I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 368

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Chapter 368: The God and Trial of the Shadow Kingdom

Mu Ling's expression was filled with uncertainty and surprise.

Accordion observed the scene, giving his nose a gentle push to adjust his sunglasses, and whispered, "Did the Savior just inform you about something?"

Mu Ling paused for a moment, furrowing her brows. "How did you know?" she asked.

Accordion smiled and pushed his sunglasses again, proclaiming a bit proudly, "Well, it's pretty normal. Yours truly happens to be the 'psychologist,' 'interrogator,' 'number one poker player,' and 'pet caretaker' of the Sword-wielding Troop... I have some understanding of human psychology, just a little!"


Mu Ling froze, feeling a bit dizzy from the series of titles bestowed upon her by this middle-aged man wearing sunglasses.

This man seemed a bit peculiar.

The short-haired girl with a white cloth tied around her eyes sat beside Accordion, holding a Flute. She tilted her head slightly.

We both wore expressions of unfamiliarity towards each other.

Mu Ling didn't answer the other person's question. Instead, she earnestly said again, "The Babel Tower is not evil. We have no ill intentions. Truly, everything we've done so far has been to save the world."

Accordion nodded and said, "You don't have to repeat it again, I've already said it. We believe in you... It's just that some people don't believe, and some people actually know that you are good, but because of the thoughts at the top, knowing whether they believe or not doesn't matter."

He suddenly exclaimed with emotion:

"Regardless, humans cannot defy the gods."

"The Eruo League, the Air Alliance, the Night Union... No matter how great the development of our mortal civilizations, as long as we don't establish clear boundaries with the deities, we will ultimately be unable to disobey their commands."

Accordion asked again, speaking:

"I really want to know, the Savior of the Babel Tower, this new god who has just come to Noah, what kind of divine message has he just conveyed to Miss Mu?"

"This is very important for us, and may even be the foundation for the Swordbearer and Babel Tower to work together."

Mu Ling gazed at the other person, but she didn't say anything.

Without the command of the Respected Savior, she naturally wouldn't speak.

[Told them.]

The voice in her mind remained icy and merciless, like an ancient god from a distant, forsaken world.

Mu Ling gently nodded, looking at the coffee in her hand, before slowly recounting the terrifying truth, "They have all been corrupted, driven into madness. This is the answer that the Respected Savior has given me."


Her words immediately shocked the two people in front of her.

Even with sunglasses and a cloth covering, the astonishment on Accordion and Flute was impossible to hide.

"I won't say nonsense like 'How is this possible?' or 'This is absolutely impossible'."

Accordion let out a sigh, remained silent for a while, and then said, "But your news is still too astonishing for us. In my mind, I've asked countless times, 'How is this possible...'"

"In short, we will convey your ideas and information to the captain of the Sword-wielding Troop."

Mu Ling nodded without stopping. Accordion continued,

"Believe in us, for in this world there are certainly more noble-hearted individuals than just you... The goal of the Sword-wielding Troop has always been and will always be the same."

As Accordion spoke, his face suddenly took on a serious expression.

"We will maintain order in the world, allowing the innocent to find peace during the night."

In that very moment.

Inside the Babel Tower.

Bai Yan, seated on the throne, was watching everything through his phone.

Nowadays, there is one more explicit force expressing support for Babel Tower.

The Annottales Knights of the Divine Blade, some saints, the Sword-wielding Troop of the Air Alliance, these are all powerful forces and organizations.

Bai Yan believed that they would be of great use in the future.

As for the land beyond the night's veil, it was a nation where Babel Tower had the least involvement, and the major forces' stances were also very unclear.

"In a little while, Amy will be hosting the Crown Ceremony. Perhaps she can establish a connection with the power of the night."

In the world of Night Union, there are three major cities: the Ring City, controlled by the Rock Morgan group; the Tree City, controlled by the Nine Trees System; and Noy City, controlled by the Noy Military.

Bai Yan knew that there was a Core Operator of the Babel Tower, right in Noy City.

"Girl Psychic·Elene"


Mu Ling had just left the coffee shop when she suddenly noticed that the scenery in front of her changed in an instant, with everything around her collapsing and crumbling.


I found myself stepping into a completely different place!

This is a world filled with greenery, stretching as far as the eye can see, where little animals can be found everywhere.

As if stepping into the picturesque outskirts only found in fairy tales.

"Where am I? How did I end up here?"

Mu Ling was full of confusion, feeling lost and unsure. But soon, a voice appeared in her mind, providing answers to her questions.

[This is the Shadow Kingdom.]

[Train here, become stronger, and emerge as a more skilled warrior.]

That was the voice of the Respected Savior, Mu Ling could be certain of that.

She had never heard of the Shadow Kingdom before.

But since the Respected Savior had spoken these words, Mu Ling's heart was no longer filled with confusion. Instead, she walked forward with unwavering determination.

Just then, she suddenly felt an enormous pressure!

[Who are you?]

A slightly perplexed female voice suddenly appeared in Mu Ling's mind.

This woman was incredibly powerful!

The overwhelming pressure, released almost instantaneously, shook Mu Ling's mind, almost causing her to kneel down!

Luckily, the owner of the voice voluntarily restrained the pressure.

Mu Ling took a deep breath and replied,

"Are you... the owner of the Shadow Kingdom? You are the Respected Savior of Babel Tower, and he sent me here to become a better warrior."

Upon hearing "Respected Savior of Babel Tower," the mysterious voice immediately fell into a profound silence.

Not long after, the voice of the owner of the Shadow Kingdom became suddenly intrigued.

[The Respected Savior of Babel Tower... so that's how it is... they have finally succeeded... I thought they would fail, but it seems I was mistaken]

Mu Ling was slightly taken aback. This mysterious presence seemed to be very familiar with the Savior, even knowledgeable about the secrets of Babel Tower.

But who were the "they" mentioned by the other person?

The female voice began to explain slowly:

["I am not the owner of the Shadow Kingdom," she explained, "but rather an entity that has resided here throughout countless passing times."]

["According to the contract, as the defeated one, I shall subject you to a trial... Do not perish here," she warned.]

[Although from my standpoint, I should not be so happy, I still sincerely hope that the purpose of the Babel Tower will ultimately succeed... Oh, and you should take this item back with you, consider it a gift from me to the 'Savior'.]

Mu Ling blinked in surprise.

Unbeknownst to her, a faint gray bracelet had mysteriously appeared on her wrist, radiating a spirited glow.

At that moment, she also discovered the source of the sound.

It was her own shadow!

That was a shadow belonging to someone else, completely different in shape from her own!

[Hehe, do you feel scared when you see a person like me?]

[In the vast and endless universe, there are countless forms of life, and you are not the only one.]

[According to legend, within the twenty-seven Outer Gods, there is a 'Wild Wave' that exists in the fleeting moment of each wave. Its form is so difficult to perceive, it surpasses the imagination of even lower beings like you...]

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Mu Ling remained silent for a while and respectfully asked, "Are you a divine being?"


The other person didn't hesitate at all but instead directly gave an answer.

[I am an ancient god, and according to their classification method, I belong to the 'high-ranking' divine beings, which is a rare existence even among the gods.]

Mu Ling didn't understand what a high-ranking god was, but she knew that apart from the Outer Gods who were detached from the world, the many divine beings were divided into three categories, "Ancient Gods," "Gods of Belief," and "Conceptual Gods."

The so-called Ancient Gods, they became divine beings because of their own greatness, not relying on the belief of mortals, nor getting mixed up with various concepts within the souls of the ancient gods.

The Ancient Gods have always been the most free, they don't need to be responsible for mortals, nor do they need to abide by any concepts and rules.

[Then, I shall bestow upon you a trial]

The voice became serious.

[Overcome it, overcome yourself, and become even stronger!]

[If you successfully complete the trial, you will receive the "legendary martial art technique!"]

Lost in thought, Mu Ling suddenly noticed that the scenery around her was changing as she found herself in a completely different place.

This was a world that resembled a fiery furnace! Flames and molten lava erupted all around Mu Ling, and solid ground was scarce, with every step posing great danger.

In the fiery red sky, there were even Flame Demons roaring, standing thousands of meters tall. They extended volcano-like arms, stirring the burning heavens to a searing glow.

Countless crimson serpents slithered through the sea of fire, their red scales glistening with bursts of flame, stretching several yards long.

She could sense that in the darkness, there was an endless amount of evil watching her, greedy, hungry, and with ill intentions!

[Trial: Journey through the Flames]

Mu Ling immediately understood where she had arrived.

Here, this is somewhere in the legendary realm of Hell!