and unable to move.

Maryse knew that her chance to show herself had arrived.

Without hesitation, she unleashes Deep Red - Divine Punishment, wielding the Blade of Annihilation, and charges forward. With ease, she thrusts it into the immobilized body of the Spirit of Dionysus.

Finally, Maryse witnessed an astonishing scene.

Inside the body of the Spirit of Dionysus, there was a large amount of black translucent "thick liquid" being eagerly drawn in by a mushroom called the "Sword of Demons."

What is that?

Maryse was extremely astonished, but she had no intention of stopping.


Under the pressure of a few individuals, the Spirit of Dionysus gradually stopped wailing and never managed to offer any effective resistance.

[Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh]

The wailing continued, and Kaluoer was the first to give in, almost losing consciousness.

But the Spirit of Dionysus finally ceased its struggle.

In the end, it slowly lost its power, suddenly crumbling and collapsing.

"What's going on?"

Maryse panted heavily and collapsed onto the ground, completely exhausted.

Bai Yan, who had put away his weapon, helped her up and calmly explained, "To be precise, the Spirit of Dionysus is not actually Dionysus himself, nor is it the soul of Dionysus. It is merely a trace of divinity left behind after Dionysus died... The mushrooms possess the power to absorb souls, so we used them as a cover to create this opportunity for you."

The Scarlet Moon held her hands and complained, "Why didn't you tell me beforehand?"

Bai Yan shrugged and smiled, saying, "It's not necessary."

Immediately, he produced "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used" to extract the elements from the remnants of the Spirit of Dionysus.

It can be said that this time Bai Yan completely indulged in the Spirit of Dionysus.

The price, however, was that from then on, Savior Bai Yan would never be able to draw this Entertainment Card from the Babel Tower's pool... But he didn't mind at all.

If they were to follow the Spirit of Dionysus' desires and engage in wild revelry, in order to receive "Dionysus' Blessing," the few individuals present would have to commit some outrageously insane acts.

The actions in the previous few instances were relatively easy to handle -- eating, drinking, and... Bai Yan, on the other hand, could reluctantly accept them.

But the last requirement was to consume the flesh and blood of a companion... He couldn't accept such depraved behavior.

Without further ado, they simply decided to finish this thing off and present it to the Sword of Demons as a powerful elixir!

Scarlet Moon walked over and stepped on the corpse of the Spirit of Dionysus, coldly saying, "You must have had a good laugh watching us go wild here in the dark just now."

Bai Yan shook his head gently and said in all seriousness with nonsense, "Mushrooms as witnesses, there is absolutely no such thing."

Generally speaking, I wouldn't laugh out loud, so don't worry about it.

He felt that the Scarlet Moon seemed to be more familiar with him as a person.

Next, they asked Profligate to close his eyes and then go and change back into his clothes.

Bai Yan was astonished to discover the "Sword of Demons"... and suddenly the mushroom fell silent.

After absorbing the Spirit of Dionysus, it appeared to have fallen into a deep sleep, staying in a dormant state. It may take a long time to digest and consume the divine essence it had swallowed.

Well, looking forward to your growth.

"So, everything here comes to an end, let's say goodbye for now."

Bai Yan and the others exchanged greetings, holding the dormant Sword of Demons, waiting to return.

And on the other side, a clone of Bai Yan, through the "Babel Tower" game, sent everyone back.

"Remember to come find me in a few days," the displeased Scarlet Moon spoke suddenly and unexpectedly.

What does this person want? Maryse unwilling to be weak, immediately shouted:

"I remember, come find me!"

The Scarlet Moon couldn't help but look at Maryse with a sense of wonder, lost in thought.

Could it be that she was also going to suck this person's blood?

However, this person is a high elf, not a vampire... Then, what does she want to suck?

Kaluoer completely ignored everything happening around her. She was completely uninterested in her so-called companions and instead, she was deep in thought, contemplating about going back home to help her master prepare a bath and some snacks.

As a devoted maid, taking care of her master's daily life, as the Hidden Azure, fulfilling the role of the Savior, and in the end, occasionally sending away the persistent Evie.

This is Kaluoer's current life situation.

She is content in this unchanging, thoughtless state.

Finally, a black mist began to wrap around, and the entire space started to crumble and fall apart as it lost the Spirit of Dionysus.


Tatsumi City's wilderness.

The sinners, who were originally building wooden houses, now lived in clean and tidy stone houses.

In this place, a small ancient town suddenly appeared.

The one who created it was none other than Amicio, the Son of God who never left.

Clean and neat streets and ground, hundreds of tidy stone houses - all of this was created in just a few seconds by him.

In almost an instant, everything was created.

In the lord's mansion of the small town, Ganis sat on his seat and cast a complicated gaze towards Amicio, the mysterious wizard standing nearby.

Amicio suddenly said, "Do you know why the people in the city despise the Persecuted and refer to you as sinners?"

Ganis nodded and responded, "Because we are the descendants of the defeated, the surrenderers, and the weak."

"Not only that,"

Amicio's face remained exceptionally handsome, but due to the suppression of magic, it no longer dazzled and mesmerized people, making it difficult for him to control himself.

"In fact, in the beginning, this world was not called Noah's world, and Noah's people didn't live in this world... Only your ancestors existed here at that time."

"What, what did you say?"

Ganis wasn't silly at all, and immediately realized the key to it.

His face suddenly turned pale.

Amicio continued, "The 'Noah' of the Noah people means 'the ship that escaped the land of destruction.' Their ancestors, on the eve of the original world's impending destruction, used the power of the high-level divine artifact, the 'Heart of Radiance,' to migrate to this place."

"The Savior of Dark Light became a deity, commanding Noah's people to start a great war and conquer the world. As the natives, you were defeated by the people of Noah and ended up in the current situation."

Ganis simply closed his eyes and remained silent.

He didn't know if what the other person said was true, but he could vaguely feel that there might be some basis to it.


Just at that moment, the voice of the Son of God suddenly resounded in Ganis' mind.

In the next instant, Ganis found himself on the battlefield.

He saw countless ancestors, adorned with black patterns, being brutally killed by fierce enemies. The ancestors faced death without fear, instead singing ancient melodies.

Generous sadness overwhelmed him.

The black patterns on their bodies seemed to transform into enchantments, launching a fierce attack on the enemies!

But courage and the black patterns could not alter their fate. Those fierce enemies unleashed terrifying forbidden spells, effortlessly killing numerous people.

Ganis even caught sight of the leader among the numerous enemies - the very same "Anomalous Star" who had once been beyond mortal comprehension.

He soared high in the sky above.

Countless forbidden spells were unleashed from the man's hands, flowing like autumn winds sweeping away fallen leaves, as they mercilessly slaughtered the ancestors of the Persecuted.

Ganis, witnessing this scene, couldn't help but clench his hands tightly.


Bai Yan, in the state of a Profligate, returned to Sylve, Tatsumi City.

Returning to that room, which had always belonged to them.

He could sense that around the villa, at least ten Night Watchers were keeping watch.

Bai Yan, unafraid of being detected by them, possessed the Power of the Psychic Dancer, effortlessly shielding himself from the Night Watcher's perception.

Next, Bai Yan extracted the new Element, "Element of Sensory Power (extremely rare)", from the phrase "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used," and infused it into a red ring.

Successfully transformed into a mysterious relic.

"The Ring of Wine," comes with the cost of making the user extremely thirsty. Its effect is to amplify the sensory stimulation experienced by the target, increasing it by more than ten times... Whether it's joy or pain, it will have an impact.

Bai Yan smiled and murmured to himself, "Hmm, this will make people suffer unimaginably... perhaps it could work wonders in certain situations, like during interrogations."

Just as Bai Yan created a new relic, he also felt a flourishing and undeniable energy, impossible to ignore.

The World Tree outside the villa had finally grown!

At this moment, it had grown to be thousands of meters tall, reaching the edge of the sky. Its trunk appeared faintly, while its golden branches and leaves were incredibly lush.

The Night Watchers, who were keeping a close eye around the villa, included Sylve and her daughter, who were connected to the Babel Tower. But even more importantly, there was a massive golden tree standing here, magnificently towering over Tatsumi City, becoming a famous sight to behold.

"Finally, it grew up."

Bai Yan arrived at the top of the villa and looked at the enormous golden tree, a joyful smile spreading across his face.

Inside the Babel Tower, Bai Yan had already taken out his cellphone and was checking the "Babel Tower" game.

Sure enough, the "Babel Tower" game had an update notification.

The World Tree possessed the power to connect to other worlds. Since then, the members of the Babel Tower could easily travel to different worlds.

The original daily missions, weekly missions, and emergency missions were now all replaced.

Bai Yan was extremely happy.

After the update of the basic missions, the reward values of all the missions increased significantly!

"In this way, it became easier to earn points."

"Very good."

Bai Yan immediately checked for other updates.