I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: A Perfect Return!

"Evil Bastard" falling into the hands of the witch meant certain death.

Even if she didn't wish for this guy to die, Bai Yan would help her make him meet his end.

It is impossible to not "lose face".

Because, if Bai Yan wanted to receive a perfect evaluation for the Dark Night Lost City event, how could he miss the opportunity to complete this mission?

This fundamental matter cannot be easily abandoned.

So far, Bai Yan could count on one hand the number of tasks he had voluntarily given up.

"Evil Bastard"

The current leader of the Order of the Moon Witch, who claimed to be a saint.

Since birth, he has been carrying the inherited fate from his ancestors, fully aware that they are all members of the Order of the Moon Witch.

Descendants, for all eternity, shall forever be slaves to the Ultimate Witch, without end.

Throughout the generations, whenever they encountered these individuals who were the reincarnations of the Ultimate Witch, they could simply command them to do anything they desired.

The indelible imprints of thoughts that could not be shaken off were utterly irresistible.

In fact, during the first few generations, the members of the Order of the Moon Witch were willingly subservient to the reincarnations of the witch, as they knew it was incredibly difficult to resist under the influence of such indelible imprints of thoughts.

However, later on they finally realized that each reincarnation of the Ultimate Witch throughout the generations looked down upon and harbored resentment towards them, the traitors, and used them as mere cannon fodder…

Finally, unable to bear it any longer, there was no choice but to completely tear off the mask.

Since a young age, the Evil Bastard had been taught by members of the family to resist the reincarnations of the Ultimate Witch, allowing the remnants of the Order of the Moon Witch to strive for their own freedom as their mission.

He always saw himself as a challenger against fate, and deep inside, his heart was already filled with resentment.

After refining and combining cursed spells and shape-shifting magic, he gained control over some terrifying supernatural weapons.

The power to create mutants.

The "Evil Bastard" traveled between three great kingdoms, often manipulating the people of the lower class to obtain the wicked power bestowed upon them, disrupting the local order and engaging in senseless slaughter.

His reward amount had become quite high.

"Evil Bastard" proclaimed himself as the spokesperson for the oppressed in the lower class, a weapon to shatter destiny.

Perhaps in the eyes of "Evil Bastard," Ganis was someone worthy of his approval.

But in Bai Yan's eyes, "Evil Bastard" and "Fist of Duel" were actually two completely different individuals.

The former has already taken a dark path, and the bottom class that he turned into mutants has almost lost its human essence. Moreover, how many of those mutated by him are truly willing to "rebel"?

After gaining power, these mutants became unorganized and undisciplined, even losing their humanity.

After the mutants emerged from the slums, they mostly killed innocent people living in the lower class, without posing any threat to the upper class.

He talked incessantly about resisting fate, resisting the powerful upper class... but in reality, he didn't do anything at all.

In fact, the actions of the "Evil Bastard" were all about harming innocent ordinary people, disrupting order, and causing chaos.

He never thought about organizing the lower class, let alone any higher ideals. He always vanished without a trace after causing chaos...

Bai Yan has already seen his true nature.

The Rebel against Destiny?

"No," they said.

His actions all along had been driven by anger and the desire for revenge, indulging in his own malice.

Death was a fitting punishment.

And so, at this moment.

The new event, "Dark Night Lost City," of the game "Babel Tower" concluded with a resounding victory for both Babel Tower and the Dark Light Church.

Bai Yan's true form returned to the inside of Babel Tower, sitting alone on the throne.

He smiled.

Next, it was time to tally up the gains and treasures.


"Game tip: The big event 'Dark Night Lost City' is over."

"Perfect evaluation: SSS level! Receive double the basic rewards (Source Energy Points, Awakening Soul, the Spirit of Revelation)!"

"Babel Tower Legendary Point +500! Transforms into Source Energy Points 1000!"

"Mission 1: Protecting the People: Complete! Mission reward: 200 Source Energy Points!"

"Quest 2: World-saving Game: Completed. Quest reward: 200 Source Energy Points!"

"Mission 3: Hear My Roar: Completed! Mission reward: 400 Source Energy Points, Spirit of Revelation 2!"

"Task 4: Everyone's Delight: Completed. Task reward: 400 Source Energy Points and 2 Spirits of Revelation!"

"Task 5: Eliminating the Rebels: Completed. Task reward: 600 Source Energy Points, 4 Spirit of Revelation, and 10 Awakening Soul!"

"Task 6: The Real Conspiracy: Completed. Task reward: Mystical Power 'Nightmare Moment', Spirit of Revelation 4, Awakening Soul 10!"

"Task 7: Never Silent: Completed. Task reward: 600 Source Energy Points, one chosen Tactical Card, one chosen Entertainment Card, 6 Spirit of Revelation, and 20 Awakening Souls!"

"Purple Achievement: Dead Silence has been unlocked, you have obtained an Entertainment Card called Dionysian Tour (Group) x1!"

"Purple Achievement: Overcoming the Odds has been unlocked, receiving Tactical Card - Endless Fury x1! Tactical Card - Protective Barrier x1!"

"Perfect praise! Special reward: privilege: construct!" --> "Wonderful review! Special reward: privilege: creativity!"

"Privilege: Construction: Refreshes monthly, granting random discounts on the prices of three advanced buildings. When purchasing, the consumption of Source Energy Points decreases by 10% to 70%."

Yay, how refreshing!

Apart from this word, Bai Yan couldn't find any other words to say. It was truly exhilarating.

In total, he gained a whopping 3,400 Source Energy Points! Eighteen Spirits of Revelation! Forty Awakening Souls!

The newly obtained Dionysian Tour, an Entertainment Card that Bai Yan had never heard of during his first playthrough.

"Is it something exclusive to the second playthrough? Could it be a replica card like the Banquet Card, used for drinking?" Bai Yan was a little puzzled.

Endless Fury had been used before, its effect needs no further explanation.

As for the "Protective Barrier", it was a large defensive type Tactical Card that required a Core Operator as the "nexus" to initiate and maintain the barrier.

The barrier could be maintained for a full hour, making it nearly impervious to attacks from opponents of the same level.

Even a stronger opponent who was one level higher would find it difficult to break through the barrier from the outside in a short amount of time.

It can be said, it is very useful.

The new privilege construction needs no further explanation.

Wow, that feels amazing!

Without any doubt, it was one of the greatest treasures!

Every month, three advanced buildings with discounts ranging from ten percent to seventy percent!

If you just do a little calculation, you'll see how many points you can save by playing until the later stages of the "Babel Tower" game!

When counting the earnings, Bai Yan's smile never faded from his face.

After the First Doomsday Crisis, Bai Yan enjoyed his first major event, "Dark Night Lost City," which directly brought him a wave of wealth!

In fact, in the second playthrough of the "Babel Tower" game, although the main storyline's Doomsday Crisis had become more difficult, the difficulty of daily activities, weekly quests, and daily routines remained unchanged compared to the first playthrough.

But because of Bai Yan's diligent management, combined with various external factors, the Babel Tower now is much stronger compared to the same period in the first playthrough.

Therefore, Bai Yan was able to receive a perfect evaluation for the new activity.

"The Babel Tower is very powerful now."

He remembered the first time he played the "Babel Tower" game, he couldn't even get past the First Doomsday Crisis.

These were only the rewards obtained during the activities, but there were also cultists and monsters captured by the Babel Tower's dark mist. All of those were additional, unexpected gains.

Apart from that, the most important treasure undoubtedly was the "key" to the Ultimate Ritual!

Bai Yan gazed at the pitch-black ring in the palm of his hand, feeling absolutely delighted.

As long as Bai Yan possessed this item, he was already half certain that Mu Ling would become a deity in the future!


What a awe-inspiring term it is!

In the world of Noah, many people had "dreams" and wished to become powerful, but in reality, most of them never even dared to dream of becoming a god.

The Rainbows were high up in the sky, completely out of reach!

However, for Bai Yan, the owner of the "Babel Tower" game...

If he couldn't cultivate multiple god-tier powerhouses among the Core Operators, it would be almost impossible for him to successfully clear the game in the end.

Apart from that, there was another discovery - the "Fusion Slime" had been crowned as a monarch.

In a way, Fusion Slime had finally overcome a huge obstacle that had been limiting its progress.

So far, except for the Cybertyrant whose Crown Ceremony is yet to come, all the other members of the Babel Tower have reached the level of Crown.

"Not bad, really not bad."

Bai Yan nodded in satisfaction. The Babel Tower was truly impressive. He remembered when he first started the game, he only had Nightsaber character. Facing awakened-level enemies, he used to struggle a lot.

Nowadays things are different from the past.

The next question was: how to distribute so many rewards?


Bai Yan fell into deep thought. Since starting his second playthrough of "Babel Tower," he had never been so prosperous before.

Including the Source Energy Points left from the previous reconstruction of the "Refuge," the current balance of Babel Tower is close to four thousand Source Energy Points!

First, among the many advanced buildings in Babel Tower, the "Babel Tower Exchange Hall" was a must-have for Bai Yan, even though it was quite expensive.

And, to make things even better, it happened to be one of the three advanced buildings on sale this month!

20% off!

Bai Yan shook his head gently and murmured, "What a pity, what a pity, it's not the lowest discount of 30%... Even with a 20% discount, those Source Energy Points would still cost two thousand four."

With a determined look, he gritted his teeth and made the purchase!

Exchange successful!

On the mobile screen, a small red trading center immediately appeared; the icon resembled a tiny house with windows.

After exchanging at the "Babel Tower Exchange", Bai Yan was left with just over one thousand five hundred Source Energy Points in his hands.

His originally soaring spirit immediately became somewhat uncomfortable.

"Ah... too bad, the discount is still too low."

But a large amount of Source Energy Points was not spent in vain, as the powerful effect of the "Babel Tower Exchange" was actually immediate.

Exchanging fragments of relics, sacred runes, wonders, and mystical powers, borrowing Source Energy Points, the "Babel Tower Exchange" possessed exceptionally useful functions.

First, Bai Yan exchanged the final fragment required for the Blink Blade.

It only costed a hundred Source Energy Points.

The rule for exchanging fragments is that if you are missing just one fragment, it will cost 100 Source Energy Points. If you are missing two, it will require 300 Source Energy Points. If you are missing three, it will be 700 Source Energy Points... and so on.

That means from now on, Bai Yan would have to draw many things, but in reality, he only needed to draw eight or nine fragments, and he could exchange them in advance.

Of course, it wouldn't be suitable to use when there are only a few fragments.

As the story progressed, Bai Yan gathered enough fragments for many things, and just like pouring beans from a bamboo tube, he was able to exchange a lot of things in advance.

"Blink Blade"

Bai Yan looked at the shining white light in his hand, a silver blade with mysterious patterns on its handle. This thing had been in fragments since the beginning, and it was only today that he finally managed to exchange it.

"Blink Blade" is not a civilization-level relic that grants the wielder the ability to blink.

"But instead... it was a weapon that could teleport on its own."

Bai Yan casually threw the Blink Blade into the air, and it began to flicker, disappearing and reappearing repeatedly.

A weapon that can automatically teleport to strike its target-unpredictable and unstoppable!

"Hmm, who should I give it to... Perhaps it would be a good choice to give it to 'Sacred Heart's Chosen.' She, being the original skin, lacks long-range attack means. As for the Holy Lady of Desire, she is lacking in protection."

Just then, she realized that she had never bestowed any mystical powers or relics upon the Sacred Heart's Chosen.

Bai Yan nodded and bestowed the Blink Blade upon Aurora.

Besides the fragment exchange feature, the Babel Tower Exchange House also has a very important function.

Lending and borrowing feature.

This feature undoubtedly appealed to Bai Yan as well.

The points borrowed by the Savior from the Babel Tower Exchange House will be automatically repaid one month later.

If the points become negative after repayment, the Babel Tower game will automatically sell buildings or even relics to repay the debt.

Every month, the Savior of Babel Tower has only one chance to borrow, with a borrowing limit of 5000 Source Energy Points... But if they do borrow towards the maximum limit, the interest will be very high.

If the Savior of Babel Tower only borrows Source Energy Points below 1000.

No interest at all!

In a snowballing development game, isn't it terrifying to have loans with no interest?

Only those who understand, understand.

And as the game progresses, the "Babel Tower Exchange" will further increase the borrowing limit, and the maximum limit for interest-free loans will also significantly increase.

"Hmm... very good, very good."

Without a moment's hesitation, Bai Yan borrowed one thousand Source Energy Points as an interest-free loan.

The points were credited.

As for the borrowing limit of five thousand points, which incurs interest, there is no need to borrow immediately. With the current strength of the Babel Tower, it can flawlessly accomplish various tasks and activities.

After exchanging at the "Exchange Center" and adding the borrowed money, Bai Yan had around two thousand and five points left in his hands.

"Just enough for fifty draws."

Bai Yan pondered for a moment, then took out five hundred Source Energy Points and exchanged them for a new advanced building.

"The Special Development Research Institute (Advanced)"

They didn't exchange for any other research institute, the reason for choosing this one alone was very simple... a fifty percent discount!

Among the three discounted advanced buildings this month, there was still one that Bai Yan hadn't exchanged because he felt it wasn't quite suitable.

In reality, there were a great number and variety of buildings that the Babel Tower could unlock. Bai Yan simply chose the part that suited him best.

"In this way, there were about two thousand points left... which is four sets of ten in a row."

Bai Yan suddenly thought of another plan.

"Should I use these points to upgrade the skills of the Core Operators...? After reaching a certain level of proficiency in many skills, they will gain additional or special effects."

Yes, besides summoning, Bai Yan had another option.

He could use Source Energy Points by using the "Mystic Ring" to enhance the proficiency of the Core Operators' skills.

But after careful consideration, Bai Yan shook his head and felt that it was better not to do so.

In the current stage, actually, the benefits of summoning skins are very significant. It would be better to save Source Energy Points and enhance the proficiency of skills once multiple Core Operators of the Apocalypse level are obtained.

"Now it's time to decide which pool to draw from."

He thought for a moment and decided to draw ten times from "Fate" first, and then draw thirty times from "Different Dimensions."

An unprecedented streak of forty consecutive draws!

As for why there were more draws from "Different Dimensions," the reason is actually quite simple.

The current "Babel Tower" was no longer in its early exploration stage, but had already reached the middle of the game.

The strength of the new operators, in general, was below that of middle ranked Crowns, with many even at the awakening level.

If it were the former, it would be fine, as Bai Yan could quickly enhance his strength with the Spirit of Revelation.

If it were the latter, it would lead to the phenomenon of getting stuck at the Crown Ceremony, and the current usefulness of Core Operators before reaching Crown in "Babel Tower" is limited.

So, Bai Yan is now drawing from the "Fate" pool and is actually more excited to obtain new Civilization-level Relics, Mystical Powers, and Sacred Runes, rather than acquiring new Core Operators.

"But peeling the skin is different..."

The Core Operators at the level of Potential Apocalypse, once they collect all the skins, can obtain the "Revelation" and reach a mighty level in the Apocalypse!

Until now, the most hopeful candidate for promotion is undoubtedly the Scarlet Moon.

She had only seven days left with a possibility of the "Heart of Shadows" to attain the Apocalypse!

After pondering, Bai Yan took a deep breath and extended his hand while sitting on the throne. A sense of satisfaction appeared in his eyes once again.