I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 359

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Chapter 359: Drugs of Wickedness

Upon successfully ascending to the Crown, Sacred Heart's Chosen immediately grew even stronger.

Not only did her statistics grow, but she also gained a brand new ability.

"Judgement attack"

"When launching a Judgment attack, one must be in a mounted state, and a magnificent holy radiance will soar from the weapon, striking down in a straight line, with great power to restrain evil and dark creatures."

At the same time, as the Sacred Heart's Chosen herself gets more injured, the power of Judgement attacks grows stronger.

Um, Bai Yan understood,

It's like a desperado riding a horse and firing a cannon!

Very strong!

And while commanding the knight's team, "Judgement Attack" will transform into a group skill called "Revenge Charge"... The entire knight's team will turn into a beam of light, breaking through the enemies.

A group of desperate fighters transformed into "light cannons" and charged forward with an attack!

They were also very strong!

After reading the character card for "Sacred Heart's Chosen," Bai Yan then glanced at the new character card for "Mysterious Magic."

He had already undergone a tremendous transformation upon reaching Potential Apocalypse.

From a lower ranked Crown, he successfully advanced three levels all at once, making significant changes that were hard to believe.

This was Bai Yan's first time using the "Real Digital World" to view Alan's character card, observing the underlying data and various hidden clues.

Core Operator:

Title: Mysterious Magic (Alan Ednol)

Gender: Boy

Plane:Formation Realm

Level: Crown (Potential Apocalypse)

Race: Human

Operator Identification: Observation/Aid/Control (Optimal Support)

Milestone: Night Watcher, Captain of the Night Watchers, Hero's Return, Savior of the World

Primary Attributes:

Physical Body: 246+50 (Specialized in self-healing) (Even stronger than a dragon)

Inspiration: 412 (A powerful inspiration that can foresee many things yet to happen)

Skill: 359 (In terms of proficiency in sorcery, he has reached the pinnacle, undoubtedly a master sorcerer)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 8 (Received many love letters from boys and girls since childhood)

Loyalty: 8 (Maybe he's not loyal to you, but to the people you want to save)

Mood: 3 (Still unable to recover from the tragedy of the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City)


The Cunning Man (has a higher chance of success in negotiation-type missions)

Devotion and Loyalty (loyalty and mood would change due to the circumstances of friends and family)

The Master of Deception (in tasks involving deception, the chance of success is higher)

The Sorcerer (has the ability to easily unravel any magic, with extraordinary knowledge)


Magic, "... " (we won't list the old ones)

The Sinking Dream: Decay, Ignite, Consume, Phoenix Rebirth, Manifestation, Petrification, Spirit Position, Swinging Shadows, Radiant Appearance, Taboo Magic - Sinking Dream.

The Fictitious Lover (Ritual)

The Grand and Dazzling Stage of Magic (Ceremony)

The Curtain that Shrouds the Sky (Ceremony)

The Wicked Potion (Ritual)

The Fire that Burns Everything (Mastery Level 100%)

Praising the Sun (Mastery Level 100%, Evolution Complete)

The Fierce Sun (preceded by 'Praising the Sun', transforms itself into the symbol of a blazing sun, incinerating everything around).

The Mysterious Pupil (understanding and learning all the spells witnessed with one's own eyes)

Blood of Darkness·Self-healing Specialization

The Heart of Life (restores vitality rapidly through nourishment)

Mysterious (spells of transformation, illusion, and curses can be better cast)

Secondary information:

Physical attributes: 175cm in height, 91cm in chest, 77cm in waist, 92cm in hips.

Favorites: Night Watcher, cats, hot milk, cheese sticks, cupcakes.

Dislikes: evil, tragedy, cultists.

Items: Escape Door 1, White Son 1

Description: The Night Watcher, who has been a member of the Demon Hunt Agency for thirteen years, received formal training from a young age. They possess extensive combat experience and remarkable adaptability, and are skilled in the art of deception, with a righteous heart.

"The keeper of order and justice, the person who walks with a lantern in the deep night."

"Inheriting the legacy of the mentor, holding onto the song of courage, the Night Watcher continues onward."

Hidden: If the 'Mysterious Magic' continues to secretly learn spells, the Eye of Mysteries will fall into 'overload'.

Hidden: If the Mysterious Magic obtains a certain level of divinity, the Eye of Mysteries will evolve into the Pupil of the Alien Gods.

Bai Yan flipped through the pages for a long time and finally managed to finish reading.

Wow, what a surprise!

Isn't that too messy?

"In the chaotic world of magic spells, you have managed to master many new skills in your new workplace..."

Bai Yan gently shook his head as he looked at the various descriptions, and one sentence caught his attention, "We won't list the old ones." He fell into deep thought.

Long ago, he had harbored suspicions that Babel Tower, perhaps, had its own thoughts and consciousness.

In the infinite universe, "spirits of objects" were not a rare presence.

Now, Bai Yan was pretty sure about this.

Regarding the hidden clues of "The Pupil of Mystery," Bai Yan also immediately noticed them.

The Pupil of the Alien Gods?

I had never heard of it before, but just by looking at it, I knew it was incredibly powerful. The original Pupil of Mystery was already strong enough, and I didn't dare to imagine how powerful the Pupil of the Alien Gods could be.

But how could Alan also obtain divinity?

Bai Yan had a headache. Alan was not a vampire, so even if he drank his own blood, he couldn't obtain divinity.

"I can't find a solution for now... Best to remind him not to use his eyes too much..."

Alan had just discovered a ritual called "Drugs of Bad Virtue." Bai Yan looked closely and his eyes lit up. He realized it was a very powerful and formidable skill.

It can be said that in an instant, Alan's strategic position was greatly elevated!

Bai Yan chuckled and whispered, "Well, Alan, I must say we didn't make a mistake in nurturing you. If you had no useful abilities, I would have wanted to give you a good beating."

"Drugs of Bad Virtue: Three times a day, randomly obtain one of the ten drugs of bad virtue, after taking it, if strength increases, then vision becomes blind, if speed increases, then hearing is lost, if defense ability increases, then unable to move..."

Until the effects of the medicine disappear, the cost will also disappear.

Every type of drug of bad virtue has powerful effects. However, in contrast to that, obtaining something is not one-sided, but requires paying the corresponding cost.

However, needing to pay a cost also means that the effect is powerful enough.

"That will be enough," he said.

Bai Yan felt very happy inside. Before obtaining the true coveted "Innocent Singer," he could use Alan as a temporary substitute, pretending to be a little singer.

Very well.


Tatsumi City.

Demon Hunt Agency Headquarters.

The headquarters of the Demon Hunt Agency is a building that is completely different from the original Tatsumi City branch.

It was a tall white tower.

It was a towering white tower, reaching nearly a kilometer high, piercing the clouds. All the people in the city could gaze upon this wondrous sight by simply looking up.

The white tower itself was a mighty relic of civilization.

The Demon Hunt General Agency moved here, which made things very convenient. They miraculously shrank the white tower and brought it along with them.

The towering white tower had a total of one hundred and twenty-nine floors, with a considerable number of staff on each floor. Among them, the most important member was undoubtedly the Night Watcher.

The Night Watchers of the Demon Hunt General Agency were numerous, with a total of over two thousand and one hundred individuals.

And among the numerous Night Watchers, the strongest and most elite, the ace force, could only be the "Swordbearers".

The Sword-wielding Troop.

They are the elite of the Air Alliance's Night Watcher, for over a century, the Swordbearer has dealt with countless major incidents and has even saved the world more than once.

The Sword-wielding Troop's office is located on the 101st floor.

People came and went, not only the more than one hundred Night Watchers of the Sword-wielding Troop were working, but also twice as many administrative staff were responsible for assisting them.

This floor is home to many spotted dogs, it is said to be a personal hobby of Vice Captain "Ai".

Ai was a serious and reserved woman with black hair. Her expression was indifferent as she wore a professional suit with a knee-length black skirt.

She was standing in front of a desk.

"Alan, the format of the report you submitted last time had some issues. Take it back immediately and rewrite it."

"Uh, sorry... I, I understand now."

Alan, who was behind the desk, let out a sigh and could only nod.

Lately, he has been feeling very down and has completely lost interest in arguing.

"I know you feel very bad, but you can't bring this kind of mood to work. Swordbearer doesn't need burdens."

Ai's tone was icy cold as she turned around and walked away.

"If you still can't focus, you might as well take a long vacation and go home to cry for a year or two."

Alan was speechless.

This woman is so cruel!

However, what she said was also true. Since the Savior had the power to resurrect, she couldn't keep moping around forever.

And the world's crisis was not over yet...

The previous Doomsday Crisis was only the beginning.

As he thought about this, Alan couldn't help but recall his recent experience in Annottales. They had defeated the mighty Dead Silence.

The biggest cult in the world.

It was no match for the Babel Tower.

Hmm, in the future, there are many things I still need to do. I must focus.

"I wish I could become stronger."

He suddenly sighed with emotion.

[Mysterious Magic]

[This is the power I am giving you.]

The sudden voice made Alan, who had just finished talking to himself, completely stunned.


"Oh dear, this..."

What if all wishes came true?

Could it be that the Savior has been watching over one's thoughts all along?

Hold on, was the old guess from before really true?

Alan once again thought to himself, "With the Savior nurturing him so attentively, perhaps, just maybe, the Savior is actually his ancestor?"

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