I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: Apocalypse of the Scarlet Moon Unboxing Review

The heavens and the earth were filled with a wondrous sight!

A massive fiery whirlpool formed in the sky, resembling a scene from the end of the world.

Tatsumi City, along with the sinners in the wilderness, countless people looked up and witnessed this unbelievable moment.

People were filled with astonishment!

People were stunned!

The people felt afraid, and they knelt down, pleading!

A new Apocalypse was born!

The many extraordinary individuals within Tatsumi City were also amazed by the swirling vortex in the sky.

Even the extraordinary beings could feel that Noah's world consciousness was celebrating the greatness of one person!


At this very moment, a great power was gathering within the Scarlet Moon.

She felt a newfound power like never before.

Her mind also gained an unprecedented clarity, her soul became incredibly transparent, and she successfully ascended to the position of the Creation Realm.

Such a smooth sensation...

As if many worries had been resolved in this moment, the Scarlet Moon felt an urge to burst into laughter.

"Not bad."

She gently shook her head, and suddenly, her mood receded.

The Scarlet Moon wrapped herself in a blazing cloak of blood, and in the blink of an eye, she departed from the river, vanishing out of sight.

After about a dozen seconds, the three people had arrived at the riverbank.

They were respectively "Tower" and "Death" from the Imperial Guards, as well as the captain "Cursed String Music" from the Demon Hunt General Agency.

In Tatsumi City, besides "the World," all three major Apocalypses appeared on the surface.

Tower, the elegant and mature woman named Shi Nianyu.

Today, she was dressed in an expensive white gown, as if she had just been out shopping. Her face wore a serious expression.

Death was still clad in a black robe, with an icy expression that hid any thoughts.

He had always been like this.

Apart from these two Imperial Guards...

The last Apocalypse to arrive was "The Cursed String Music," the greatest sorcery prodigy in a thousand years, who had once defeated the Sword-wielding Troop captain of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

He appeared very young, or rather, it would be more accurate to say he looked excessively young.

Maybe she was only sixteen or seventeen years old.

Of course, this wasn't his true age.

However, compared to the "Emperor" and others, "The Cursed String Music" was still part of the younger generation.

He had an average build and height, dressed in a long-sleeved black and blue shirt, with a cheerful smile on his face. His hair was silver and he wore small round sunglasses on his nose.

"Mmm, it must be the Queen of the Scarlet Moon..."

The Cursed String Music wiggled its nose, waved its fingers, and chuckled, "My nose is quite sensitive, I can smell it's her... We exchanged a few moves before, back then I never thought she would break through the Apocalypse in this lifetime. It's quite unexpected."

Death was not articulate, but still spoke up.

"What is the help of the Babel Tower?"

Shi Nianyu reminisced for a moment and said, "Back then, you were barely twelve years old, right? It wasn't long after you joined the Sword-wielding Troop, and you were truly a prodigy. I heard that at that age, you almost killed her."

The Cursed String Music shook its head and muttered, "Now that she has joined the Babel Tower, it's only natural that she has become stronger quickly. Honestly, I'm quite envious. I also want to join the Babel Tower. I wonder if giving her a gift would make a difference."

"If things don't work out, I want to lick the Savior's shoes," he said with a sad expression on his face.

"Hello, wake up a little..."

Shi Nianyu was completely exasperated and said, "Stop kidding around. Now we can confirm one thing, that the Babel Tower even has the ability to create top-level powerful beings of the Apocalypse... It's even more terrifying than we thought."

The Cursed String Music chuckled and said, "This kind of thing could have been foreseen long ago. How foolish are you? The Babel Tower is the enemy of the Outer Gods, after all."

Shi Nianyu glared at him angrily, and The Cursed String Music let out a cough.

He squinted his eyes and said slowly, "Perhaps, you're wondering if it's possible, I mean, a possibility that the Savior of Babel Tower pushes his subordinates to their limits, and maybe even more...the Apocalypse."

Just after delivering this frightful conjecture, The Cursed String Music waved their hands repeatedly, laughing and saying, "Impossible, absolutely impossible, right?"


Through the power of the Real Digital World.

Bai Yan gazed deeply at the brand new character card of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

The Scarlet Moon had made the choice of the Apocalypse's path.

From that moment on, her actions and beliefs would gradually align more and more with this path.

Almost impossible to change.

Therefore, as the Apocalypse, she would use her true self as a foundation and gather the power of three different possibilities.

Core Operator:

Title: Queen of the Scarlet Moon (Scarlet)

Gender: Female

Plane:Creation Realm

Rank: Apocalypse (Lower)

Race: The Scarlet Blood Clan (Ancestral)

Operator Identification: Slaughter/Destruction/Outburst (Optimal Outburst)

Milestone: The Dark King, Queen of the Blood Clan, Immortal Being, Savior of the World

Primary Attributes:

Body: 1247+50 (The dragon seemed as small as an ant before you, and the demon appeared no more than a fly before you.)

Inspiration: 496 (With a single thought, you possess knowledge of everything within a few kilometers, and your whims bring unexpected good fortune)

Skill: 523 (With nearly flawless control, you manipulate every last drop of blood left in your body)

Secondary Attributes:

Charisma: 11/10/9 (Which form is an 11, and which forms are 10 and 9? Everyone has different answers.)

Loyalty: 7 (Gratitude towards the Savior gradually builds up and grows stronger in acknowledgment).

Mood: 8 (Follows one's desires, moves with spontaneity!)


True·Bullying the Weak: Causes significantly increased damage to targets that are weaker than oneself, as well as to targets in the Material Realm and Formation Realm.

Double Standards: Only the death of those "approved" by her would cause a decrease in mood, while the death of other groups would not have any impact.

Bloodthirsty Impulse: Often yearns for fresh blood, especially when injured or exerting full effort. When unleashing 100% of its power, it falls into a state of madness, irrationally consuming large amounts of blood until satisfied. (Sealed)

Hemogreed: With the passage of time, it craves **'s blood, otherwise it will gradually sink into emptiness.

The Lazy and Dominant King: When doing nothing, his mood would improve, but when his commands were rejected, his mood would decline.

Transformation: It could freely take on different forms, exploring other possibilities, without affecting its actual strength.

The Path of Apocalypse: Follow your heart, move with your instincts! (By acting on this basis, your strength can continue to grow stronger.)

Spawn: The Spawn, who had already become the 'Savior,' felt an extraordinary closeness to the 'Savior' and could not disobey any of the 'Savior's' commands.


The Scarlet Blood Clan (Supreme, cannot evolve): After merging with the Scarlet Bloodstone, possesses the blood of the origin and can create new clans through their own crimson blood or bloodline. It can absorb the blood of creatures to restore strength and become stronger after feeding. Disdains sunlight and possesses a slow-recovering energy pool called the 'Crimson Blood'.

True Enchantment: The ability to hypnotize individuals below the Crown level, making them obey all commands. It can also be used to observe the flow of energy, cast spells, and construct rituals.

True Mistification: Transforms into a terrifying crimson mist, immune to physical attacks,and possesses the ability to extract blood.

Incarnation of the Bats: Transforms into a large swarm of bats, where each bat represents a portion of its life force. It can only truly die when all the bats perish.

Crimson Strike: By harnessing the power of its entire "Crimson Blood," it charges up to increase the strength of its next attack by three to five times. This can only be done once per battle.

The Scourge of War: Within "The Scourge of War" resides the imagination of a creation that holds all the Civilization-level Relics collected from past acts of violence.

Infinity: A boundless and endless spiritual power, immune to the many abnormalities of the mind.

Shadow Sorcery: The power to manipulate shadows for battle.

Water Flow: The power to control water for battle.

The Power of the Demon King: The ability to transform scarlet blood into increasingly surging magical power. However, while using this power, one will encounter the malicious intent of the world's will.

Divinity: The divinity of "**" grants the Queen of the Scarlet Moon greater power and immense potential. However, excessive absorption of divinity also brings the unavoidable fate of becoming a Spawn.

Blood Night King: Ignite the scarlet blood to greatly enhance basic strength, enabling the free manipulation of the blood of sentient beings sensed internally!

Secondary information:

Physical attributes: Standing at 172cm tall, with measurements of 94-60-93 in her regular state. (Click here to view other states)

Favorites: **'s blood, the Scarlet Blood Clan, delicious food, and sleeping.

Dislikes: New things, commands, and threats.

Item: Blood Medallion

Description: The creator of the Scarlet Blood Clan, the queen of the dark world, had already unlocked her potential to the utmost limit, possessing overwhelming power.

"The ancestor of the Crimson Blood Clan, a dominant and lazy ruler."

"The Savior's only spawn, captive of the blood"

Hidden: If '**' becomes a higher-level deity, the Queen of the Scarlet Moon can be elevated to a demigod

Hidden: If the Queen of the Scarlet Moon no longer continues to ** the blood, her soul will gradually weaken until it crumbles away


It's really impressive, the basic attributes have almost doubled, so powerful and exaggerated!

Bai Yan looked around and sincerely felt that the overall combat strength of the Scarlet Moon had increased several times.

The newly added "Scarlet Blood Strike" and "Blood Night King" are incredibly powerful. And when combined with divinity and the power of the Demon King... the Scarlet Moon becomes an unstoppable force, reaching an extreme state of power.

Current her, even if she were to face an Evil Spirit in a one-on-one battle, she might not necessarily lose.

The path to the Apocalypse that the Scarlet Moon chose didn't really surprise Bai Yan.

However, what concerned Bai Yan the most was the newly acquired Trait called "Spawn".

"It seems like now I can make her do anything..."

In the mysterious occult books he was reading, the so-called "Spawn" was described as a being that existed somewhere between a pet and a slave for their owners.

He hadn't anticipated that by draining too much blood, such a situation would occur.

The Scarlet Moon, she became his Spawn just like that.

Bai Yan pondered for a moment and whispered to himself, "But let's try not to give her overly harsh commands. Considering her path towards the Apocalypse, she might immediately rebel and choose to end her own life."

"Congratulations, Scarlet Moon, you have become stronger."

Bai Yan took a deep breath and began to attempt the power possession, replicating the abilities of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

Then, did I also become stronger?

Can Power Possession: Replication really replicate the power of any stage?

Even Apocalypse could possess power, so what happens when they also become "gods"?

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