I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 353

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Chapter 353: Putting on the Collar

The Book of Concealment, one of the twenty-seven Ruin-level relics.

It possesses numerous magical effects that even gods crave for.

First, the power of secrecy.

Those who possess the Book of Concealment cannot be investigated, cannot have their thoughts read, and cannot be seen through.

And it was precisely because of this that Bai Yan's innate power, while capable of deciphering some of the lower-level data of the Babel Tower, could not penetrate the slightest clue about "Cola" whatsoever.

In the realm of expertise, when it comes to the art of secrecy, the Babel Tower falls short compared to the Book of Concealment.

Secondly, forbidden knowledge.

By sacrificing powerful relics, those who possess the Book of Concealment can obtain forbidden knowledge from within its pages.

The forbidden knowledge recorded in the Book of Concealment is a highly coveted existence that countless people yearn for, originating from "The Mist of the White Shore," an Outer God from beyond.

Even a casual piece of forbidden knowledge from the Book of Concealment is more powerful than any "higher" level taboo spell. Some are even much, much stronger, making even deities covet them.

If lucky enough, the acquired forbidden knowledge may even have the opportunity to alter the operation of an entire world!

Third, the power of knowing secrets.

Those who possess the Book of Concealment naturally become aware of many secrets within the multiverse.

Moreover, all of these secrets are incredibly significant, with even the smallest ones being connected to demigods, and the larger ones possibly involving the intricate machinations of deities, demonic lords, and rulers of the underworld that have spanned millennia.

Therefore, even though he had only recently descended to a lower ranked Crown, Merete Chambers, who possessed the Book of Concealment, dared to launch a surprise attack against Bai Yan, who was at the Potential Apocalypse level.

The 'key' to the Ultimate Ritual required for achieving godhood was incredibly vital.

Even more importantly, it was even more precious than the life of a witch in this world.


In Merete Chambers' eyes, there was no trace of emotion, only a hint of a joyful smile.

The extraordinary power she was displaying was the forbidden knowledge from a recently acquired Book of Concealment.

The Spirit's Transformation

Within it lied the forbidden knowledge that compelled and banished souls.

Vast and profound, it captivated the reader's attention, making it difficult to let go. If fully mastered, every word and utterance could manipulate souls.

Even though the witch had just acquired this forbidden knowledge, not yet proficient in using it, she could still, in an instant, separate the soul of a living person!

Until Bai Yan's soul was expelled from his body, Merete Chambers had no intention of killing him when entering the Babel Tower.

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That would be cutting off one's own path, completely offending the "Savior".

Of course, little did she know that the person standing before her, Bai Yan, was actually the Savior of the Babel Tower itself!

Merete Chambers had already made up her mind. She would capture his soul and imprison it, using both gentle and firm methods, for a bit of adjusted training.

Forcing him to reveal all the secrets about the Babel Tower!

However, Bai Yan simply gazed at Merete Chambers with an expressionless face.

The recent attempt to banish his soul had no effect on Bai Yan's body whatsoever.

"How is that possible?"

Merete Chambers furrowed her brow ever so slightly.

"The power just now, did it not work well... No, only beings with divinity can be unaffected..."

She took a deep look at Bai Yan and smiled, saying, "So, you're not really human. You're a descendant of the gods... hehe, I understand your connection with the Savior now."

Ah, yes, yes, yes! You guessed it right.

Bai Yan chuckled and shook his head gently, allowing this intelligent person to imagine further.

Merete Chambers had a smile on her face as she turned and said, "Well, well, since I can't defeat you, there's nothing I can do... sigh, I can only leave the Noah world and search for a new Ultimate Ritual."

She reincarnated time and time again, her mind and determination unmatched.

Understanding that the "key" was currently out of reach, they turned around and walked away.

"Wait." Bai Yan suddenly called out to her.

"Um? What's the matter? Do you still want to do this, do that to me?" Merete Chambers turned her body around.

She knew that the other person wouldn't harm her. With a smile, she willingly walked up and got close, gently sniffing Bai Yan's scent.

"Hmm, during this time, your scent has also changed a bit. Is it because you have grown?"

At the same time, the familiar fragrance of gardenia entered Bai Yan's nostrils, distinct from the clove scent on Mu Ling's body.

As for a certain unlucky and thirsty vampire, the scent on her body was more like the fragrance of roses.

However, the current Bai Yan no longer fell for her tricks.

Power Possession"Psychic Dancer".

He gathered all of his psychic power and directly pierced into the opponent's soul!

The Ultimate Witch met her demise before reaching godhood, and Merete Chambers is her reincarnation, residing on the spiritual plane of the Creation Realm.


Merete Chambers lowered herself onto the ground, feeling a piercing pain shoot through her body.

Therefore, even though Bai Yan exerted all his mental powers, it could only make her wince and sit down in pain.

As for hypnosis, control, and mind-reading witches, even without the presence of the Book of Concealment, he wouldn't even need to think about them.


Merete Chambers broke out in a cold sweat, feeling her entire body being tossed and turned by the presence of Bai Yan before her, unable to resist.

Even so, she continued to smile.

"You won't kill me... I know."

"Of course, it's just to teach you a lesson, hoping you'll give up and not come up with any more crooked ideas."

Bai Yan's voice remained calm as he increased his strength, causing Merete Chambers to lower her head in pain.

He had to do it.

The Ultimate Ritual was too important, and Merete Chambers was a well-known individual who was "flexible with boundaries".

Maybe the witch would go to the Tulip Manor when he wasn't around, and she would directly capture hundreds of people and force Bai Yan to hand over the "key".

No, it wasn't "maybe" anymore.

But she would almost certainly do it.

Honestly, if Merete Chambers wasn't inevitably a member of Babel Tower, Bai Yan would have straightforwardly killed her to eliminate future troubles.

As for letting her go just because she was pretty... no matter how you think about it, it was never possible.

"Ouch... What are you doing? It hurts..."

The fallen witch sat trembling, not pleading for mercy, but only asking.

Bai Yan, still expressionless, quietly said,

"It's just a bit of using the power of the mind, something the 'Emperor' had once written about in the book of the Demon Hunt Agency. It wasn't until recently that I finally learned how to do it."

During his time at the Demon Hunt Agency, Bai Yan spent his days and nights reading books, and in fact, he came across many things.

That experience was essential.

He inscribed a small spell onto Merete Chambers' soul as a memento, ensuring that if she ever harbored ill intentions towards him, she would be able to sense it.

However, the witch's soul was resilient. These minor wounds would heal in a month or two.

Bai Yan quietly thought to himself, "If I can't pull the witch out of the pond, I'll find her and inscribe the spell again."

"That's so bossy... Haha."

"My skills are not very good, so it might hurt for a while. Please bear with me."

After Bai Yan finished, Merete Chambers sat on the ground as if drained of energy, with weary eyes and gasping for breath.

The witch seemed clearly worn out from all the commotion.

In each lifetime, she schemed against many people, enslaving numerous sinners similar to "Samoyed". She always held a position of superiority, holding the power to control the lives, emotions, and fears of others.

But this time, the Moon Witch had truly encountered a stroke of bad luck in front of Bai Yan!

Was Bai Yan actually smarter than her?

Not necessarily.

The resources, strength, and perspectives they possessed were on completely different levels. It would certainly be difficult for the witch to contend with him.

After finishing the soul spell, Merete Chambers, with a pale face, glanced at Bai Yan who was standing there and asked gruffly, "Aren't you leaving yet? Go away."

Bai Yan didn't answer, he simply looked at her silently.

Merete Chambers smiled and praised, "Bai Yan, oh Bai Yan, your abilities are the best I have seen in all my years. The Savior of the Babel Tower will surely be even more powerful, and you are worthy of being my master."

Whenever the witch mentioned the nickname "Bai Yan, oh Bai Yan, " Bai Yan would recall his time at the Demon Hunt Agency and the days when they were all members of the same team. It made him feel a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Even thinking back to another time, Merete Chambers invited him and Holly to have hot pot, tricking the little rabbit by saying they were eating rabbit meat. Holly started crying at that moment...

He shuddered abruptly, realizing that the other person was deliberately playing an emotional card.

"Um, so you want to find a master for yourself?" Bai Yan gently shook his head, feeling a little curious about her values.

"You can't beat me!"

Merete Chambers had a big smile on her face, not hiding her ambition at all. She said, "At least until I have enough power, it wouldn't be embarrassing for me to be like a little dog to a divine-level figure like the Savior, licking their toes and wagging my tail."

Indeed, it is so.

As powerful as the Divine Executor was, he was still a messenger under the command of the Savior of Dark Light.

Among the countless beings beneath the immortal deities, they were always mere ants.

This had become a consensus.

However, regarding what Merete Chambers said, hmm, well... it's hard to evaluate Bai Yan, who is regarded as the "Savior".

After all, a captivating and incredibly beautiful woman saying such words to you.

It always felt a little strange.

"Actually, you didn't come here for nothing this time."

Bai Yan suddenly spoke up.

Then, another "he" appeared from nearby, using his psychic powers to guide a confused man with blank eyes.

The controlled man looked dazed with bewildered eyes, a frail figure, and wearing a long white robe.

"You actually brought him here..."

Merete Chambers paused for a moment, then smiled and said, "Very well, I like this gift."

What Bai Yan brought back was not just anyone, but a large number of mutants who incited people to break free from the so-called fate and restrictions. It was none other than the current leader of the Order of the Moon Witch, self-proclaimed as the "Evil Bastard," a saint of the Ultimate Witch.

He was also the boss mentioned in the mission of this activity.

According to Amicio, the Son of God, there was no one in the world who wanted to capture the Moon Witch more than him! And then, he would imprison her forever in a place where no one could ever see her!

In contrast, there was the Moon Witch who was extremely focused on seeking vengeance. She would not spare the descendants of those traitors either.

Especially the person who constantly wanted to murder them!

Bai Yan appeared calm and said, "Not only will I hand him over to you for punishment, but... in the future, you will definitely succeed in joining the Babel Tower. It will happen soon."

Merete Chambers smiled, her emotions hidden skillfully in her eyes, with an ambiguous meaning.

"First, he slapped me harshly twice and then gave me a sweet date! It seems like today, haha, I am the 'delight' of the profligate."

Upon hearing these words, Bai Yan's calm expression suddenly faded from his face and a joyful smile appeared in his eyes.


He remembered the words that Merete Chambers jokingly said back when they were in Tatsumi City.

She said that she longed for the day when someone would put a collar on her.

Bai Yan turned around and calmly walked away.

Only his voice echoed softly in the distance.

"I will give you many sweet dates to eat in the future, but when the Babel Tower needs something done here, you must also help, and help you shall."