I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 369

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Chapter 369: Legendary Martial Arts

In the boundless and diverse multiverse, the flow of time varies in different worlds.

Although in the world of Noah, the "Shadow Kingdom Trial" lasted only for a day.

However, Mu Ling, who was trapped in the Fire Prison, had been battling for a whole month.

The flames were boiling.

The sky was howling.

Mu Ling was panting lightly, her black clothes were tattered, and her shoes were completely gone.

She tirelessly searched for footholds in the sea of flames, unable to rest for even a moment.

Those footholds made of stones and remains would vanish in a matter of seconds, and Mu Ling had to immediately search for the next foothold in the sea of flames.

Every moment, merciless demons would launch ruthless attacks against her.

Even someone as powerful as Mu Ling, after enduring the tormenting battles for just a month, started feeling completely exhausted, both physically and mentally, and was on the verge of losing her strength.

Suddenly, she sensed a surge of tremendous determination.

It was worth Mu Ling preparing herself for battle!

In the fiery sea before her, a towering fire dragon rose up, reaching hundreds of meters high. Its eyes blazed like the sun, and a scorching breath erupted from its mouth, piercing through the sky.

She dashed towards the sword-wielding young girl!

At this moment, Mu Ling's strength was almost depleted, so she decided not to unleash the mighty power of Deep Blue World.

She leapt into the sky with a sudden jump, swinging her chain and effortlessly hooking onto the dragon's head.

In mid-air, Mu Ling swiftly circled and evaded the dragon's expansive breath.

In the next moment, she found herself atop the dragon's head.


The fire dragon angrily roared.

Her fair feet were immediately subjected to intense pain from the molten lava hidden within the scales.

She remained emotionless, completely ignoring the pain in her feet as she angrily shouted and swung her sword down!

Imperial Light Execution!


A mighty golden light pierced through the dragon's head. In the next moment, the colossal fire dragon, resembling a small mountain, could only let out a mournful cry before collapsing with a resounding crash.

Mu Ling deeply inhaled a breath of warmth.

She could no longer hold on.

There was no resting place in sight.

Soon, she would be engulfed in the endless sea of fire, as the corpse of the fire dragon collapsed.

Mu Ling looked up at the fiery red sky in the final moment, her eyes filled with remorse.

"I'm sorry, Savior... I couldn't complete the trial..."

Just then, Mu Ling felt a moment of dizziness, as a vast amount of golden radiance overflowed from the fire dragon, like shimmering beams of colorful light. It swiftly merged into her body.

The trial was successfully completed.

"Is it over?"

Startled, Mu Ling turned around suddenly, finding herself back in the vibrant Shadow Kingdom with her body fully restored.

"I did it... I really succeeded..."

She took a deep breath, and in her mind, she already possessed fresh memories and newfound strength.

The flames flickered and rose on the gleaming sword.

Mu Ling suddenly leapt up, wielding the blade in her hand. Like a whirlwind, a tidal wave of fire swept through the surrounding area in an instant.

The legendary martial art technique, Waves of Fire!

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In the heart of the flames, Mu Ling, remained unharmed, as the fire gradually spread to the surroundings.

"If we use more mental power... we can make this fire tornado even bigger..."

Mu Ling swung her sword once again, making the storm of flames grow even stronger.

The towering fire tornado, reaching a height of a hundred meters, was incredibly magnificent. It possessed an awe-inspiring presence, like a natural disaster about to engulf everything in its surroundings.

Until now, Mu Ling had already figured it out. She could use her own mental power to greatly consume it by "charging up," making the power and range of the "Waves of Fire" even greater.

The unleashed Waves of Fire, with all her might, could possibly unleash a fiery storm that would engulf and cover several city blocks.

[Let's stop here, said the Sword Maiden, having acquired a new toy]

The voice of the Shadow Kingdom's master suddenly echoed once again.

In the blink of an eye, the endless flames vanished into thin air.

The flowers and grass of the Shadow Kingdom, which had been burned, immediately returned to their original state.

It wasn't until this moment that Mu Ling realized she had just destroyed the surroundings.

Mu Ling quickly apologized, saying:

"It's my fault, I've been feeling really down lately, and when I finally got out, I couldn't help but get carried away and forget myself..."

[No harm done, for beings of this kind, it was perfectly normal.]

[The arrangement has ended, now it's time for you to leave.]

The female voice didn't pursue further and simply wanted to send Mu Ling away like this.

Mu Ling didn't want to leave just like that. She wanted to inquire more about the Savior. She immediately shouted, "Please wait for a moment!"

[What's the matter?]

Mu Ling's request was effective. She immediately asked:

"Respected Savior, why has He come to Noah, chosen us...?"

[I don't know where He is located, nor do I know why the "Respected Savior" has chosen you all, and I am completely unaware of the specific details of the crucial "Savior's Plan".]

[However, in the ever-changing multiverse, with countless cycles of eternal endings and new beginnings, there is always an ultimate conclusion. And if this time the multiverse completely embraces its "end", there will no longer be the existence of a "new" multiverse.]

[Everything will return to 'nothingness']

[The Savior, of whom you speak, was born to prevent all of this from happening.]

The Savior, who was born to save the multiverse...

It turned out, no, indeed He was such a great being.

Mu Ling took a deep breath and nodded gently.

"Thank you very much for letting us know. May I ask, how should we address you?"

[What is your name?]

[It has been many years since anyone asked me...]

[I am the 'Key of a Thousand Demons,' the 'Shadow of Many Spirits,' the 'Silent Demon God'... Owl]

[The other party finally made a response.]

In the next moment, Mu Ling returned to Noah's world.

When she regained consciousness, she found herself still standing at the entrance of the coffee shop.

The people nearby were completely unaware of anything unusual.

It felt as if ages had passed.

After a month-long journey through the fiery abyss, the mighty demons of the Shadow Kingdom, everything began to feel somewhat unreal.

Mu Ling gently shook her head, the spiritual wristband on her wrist still intact. Her understanding of the power of flames remained vivid in her mind.

Everything was not a mere illusion.

"Great Savior, I have something to present to you."

She looked up at the sky and spoke, like this.

In the next moment, the pale gray spiritual bracelet on Mu Ling's wrist disappeared without a trace.

Bai Yan, who had been observing her all along, understood without words. He directly removed Mu Ling's equipment in the "Babel Tower" game.

It had arrived inside the Babel Tower, appearing in the palm of Bai Yan's hand.

He smiled gently, a silver light shining in one eye, as he used the power of the "Digital World" to decipher it.

"Hmm, it's a good thing... Thank you for the gift from the Shadow Kingdom's sorcerer. Even though I don't know anything about you... I welcome you as a visitor."

This was a magical Genie Weapon.

In the limitless world, there were extraordinary items, not just relics, but also magical tools and genie weapons.

The extraordinary power that dwelled within objects had various forms of existence.

"Genie Weapon: requires the payment of 'intense emotions' as a sacrifice to activate. The user can designate a specific area within their line of sight, where 'spiritual meteors' continuously fall from the sky and strike down upon it."

The Genie Weapon is different from the "relics" and "divine artifacts" that require a cost, and it is also different from the "magical tools" that only require the expenditure of mental energy.

To utilize them, what needs to be paid as a sacrifice... is the energy of emotions... the energy of ambiance.

"Emotional energy... is it the feeling of excitement?"

Bai Yan pondered for a moment. How could one generate such exhilarating emotions, he wondered.

"Hmm, excited, in simple terms, is it like being 'on fire'?"

The feeling of excitement, I simply didn't possess it at all...

"I feel like I just can't get fired up at all!"

Bai Yan fell into deep thought, and then he could only choose to keep it for now, until someone in the future would need it and be able to use it, and then he would give it to that Core Operator.

In theory, among the Core Operators of the Babel Tower now, there are actually quite a few people who can have the emotion of "excitement."

Apart from myself, the ones who couldn't get fired up at all are probably the two assassins and one magic sword.

Although he couldn't use this thing himself, Bai Yan knew how powerful it was.

According to the data analyzed from the "Digital World," the range of the spiritual meteor impact was enormous. Its attacks reached a very long distance, and it could directly harm souls.

The person who uses it can directly attack from a distance of over ten kilometers... From the sky, they pull down spiritual meteors one by one, smashing them down. Just imagining it, one can tell how spectacular it would be.

He didn't want the Shadow Kingdom building to remain empty, so he immediately arranged for new operators to enter and undergo trials.

In the end, Bai Yan had originally intended for Maryse to go up, but the Babel Tower game quickly provided a hint... Maryse's success rate in the trial was only seventeen percent.

If he fails, he will die. He needs to spend Source Energy Points to revive, but Bai Yan doesn't want to spend money. He just wants to get a free ride!

He thought for a moment and decided to replace it with someone else.

Bai Yan realized that the closer he was to a melee-type transcender, the higher his success rate would be.

"Yes, after all, it is the land where legendary martial arts skills are obtained."

In the end, Bai Yan chose to let Ganis go to the Shadow Kingdom to participate in the trial.

His success rate in the trial was seventy-nine percent, slightly higher than the Scarlet Moon's. Perhaps, the difficulty of the trial in the Shadow Kingdom had nothing to do with his own strength.

"Great, let's use this one next, I've been looking forward to it."

Bai Yan didn't finish his work and quickly took out the new Entertainment Card he had recently drawn.

Dionysian Tour.

This is an Entertainment Card intended for collective use, and Bai Yan needs to choose five Core Operators to join.

"The first playthrough doesn't exist for Entertainment Card, I'm very interested, what kind of effects will it have? Most likely, it will take me to otherworld, right?"

Bai Yan had always been curious about the existence of the otherworld.

But in the past, as the Savior of Babel Tower, he was not a Core Operator of Babel Tower, so he couldn't use the Entertainment Card on himself.

In that moment, Bai Yan could only watch with longing as the other Core Operators went to the otherworld. As for himself, he remained trapped inside Noah.

"Come along this time, I'll also go on missions and play dungeons."

Bai Yan showed a joyful smile.

Then, among the five Core Operators to choose from, he selected the "World Savior" as the first one.

As for the other four Core Operators, Bai Yan pondered over who to choose.