I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 360

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Chapter 360: Another Me!

A mighty power.

Alan could clearly feel a surge of power flowing out from his soul.

Many pieces of information flooded his mind, rearranging and combining to form brand new knowledge.

The new ritual, "Drugs of Bad Virtue," was thus mastered by Alan.

After the untalented sorcerers grew stronger, they would naturally acquire new knowledge. That's just how the rules of the world worked, and no one found anything amiss.

"I see now."

Alan's eyes sparkled with clarity, and suddenly he understood many things that he had never even considered before.

Having grown stronger, Alan himself was aware of it more than anyone else. He even felt the urge to immediately engage in battle and test his skills.

However, he quickly suppressed the desire to fight, knowing that this was a result of his sudden increase in strength, which could unsettle his mindset. Many people experienced this kind of issue.

"Even within the Demon Hunt General Agency, my skills can rank within the top five..."

Alan's powerful sense allowed him to instantly discern the positions, strength, abilities, and emotional changes of his colleagues.

He closed his eyes, and the entire white tower seemed to appear in his mind.

No one could escape his control.

Originally, as the deputy captain of the Sword-wielding Troop, Alan was slightly weaker than Aaron.

But now, her strength had been left far behind by Alan.

In just under twenty days, Alan had progressed from a Potential Crown to reach the level of Potential Apocalypse.

This incredible speed of becoming stronger, even throughout the entire history of Noah, there couldn't be found a second one.

When written in a story for people to read, it would be considered too far-fetched and too exaggerated!

Alan's strength increased by three levels, and the extent of his improvement was undeniably significant. Initially, Alan could only perform two or three forbidden spells before depleting all of his mental power.

But now, his mental power has been nearly multiplied several times, and as a result, the issue of "blue consumption" has been greatly resolved.

Apart from that, the improvement in strength is actually reflected in subtle details.

Alan's precision and speed in casting spells have both noticeably improved, disproving Babel Tower's earlier dismissal of him as a "master of magic."

Now, he can unleash ordinary spells almost instantly, completely skipping the step of reciting incantations.

Because of the power that emerged within his soul, Alan had a deep understanding of many truths and crucial aspects that were previously beyond his comprehension. He gained further insights into the essence of magic.

The so-called magic was not something overly complicated. In today's spells, there were actually many unnecessary steps.

Just because ordinary extraordinary individuals had difficulty finding the "key" to magic, the inventors of magic had to deliberately add unnecessary steps to assist regular spellcasters in using magic.

Because of the Pupil of Mystery, Alan gradually became able to find the "key" within magic as he became stronger.

Therefore, he could now unleash them in an instant.

If he were given another month or two to delve deeper and study, he might even succeed in creating his own spells... Of course, for now, although Alan was already a master of magic, the spells he could create were only ordinary ones.

Alan had an idea.

If they could reach Apocalypse, perhaps they would even be able to find the key to the "forbidden spell".

Although the forbidden spell is tens of times more complex than ordinary spells, the fundamental principles at its core are fundamentally the same.

"Perhaps, back then, I could be as creative as 'The Cursed String Music' and create forbidden spells..."

Thinking about this future, Alan couldn't help but feel excited.

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Throughout history, those who could create forbidden spells have always been remembered as legendary sorcerers!

Just like Newton and Galileo in the scientific world, each of these names held a special place in the extraordinary knowledge of their time.

"Keep getting stronger, Alan!"

He became excited.

"Someday, you will also become the hero who saves everything!"

He was not even worse than that person.

At this moment, grumpy Ai walked in, holding a stack of documents.

She lifted her fair chin, gazing at Alan for a moment, and coolly said, "The captain wants to see you."

The captain?

The Cursed String Music?

Alan blinked slightly. Ever since he joined the Sword-wielding Troop, that man had left a distinct impression on him.

What they meant by "unpredictable" was probably referring to this type of person.

"Okay, I understand."

Alan stood up immediately, heading towards the captain's office.

Aeti stood next to him and said, "If you dare to make him unhappy, I will kick you out of here."

"Um, um, I understand..."

Alan sighed and in the Demon Hunt General Agency, he was undoubtedly a loyal follower of The Cursed String Music.

Or rather, most members of the Sword-wielding Troop were like that.

Furthermore, within the Demon Hunt General Agency, a considerable number of Night Watchers were called "directors" and solely devoted themselves to following a series of commands from the director himself, the renowned "Sword Saint" Austin.

Yes, the Cursed String Music and Director Austin, who were once master and disciple, have now gone their separate ways with their ideals diverging.

Austin and the Leaf King had a very close relationship, while The Cursed String Music harbored a deep resentment towards the Leaf King's presence.

The divergence of ideals led to a series of fundamental conflicts.

After the Leaf King became the new leader of the Air Alliance, this conflict didn't subside. Instead, it escalated further and further.

Alan, a character who didn't quite understand the intricate power struggles among the higher-ups, preferred not to get involved.

When they were still stationed in Tatsumi City, everyone had differing opinions, but it was far from being classified as factional strife.

Now, things were different.


Alan sighed, deep down inside, he knew that he didn't belong to either the "captain faction" or the "director faction".

I'm sorry.

I am a spy.


Inside the Tower of Babel.

Bai Yan continued flipping through the list of operators in his hands, using the "Real Digital World" to check the information of the core operators.

After being promoted to Crown, Fusion Slime's card underwent a significant transformation.

The initial Fusion Slime had a pitiful physical value of only 78... You call it a tank, but its durability is completely inferior compared to the Scarlet Moon and Mu Ling.

The Crown, the Apocalypse, were undoubtedly two major thresholds.

Once successfully promoted, one's strength would greatly increase, becoming several times more powerful!

Core Operator:

Title: Fusion Slime (R21)

Gender: None

Rank: Material Realm (in the process of sublimation)

Level: Crown (lower)

Race: Slime (special variant)

Operator Role: Tank/Control/Support (optimal tank)

Milestone: Rare Experiment, Savior of the World, Mother

Primary Attributes:

Physical strength: 278 (even when facing a giant dragon, you can easily emerge victorious)

Inspiration: 125 (especially when it comes to inspiration, it's more like the mighty instincts of a wild beast)

Skill: 165 (able to instantly poke all tentacles to where they need to be poked)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 5 (Special XP enthusiasts express disagreement with this rating)

Loyalty: 5 (What is loyalty? Can you eat it? Can you add spicy flavor to it?)

Mood: 8 (The mood has always been good because there's always food to eat)


Damage Reduction: With a special body, they can greatly reduce the amount of damage from conventional harm in the material world.

Innocent Heart: The mood increases due to intriguing things, and loyalty increases when receiving easily understood kindness.

No Weakness: With a special body, there are no weaknesses or vulnerable spots. Even if it breaks into pieces, it will not be seriously injured. It can regenerate as long as there are a certain number of cells.

Digestion: They can quickly restore themselves by absorbing living beings.


Power of Nuclear Fusion: A fantastical technology left behind by a powerful war civilization (proficiency level: 41%).

Devour: Eat up! (Proficiency level: 98%).

Rapid Recovery: Quickly regaining one's own strength (proficiency level: 100%, evolving).

Self-Destruction: Exploding oneself to cause immense damage (upon release, damaging the Heart of Nuclear Fusion).

Sacred Rune: Astarte (proficiency level: 74%)

Camouflage: Can transform tentacles into the appearance of humans and creatures below, tempting others (proficiency level: 0%).

Secondary information:

Size: With a diameter of 572cm.

Favorites: Eating and drinking, playing and having fun, sleeping.

Dislikes: Feeling hungry, experiencing pain, not being understood.

Object: Thundergiant Sword 1

Description: Born within the Sage's Laboratory, this slime is the fortunate survivor among countless individuals of its kind. Its godlike luck granted it immense power, yet it remains oblivious of its true identity and uncertain about its future direction.

"The future king of monsters, the legendary slime!"

At that time, Fusion Slime was still living with Amy.

It would eat and drink every day without a break, completely unconcerned about its sudden increase in strength.

It even thought that this might be caused by "overeating"…

Fusion Slime, who had a not-so-high intelligence, couldn't distinguish the difference between the feelings of being "too full" and getting stronger.

It can be said that it was quite outrageous.

In just a few days, the number of artificial intelligences called "sisters" in Amy's underground space had doubled.

Among them, only the "Miracle Type" was created by Amy to match her own appearance.

The Miracle Type was also the strongest.

And, Amy successfully decrypted the technology of the Heart of the Seafire that required 10 Source Energy Points. She equipped all the Miracle Type "sisters" with the Babel Tower's technology.

"Heart of the Seafire: Create a core filled with extraordinary spatial energy, to replace the host's original heart. This Heart of the Seafire will continuously provide abundant energy from alternate dimensions, almost limitless in its power."

A group of nearly infinite energy artificial intelligences, each individual possessing formidable combat strength, not to mention the collective influence they wield.

The most frightening thing is that this group of artificial intelligences continue to constantly increase in numbers.

Even Bai Yan had become extremely vigilant.

Although they currently revered Amy and obeyed her every command, various stories of mechanical uprisings seemed to hover right in front of Bai Yan's eyes.

"Don't worry, in the end, the Outer God couldn't destroy us. It was Comrade Amy, the warehouse keeper, who personally destroyed the world..."

Bai Yan murmured and shook his head, planning to have a chance to chat with Amy about this issue.

The little puppy also experienced a promotion, advancing from being a Crown to becoming a Potential Apocalypse.

With a bunch of branch skills already, she didn't unlock any new abilities this time, but all her data improved.

That would be enough.

Now, across the whole world, there are actually very few people who can resist being controlled by the little puppy. They need to possess a soul that belongs to the "Creation Realm."

At least in the face of the Apocalypse, the little puppy's abilities were extremely useful.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Bai Yan tapped the screen twice with his finger and handed her an Entertainment Card.

"The Other Me"

In this very moment.

Tatsumi City.

Inside the Augustus family, Maryse is currently bathing in the large bath, together with Irena.

The grand bath was magnificent and bright, with a constant temperature of the water.

And only the two of them were eligible to use it.

Maryse had heard that the commoners' bath was shared by everyone, and she found it hard to believe at first.

Irena was squatting in the warm water, massaging Maryse's back as she closed her eyes.

"Hum, hum, hum, hum,"

Maryse lay comfortably on top of Irena, humming a tune, feeling as if she was melting away in the hot water.

She murmured, "Irena, I really don't want to leave you, sniff, it feels so comfortable... Am I being very selfish, actually hoping that you'll always take care of me?"

Irena smiled and gently hugged the half-elf girl, saying, "Don't worry, I will never leave you. You are not only my owner, but also my sister. I know how much pressure you have at the Babel Tower, but for now, just relax."

Maryse nodded gently, staying silent with her eyes closed.

Then, Irena whispered a funny joke, which immediately made Maryse laugh uncontrollably.

"Alright, alright, let's stop washing today here."

After soaking in the hot water for too long, Maryse, with a rosy complexion, stood up and decided to leave the bath.

Irena also stood up to help her get the clothes.

Suddenly, Maryse noticed that the surroundings had changed!


This was a room of over a hundred square meters, with exquisite furnishings, but it couldn't be compared to the mansion where she lived.

The room was mostly in shades of pink, which Maryse found quite pleasing.

"Where, where am I?"

Completely bewildered, the little puppy crossed its arms, ran to the corner, and crouched down, legs tightly tucked.

Is it another mischief caused by the Savior?

For some reason, even without any evidence, Maryse couldn't help but have this thought pop into her mind.

And indeed, she guessed correctly.

Drip, drip went the water drops as Maryse pondered for a moment. She then took out the translucent cloak that could make people disappear and gently draped it over herself.

She immediately vanished from sight.


Maryse let out a sigh, then began searching the room, hoping to find something useful.

She found a calendar that only had ten months on it, and each month had varying numbers of days, some with twenty-something days and others even with forty-something days.

"What kind of ghost is this?"

As she looked out of the window, she let out a gasp, realizing that she was actually in a room on the thirtieth floor.

In the Air Alliance, there are seldom buildings this tall.

The buildings before Maryse were mostly silver in color. In the sky, there were a lot of hovering cars flying around, making Maryse realize that this place could not possibly be Tatsumi City.

And although it was a technologically advanced place, it didn't seem to be the territory of Night Union... The outside world didn't have that dark and gloomy atmosphere, but instead, it was filled with vitality.

The sky was bright and clear.

"Where, where exactly is this?"

"Am I still in Noah?"

Maryse felt a bit confused.

Just then, she suddenly shivered!

The door lock made a "beep" sound, followed by a familiar sound coming from outside.

"Well, I understand. I'll go home and get my things, and then I'll come right over. You don't have to worry."

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey?

How could it be, how could it be? The sound outside the door...Maryse was incredibly shocked. That woman's voice, it was exactly the same as hers!