I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 365

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Chapter 365: The Babel Tower Arena

The dozen people of Babel Tower gathered together once more.

As a mysterious organization, Babel Tower was undoubtedly a massive entity.

There were more than a dozen members at the core, each on the level of a Crown, with two members even at the Apocalypse level. And the number of non-core and peripheral members was even more abundant.

Even as far as the entire world of Noah could be seen, the Babel Tower was on the verge of entering the ranks of the most powerful factions.

In this Babel Tower gathering, three new Core Operators joined. The operators in the hall couldn't help but notice this.

At some point, the "World Savior" Profligate also joined the crowd.

He also acquired a mask.

A white round mask without a face.

And the first ones to notice him were undoubtedly the Scarlet Moon and Maryse.

Maryse hesitated for a moment, unsure if she should walk over.

In fact, her previous journey in another world had made her realize many things completely.

She had a great fondness for Mr. Profligate, but to say that she completely fell in love with him was not quite accurate... It was just that twenty years of loneliness and solitude had caused her to develop an uncontrollable affection for exceptional and kind individuals of the opposite sex.

But if she chose to love him, there wouldn't be any problems in the future either.

This was the answer that the alternate timeline had already provided... Therefore, even if she couldn't hear his innermost thoughts, it didn't really matter.

Maryse had a tremendous fondness for Profligate, which was the most natural thing in the world.

If the genders were swapped, it would be the story of a lonely young gentleman who was confined to his home for twenty years. After finally escaping, he joined a mysterious organization and was constantly guided and cared for by a beautiful and strong-willed elder sister figure within the organization. It was simply impossible for him not to develop affection in his heart.

But when it comes to a love that etches into the bones, it's not really that common... But in this world, there aren't so many life-and-death love stories. Most people are just making do with what they have.

So should I be more proactive?

Maryse hesitated.

If she were only eighteen years old, she definitely wouldn't be thinking about being proactive.

However, the 28-year-old woman, who had been lonely for many years, was completely different... She was fierce like a wolf and powerful like a tiger!

Maryse was astonished when she suddenly noticed that the Queen of the Scarlet Moon had actually walked past her before she could make a move!


Maryse blinked in surprise.

What's going on?

She quickly saw the Scarlet Moon approach Mr. Profligate, and right in front of everyone, she reached out her hand, attempting to embrace him.

But Mr. Profligate coldly pushed her away.



Maryse rubbed her unbelieving eyes.


She rubbed her eyes once more.

Suddenly, Maryse felt a bit confused in her heart.

"What's going on? What's happening?" wondered the people. "The queen of the Tatsumi City bloodline, the legendary Lady Scarlet Moon, what is she doing? What was she just about to do?"

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What else could she do? The greedy Scarlet Moon naturally only wanted to feed on blood.

Bai Yan calmly reminded,

"There are still many people here, so you shouldn't be too impulsive. Besides, you sucked so much yesterday, so you probably won't need it for a while. Why can't you resist so quickly?"

"It's not that I couldn't bear it anymore, but rather that I decided to no longer endure it."

The Scarlet Moon gently shook her head and said calmly, "Now I can do as I please, even if they see it, it doesn't matter... In fact, whether you and I admit it or not, our relationship can only be so 'intimate'."

She looked into Bai Yan's eyes with a sense of familiarity and playfully said:

"I just wanted to suck your blood, what does it have to do with you?"

Bai Yan smiled and whispered, giving a meaningful command:

"However, I still cannot allow you to drink. Please bear with it for a while."

The Scarlet Moon rolled her eyes, carefree and unwilling to pay attention to the other person's thoughts.

In this world, no one could suppress her true self and instincts anymore!

However, she had no idea why, in that moment, a feeling of obedience arose within Scarlet Moon's heart, as if it were an instinct born with her.

It felt like an imprint engraved deep within her soul.

What is happening?

Why do I feel the desire to obey this man before me?

On a spiritual level, an irresistible force... not wanting to resist at all, but hoping to obey his commands... because deep within, I desired to do so, it didn't go against the path of Apocalypse.

Scarlet Moon was stunned.

In her impression, most of her own people also had this kind of feeling towards her...

What is happening?

Something's not right! Is this the side effect of sucking blood?

Bai Yan, seeing Scarlet Moon standing still and lost in thought, knew that his command had taken effect.

The Spawn are unable to defy the divine being that shelters them.

Children may betray their parents, but spawns cannot betray their master.

In fact, as Bai Yan looked at the Scarlet Moon, he also felt a familiar warmth in his heart.

Even now, he would feel a basic fondness towards all members of the Scarlet Blood Clan.

This affection will continue to pass down through bloodlines, unchanged for thousands of years.

The descendants of the Scarlet Blood Clan would begin to admire Bai Yan, and in the years to come, Bai Yan would instinctively wish to protect them.

It is said that the legendary advanced civilization, the original civilization... Those Original People have always been the powerful Spawn of Outer Gods.

Maryse stood nearby, her eyes wide open, taking in everything completely.

They were whispering in each other's ears!

And they were standing so close all this time!

Just like a couple in love!

Don't! Please don't get near that inappropriate person!

Maryse thought about it and glanced at the Scarlet Moon... It was absolutely outrageous, the way it appeared!

Right away, she felt deflated, a strong sense of inferiority washed over her.

She lowered her head, like a frost-bitten eggplant, not wanting to speak at all.

"Dead mosquito... can you please stay away..."

Maryse grumbled in frustration, but she didn't dare approach them like that, afraid of "disturbing" them.

Imagine if she shamelessly approached, at that moment, the Scarlet Moon would furrow her brows gently and say, "Moriarty, let's go stand over there."

Then, the Scarlet Moon pulled Mr. Profligate along, who didn't even glance at himself.

Maryse felt that she was so embarrassed that she could just jump off the building right where she stood.

She imagined all sorts of possible and impossible scenarios, while Bai Yan, the person with the ability to possess powers, could actually hear every thought in her mind.


Even someone as shameless as him couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed at this moment.

A little, no more.

Maryse walked over stubbornly.

She was very nervous, but the Scarlet Moon didn't even glance at her. She just calmly looked ahead, furrowing her brow in thought.

At the same time, the other people at the Babel Tower had also started to chat.

"The Chosen of the Sacred Heart", Aurora, spotted her acquaintances Mu Ling and Maryse. She noticed the latter approaching a certain man, so she kindly walked over to Mu Ling with a smile on her face.

"We meet again, Nightsaber! It has been an honor fighting by your side during these days... Will we have the chance to fight side by side again in the future?"

Mu Ling heard the energetic and friendly words, and she smiled lightly, nodding as she said, "With utmost pleasure."


Aurora smiled and grabbed her shoulder, filled with enthusiasm:

"You must trust the Savior a lot, I can tell..."

Mu Ling answered without hesitation, "The Savior is the master I trust and admire. So far, almost all my strength, glory, and life have been bestowed upon me by him."

"I see...," Mary replied.

Aurora glanced at the Savior seated on the distant throne, her gaze filled with a myriad of emotions.

In one's own heart, there is also a great entity that is always admired.

But He had already...

With these thoughts, Aurora's heart felt as if it were shattering, trying to contain the overwhelming sorrow.

Meanwhile, on the other side.

"Although I want to say 'long time no see,' but actually we just met not too long ago... 'Psychic Dancer,' I saw your performance in Annottales, you did very well."

Bai Yan took the initiative to speak, his tone gentle.

Maryse hesitated for a moment, and a smile appeared on her face beneath the mask.

"I heard Mu Ling say it yesterday, Mr. Profligate. In the final showdown with Annottales, it was actually your decisive strike that defeated the enemy."

She thought for a moment and praised with a hint of exaggeration, "You are so amazing, Mr. Profligate! If it weren't for you, Annottales might have been completely destroyed!"

Never mind!

Maryse decided to let go of her dignity!

Good things, you have to learn to fight for them yourself!

Since we can't compete on the hardware side, let's surpass them on the software side!

Scarlet... This big mosquito always has a grumpy face, as if someone owes her money. Although she is big, not many people can tolerate this kind of woman, hmph.

Bai Yan couldn't help but burst into laughter and reached out to gently pat Maryse's head.

He was about to burst with laughter.