I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 367

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Chapter 367: the Malice of the Gods

Bai Yan also knew something deep inside his heart.

The people of Babel Tower, unless they touch upon fundamental issues with one another, would not easily escalate conflicts.

He didn't need to worry too much himself.

Is the fundamental reason for maintaining the unity of the people one's own charm and management abilities? Of course not possible.

It's because of two things, first, Babel Tower can grant everyone enormous, almost irresistible benefits.

Originally, even though they were not considered remarkable, they had never imagined that they, too, could become legends.

But with the granting of Babel Tower, it seemed that each person could easily become a true legendary figure.

Secondly, it was the terrifying pressure brought about by the Doomsday Crisis.

Other than Kaluoer and a few other individuals, the Core Operators of Babel Tower, even though they themselves were not afraid of death, never wished for their loved ones to perish...

So, each person had a natural motivation to save the world.

Huge rewards and threats of death, in history, have often been the foundation of loyalty and unity.

If Babel Tower no longer granted blessings, and the Doomsday Crisis ceased to exist, then this group of temporary "companions" might truly fall apart.

In this Babel Tower gathering, the main purpose was to introduce three new Core Operators.

Among the three new Core Operators, Kaluoer had no extra thoughts whatsoever. No one paid her any attention, as if she were a motionless doll standing there.

She considered herself as if she had joined a mysterious organization, a new Mercury Ball.

There was nothing different.

Whatever the "Savior" told oneself to do, one would do it without hesitation, regardless of who it involved killing.

And so, they continued to live as a "tool".

For themselves, it was just fine.

She didn't want to change, and didn't even consider the other Core Operators as her companions. Instead, she carefully studied each person's weaknesses... At the Mercury Ball, the assassins sometimes took on the task of purging the ranks and executing traitors.

This was all very normal.

Therefore, Kaluoer didn't see these people as her companions at all.

For her current self, the world consisted of "tools," "masters," "missions," and "goals".

It was very simple.

If she thought too much, she would instead feel tired.

Emotions were something that made people weary, preventing them from finding peace.

Old Mike was like a startled old cat, with his arms crossed in the corner, giving a suspicious look to anyone who approached.

The air was filled with an aura of caution, warning strangers to stay away.

He was not targeting the people of Babel Tower.

But Old Mike, as he is now, felt quite gloomy. He had opinions about everyone in the world.

As for "Sacred Heart's Chosen," Aurora, she was completely different.

Her natural affinity and personal charm quickly made her acquainted with most of the Core Operators.

After all, as a long-standing team leader who had commanded troops, Aurora's social skills were naturally exceptional.

Her weapon was a friendly smile and cheerful conversation.

Even though Aurora felt a bit strange about befriending creatures like slimes and vampires.

But these thoughts were concealed deep in her heart, for she was emotionally intelligent.

Ganis took the initiative to talk about Amicio, but was told not to worry for now, so he could only nod.

Finally, the Babel Tower meeting came to an end.

The members departed, each with their own thoughts in mind.

Only Amy, sitting in her wheelchair, remained.

She secretly applied deep within her heart, hoping to stay alone for a while.

Amy had long guessed that the thoughts of waiting people would surely be read by the Savior.

On the wheelchair, the frail girl smiled slightly. "My 'sisters' have been increasing, and they too have started to become dissatisfied with our current situation. It's happening so quickly, faster than I expected... There are already people hoping to leave the intermediary base in the two districts, wanting to go and see the colorful world in the city."

"I can currently control them for the time being, but they, with their strong intelligence, also have their own emotions. They feel lonely, frustrated, and greedy... It's possible that sooner or later, a 'sister' will defy my wishes and escape from the hidden base."

Amy fell silent. Granting "emotions" also meant granting "desires"... She was uncertain about the consequences of creating a powerful race with desires.

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Noah continued, "I'm not sure if 'free will' truly exists, just like I don't know if creating a new race that is more powerful than most intelligent species in Noah's world would truly be a good thing in the long run."

[Seizing the present is even more important.]

[You have done very well...]

The will of the Savior suddenly came to Amy. She paused for a moment and smiled, saying, "Hmm, you're right... Since the Doomsday Crisis is so urgent, we must even take risks to find a solution."

"I really don't know who else to talk to about this, but you are the only one who can judge such behavior. For me and others, creating a race and determining its fate is too 'proud'... because, none of us are gods."

[Even gods cannot decide everything.]

[But, before the final moment arrives, someone has to bear the responsibility of making all the decisions.]

When Amy fell into contemplation, Bai Yan used his power to send her back to the Ring City in Noah's world.

Bai Yan sensed that Amy's personality had changed.

Originally being a "tyrant," Amy would never have thought of herself as "Prideful" in guiding a race, but now she was actually reflecting on this.

"Well, maybe it's a good thing for her that she's not so stubborn and opinionated."



In the study of the Tulip Manor.

Dai knelt before Viscount Edmond, crying and sobbing uncontrollably.

"Sir! During the days you were away, Cola, Cola! She ran away from home!"

"It's okay."

Bai Yan smiled gently and began to console her.

"Oh no, how can it be okay? It's all my fault. I didn't take good care of her. Master, it's because I didn't look after her, otherwise she wouldn't have run away."

Dai was still crying.

She had no idea about anything at all.

Just a few days ago, Bai Yan had saved his own family.

That day, Dai thought she had just been dreaming while on her way.

Later, the occurrence of the Dead Silence attack on Annottales truly frightened Dai.

However, she felt that such a big event surely had nothing to do with the small characters of the Tulip Manor.

"You have been taking care of her very well."

Bai Yan sighed and said, "I know everything you have done, Cola doesn't want to eat while lying on the ground. She insists on sitting and letting you feed her. You have done that, and also, you are the one who always helps her bury the cat litter... I know all of these."

It seemed like she remembered the time spent with Cola, and Dai cried even harder, saying, "That doesn't matter, sob, sob, sob. Cola is so adorable, I do these things because I want to!"

She then lifted her head and earnestly pleaded with teary eyes, "Sir, you are so capable, is there a way to find Cola and bring her back?"

Bai Yan thought to himself, finding Cola again would be very difficult. That guy probably hates himself so much that it makes him itch all over.

He asked with a hint of puzzlement, "She used to scratch you so wildly before, and yet you don't hold grudges?"

Dai shook her head and said, "It's normal for newly taken in stray cats to scratch people, and after being hit by Sir once, Cola didn't dare to harm anyone anymore."

"Compared to truly wild and untamed cats and dogs, Cola is actually quite polite!"

Dai argued persistently, saying that after being taught a lesson once, Cola became obedient, making her a graceful and noble cat among strays.

"Hmm, upon careful reflection, Cola seems quite 'elegant.' It even requires me to sit and be fed while drinking and eating, refusing to drink water like other cats who simply lick it off the ground."

Why is this girl still speaking up for that guy...

However, Bai Yan thought it made quite a lot of sense after listening.

Of course, the prerequisite being that Cola is truly a stray cat.

But that guy wasn't.

"Cola might come back, so don't be too sad. Don't worry," Bai Yan comforted Dai gently.

Dai stood up and wiped away her tears, "Hmm, I believe she will definitely come back, sniffle."

After finishing speaking, she turned around and left.

Bai Yan had already made up his mind.

"Cola," that guy, she probably won't come back.

Maybe she had to find a well-behaved monster again, and then make it look like "Cola" to give to Dai, disguising it as the original "Cola".

"Um, this idea is actually pretty good!"

Once this small problem was resolved, Bai Yan had other things to do.

Inside the Babel Tower, he pulled out "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used", and then took out a set of white, broken armor.

This is a Civilization-level Relic that was once possessed by an Evil Spirit.

It possesses a powerful effect, granting immunity to negative emotions and enforcing a force of inner peace upon people.

Now, it also embodied the characteristics of "ruins".


Bai Yan had a plan, unsure if it would succeed.

Only a constantly flickering, undulating phantom shadow orb could be seen, successfully extracted by "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used". It gently floated out from the shattered white armor.

"Game Tip: Element·Tranquility of the Soul (Rare) extracted successfully."

Then, Bai Yan "infused" it into a silver ring, revealing a smile.

"I believe I can."

Enchantment successful.

From the description of the Babel Tower, it was evident that this silver ring had indeed acquired the ability to "protect the mind from negativity."

Very well.

As long as Bai Yan obtains the separated power of the Savior, he plans to remove the "Infinity" from the Scarlet Moon, then give it to Alan, and finally give her this ring.

The special trait that keeps the Scarlet Moon from going mad is only a small fraction of the influence of "Infinity".

For the Scarlet Moon, who didn't need to use mental powers, keeping "Infinity" on her was really wasting her strength in battles.

And Alan has always had a problem with not having enough blue energy, so putting "Infinity" on him can be considered making the most of it.

After the Scarlet Moon, when she drank blood, felt negative emotions that led to her going mad, the solution to this, apart from "Infinity," was something that only now, Bai Yan, has finally found as a good substitute.

After completing all of this, Bai Yan once again utilized his new "wonder."

"Shadow Kingdom".

You can only choose one Core Operator to dispatch each day.

He pondered for a moment and spent Source Energy Points to first send Mu Ling over.

"Go learn, go ponder, go become stronger..."


Tatsumi City.

Mu Ling, now didn't stay at her own home, but wearing a black mask, went outside and entered a cafe to take a rest, a long time since she last did so.

Most of the time, she either went on missions or focused on her training.

In terms of having true moments of rest, Mu Ling had very few of them.

She ordered a cup of cappuccino and sat in the corner of the café.

After taking a sip, Mu Ling gently shook her head.

Feeling that her heart couldn't truly rest, her heart couldn't calm down completely.

Even in a place like a café, it was still the same...

After all, Mu Ling had just been informed by the Savior that another Doomsday Crisis would occur in two months, and she simply couldn't calm her heart.

Since it was so, she decided to diligently practice the power bestowed upon her.

She suddenly raised her eyebrows slightly, sensing the arrival of someone from a hundred meters away.

There were two extraordinary individuals with impressive abilities, slowly approaching her.

But without sensing any hostility or malice, Mu Ling sat there, unmoving.

Before long, two people pushed open the door and entered.


"You are a member of Babel Tower, right? We are people from the Demon Hunt General Agency."

"Let me introduce ourselves, I am 'Accordion' and she is 'Flute'."

Accordion is a middle-aged person wearing sunglasses. He looks like the kind of experienced detective, dressed in a white suit, with black hair, and a gentle smile on his face.

Flute, on the other hand, is a slender and fragile woman, around twenty years old. She has a blank expression, with both eyes covered by a white cloth. She wears a black suit and has neat blue short hair.

The two of them sat across from Mu Ling.

"I am the target of the Air Alliance's pursuit. What do you intend to do by coming here?" Mu Ling asked calmly, showing no signs of fear.

Accordion spoke up, saying, "Please don't be nervous. The instructions above are not actually against you... but rather, they want us to better understand the Babel Tower. After all, your achievement in saving the world is truly remarkable."

Mu Ling immediately voiced her confusion, "Then why can't we withdraw the wanted order?"

Accordion let out a sigh and said, "The reason is quite simple, actually. The higher beings above always perceive the Babel Tower as harmful... So, openly, we cannot lift the wanted order, otherwise it would displease beings of that level."

"Who is it?"

Mu Ling and other members of Babel Tower had long suspected that Rainbow harbored a hostile attitude towards Babel Tower.

"The one in white."

Mu Ling furrowed her brow.

"So, what they were referring to must be the 'Steel Throne'," they thought.

He was an ancient god, whose existence only came second to the Heart of Radiance. He was the "White" within the Rainbow.

From what she knew, the Savior of Dark Light also harbored animosity towards the Babel Tower, issuing prophecies of destruction.

Among the remaining five Rainbows, two had been confirmed to be hostile towards the Babel Tower, while the attitudes of the other three remained unclear.

The situation was not optimistic.

Accordion continued to inquire, "Do you know why Steel Throne and Savior of Dark Light are really targeting the Babel Tower? Could it be true, as they claim, that the Babel Tower is obstructing the arrival of the Outer God in order to rule this world for itself? Are all its past good deeds just devilish disguises?"

Mu Ling didn't know how to refute it. The story of the Demon Lord disguising as a good person for decades, only to betray at a crucial moment, was actually quite well-known among the crime-hunters.

And it seemed as if it was created by her ancestors...

She could only answer earnestly, "The ultimate mission of the Babel Tower is only one, to save the world."

"We believe in you," the silent Flute suddenly spoke.

"In fact, both of us are members of the Sword-wielding Troop. We came to find you because it was a secret order from our captain."

Accordion smiled and said, "Whether the Babel Tower is good or bad, there is a great discord within us. You should be able to understand the impact of the prophecy on us."

Of course, Mu Ling could understand. After all, in the world of Noah, the ultimate ruler was actually "Rainbow".

Those divine decrees would undoubtedly have a significant impact on ordinary people.

She was actually quite puzzled at the moment.

Why did the Savior of Dark Light and the Steel Throne oppose the Babel Tower?

Unable to understand.

Did they truly believe that the great Savior was pretending to be kind-hearted evil?

Could it be that preserving Noah's world was something these gods didn't wish to see?

What could be the reason, after all?

[Corruption, madness]

Just then, a magnificent voice suddenly appeared in Mu Ling's mind.

She was momentarily startled, and then plunged into an immense state of astonishment, even feeling a chill running down her spine.

The Savior of Dark Light and the Steel Throne, could it be that they have both been corrupted and controlled by the Outer God, and have fallen into madness!

The Savior would never tell a lie!

In other words, at that time, one of the six Rainbows had fallen, three were of unclear stance, and the remaining two had turned into evil gods!

Mu Ling felt a chill run down her spine, for she knew that any one of them possessed the power to obliterate the civilization of Noah's world in just one day.

Even so, when the deities intervened in the physical world without permission, they would surely face consequences due to the limitations of the world's consciousness.

But would they really still care about the consequences now?

That was a god that had gone mad!