I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 366

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Chapter 366: The Different People of Babel Tower

Maryse's praise didn't really matter, it was her thoughts that truly fascinated Bai Yan!

Maryse wanted to instinctively dodge the head pat, but she forced herself to endure it.

Allowing the warm palm to stroke her silky golden hair.

Meanwhile, she looked towards the nearby Scarlet... big mosquito, feeling a tiny bit proud inside.

But the Scarlet Moon only glanced at them and said nothing.

She paid no attention.

You actually care a lot, don't you? I can tell!

Maryse's heart was shouting.

Bai Yan withdrew his hand, unable to contain the smile hidden behind his mask.

From the very beginning, he had been listening to the inner dramas of the people at the Babel Tower, and he continued to listen until now, especially Maryse's inner drama. It was both exciting and full of conflicts.

Plus, there was someone else that deserved a lot of attention - Ganis.

In his heart, Ganis thought about that guy named "Amicio," without a doubt, he was the "Son of God," there could be no mistake.

Bai Yan furrowed his brow when he thought of this peculiar joyous creature.

That guy came knocking on the door.

Indeed, the members of Babel Tower frequently appeared in both Tatsumi City and Annottales.

Amicio would come to Tatsumi City, driven by his admiration, and it was only natural.

Bai Yan pondered how he could deal with this person.

"Maybe a direct confrontation wouldn't be the best choice," Bai Yan thought to himself.

Amicio's strength probably wouldn't be inferior to Silence. Even if all the members of Babel Tower were to mobilize and had a chance of taking him down, it was more likely that he would simply run away.

As Amicio pondered, what did he truly desire?

Was he intending harm towards Babel Tower?

Bai Yan thought for a while, and finally came to a conclusion, which was... the two sides might not necessarily be enemies for now.

In the previous adventure in Annottales, Amicio's reason for obstructing the two members of the Dark Light Church and being an enemy to Babel Tower was because he was working for hire at that time.

Now that the employment period has ended, according to Amicio's carefree nature, he may not necessarily choose to continue being enemies with Babel Tower.

The evidence is that in the first playthrough of the "Babel Tower" game, Amicio's choice to help or oppose Babel Tower had a fifty percent chance each time.

In that split second before tossing the coin, perhaps even the man himself was unsure of what choice he would make.

"For this person, watching the Babel Tower affecting the entire world is definitely much more interesting than destroying the Babel Tower."

"But, this super timed detonator really makes people unhappy..."

Bai Yan shook his head softly.

Since Amicio didn't immediately attack Ganis, there was a chance for negotiation. He decided to observe the situation a little longer.

The Savior's alter ego, Bai Yan, who was seated on the throne, spoke some words that were often mentioned in past meetings. He also explained that there was still two months until the next Doomsday Crisis.

Time was running out, and many people's faces changed.

Meanwhile, Bai Yan was also listening to the thoughts of others.


After arriving at the Babel Tower Temple, Old Mike was momentarily stunned, and then he immediately became alert.

He was naturally suspicious, and didn't even believe at first that this group of people were his "teammates" and so-called "companions" of the Babel Tower.

Old Mike, who was a thoughtful person, had many thoughts. He thought that perhaps all of this was fake, or maybe it was the result of a hacker's implanted dream... He even prepared an escape plan, anticipating that these people might suddenly launch an attack and wondering how he could survive.

It seems that only by pleading for mercy on the spot would there be a slight chance...

Of course, he soon realized that he seemed to be overthinking things.

This is indeed the legendary Babel Tower!

The scenery he saw with his own eyes was simply from another world, it was so incredible!

His personal online storage should not have been invaded by anyone, and seeing all this was not a hacker's implanted fantasy, but a real existence.

In front of them, there were these young people wearing masks, who were members of the legendary Babel Tower.

And now, he would also become one of them.

Old Mike watched the chatting crowd, and Oak noticed that in addition to people, there was a gigantic slime creature present, seemingly also a member of Babel Tower.

This time, the member who was collectively ignored by the new operators was the Sword of Demons.

It was regarded by Old Mike as someone's equipment or prop, and the three newcomers were unaware that this floating sword blade was actually a Core Operator.


As Old Mike looked at the young men and women, suddenly, a sense of detachment and distance emerged from deep within his heart.

Do I really belong here?

Just as he had this thought, the will of the mighty "Savior" reached into the hearts of every person.

[Hidden Azure, a new member, came from the Kingdom of Dark Light named Annottales.]

[Sacred Heart's Chosen, a new member, came from the distant continent of Zeuo in another world.]

[The Final Gun, a new member, comes from the Ring City in the Night Union.]

The last meeting had been ten days ago.

And in just a mere ten days, the Babel Tower unexpectedly gained three new Core Operators, which astonished everyone.

This increase in speed was something that nobody had expected.

In an instant, the attention of everyone gathered upon Aurora, Old Mike, and Kaluoer.

Among them, two of the new members were assassins, intentionally keeping a low profile. However, the words of the Savior deep within everyone's hearts made even the old man hiding in the corner become a focal point.

He furrowed his brow deeply.

"I could tell that he, just like me, was forced to join the Babel Tower."

The Scarlet Moon spoke first.

With just one glance, she could see Old Mike's situation and felt a little sympathy for him in her heart.

Not far away, Aurora had already noticed the Scarlet Moon and was even surprised to discover that she was a vampire!

She furrowed her brow, puzzled as she asked, "Forced? Really? Joining the Babel Tower is undoubtedly a good thing, right? I am happy to be a part of the Babel Tower and happy to meet all of you... I had believed that the members of the Babel Tower were a group of like-minded and powerful warriors. Could it be that I was mistaken?"

Aurora, the Sacred Heart's Chosen, had a natural prejudice against the bloodline.

In her world, the bloodline was not regarded as an intelligent race, but rather as evil creatures of the wilderness.

The righteous ones should slay them upon encountering.

The Scarlet Blood Clan, created by the Scarlet Moon, only feeds on blood but rarely takes lives in the process. Their "blood bags" are a fixed group of mortal individuals who willingly exchange blood for monetary compensation, making it a fair transaction.

However, in Aurora's world, once humans or elves are captured by savage and primitive vampires, they generally meet a gruesome fate - being sucked dry, torn apart, or devoured.

Therefore, even though she wouldn't lay a hand on the Scarlet Moon, Aurora felt instantly uncomfortable when she suddenly spotted a monstrous creature standing boldly among the crowd.

[To think that he was also a member of the Babel Tower... Just how many innocent lives will this mighty vampire king slaughter?]

Aurora dared not ponder on such questions.

Apart from her, everyone else had different thoughts in their hearts.

[How can I kill these people? Vampires require specific weapons, the bloodline of a high elf, maybe a potent poison to subdue them... Strange, I haven't seen the master.]

At the same time, Hidden Azure was instinctively pondering the assassin's plan.

[The people in Babel Tower were increasing in number... Am I the only persecuted one? Perhaps, I should interact and unite more with those from otherworldly realms and non-human members.]

This was the contemplation deep within Ganis' heart.

[Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble! Rumble, rumble!]

This was... the thoughts of a slime... Oh, it doesn't matter at all.

Bai Yan, a man, listened carefully and furrowed his brow, sensing the inner thoughts of the crowd.

As of now, the core members of the Babel Tower have already grown in number.

And these dozen or so "people" came from various regions, different worlds, with different backgrounds and perspectives, diverse races and customs.

If they don't have even a hint of conflicts during their interactions, that would be considered strange.

In fact, during the first playthrough of Babel Tower, there was once a conflict that erupted and proved difficult to reconcile.

At that time, the Scarlet Moon went berserk due to her blood-sucking nature. As a result, the battle took place at the Augustus family's residence. In her madness, she ended up killing several people present, including Maryse's loyal maid, Irena.

Then, Maryse relentlessly sought to eliminate the Scarlet Moon, paying no heed to anything else.

With this as the spark, the underlying conflicts hidden within the Babel Tower intensified, causing it to crumble and fall apart.

During the placement phase of the Babel Tower at that time, even situations where teammates betrayed each other occurred.

In the second playthrough, the protagonist had already gained a wealth of experience and knew the personalities and thoughts of most of the key members.

As the Lord of Tower, Bai Yan knew how to bring everyone together and unite them as one tightly-knit group.