I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: Nightsaber, You’re My Hero!!!!

“Are you trying to talk about the superpower?” Bai Yan blurted out.

“How did you know?” Alan was shocked.

Bai Yan took a sip of coffee and frowned slightly. “Rumors of superpower made waves quickly.” He continued, “Okay, share your secrets with me.” Actually, he wanted to know more about the Otherworld.

Although he was the master of the Babel Tower, he knew very little about the real world belonging to the superpower.

As for joining the official organization, Bai Yan thought it might not be a bad choice.

He wouldn’t be in danger if he didn’t draw much attention. Instead, he would gain an excellent intelligence channel and identity cover.

It sounds ridiculous that a villain joined the official organization. He remembered an honor student who took notes and wanted to change the world. However, that guy didn’t end well.

Alan nodded, took a deep breath, and seriously told Bai Yan the world’s truth. ‘Sorry, Bai Yan. I got you into this crazy and twisted world.’

“There are many people with the superpower, monsters, and Spawn. They have all kinds of extraordinary powers, which are divided into three types, talents, spells, and rituals.

Any kind of superpower that can be used directly without any medium, such as bloodline, is classified as talent.

Any power that can be elicited, utilized, and inspired by language, words, sounds, and pictures, is classified as a spell.

“Superpower that requires some symbolic means, such as contract, sacrifice, magic, secret treaty, and key, are classified as rituals.

Bai Yan learned about the classification of superpowers for the first time. He interrupted Alan, “Language, words, sounds, and pictures are symbols. Why didn’t these belong to rituals?”

Alan shook his head and explained most simply, “It’s completely different. Rituals are more emotional, and it’s unnecessary to comply with the rules fully. Emotional fluctuations can even have a great impact on the effect of the rituals. The essence of rituals is to play games with the world and the gods.”

“And spells are more rational. It’s a bit similar to programming.”

Bai Yan understood. The power of Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer belonged to talents.

As for the cultist No. Nine, he used contract ritual. While the Rat man that escapes into the gray area used a sacrifice ritual.

Dark Sorcerer’s apprentice used energy types spells.

Alan continued proudly, “Actually, I belong to the official organization, Demon Hunt Agency, and I’m a first-level Night Watchman. I’m well-known in the Otherworld. My nickname is ‘Magician.’ I have to solve the incidents related to superpowers, cultists, and other problems that offend the public order.

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Bai Yan knew this well. He’s familiar with the background of the DHA. After all, he had met this organization in the game many times.

However, he acted surprised, “Really? You’re a hero who protects the world! That’s amazing!”

Alan was stunned for a moment. He felt Bai Yan was mocking him.

‘He is so weird.’

Alan shook his head, “I’ll find someone to sponsor you. In a few days, you’ll be able to become a Night Watchman of the DHA... I’ll try to make you a superpower person.”

Bai Yan asked suspiciously, “Alan, why did you want to recruit me? Are you in love with me? Don’t scare me!”

“Heh.” Alan shook his head, “I just want to keep a little truth in many scams, and if it weren’t for your influence as a child, I wouldn’t have become a Night Watchman.”

“I really had such a big influence on you back then?” Bai Yan scratched his head, feeling a little embarrassed.

Alan smiled and took a sip of coffee. He looked out the window and said half-jokingly, “I worshipped you as a hero when I was young. At that time, I even thought that you could save the world. Well, you’ve changed a lot now. The person who could save the world is you. But your personality has changed a lot, and the rose-colored glasses have been distorted.”

Bai Yan raised his head, recalling the time when he had just traveled here thirteen years ago.

At that time, he seemed to have a special kind of excitement. He was motivated to do everything, and he even felt the world revolved around him.

But in fact, it didn’t... He has entirely accepted the reality and learned to give up unnecessary thoughts. However, he suddenly entered the Babel Tower.

Fate is quite uncertain.

After a quick meal, Alan left his seat and kept nagging, “I’ll go back to find a sponsor for you. You have to go to the DHA with me a few days later. Wear your fancy suit, don’t embarrass me.”

After Alan left, Bai Yan glanced at the leftover cat omurice. ‘Not good. Mu Ling’s taste is quite special.’

Looking at Alan’s back, he had already decided to join the DHA and disguise himself as a Night Watchman.

“I still know too little about the superpower world now.” Bai Yan shook his head slightly and muttered.

He then took out his mobile phone and opened the Babel Tower account’s video list. The video of the new level didn’t appear.

The new video involved the secrets of Marquis Scarlet, and it will be embarrassing once released.

“It seems that the account has a strong self-judgment ability. Although I don’t know how it performs, it’s at least on my side.”

The new event video has not been uploaded. However, some weekly tasks videos have been released, and there are many comments.

Abi: My dinner video! The cultists are so weak! Hahaha!

Lantern One: Once I thought these videos were real, I was so scared. Are there so many cultists?

Scarlet Red: I’m so curious about the Babel Tower right now.

Bai Yan immediately noticed the user named Scarlet Red.

He clicked into the account and saw that “Scarlet Red” commented on every Babel Tower video.

‘Perhaps it’s Marquis Scarlet?’ Bai Yan thought for a while and couldn’t come up with an answer.

“But it’s no big deal.”

Then, Bai Yan opened the Babel Tower again. The black-robed man floating in the air on the screen looked down at everything.

He first took a look at the profits for auto-playing.

[Daily record of Nightsaber]

Destroyed a cultist stronghold and seized the relic ‘Anathemas Star Chains’. Legendary Point + 30.

Returned to her home and trained in swordsmanship hard according to the new power. DEX + 1.

The dinner was really salty. Mood – 1.

Anathemas Star Chains (R): A strange chain with extended and automatic tracking effects. Perhaps, it can chase the target above the stars.

‘Amazing, 30 legendary points. She even captured a relic during the auto-playing time.

Nightsaber, you’re my hero!!!!’

Bai Yan really wanted to hug and kiss her right now.

‘The Babel Tower needs talents like you!’

He then checked Psychic Dancer.

[Daily record of Psychic Dancer]

Had a bath with the personal maid. Mood + 1.

Played games with the personal maid. Mood + 1.

Lost a game and got sneered at. Mood – 1.

Kept playing the game until dinner, and then played the game again afterward.

Bai Yan’s eyes widened, and he was shocked!

“So, instead of the training I arranged, she was having fun all the time.”

It’s really ridiculous. Even if you don’t exercise your strength, you can read books.

“Perhaps, this is a real skiver.”

Bai Yan shook his head, suddenly thinking of an important thing.

Psychic Dancer’s loyalty has reached 6. Now he can check her detailed data.

Sure enough, in the profile of Psychic Dancer, the option “Unlock More Information” appeared.

Bai Yan clicked to unlock it.

A new character card appears.

Main Operator:

Name: Psychic Dancer

Gender: Female

Plane: Material

Level: Evolved

Race: Elf

Main skills: Control, Assist, Lurk

Main Attributes:

Strength: 5 + 50 self-healing specialization (She can battle against a goose.)

Intelligence: 70 (Intuition is sometimes more accurate than logic)

Dexterity: 61 (Perceive all animals within 30 meters)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 9 (Some would deny her beauty due to jealousy)

Loyalty: 6 (She is willing to be loyal to you)

Mood: 7 (Yeah!)


Egoism (Mood rises when she gets extra rewards. Loyalty drops when others get too much reward)

Extreme and Crazy (Mood fluctuates. During auto-playing, she easily triggers problems.)


Mind Reading (Proficiency: 100%)

Mind Control (Proficiency: 90%)

Self-healing specialization

More information:

Height: 145cm

BWH: 74cm, 54cm, 79cm

Like: People that are nice to her. Attracting attention

Hate: Herself

Item: Ring of Protection x 1

Description: A noble descendant of the ancient elf family. She was born with extremely powerful psychic talents. The thinking of ordinary people has nothing it can hide in front of her, and the uncontrollable power also makes her aware of the filth of the real world.

“Future Queen of Mind, the monster who manipulates all beings.”

Bai Yan sighed. “She hates herself? I thought that this little girl was very happy.”

Who is she in reality?

Bai Yan wanted to meet the Psychic Dancer in real life and chat with her. However, he understood that it was not an easy thing.

He has already regarded Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer as important companions rather than pure tools and game data. If there is a chance to help them, it is naturally good.

Bai Yan contemplated for a while and suddenly found that with today’s extra profits from auto-playing, his energy points reached 500!

He got up from his seat excitedly.

“Finally, it’s time for a new 10 summon again!”