I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 361

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Chapter 361: A New Operator! The Final Gun!


The door opened.

Maryse watched as a familiar yet unfamiliar woman walked in through the door.

That was also a half-elf.

She had eyes as green as emeralds, beautiful long hair as golden sand, and a soft pink flowing gown.

They look very alike!

Rather, it could be said that this woman was completely like a mirror image of oneself!

Maryse was utterly astonished!

The half-elf woman appeared to be half a head taller than Maryse, and both her body and demeanor were much more mature than hers.

"Could it be... could it be... perhaps..."

Was this half-elf woman before her really a version of herself from another world?

Maryse remained silent for a moment, then suddenly fixed her gaze on a certain part of the other person, using her "eagle eyes" to measure its size.

There it was!

But Mu Ling was simply incomparable!

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And the difference was vast!


"Drat!" she exclaimed.

It's alright, it's alright, Maryse my dear, hasn't it already proven that you still have a chance, and you have potential, don't you?

It must be because she didn't eat well, hmm, in different worlds, there should also be different futures!

Maryse gritted her teeth, her face turning red with anger.

She didn't release her emptiness because she was afraid that her psychic powers would be of no use to the girl. She even suspected that the girl's psychic powers might be stronger than her own.

At that time, it would be extremely embarrassing if she were to be reversed and controlled by the power of the heart.

"Phew, finally home."

The half-elf girl searched for something in the room for a while. After finding it, she didn't leave immediately. Instead, she turned around and went to the bathroom to take a bath.

Before long, the sound of splashing water echoed through the room.

"Oh no."

Maryse nervously bit her finger. She hesitated for a moment, but eventually stealthily dispelled the illusion.

Once she felt the intrusion of the power within her soul, she would immediately dissolve into nothingness again.

Maryse started rummaging through the other person's bag. Before long, she found a bunch of miscellaneous female items and even discovered a frameless cellphone.

Hmm, thankfully, she wasn't discovered.

"But my power of the soul doesn't seem to sense the other person, it's a bit strange."

Maryse played with the cellphone, trying to open it.

Fingerprint unlock.

With a "snap," it opened.

Hmm, let me have a look at what's inside, is this not considered 'peeking' at someone else? Hehe.

Maryse squinted her eyes and flipped through her phone for quite a while, without a single thought of respecting the other person's privacy.

"How can you buy the best children's things? Something that's perfect for a half-elf..."

"Does eating too many fruits affect breast milk?"

"How do you treat premature ejaculation in women? Do women need treatment for premature ejaculation?"

"What is a good gift for the wedding anniversary of the wife?"

Ah, what a mess!

After reading through these search records, Maryse was immediately stunned. The amount of information was simply overwhelming.

She couldn't accept it at that moment.

"Has this person already gotten married?"

And, is it even possible that they have children?

Maryse's heart shook dramatically, and she immediately went to look at the photos on her phone. Soon, she came across a picture of an adorable little baby.

It's a girl!

So adorable!

Maryse looked at it for a long time, firmly remembering the baby's face, and then she began to flip through other photos.

She found it, there were indeed photos of a man!


Maryse held her phone in silence for a long time, without saying a word.


Surprisingly, it wasn't him?

Is it because of the different worlds?

Her mind was a bit scattered.


Just at that moment, the door of the bathroom opened, and a half-elf woman wrapped in a yukata cautiously stepped out.

"Who are you?"

She saw Maryse and shouted in fear.

"I am your eldest uncle!"

Maryse wasted no time and directly took the upper hand, her eyes sparkling silver.

Psychic Domination.

The gaze of the half-elf woman gradually became confused, her psychic abilities much weaker than Maryse's, but inclined more towards "self-shielding", which is why she remained unprobed just now.

But Maryse's wholehearted mental assault managed to succeed.

"Remember, read."

Maryse's expression became very complex as she was reading memories.

This woman's entire life was completely different from her own.

This was a very harmonious and peaceful life.

Her family members, though ordinary people, didn't have the constraints and conflicts of a big family because of this. They all maintained very good relationships with each other.

Maryse saw friendly siblings and loving parents in her memory, and without realizing it, her eyes welled up with tears.

Finally, Maryse saw... that man in her memory.

Every little detail, every frame of the picture, Maryse didn't dare to miss or overlook.

It's him!

It was him!

Could the difference in appearance be the result of... the changes caused by different worlds? Hmm, there is a possibility.

However, when it came down to it...

Did she really like him?

Maryse couldn't quite put it into words, but she knew that after not having any contact with someone of the opposite sex her age for twenty years, she was actually very vulnerable to being taken advantage of at the first moment of freedom.

The first kind stranger she encountered certainly left a deep impression on her... But as time went on, and she met more people, she might come to realize that he was just like any other person...

Perhaps, it was because she truly was the kind of person who easily gets emotional.

The people who treated her kindly were hard for her to forget.

However... there was actually something that Maryse cared about very much!

Maryse had always disliked and loathed the power of the mind, but at this moment, it was troubling her immensely.

That man was the only person by her side who couldn't be read by others' minds.

She didn't understand at all what he was thinking.

Could everything he showed be false? Could it be for some purpose or even a plot?

Because of the sincere emotions within her, Maryse could never embrace such vague impulses.

However, in this moment, Maryse obtained the answer from another world.

It was not false.

In another chapter of my life, the answer had already been given.


Inside the Babel Tower.

All the rewards had been used up and distributed.

On the throne, Bai Yan also knew that it was time to embark on a new Core Operator recruitment mission.

Introducing the new operator, "The Final Gun"!

He was a top-notch assassin residing in the Ring City, a legendary figure in the dark underworld. He used to be the unrivaled ace of aces over a decade ago, but in recent years, he willingly concealed his identity and retired in a nursing home.

In the Ring City, the lifespan of the city dwellers greatly depended on the floor they resided on.

"The Final Gun" lived on the comparatively comfortable 167th floor.

The quality of life in this neighborhood is very good. People live happily here, with an average lifespan exceeding one hundred and twenty years. Only those who are older than eighty-five years can go to the retirement home.

In Bai Yan's impression, The Final Gun wasn't someone easy to get along with.

The old man is used to being alone, and he is very proud and arrogant. His innate characteristic of being a lone wolf makes him very uncomfortable with the idea of being forced to join Babel Tower.

But, how should I put it...

As the chosen one, his mission was to unite everyone, to gather the strength of all, and ultimately save the world.

Bai Yan clicked on the new operator in the operator list.

"The Final Gun"

"Game tip: Would you like to proceed with the import task?"


In the next moment, the game screen loaded on the phone.

The pixel art of "The Final Gun" featured an old man with graying temples, dressed in a dark suit, holding a small white gun in his hand.

His battle line was...

"I never wanted to kill anyone, they just kept determinedly walking the path of self-destruction."

After thinking it over, Bai Yan immediately made the change for him.

"Arrogance is what the gods possess when they judge right from wrong, and my job is to send them to hell."


The Ring City.

167th floor.

This floor is located in the upper region of the Ring City, where the residents are either wealthy or privileged. They breathe freshest air and the sky outside the window is forever bright and sunny.

The whole city area always maintains a constant temperature, but there are also a few small areas that have been intentionally separated and transformed into scenic spots, allowing people to enter and experience scenes of winter, autumn, and other seasons.

The 167th floor had no industrial facilities, and more than thirty percent of it was covered with green plants.

In the center of this city area, there stood a renowned high-tech fully automated nursing home called "Greenery". It was surrounded by numerous plants.

Entering the "Greenery" nursing home was no easy task.

The annual fee required here is higher than the lifetime earnings in credit points for many lower-class people, not to mention the additional services that cost hundreds or thousands of credits... The latter is actually where most of the expenses lie.

Inside a peaceful room filled with green plants, there were even artificial fountains and rockeries.


"Scanned. Welcome, Mr. Mike Reno!"

"Remaining credit points: 7,398,589. You, as a valued platinum member of 'Greenery', are currently embarking on your 1,153rd session of 'Sunshine Therapy'..."

The elderly man, with silver hair on his temples, was dressed in loose white clothing. He lay on a comfortable chair, peacefully closing his eyes. On his determined face, he wore a pair of black sunglasses.

Because he was a platinum member, the advertising stage in the voice-over was skipped.

The "Sunshine Therapy" service was initiated.

Warm sunlight shone upon the determined old man's face.


Mike is very happy with his life right now.

In the morning, he would enjoy a beer on his own, only taking small sips. During the morning, he would read the news by himself and watch an old movie at random. At noon, he would bask in the sunlight alone. In the afternoon, he would play various random ball sports with a robot companion.

At night, before ten o'clock, he always went to bed, making sure not to carry any worries into the next day.

Even the platinum-level electronic doctor made a prediction... If nothing unexpected happened, he would live to be one hundred and thirty years old.

A peaceful life with no one to disturb.

It couldn't get any better.

No matter what happens, even if the world is destroyed, Mike has no plans to go out and kill again.

He had earned enough money, and all his familiar companions had perished. For that dark world, the old man no longer had any attachment.

Mike, a man who had retired, made a perfect exit and came here to enjoy his golden years. For Mike, of course, it was the most fitting choice.

"Beep, 'Greenery' user 772282 invites you to have an electronic billiards competition. Do you agree?"


He shook his head gently, wanting to add his persistent neighbor to the blacklist.

But Old Mike carefully thought about it and decided to give up in the end.

This old fellow, who is already over a hundred years old, is actually quite pitiful. He's even starting to show signs of senility. Every day, he tirelessly comes to play with me. If I were to blacklist him, I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to handle it emotionally.

If one day I also become senile...

Mike's platinum package agreement would allow him to receive the latest advancements in treatment.

If the results are not good, then it's better to just give up and end it. Losing oneself is not what he desires in life.

After soaking in the sun for about half an hour, Old Mike heard a new female voice in his ear... The volume of the system voice could be adjusted, as long as you had money.

So, Old Mike had always heard the sound of his granddaughter as the system voice.

The door of the Sunshine Recovery Room opened, and a wheeled, automated dining table slowly entered.

"Ding, your lunch reservation has arrived. Today's special lunch is a mix of the seventh and ninth options from the thirteen lunches you chose. It includes a delicious sirloin steak, perfect runny eggs, fresh vegetable salad, special mashed potatoes from District 177, and a small glass of sparkling wine that you requested. As a platinum member, you will receive a 20% discount on the selected meal."

Old Mike took off his sunglasses, slowly stood up, and the sunlight on his head began to fade away.

Old Mike sat on the chair, savoring a delightful lunch. Every day, his lunch would be a random combination of food from the thirteen favorite set meals he loved, ensuring that he never got tired of eating the same thing.

Gentle classical music played in the background as Old Mike remained calm and composed.

Unmatched tranquility.

This is a life that he struggled for decades in a dark world, earning it by killing countless important figures. No one could take it away, nothing could take it away!

He picked up the tiny glass of sparkling wine and took a gentle sip.

Just at that moment, a completely emotionless, young unfamiliar voice suddenly appeared in Old Mike's mind.

[The Final Gun]

[You have been chosen by destiny]

Old Mike instantly pushed aside the automated dining table in front of him, his body as swift as lightning. He immediately took cover behind the room's artificial rockery, observing his surroundings with indifference.

There was nobody around, he could be certain.

"Who is it?"

With a watchful eye, Old Mike's hand began to transform, gradually turning into a graceful silver firearm. It appeared to be a massive handgun, though its power remained unknown.

However, Old Mike couldn't find anyone.

Oh no!

Old Mike's face remained calm, but deep inside, he was extremely furious.

His peaceful life was disrupted, oh no, oh no, oh no!

In an instant, Old Mike calmed down.

He wanted to leave the room quickly, but suddenly he realized that his body couldn't move at all.

How could this happen?


Old Mike furrowed his brow.

Something was amiss. His personal network interface was a military-grade model, one of the top-of-the-line products among military-grade models, and it would never be easily controlled by anyone.

But no matter what, Old Mike's body simply couldn't move at this moment.

After struggling for a while, he stopped struggling and allowed the mysterious person to control him.

"Who are you? What do you want? We can negotiate."

In an empty room with no one else around, Old Mike called out in a not-so-loud voice.

"If you want money, I can give it to you, or is there something you need me to do for you? I can do anything. Or perhaps, you want to know information about certain people and forces?"

"Go ahead, let's talk about your terms."

For decades, in his career as a killer, Old Mike relied not only on his skills of killing, but also on his understanding of human nature.

If the other party is able to control themselves and doesn't immediately kill me, it means... this unknown entity doesn't want to take my life.

However, there was no answer.

"What does The Final Gun mean? It seems to be a name that the mysterious entity calls itself," Old Mike wondered. He quickly started searching for clues about this enigmatic presence.

Just as Old Mike maintained silence, his body suddenly began to move on its own.

Just like a puppet being controlled by someone's strings.

But he felt no fear at all, just observing everything with indifference, lost in thought.

Whoever it was...

Old Mike had made a solemn vow in his heart, that whoever dared to disrupt his peaceful life would surely pay the price, as long as he managed to survive!

Before long, Old Mike found himself being guided by an unknown force, leading him outside the house.

As he walked through the clean corridor, the security system of "Greenery" didn't detect anything unusual.

Old Mike soon arrived at the "entertainment hall," filled with elderly people.

The dark environment resembled a movie theater, with numerous elderly people wearing therapeutic clothing seated on comfortable leather seats, all of them wearing helmets and sporting smiles, as they indulged in a blissful dream state.

In an instant, Old Mike had noticed something was amiss.

Here, some people had already mixed in... some people who didn't belong in the nursing home at all...

Are they other assassins?

Old Mike took a deep breath, and deep within his heart, he already knew something.

The calm and comfortable retirement life came to an end.

A few seconds later, in the old man's eyes, there was only determination and coldness.

Next, there was only one choice left for oneself. That was to take care of all those troublesome jerks, eliminating every single one of them without mercy. Only by doing so, there would be a chance to return to a peaceful life again!