I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: No Real Progress

Have you ever drawn cards in a game?

What's your opinion about drawing cards? For hope? Despair or just emptiness?

Bai Yan thought it represents the temporary activation of the human fluke mind.

"If I can..."

"I'll get

it next time..."

"I have invested so much..."

These thoughts make it hard for many people to control themselves.

The more people fail to draw cards, the more they want to invest! Theoretically, a real rational person wouldn't consider sunk costs, but who can be absolutely rational?

Drawing cards may not make people happy, but controlling the desire to draw cards will make one grumpy.

Finally, Bai Yan saved enough energy points for a new ten summon.

He got up slowly to leave. The waiter stopped him. It turned out that Alan left without paying the check.


After paying the bill, Bai Yan left the restaurant with his mobile phone and took a deep breath.

He felt that he was sacred at this moment!

Originally, he wanted to find a better place to draw cards. For example, in front of the sculpture of the founder of Herendor University.

However, Bai Yan was so tempted by the game. He wanted to draw cards right now.

"Do it."

One summon or ten summon.

Ten summon!

Bai Yan immediately pressed it, and in an instant, flashing pictures appeared in the gray fog.

"Operator fragment -- Cybertyrant × 1”

"Relic Fragment -- Blink Blade × 1”

"Tactics -- Collective speed-up × 1”

Bai Yan was stunned. Unexpectedly, he obtained a tactical card. It can help a lot while carrying out key tasks.

"Operator fragment -- Queen of the Scarlett Moon × 1”

"Operator fragment -- Queen of the Scarlett Moon × 1”

"Operator fragment -- Girl Psychic Elene × 1”

"Relic -- Nyx's cover × 1”

That's it!

Unfortunately, there are no core operators. But a relic is also acceptable.

"Operator fragment -- Queen of the Scarlett Moon × 1”

"Sacred Rune -- Athena × 1”

"Operator fragment -- Ninetales Aision × 1”

Bai Yan’s eyes lit up, and he trembled with excitement. One more operator fragment!

Although he failed to summon a core operator, it was worth gaining two precious relics.

Unfortunately, he still didn't gain the Queen of the Scarlett Moon.

But this time, he gained three fragments of her, so now he had a total of five fragments.

It's equivalent to having obtained half of the Queen of the Scarlett Moon.

Bai Yan cheered up.

Operator fragments are shown as pixel avatars. Now, Bai Yan has five avatars of the queen.

“That’s good. Both Nyx’s cover and Athena were a great help. Bai Yan was thinking about how to distribute them.

Bai Yan was lost in thought. Many materials that he had obtained before had not been distributed. Now was the right time.

The Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer need to be further strengthened.

Although their strength improved rapidly, they were still far from saving the world. They need to become stronger.

He scrolled his cell phone and quickly checked the materials he had accumulated so far.

“Mystical Power -- Unlimited Ammunition”

"Mystical power -- Praise the Sun"

"Relic -- Enchanted Pistol"

Bai Yan thought for a while, and made a simple distribution according to the nature of the core operators.

First, he gave Nyx's cover to Nightsaber.

Nyx is the goddess of night, so the relic has high compatibility with Nightsaber.

Then, he gave the Sacred Rune -- Athena to Psychic Dancer. The power of Athena is very suitable for her to further develop her ability.

Bai Yan clicked on his mobile phone to give them a new relic and Sacred Rune, respectively.

"Hmm, I'm a little curious what their expressions will be?"

The leaves kept falling in the yard.

This ancient and dilapidated villa has a different time and space rate than other places in Tatsumi City because it has always been hidden in the border arranged by the hunter family.

Mu Ling was calm and meticulously practiced swordsmanship, as usual.

After gaining the self-healing ability, she began to study new tactics, which were more intense, fierce, and closer to death.

The change of ability made her fighting mode expand more!


The black bastard sword swept down heavily and suddenly stopped at the place where it was only a centimeter off the ground. Actually, Mu Ling set a human-shaped imaginary enemy in front of her and quickly attacked it.

In this way, Mu Ling had practiced for a long time and gradually sweated.

Huo Xin stood by again.

He frowned and worried about his young lady. During this period, she seemed stimulated and desperately tried to get stronger every day.

It's like someone gave her a death order.

"Who changed her?"

At this time, Huo Xin felt a familiar and frightening atmosphere.

Black fog appeared out of thin air in the yard and rushed towards Mu Ling.

Hu Xin was surprised but didn’t rush up again, knowing that this was the means of the mysterious Babel Tower.

"My lady?"

Mu Ling stared into the depths of the dark fog. She didn't back down but stood firm as if awaiting the mercy or fury of heaven.

[Nightsaber, this is your reward.]

The indifferent voice resounded through her mind once again.

A black cloth belt flew out of the black fog and slowly came to Mu Ling's hands.

She held up the black belt and looked over.

The belt was quite smooth. Its surface no different from any ordinary black cloth, but the inside shined in a dark malevolence like a galaxy was contained within.

There is a very thrilling, strange charm! Mu Ling couldn't take her eyes away!

"Nyx's cover! The civilization-level relic." Huo Xin's shocked voice came.

He stepped forward quickly, looked at the black cloth belt with a complex expression, and said in a hurry, “It's impossible. How can it be... Miss, what is the origin of Babel Tower?"

"This belt is an important relic lost by the legendary hunter of your ancestor!"

Mu Ling nodded gently. In fact, she also knew it, and she was very surprised.

Nyx's cover originally belonged to Mu Ling's ancestors, but the ancestor accidentally lost this relic to the outside world in the battle with the son of the evil god.

So how did Babel find it?

But since it's the Savior, Mu Ling is not so surprised. It is possible for the great existence to get anything.

Mu Ling's tolerance has greatly improved after she was shocked by the Savior several times.

"Maybe the Savior and my ancestor have some special origins, which is why he came to me."

Mu Ling thought calmly and then wrapped the black belt around her beautiful face to cover her purplish-red eyes.

At this moment, her temperament became completely different.

Mysterious, dark, noble... better than ever.

Mu Ling saw a new world!

Even with the shelter of black cloth, she can still clearly see everything in front of her, and at the same time, she can see countless faint lights flashing!

These faint lights are the negative energy in the universe.

Nyx's cover: People wearing it will be able to mobilize the universe's negative energy. Every time you use the negative energy to harm others, create illusions, or heal others, you'll lose sight and consume your life.

"I've never felt that..."

Mu Ling tried to manipulate the negative energy with her mind and imagine that she was using them.

This is very sensitive and strange energy, like a mercury-like sticky liquid wandering on the edge of everything. To her surprise, it listened to her own ideas very obediently.

She easily manipulated the negative energy to create an illusion of a black cat.

The black cat rolled on the ground and snored asleep.

Hu Xin also saw this living-like illusion, showing a very surprised expression.

It takes at least a year for ordinary people with superpower to learn the magic of creating illusions of this degree!

For human beings, it is theoretically impossible to manipulate negative energy.

This is the strength of a civilization-level relic.

At the next moment, Mu Ling felt that something in her body had been taken away, which should be a bit of her lifetime.

"I'm not strong enough."

The power of a civilization-level relic needs Apocalypse level superpower to be fully controlled. When it is fully released, it can turn over a city easily.

She was very clear that in the Air Alliance or any country, a civilization-level relic is an important weapon at the strategic level, which is paid the greatest attention.

However, the savior just casually gave it to her!

Mu Ling was a little dizzy.

"Savior, I will never let you down."

In half a month, he gave her the power of the Outer God, a civilization-level relic, and even helped her to take full revenge on the Black Star. Mu Ling even doubted whether the Savior was her ancestors that resurrected.

Otherwise, why does he give so much to her?

Mu Ling took a deep breath and took out the Nyx's cover. She felt that she needed to wear it during the fight.

Mu Ling wanted to see the Savior again! Just to express her thanks and loyalty to him once more!

"Huo Xin, I'm going."