I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 363

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Chapter 363: The Lone Wolf

In fact, many information dealers have information about the show-off Babel Tower.

These pieces of information are rare in the Night Union because, so far, the Babel Tower has been less active in the Night Union.

However, in the other two countries, there is simply an abundance of information about the Babel Tower.

It was the most famous "mysterious" organization in the world.

In the Air Alliance, there was still official information control, which meant that only the extraordinary individuals knew about the Babel Tower.

And in the Kingdom of Dark Light, the renowned name of the Babel Tower had reached a point where it was known to all, who didn't know about it, after all?

Old Mike patiently read through numerous pieces of information, furrowing his brows in deep thought.

Something was not right.

Something was very wrong!

This Babel Tower, and this Savior, their descriptions were simply unbelievable, too extraordinary and bizarre.

Not long ago, he saved the world? They were the ones who stopped it? Not the Rainbow?

Could it be that the information peddlers were colluding to spread false news?

Could it be that they had unknowingly boarded a fake "deep sea" platform?

This thought popped into his mind.


Old Mike couldn't understand. The members of the Babel Tower introduced in this intelligence report were all very strange.

For example, let's take the "Hound of Babel Tower."

How could anyone possibly transform from a rookie crime-hunter into a fearsome top-tier warrior in just a few short months?

It was truly unbelievable!

Old Mike couldn't believe it.

"This improvement speed is not normal at all... but the information should be true. Several information sellers have the same information, and especially, the credibility of these guys has always been high."

In the end, he could only accept the reality, and in his heart, he became a little more fearful of the Babel Tower.

[The Final Gun, this is the gift bestowed upon you.]

At that moment, Old Mike's face turned dark.

The voice inside his heart came again!

A gift?

Old Mike thought about it and realized that those so-called "gifts" from those cult groups were not good things at all.

"Can I refuse?" he struggled one last time.

In the next moment, a feeling he had never experienced before arose within Old Mike's body.

His eyes widened.

"How is this possible? This force..."

A fierce power was awakening inside the old man, flowing continuously like a cascading waterfall.

He could clearly feel himself growing stronger.

Remarkably stronger!

Although Old Mike didn't possess the power of a Crown from the moment he was born, he was gradually getting stronger. However, he had only experienced the feeling of "getting a little stronger" in the past.

Old Mike couldn't even dare to imagine the feeling of instantly becoming significantly stronger!

No ordinary individual would dare to dream of such a thing!

"That's too exaggerated, isn't it? It's simply impossible!"

He even had suspicions that he might have been drugged or that someone had hacked his internet warehouse. Could all of this experience be an illusion?


The power that kept surging in his soul improved Old Mike's appearance greatly. Although there was no visible change on the surface, his physical body actually became much younger.

Knowing that he had become long-lived, Old Mike felt like laughing, but soon his forehead furrowed.

The Savior of the Babel Tower was indeed just like the one shown in the intelligence report!

It was an unimaginable and mysterious existence... perhaps even a deity from another world!

Of course, it wasn't just gods who could do these things, if we dare to think worst, maybe He is some disguised king of hell, or even an Outer God!

But no matter what the Savior is... it indicates two absolute truths.

Firstly, I was unable to resist against the opponent.

The reason was self-evident.

Secondly, it seems that I won't be able to retire anytime soon, to the point where even the idea of "anytime soon" is overly optimistic; in fact, it's possible that I may never, never, never, ever be able to comfortably retire!

"Go away!"

After gaining enhancement, many members of the Babel Tower felt excited because of the newfound power, regardless of their previous attitudes.

Only a few individuals would feel bad.

And the one who showed the most intense reflection was undoubtedly Mike, the wielder of "The Final Gun"!

And then, his enhancement was not yet complete.

A surge of unfamiliar knowledge erupted in his mind, and Old Mike suddenly grasped the understanding of two dreadful powers.

The immense power of these two forces caused him to tremble slightly.

"Unexpectedly, there was still such power..."

Old Mike murmured to himself, feeling somewhat incredulous.

"They are, simply put, the tailor-made power for me, the Savior of the Babel Tower... Do you understand me so well, or is it that you can grant whatever you desire?"

At that moment, he suddenly received an email signed by Mr. X.

Old Mike's face changed.

His own email was undoubtedly hidden and encrypted!

He would only receive emails from "middlemen", and those people were all familiar acquaintances he had known for many years.

How could it be? Suddenly, he received an email from a stranger!

He took a deep breath.

"Kill the virus... then click open, the email, and read."

After reading the email, Old Mike's eyes filled with deep alertness, fear, and anger.

And even a trace of confusion remained.

"Can you believe it...?"

In the email, a mysterious person calling himself "Mr. X" told him that he, too, was a member of the Babel Tower.

And thanks to the arrangement of the Savior, Mr. X had already helped his granddaughter survive the attack.

"Mr. X" also discovered that the organization seeking revenge against Old Mike and his family was called the "Siskin" in the Ring City.

The Siskin is a recently notorious criminal organization, and the former leader of this criminal organization, the Silver Bird, was killed by Mike with his own hands.

Revenge seemed quite reasonable.

Mike still remembered that the leader of the Silver Bird organization was a much stronger super being than himself, and he had actually been lucky to be able to kill him back then.

He muttered to himself, "That person wasn't the strongest super being I've ever encountered, but definitely the strongest and most difficult to deal with among the super beinges I've killed."


I have never heard of it, but since it is the successor organization of Silver Bird, it should not be underestimated.


They actually had the audacity to target my granddaughter! They shall all perish! Everyone shall perish!


Old Mike became furious, picking up the computer and smashing it, venting his anger wildly.

"Oh, Babel Tower, Savior, you seem to understand me so well, as if you think you have complete control over me, hehe."

After his emotions had calmed down, there was something profound in Old Mike's eyes.



Inside Babel Tower, Bai Yan was watching Old Mike's every move through a live stream on her phone.


He gently shook his head, feeling that this old man was quite amusing.

If she had drawn him early on, he would have been much more useful than Mu Ling.

However, if she had only drawn "The Final Gun" now, she could only use him as a specialized type of operator.

However, being a specialized type of operator doesn't mean they have no use.

The abilities of the Psychic Dancer were also of a specialized type, and they were very useful in many places.

The powers that Bai Yan had just been granted were "Infinite Bullets" and the "Killing Star," both of which were perfectly suited to him.

He smiled and said, "No matter what the future brings, no matter what you think, welcome to join the Babel Tower."

The Final Gun!

Bai Yan glanced at the character card of the old man.

Core Operator:

Title: The Final Gun (Unnamed)

Gender: Male

Plane:Formation Realm

Level: Crown (Intermediate)

Race: (Special Variant)

Operator Identification: Assassin/Sneak/Destroy (Optimal Assassin)

Milestone: Ace Assassin

Primary Attributes:

Physical Strength: 118 (A very strong body is the foundation for an assassin's abilities)

Inspiration: 185 (Especially when it comes to inspiration, it's more accurate to say it is an extremely terrifying intuition.)

Skill: 265 (Far beyond the skill level that any human should possess)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 5 (For a killer, being average is an important foundational quality)

Loyalty: 3 (To hell with the Babel Tower! To hell with the Savior!)

Mood: 2 (To heck with the Babel Tower! To heck with the Siskin! To heck with it all!)


Lone Wolf: A Core Operator who enjoys solitude and acting alone. (Mood may decrease during team activities)

Cunning Fox: I bet there are no bullets in your gun. (Often able to set up everything in a short amount of time.)

Master Assassin: Proficient in almost all techniques related to covert killings. (Skills increase during assassinations)

Elderly: It's not just physical aging, but the spirit has also begun to resist battles. (Skills decrease, mood decreases when encountering frequent battles)

Super Perception: She could easily see through many obstacles, sensing the location and surface thoughts of her targets.


The Enchantress of Firearms (she can transform her arms into various firearms, with a total of seven modes: silenced, automatic, sniper, tranquilizer, plasma, gravity, and annihilator)

Death Mode (a special power, skill, physical prowess, and speed that is unleashed in dire situations; the firepower of firearms greatly increases; able to sense the presence of all individuals within a ten-kilometer radius; with each extraordinary being killed, the next attack's damage increases by 5%, reaching a maximum of 200%; lasts for the duration of a battle.)

Gunfight Technique (This person's bullets can really curve!)

Infinite Bullets (possessing an endless supply of bullets)

Killing Star (by aiming, one can perceive the 'life stars' on the target's body. As long as the 'life stars' can be shattered, the target can be instantly destroyed)

Secondary Information:

Physical Attributes: Height: 177cm, Bust: 88cm, Waist: 80cm, Hips: 89cm

Favorites: Comfort, petite steak, sparkling wine

Dislike: Siskin, fool, trouble

Items: Military-grade electronic devices, firearms, explosives, essential tools for assassins.

Description: Once a renowned and celebrated ace assassin, after retiring and believing to have found safety, he enjoyed a brief period of comfort... only to be inevitably drawn back into the world of bloodshed!

"The crownless king of the assassin world, the lone wolf driven by a mad lust for hunting lives!"

Bai Yan nodded gently, "Hmm, loyalty is not 1, nor is it 0, but rather 3."

He explained how he had saved the granddaughter of "The Final Gun" and received ample rewards.

"Very good," he thought, "this first move is crucial."

Bai Yan knew that The Final Gun was not an emotional person, but someone who valued relationships deeply. In his heart, there was no doubt that his granddaughter was the most important person to him.

He smiled faintly.

"Maybe, 'I' should personally have a conversation with him."