I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: Communication

The Ring City.

The city stretched across 167 layers.

On the outskirts of the city, there was a silver café that was fully automated and didn't have any staff.

This silver café played classical music, made delightful coffee, but because the road leading to it was in poor condition, very few people came on ordinary days.

Hmm, this café was originally built for "charity," with all the profits going to children and the elderly, so no one really cared about making money.

As for why those who were involved in "charity" insisted on building it, it was of course to avoid paying taxes.

An almost deserted café.

Indeed, it was a perfect place for certain people to meet.

Sitting calmly on the seat by the window, the disguised Old Mike settled down.

According to the email sent later by Mr. X

There would be people from the Babel Tower coming here to meet themselves.


Listening to his favorite classical music, Old Mike mumbled to himself.

The people from the Babel Tower, they really managed to guess each other's thoughts. They actually purposely chose a café with few people, and not even the staff were living beings.

Yes, she simply didn't like people.

In the span of over eighty years, Old Mike had already encountered countless people. In his heart, he believed that humans were truly more "beastly" than animals.

On the contrary, many animals are actually more like "humans."

Human nature? Animal nature?

He didn't understand philosophy, but he knew that after experiencing countless darkness and betrayal, he was growing to dislike people more and more.

After a while, Old Mike still hadn't seen anyone coming to the café.

"The mysterious person from Babel Tower said they wanted to meet, but they disappeared without a trace, and nobody knew where they went..."

He glanced at the time indicated by the system prompt and furrowed his brow.

Just a few seconds remained until the agreed upon time of one-thirty in the afternoon. The moment had arrived.

"Not coming? Or just running late?"

Although he appeared to have just arrived not long ago.

But in reality, several hours earlier, he had already set up numerous mini cameras in the coffee shop and all around the streets outside.

At this moment, Old Mike would immediately become aware of any movement or the presence of any heat energy within a few hundred meters and react accordingly.

Even the magical spells used to detect extraordinary powers were installed to protect him.

Since everything was set up so perfectly, but in the final few seconds, he still couldn't see the other person, it could only mean one thing.

Old Mike understood in his heart.

The other person was running late, or perhaps they wouldn't show up.

He disliked those silly people who couldn't keep time.

Just as Old Mike was about to get up and leave, precisely at that very moment when it was 1:30 in the afternoon, a man with a calm expression and a gentle smile was already sitting in front of him.

Without any warning, it happened suddenly and unexpectedly.

Old Mike immediately noticed the sudden appearance of the man. He had brown hair, a gentle smile, and was wearing a black cloak...

By the way, this was a Profligate!

Inside the Babel Tower, there was a powerful figure, one of the strongest. There were many rumors about him, but they were all vague and unclear. Only one thing could be certain.

This man was very powerful, and he was definitely not someone I could confront head-on.

Old Mike remained vigilant in his heart, saying nothing.

Bai Yan still held a cup of piping hot coffee in his hand and smiled, saying, "The coffee in this shop is pretty good. Would you like some?"

Old Mike calmly pondered for a moment, nodding his head.

"Okay, I'll drink."

In his eyes, a subtle glimmer appeared as he glanced at the electronic menu in the coffee shop. He ordered a cup of unsweetened black coffee.

"For super beinges like us, one great advantage is that we can enjoy a wide variety of different delicious foods."

Bai Yan drank down a coffee that was almost scalding hot, smiling as he said, "Ordinary people definitely couldn't handle this. Their lips, tongues, and throats are too delicate to handle anything too intense."

"But supers are different, we can do more things."

Old Mike said grumpily, "Yes, super beinges have many advantages. They can even be more adventurous in love... Some super beinges have become quite twisted in their pursuit of thrills. They yearn to experience the joy of being a hero in their fantasies of saving the world."

Bai Yan shook his head and smiled, saying, "You should also know about the major world upheaval that happened over a dozen days ago. As a result, the Heart of Radiance within the 'Rainbow' has also fallen."

"Um, I know."

Old Mike didn't argue.

Bai Yan said earnestly, "This is the First Doomsday Crisis in the past century, but it won't be the last. In just over sixty days, an even more intense Doomsday Crisis will erupt.

Old Mike spread his hands and exclaimed loudly:

"Mmm, it's terrible that things turned out this way! Luckily, I have enough money to immigrate to another world with my family! So, what does this have to do with me? Do you want me to fight against the Outer God in the Babel Tower? Or are you asking me to assassinate the Outer God? That's insane!"

Old Mike, being quite aggressive, actually calculated that Babel Tower had invested a lot in him and seemed to value him greatly.

The Savior would never kill himself just because he casually said a few words.

Bai Yan smiled and said, "Killing the Outer God is indeed challenging, and we cannot afford the reward... Of course, you don't need to do anything beyond your abilities. You just need to eliminate those cultists who can summon the Outer God before its arrival."

"As for what you said about having enough money to save the entire family from Noah, that would be quite a big expense, but you could actually afford it... at least you could before."

Old Mike's face turned pale, and he immediately started checking the balance in his numerous accounts.

The numbers on top hardly changed, but there was an additional symbol... They all turned into negative numbers!

Old Mike's expression was filled with a mix of emotions - confusion, disbelief, and despair.

In a flash, he found himself burdened with millions of debts!

In the Ring City, having money meant you could have almost everything.

The poor soul without money would undoubtedly lead a life akin to hell.

Old Mike himself was certainly not afraid, but he had family members who were once hidden but were now discovered.

"How is it possible... You, how did you manage to do it..."

Old Mike took a deep breath, his eyes filled with mixed emotions.

"Money is just a number for the magnificent Babel Tower."

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Bai Yan smiled, and then Old Mike heard a notification on his account. He discovered that all the money in his various accounts had miraculously returned in that very instant!

Old Mike took a deep breath and said, "The Babel Tower does have unimaginable power, but I still suggest that you seek stronger individuals or forces to save the world, like the Rock Morgan group or the Noy Military... In the end, I am just an assassin."

At that moment, weariness etched deep lines on the old man's face.

Just like it was described on the character card.

His soul had grown old.

The old man no longer wanted to fight, nor did he want to desperately struggle for some exaggerated responsibility.

"You have the potential to save the world, it has to be you. In some time, you will understand."

Bai Yan unleashed his well-honed "riddle person" abilities.

"The Babel Tower saved your granddaughter, which is like having already paid a reward. As a professional assassin, completing missions to repay this debt would be considered natural, isn't it?"

Then, Bai Yan unleashed his most powerful move.

"And, your family has been exposed, they need the protection of the Babel Tower."

Old Mike remained silent, not uttering a word, simply nodding gently.

He had never broken a promise, nor had he ever owed anyone a favor.

Since his granddaughter might have been saved by the Babel Tower, he felt the need to do something in return... Of course, Old Mike would find a way to verify if this thing was true.

However, no matter how many times it was said, he dared not gamble with the lives of his family.

Black coffee arrived.

The two of them took a few sips of coffee and Old Mike stood up.

He wanted to leave, but Bai Yan reminded him, "I know you enjoy being alone and don't like being in a team, but the members of Babel Tower in this world are having a gathering today. You can't miss it, and even more so, you shouldn't miss it."


Old Mike turned around, about to say something, when he suddenly realized that the man had vanished without a trace.

The numerous cameras, sensors, and magical props he had set up showed no signs of any trace!

After a moment of silence, he finally managed to utter a single word.

"Oh no!"

Deep Blue World is indeed very useful.

"Not only is it useful in battles, but it is also useful in many other aspects, especially when it comes to "disguise", it is extremely handy!"

Old Mike had a more vivid sense of the immense power of Babel Tower, both in terms of his own ability to come and go without a trace and the money in his "shadowy" account.

What Bai Yan said was not wrong.

Today was the time for a new gathering at Babel Tower.

The gathering that happened once every ten days continued as usual.

There were sixty-three days remaining until the occurrence of the next Doomsday Crisis.

In the following two months, the people of Babel Tower would need to become incredibly powerful, frighteningly powerful, in order to have a chance to save everything in the end.

The Babel Tower meeting began.


In the wilds outside of Tatsumi City.

A humble tribe had been established, and the sinners who had regained their freedom were filled with joy.


The burly Steel Fist walked up to the rock, where Ganis was pondering.

"Can we still go back to rescue other people?"

Ganis, upon hearing his friend Steel Fist's inquiry, turned his head and nodded with unwavering determination.

"Yes, but we have to wait a bit longer. We need to settle down here first."

Chloe also walked over.

Her blinded eyes had already been healed by Mu Ling's power. Now, Chloe has a profound trust in the Babel Tower, and she also has evident affection towards Ganis, who saved everyone and brought Mu Ling.

"Ganis... Will we ever have a chance to live in a place without disasters, without dangers, just like the people in the city?"

Chloe's question left Ganis speechless.

He gazed at Tatsumi City in the distance.

Ganis knew that Nightsaber, Psychic Dancer, and Mysterious Magic all lived in that city.

Those people were all townsfolk.


Ganis instinctively thought, "I don't know."

But suddenly, he recalled all that had happened before, took a deep breath.

"Will do."

"The Savior will lead us, and then all the Persecuted will enter into a glorious and safe city. They will no longer need to fear, they will not suffer anymore, but instead, they will have their own happiness."

If there was no Babel Tower, no Savior, and none of the things that have happened during this time.

He was afraid that he wouldn't even believe the words he was saying.

But since the Savior of the Babel Tower, this Savior really appeared! Even, He could make the approaching Outer God retreat... It's not impossible for the prophecy to ultimately come true!

"Mmm, we believe in you."

"We also believe in the Savior."

Steel Fist and Chloe, Ganis's closest companions, had always placed unconditional trust in him.

Regardless of what Ganis does, they will support him. They would willingly go through any challenges, even sacrificing themselves.

"Are you a person of the Babel Tower?"


Ganis paused for a moment, then suddenly turned around.

He saw a man who was beyond description with the word "beautiful".

At the moment when Ganis saw this man, he was almost mesmerized, feeling a willingness to do anything for him...


Ganis suddenly bit his tongue and let out a loud scream.

He looked at the suddenly appearing man in terror, who stood about two meters tall and was dressed in black.

Indescribable appearance!

Behind this man in black stood a one-eyed girl, without both arms, her eyes shining as clear as sapphires.

"Who are you?"

Ganis quickly turned his head, not looking at the other person, afraid of being enchanted by them once again.

Suddenly, Ganis froze in his tracks.

He noticed that everyone in the tribe had frozen in place.

Every person remained frozen in their previous state, as if someone had pressed the pause button. Steel Fist and Chloe were just within reach, yet completely motionless.

The atmosphere became extremely eerie.

"Let me introduce myself, my name is Amicio, a wandering wizard."

Amicio smiled and said, "Hmm, actually, I have always been very interested in the Babel Tower. Could you please give me some insights?"

Ganis had no knowledge of the great name of the Son of God.

Without hesitation, he refused.

"Even if you threaten my life, or even threaten everyone here, I will not betray even the tiniest bit of information about the Babel Tower."

"No, I'm not threatening, I just want to talk... I only stopped them so they wouldn't interrupt our conversation."

Amicio's words didn't shake Ganis at all.

He wasn't a three-year-old anymore, not so easily fooled.

Just as Amicio was about to say something, Ganis was suddenly enveloped in a thick black mist and vanished into thin air.

"Master, he has disappeared."

With no arms, Nuo gently spoke.

Amicio nodded and clapped his hands with a smile. "Hmm, it's confirmed. That black mist is the power of the 'Connector'... I'm becoming more and more curious about the truth of the Babel Tower."


Inside the Babel Tower.

In the grand hall that resembled a castle from the Middle Ages, members of the Babel Tower gathered together.

Everyone looked at me, and I looked at them.

In secret, the members of the Babel Tower had actually been moving around more and more frequently, and gatherings were becoming less important than before.

Mu Ling soon discovered someone she didn't recognize, an old man wearing a black wolf mask. He was quietly stepping back, trying to distance himself from everyone.

This time, the Babel Tower had new members.

She nodded gently, then looked towards the Scarlet Moon.

The Scarlet Moon stood still with her arms crossed, contemplating.

Her aura had completely changed, now completely different from before.

Once they arrived at the Potential Apocalypse, Mu Ling initially felt that she and her abilities were close, with not much difference from the Scarlet Moon. But now, she couldn't help but feel that she had been left far behind by the Scarlet Moon.

Upon realizing this, Mu Ling immediately felt relieved that the Scarlet Moon was becoming stronger. She silently congratulated her in her heart, and at the same time, felt glad to contribute even more to the Savior's aid.

The Savior still sat upon the throne, lofty and unyielding, with an air of mystery and unshakable presence.

Mu Ling took a step forward and gracefully knelt down on one knee.

"Dear Respected Savior..."

"Being summoned by you once again, is an honor for us."