I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 358

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Chapter 358: Distributing Rewards

Bai Yan took a deep breath, feeling an unprecedented power flowing within him. It was the power brought forth by his burning blood, coursing through his body.

This was a power that surpassed the origin of Crimson Blood.

The Scarlet Moon now had reached a terrifying level of strength that the original Scarlet Moon could not achieve.

In the past, the Scarlet Moon would obtain a series of powers by absorbing Scarlet Blood Source Stones and combining them with her own blood... But due to the limit of Scarlet Blood Source Stones, her own limits were also fixed.

Although the starting point was high, she could only be a novice war goddess.

But now, the Scarlet Moon was completely different.

She was not just a Bloodline King, but also her own... "Spawn."

As the Spawn of the Scarlet Moon, Fiya inherited a portion of divinity from her "master's" blood. Her potential grew immensely, and she possessed a completely different future.

"Simply by looking at her physical abilities, the current Scarlet Moon is indeed powerful to an amazing extent."

Bai Yan, the "Queen of the Scarlet Moon," is the one who can truly experience the terrifying nature of power possession.

With a flash, he disappeared from the spot.

As Bai Yan moved, ordinary people could no longer see his figure, not even catching a glimpse of his "afterimage".

Fast as he was, it seemed as though he had truly vanished.

And the Scarlet Moon, possessing such speed, had a physical strength that could withstand it completely.

Her ability to recover, was no less than that of Mu Ling, who unleashed her ultimate move "NightFall", and was even a little stronger.

In less than two seconds, severed limbs could instantly regenerate.

After unleashing "NightFall," Mu Ling still had her head as a vulnerable and vital weakness.

But even if the Scarlet Moon's head were to be crushed, as long as she wasn't completely destroyed, there was still a possibility for her to regenerate, even if only a small piece of flesh remained.

And these were not even the most terrifying things yet.

The most frightening thing was her power, no... it was the Scarlet Moon's current burst of strength!

The most terrifying scenario that Bai Yan could imagine was when the Scarlet Moon, possessing her divine power, brought forth a relic of explosive nature that could only deliver a single strike. She would ignite her Scarlet Blood, activating the "Blood Night King," and then transform into the power of a Demon Lord, ultimately unleashing the "Scarlet Strike"...

Wow! exclaimed the character.

Reached for the sky!

Although it can only deliver a single strike, after that, the Scarlet Moon would become defenseless and vulnerable. However, this full-force attack, with its explosive power, could even fatally defeat most of the Apocalypse level powerhouses who dare to face it.

Bai Yan even wondered, if the battle with the Evil Spirit were to happen again...

As the Evil Spirit hurled the growing city towards them, the Scarlet Moon unleashed a powerful blow that could potentially shatter the entire city along with the Evil Spirit itself!

By the way, they could also stack another Tactical Card on top of it. They had almost forgotten about that.

The Scarlet Moon's explosive capabilities had reached such terrifying heights that even Bai Yan dared not think about them too carefully.

Bai Yan gently shook his head and murmured to himself, "You should just stop calling her the 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon' and instead give her the title of 'Queen of Strikes', her explosive power is too frightening."

Of course, the Scarlet Moon has two downsides as the "One Strike Scarlet Moon".

One downside of the "One Strike Scarlet Blood" is that it requires pre-charging and the effect of burning scarlet blood is very noticeable. Meanwhile, the enemies at the Apocalypse level undoubtedly possess a high INT, and they usually have INT alarms.

As long as their mind is clear, they will find a way to dodge instead of choosing to directly face it.

The second drawback is that, after unleashing a devastating strike beyond her limits, the Scarlet Moon would collapse on the spot and be completely unable to continue the fight.

Scarlet Blood originates from the power within her bloodline. Even "Infinity" cannot restore it. The two are independent systems.

"Infinity" was initially bestowed upon Bai Yan to address the Scarlet Moon's issue of experiencing abnormal mental state after blood consumption. Surprisingly, the aspect of "Infinity" restoring her mental energy was not utilized on her.

However, it was quite effective on Bai Yan himself, as he needed to analyze the foundational data of the Babel Tower.

Bai Yan had already made up his mind. If he could find another solution for the Scarlet Moon's troubled mind, all he had to do was activate the privilege to remove the Mystical Power. He would then transfer the "Infinity" from the Scarlet Moon to another member.

The top choice, of course, was the "Mysterious Magic," known for its extensive mana consumption.

Yes, there was indeed a privilege to change the Mystical Power within the Babel Tower.

In Bai Yan's impression, the name of this privilege was called "Unbind."

But acquiring it is quite difficult, as one must save an Otherworld to obtain it.

Bai Yan continued to ponder the two shortcomings that the Scarlet Moon had during battles.

As the ultimate power surged within her, she remained imperfect.

"However," Bai Yan mused, "there might be a solution." He had already come up with some ideas.

The first issue of Alan's excessive charging can actually be resolved by having him cooperate with the Scarlet Moon during battles.

With the power of Alan's Reanimation Spell, it could instantly propel the Scarlet Moon forward, allowing her to swiftly approach and strike the enemy in a single moment.

When that time comes, the opponent won't be able to hide, no matter how much they want to.

"Hmm, this way I won't need to worry about missing the target."

After finishing his sentence, Bai Yan smiled and once again took out a Relic of Civilization-level from his hand.


The treasures unleashed by the Chaos Saint.

Its effect is to restore the holder to a previous state... In other words, it can instantly return the Scarlet Moon to full strength.

The second flaw can also be resolved.

Unfortunately, the cooldown time for "Review" is seventy-seven days, so it cannot be used continuously.

Bai Yan started to feel a little eager, hoping to quickly win over Evie.

She wasn't just the only healer in the normal circumstances, in one possibility, Evie even had the ability to instantly restore her "energy bar"!

Strong and powerful charging baby!

As the saying goes, a sturdy crutch, and a flowing "C".

Evie's importance, needless to say, was undeniable.

Bai Yan would rather not draw "Hidden Azure" than not draw "Innocent Singer", especially in the later stages, Evie will truly be crucial.

Of course, during the second playthrough, the card pool expansion of "Babel Tower" may include the possibility of other powerful assists.

Bai Yan's lips curled into a smile.

"Imagine how scary it would be! As long as the Scarlet Moon has Alan and Evie as her powerful assistants, she can turn into the ultimate explosive cannon that can attack multiple times, almost always hitting her mark."

If combined with the effect of 'Review'... the Scarlet Moon's ultimate triple-shot 'Scarlet Moon Scarlet Wave Cannon' with high accuracy, who can possibly withstand it? Who can possibly withstand it?


Hmm, of course, actually, it would be the same if I replaced the Scarlet Moon with myself.

Alan can also be a C, collaborating with Bai Yan and Evie, to perform the "Ultimate Bai Yan White Wave Cannon."

"Can we just lure Evie over and kick her into the pond?"

The situation with the Scarlet Moon comes to an end at this point.

Bai Yan, just before he checked her character card, also regretted turning over the last ten draws. But, the result was that he only got fragments of spectacles.

"Maybe luck had already gone into debt..."

Upon arriving at this point, the large number of Source Energy Points that were just obtained had been mostly spent.

Without a doubt, it could be considered a bountiful harvest.

Next, Bai Yan's task was to distribute the pile of things he had in his hands.

First, as a reward for the "Never Silent" mission... choose an Entertainment Card.

Dawn's Awakening, Final Submersion? He chose neither.

After pondering for a while, Bai Yan ultimately chose to take the "Endless Treasures" in this self-selection.

For now, Babel Tower was a bit difficult to explore, at least for now.

The guardian monsters in the "Endless Treasures" were usually of the Apocalypse level, some were even comparable to gods.

At least three Apocalypses had to unite to ensure the gains.

However, the people from Babel Tower would eventually have to go there at some point, they might even go more than once... In other words, Bai Yan also needed more than one of the "Endless Treasures".

So, with Dawn's Awakening already obtained, it would be better to grasp this high-level dungeon card first.

Then came the distribution of eighteen Spirits of Revelation and forty Awakening Souls.

The latter had no immediate use, and the just-drawn "Final Gun" was also a lower ranked Crown.

The Core Operator drawn from the Babel Tower is actually a dynamic powerhouse. As the game enters the middle stage, the strength of the Operators drawn from the pool will also increase.

For example, if Bai Yan had drawn "The Final Gun" before the First Doomsday Crisis.

So, its initial power should only be that of a Potential Crown.

For example, if Bai Yan waited until now to draw Nightsaber crime-hunter.

So, the initial Nightsaber should also possess an intermediate level of awakening.

Okay, it was still very weak, very weak...

There was a reason why Bai Yan initially looked down upon Mu Ling's abilities.

Using her to venture alone was too difficult.

A silver-white short knife constantly flickered in the sky, flashing four or five times within a single second. It could even teleport over a hundred meters in an instant.

Blink Blade.

Bai Yan bestowed it upon "Sacred Heart's Chosen" to enhance her long-range attacking abilities.

Galactic Long Chain.

Bai Yan, on the other hand, decided to keep this item for himself, as the ability to defend automatically was very important.

With this thing in existence, he could resist some of the initial deadly attacks.

The Galactic Long Chain is perfectly complemented by the Gungnir, which ensures absolute accuracy. Together, they form a perfect balance of defense and offense.

Finally, the eighteen Spirits of Revelation were distributed.

Without even needing to think, Bai Yan spent three Spirits of Revelation to increase the Revelation Degree of the Psychic Dancer to over ninety.

And so, the Psychic Dancer also reached the level of Potential Apocalypse.

Although in the Babel Tower game, she only had the ability to defeat weak opponents, in the real world, her abilities were truly crucial.

There were still fifteen Spirits of Revelation left. Bai Yan hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he decided to enhance Alan first.

The reason was very simple.

In the entire team of Babel Tower, he was the only versatile mage.

And he had secretly learned too many powerful skills, often facing the issue of excessive mana consumption... After leveling up consecutively, the upper limit of his mental strength could significantly expand.

In the beginning, Bai Yan also pondered granting him the power of "Infinity."

But if "Infinity" had not been bestowed upon the Scarlet Moon at that time, she would not have unleashed her bloodthirst and would not have attained divinity.

With this, Alan used up nine Spirits of Revelation, and his power began to skyrocket like a rocket.

He soared directly from being a lower ranked Crown to the level of a Potential Apocalypse!

Even within the Air Alliance's Demon Hunt General Agency, there were only a few individuals who could surpass Alan's current strength.

Bai Yan wondered what expression Alan would have at that moment.

The Spirit of Revelation, there are six left.

"Suddenly, he realized that no matter how many rewards, how much dog food, it always felt like a never-ending feast."

Bai Yan let out a long sigh.

How should the remaining six Spirits of Revelation be distributed in the end?

Now there are three Potential Apocalypses, one Apocalypse, and two Potential Crowns. These six are all unnecessary members.

That means, the remaining options are none other than the "Sword of Demons," the "Fusion Slime," the "Sacred Heart's Chosen," and the "Final Gun."

The Sword of Demons was first eliminated by Bai Yan.

Because of its ability to consume souls and quickly become stronger, it didn't really need to spend money to increase its attributes.

Then, there was Fusion Slime... This creature had a tank role, but in the current situation, both the Scarlet Moon and Mu Ling were actually bulkier than it.

If six Spirits of Revelation were used to forcefully elevate it to the position of Crown, perhaps "Tankness" would surpass Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon.

Hmm, still considering.

And then came the "Fist of Duel", as usual, Bai Yan immediately eliminated him.

Unfortunately, there are already two top-notch Babel Tower warriors.

Especially Mu Ling with her "Deep Blue World", she was particularly vulnerable, and the solo combat capability of Fist of Duel didn't seem as powerful.

Although this may sound a little harsh, Bai Yan sincerely believed... at least in the mid-stage of the "Babel Tower" game, Ganis would be a long-term warehouse manager.

"Sacred Heart's Chosen," a middle-ranked Crown, currently had a Revelation Degree of thirty-six percent, and the presence of six Spirits of Revelation was just enough to bring her closer to the Potential Apocalypse.

Bai Yan had absolutely no idea about the powers of the Sacred Heart's Chosen in the Potential Apocalypse.

But at least from the current trends, it seemed that the abilities she would acquire after improvement would also lean towards a team-oriented skill set.


And the next choice was... "The Final Gun."

The lower ranked Crown's long-range assassin, along with six Spirits of Revelation, could elevate him to the position of Crown.

Actually, it was a pretty good choice.

Core Operators of the assassination type are often very useful. They excel at defeating stronger opponents and gathering enemy intelligence... It's not really ideal to neglect training any of them, you know.

Bai Yan counted once again and realized, to his surprise, that there were already eleven Babel Tower residents. No, wait, including himself, there were a total of twelve Core Operators.

As a mysterious organization, the twelve bosses were already considered a large group. How many talented individuals did Xiao have when he first joined?

He couldn't help but start to complain to himself, "Hehe, what Babel Tower's twelve heavenly kings?"

Bai Yan pondered and couldn't decide who to give the Spirit of Revelation to.

"Or maybe, it would be better to keep these six Spirits of Revelation for now, until the next adventure begins and upgrade them temporarily if there is a need..."

Bai Yan shook his head and decided to use it right away.

Why not divide it equally, following the principles of 'rewards based on contributions' and 'benefits for newcomers'?

Sacred Heart's Chosen was instrumental in accomplishing the mission, granting her three Spirits of Revelation to ascend to the position of Crown. Aurora's current situation also calls for stronger power.

Then, as a new operator, The Final Gun also needed to be given some incentives, so that his loyalty could grow faster.

As for Fusion Slime, it had already been promoted to Crown and gained advantages, so it no longer needed new "dog food".

Waiting until all the "dog food" had been distributed, Babel Tower's overall strength took a significant leap forward.


Bai Yan took a deep breath, feeling a tremendous sense of relief welling up from deep within his heart!

Playing a nurturing game always brings joy in moments like these.

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