I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: The Spectacle of Slaughter

Suddenly, a sentence popped into Old Mike's mind.

[Getting rid of all the assassins here]

The next moment, he became able to move.

Yes, Bai Yan gave him the power of "self-discipline"... Indeed, Bai Yan was too lazy to do the guide mission himself.


Old Mike furrowed his brow, still unsure of the identity of the enigmatic presence controlling him. What did they want?

But one thing he was certain of.

It is absolutely impossible to resist the commands of this mysterious presence before knowing the other person's true identity and understanding the type of power they possess.

Being able to control one's existence unnoticed, within the entire Ring City, no, within the entire Night Union, is a rare few.

Since that's the case, he decided to first complete the "task" that had been assigned to him.

Old Mike decided not to resist for now, but rather to go along with the other person's intentions and do as they wished. After all, those assassins were clearly there to kill him, he chuckled.

The task of killing... he chuckled.

For decades, he had completed hundreds of assassination missions, staining his hands with thousands of lives.

He had thought that he could retire smoothly, walk away, and enjoy decades of peaceful and comfortable later years... It was truly a luxury to hope for.

Unfortunately, until now, he still could not escape from this unfortunate job.

Old Mike calmly sneaked into the dimly lit entertainment hall. First, he took out a wire from his collar and connected it to the "Green Plant" nursing home's internal LAN through the Dream-Catcher device.

A few seconds later, he had gained control of the network in this place.

Old Mike, using the camera, pinpointed the locations of all the targets inside the entertainment hall. At the same time, he created fake scenes in the live recording to prevent exposing himself.


After remembering everything, Old Mike unplugged the wires from his neck and disappeared emotionlessly into the darkness.

Before long, some people started disappearing one by one in the darkness, while others remained completely unaware of it.

The elderly folks continued to use their imagination while indulging in a dreamy world, completely lost in their fantasies.

In that world, some people become unparalleled heroes, while others turn into lawless monsters. There are even those who use forbidden imagination to dominate the world, playing with servants like Heart of Radiance, Fate's Strings Master, and Crimson Sovereign.

Almost without exception, each elderly person in their imagination chose a youthful body.

Reality feels so powerless and terrifying, while the world in dreams is truly perfect.

Old Mike, disguised as a staff member, used visual gaps and diversionary tactics to take care of one hidden assassin after another.

Unnoticed by anyone, all of this was happening.

When there was only one assassin left in the entertainment hall, his right hand transformed into a small silent gun.

He aimed carefully.


The last person also fell down with a sound.

All the elderly people in the entertainment hall were still enjoying the show, their faces filled with ecstatic, uncontrollable smiles.

Old Mike swiftly tidied up the entertainment hall and left from there, making his way into the corridor.

He never used Super Dream Entertainment.

In the next moment, Old Mike's eyes were filled with the footage from the camera, while at the same time, other assassins saw false images on the monitors.

"One, two, three..."

Inside the whole "Greenery," surprisingly, twenty-seven assassins sneaked in.

Just dealt with eight on my own, and now there are still nineteen alive... After finishing off this group of trash, there's a high probability that I won't receive any reward. Damn, I'm really unlucky!

Old Mike's face turned serious, knowing that someone was already lying in ambush in his room.

So, instead of going back directly, he went to the next door and opened the door lock of the adjacent room.

The elderly neighbor who was slightly forgetful was playing ball, and there was no one else here.

Old Mike skillfully retrieved a hidden pile of things from the neighbor's room's toilet. He began to put on makeup, and before long, he transformed himself into a young man.

Old Mike approached his room calmly.

"Open the door."

After the voice recognition, the door opened immediately. He tossed a smoke bomb inside without any expression on his face, then stood to the side.

The smoke bomb quickly made a mess of the room.

"Cough, cough, cough!"

"Oh no! He's right outside!"

"Be careful!"

Old Mike, standing at the door, fired five silenced shots, one shot for each person trying to rush out, and killed them all.

Just as he turned to leave, suddenly a guy who had been shot in the head stood up again.

The originally frail body started to expand, and in the blink of an eye, it transformed into a werewolf standing over two meters tall.

It opened its big mouth, wanting to let out a howl!


But soon, the werewolf was hit by a powerful plasma cannon, causing most of its body to be blown away, leaving behind a puddle of blood and half a body.

"I hope no one nearby heard the sound of the gun."

Grumbling to himself, Old Mike noticed that his right arm had turned into a plasma cannon.

Just an extraordinary being.

In the many decades that Old Mike had been killing numerous targets, half of them were extraordinary beings, including several at the Crown level.

He had long grown accustomed to battling various extraordinary powers.

In his room, Old Mike gathered his belongings and quickly prepared to finish off his targets and make his escape. Then, he set off to deal with the remaining trouble.

"Another name change is in order, and the current account might not be safe..."

Luckily, he had ten active accounts, and each of them had a lot of credit points.

For a legendary assassin who never got their hands dirty, money was the last thing they needed to worry about.

The biggest question was always how to spend these funds wisely.

In the following days, one by one, the assassins in the nursing home disappeared without a trace, making the remaining individuals immediately become alert.

They kept actively reaching out to each other, attempting to unite and even resorting to hostage-taking, but none of them could escape death.

From beginning to end, surprisingly, no one managed to clarify where the target was located or how the target killed people.

Finally, the last surviving assassin broke down.

The excessive fear made him run away from "Greenery", without even looking back.

Old Mike stood outside the nursing home, his eyes sparkling with light, watching as this lucky child, who seemed crazy, left.

He has already placed a tracker on this guy.

Otherwise, this guy would definitely not be able to escape alive.

"Go on, go help me find the mastermind," Old Mike muttered.

He knew one thing: that mysterious person who controlled him and these assassins...they probably weren't a group of people.

The unfathomable mysterious person seemed even more terrifying.

Just as Old Mike was about to run away, he suddenly realized that he couldn't move again.

Darn it! Darn it! Darn it! Ahhhhhh!

Old Mike finally realized that he would have a hard time escaping this mysterious presence, and the anger in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

This meant that a peaceful retirement life was slipping further and further away from him.

[I am the Savior]

[All is done to save the past and the future, for this world that is on the brink of collapse and destruction.]

[The Final Gun]

[From this day forward, you are a member of the Babel Tower.]

Go away, you silly Savior! Go away, you silly Final Gun! Go away, you silly Babel Tower!

"I understand now, so that's how it is."

On the surface, Old Mike nodded calmly and softly replied to the incredibly mysterious voice.

Go away!

After venting his emotions, Old Mike realized that he could move again.

"Babel Tower, is it a new organization that has emerged in recent years? Why have I never heard of it before?"

During the years he had escaped from the dark world, Old Mike had never actively inquired about those things, and he knew nothing about the newly emerged mysterious organization.

He soon left the "Greenery" nursing home, and at the same time, he had already erased all traces of his existence within the "Greenery".

The "Greenery" is a fully automated high-tech nursing home, where only robots provide service, without any human staff... This is also one of its major selling points.

Furthermore, since Old Mike always kept to himself, as long as the information was erased, no one would remember his existence.

In this part of the city, Old Mike had a safe house located on the outskirts, which had been prepared twenty years ago.

He quickly entered the small room and discovered hidden within the wall a weapon capable of destroying several streets. Then, he took out a unique model of computer.

"Alright, let me see what you are exactly."

Old Mike connected to a dark world platform called "Deep Sea."

"I want to purchase all the information about 'Babel Tower' and 'Savior'."

Old Mike's account in "Deep Sea" was the highest level account. Once he asked a question, he quickly received numerous answers!

He was completely stunned.

"What's going on? Why is this new organization so famous?"