I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 352

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Chapter 352: Dark Deception

If a regular person suddenly heard the revenge target in their mind, they would probably be so scared that they would pee right then and there.

But the witch was clearly not a normal person; her mind exceeded that of ordinary beings, and she had no knowledge of what fear was.

She simply smiled faintly, turned around, and saw Bai Yan, dressed in a black robe, standing not far away.

The profligate, oh-ho.

Merete Chambers said with a smile on her face, "I have seen through your identities at Tulip Manor, the profligate, Bai Yan, Viscount Edmond... I never expected you to have so many identities."

Bai Yan remained silent, simply gazing at the jet-black ring in her hand.

"It's not safe to talk here, let's go," the witch suggested, discreetly hiding the ring in her bosom as she spoke.

Indeed, it was true.

This is the underground of the Temple of Dark Light, where even though the Savior has become partially insane, it is still very dangerous to come here and steal things.

Once Divine Executor and Silence have determined a winner and if that winner emerges victorious, then both of them will be trapped with no chance of escape.

At the same time, Bai Yan smiled.

He learned a very important piece of news, which was that the slime assigned to resolve the Ritual of Tranquility had obtained a tremendous opportunity from the Flame Phoenix.

"Fusion Slime" swallowed the final piece of material for the Crown Ceremony and successfully ascended to the level of Crown!

This is why Bai Yan sent a slime this time instead of Ganis, the Fist of Duel!

He had tried several times through the simulation of the "Babel Tower" game before, only then did he know how to handle the slime negotiation and successfully persuade the Flame Phoenix to give it the final material.

That thing was hard to find in Noah's world, but in the world where the Flame Phoenix lived, it was everywhere to be seen.

She thought the slime was cute and fun, so she casually gave it away.

Another important reason is that Bai Yan discovered through the preview of the "Babel Tower" game that Ganis had strong reluctance towards saving the people of Annottales.

After he completes the task, his mood and loyalty will both decline.

Bai Yan naturally understood that in Ganis' eyes, the people of Annottales might be a little more evil than the Dead Silence, so he no longer forced it.

So, Bai Yan decided to send a slime to battle this time.

Many members of the Dark Light Church witnessed the sight-a deep blue slime clutching a lightning-infused greatsword with its tendrils, engaging in a fierce battle against multiple horrifying creatures on the street where the Ritual of Tranquility unfolded.

It kept making a continuous "gurgle, gurgle, gurgle" sound!

That scene was as eerie as can be!

"Let's go then."

Bai Yan had a calm expression on his face, neither sad nor happy, as he simply nodded to the witch.

Bai Yan was determined to obtain the "key" that she had just hidden away.


"Why didn't you help just now?"

Outside the Temple of Dark Light, the Head of Dark Night, an elderly blind man, raised his voice with a cold and indifferent tone of questioning.

"I couldn't make it in time."

Captain Chris calmly responded, showing no fear at all towards the other person.


The Head of Dark Night spoke directly, saying, "Over these years, I have been observing from the sidelines during every gathering of the Saints. Yet, I also know that there are some individuals within the church who are acting against the teachings, even going against the prophecies of the Savior of Dark Light..."

"If I manage to catch substantial evidence, don't blame me for being ruthless."

"You are thinking too much..."

Captain Chris's tone also turned cold, and he replied, "All of my actions, everything, are all for the things and goals that the Savior wants to protect. As for your affairs, Saints, I prefer not to be too involved..."

He paused for a moment and then said, "To be honest, you are a saint and I am a Knight of the Divine Blade. I'm afraid you don't have any authority over me, do you?"

The Head of Dark Night remained silent. The two of them were indeed not part of the same system within the church. However, when it came to certain matters, rules and systems became irrelevant during crucial moments.

Those things, when it comes down to it, are just decorations that work during times of civilization and order.


Hearing the disagreement between two top church experts, Christine, who was standing nearby, snapped out of her sadness and suddenly pointed to the sky.

They had actually noticed a long time ago.

In the sky, an almost invisible "black hole" was slowly expanding.

The winner is about to be decided!

If the Dead Silence Church's leader, "Silence," wins using the power of the Ruin-level Relic, while it wouldn't be the end of everything, the remaining members of the Dark Light Church would undoubtedly face a terrifying super-strong enemy.

Moreover, if such a super-strong individual goes on a rampage without any control in this city, even if the saints manage to forcefully kill her... there may not be an Annottales left afterwards.

Of course, the best outcome would be the victory of the Incarnation of Dark Light, then there would be nothing more to say, everything would naturally be great, very great.

However, the mystery and power of the Ruin-level Relic were known to both the saints and Captain Chris.

Perhaps the power of the Ruin-level Relic can truly pose a great threat to the Divine Executor, who belongs to the god-level, with the upper-ranked Apocalypse's "Silence."

Therefore, the saints have been closely watching this top-level decisive battle in the world of Noah, feeling an unprecedented level of nervousness.

At this moment, the victor has finally emerged!

The old man in the black robe appeared calmly once again in the sky, causing the people to cheer with excitement!

The Divine Executor is an invincible being!

After waiting for a while, the leader of Dead Silence, "Silence," still refused to appear, leaving many people puzzled, and some even speculated that she might have already died!

The black hole vanished in an instant, and the sky fell into tranquility, as if the battle they had just fought never happened.

In the sky, the old man in a black robe glanced at Annottales on the ground.

This familiar city, which had been standing for a thousand years, was still enveloped in a white mist.

With just a thought, the white mist that had lingered over Annottales for three days began to fade away.

The people living in Annottales cheered and prayed incessantly.

This enormous crisis has finally passed!

"The Divine Executor of humanity... This is the first and final time I'll assist you, repaying the gratitude for rescuing and sheltering my civilization... Farewell, never to be seen again."

The fiery phoenix let out another cry, then vanished into thin air. She had departed from Noah's world.

The Divine Executor remained silent.

She gently waved her hand.

Only to see hundreds of black lights instantly rise, effortlessly wiping away all the followers of Dead Silence that were not covered by the white mist.

Among them, there were even Crown-level powers hidden within Dead Silence. However, they couldn't even put up any resistance and silently turned into nothingness.

And there were many injured followers and commoners, who quickly became completely healed within the black light, their injuries instantly disappearing.

The miraculous power made the extraordinary members of the Dark Light Church greatly amazed.

In the next moment, the old man in the black robe had already arrived at the Temple of Dark Light. He stood before the Head of Dark Night, Chris, Christine, Evie, and her devoted maid.

Everyone could see that he was completely unharmed, and for a moment, each one had their own thoughts.

"Old man."

"Great Leader!"

Each person had their own nickname, but the Head of Dark Night always remained silent.

The most powerful Divine Executor in this world gently nodded. He calmly glanced at the scene.

"Silence, I won't live much longer..."

"But the 'Ruin-level Relic' she had there indeed possessed extraordinary power."

"I wonder who will eventually possess it in the future."


In the wilderness outside Annottales.

"Fortunately, I managed to escape... What a terrifying creature..."

Merete Chambers looked in the direction of the city, squinting her eyes with a smile on her face.

The people of the Dark Light Church fought and killed, but in the end, they gained no advantage. However, for themselves, they managed to achieve the most important thing to them.

"Is this thing a key?"

Bai Yan held a pitch-black ring in his hand, looking calm.

He had just unintentionally activated the Deep Blue World.

Even Merete Chambers, she had no idea when she had been searched and had the "key" to the Ultimate Ritual taken away from her.

A coldness flickered in Merete Chambers' eyes.

"I helped you several times, and now you want to snatch this thing from me?"

In her tone, all traces of playfulness and banter were completely gone, replaced by a chilling intent to kill.

Becoming a deity was the obsession that had haunted the witch for countless years and through numerous reincarnations!

Trapped by "destiny" lifetime after lifetime, enduring an endless cycle of tragic deaths, she could only break through into the realm where the "Divinity Throne" resided. Only by attaining the immortal union of the Divinity Realm would she be free from the torment of so-called fate!

"You have grown stronger," Bai Yan replied, evading the question.

Yes, within just a few months, Merete Chambers became significantly stronger with the power of the Ruin-level Relic.

She had successfully ascended as a lower-ranked Crown, a remarkable individual.

Merete Chambers's progress in becoming stronger was extremely rapid, a rare sight in the world of Noah... but compared to the overpowered members of the Babel Tower, it was barely worth mentioning at all.

"Unfortunately, I am still not strong enough."

Bai Yan calmly gazed at the witch before him. It was with that Ruin-level Relic she had used that she had unexpectedly ambushed and killed Tao Wu, the middle-ranked Crown. In fact, this was also the important reason why he hadn't stopped the witch from leaving Tatsumi City back then.

But now, the tables have turned, I am the one holding the knife, and you are the one being carved.

Are you still trying to negotiate with me?

Merete Chambers looked coldly indifferent and said, "I have helped you more than once before, and you have also promised me multiple times to let me enter the Babel Tower, yet you still haven't fulfilled your promise till now..."

Bai Yan interrupted her and nodded, saying, "I will take this and deliver it to the Respected Savior of the Babel Tower. Once you successfully enter the Babel Tower in the future, if you prove yourself, He may bestow more upon you."

"You have no honor!"

Merete Chambers' tone grew even colder, and this time, she was truly angry!

Entering the Babel Tower is very important, but the "key" to the Ultimate Ritual is undoubtedly important as well.

"So you really want to be heartless, disregard honor, and snatch this key away from me?"

"Mmm." Bai Yan nodded, not uttering a single word of disagreement.

"..." Merete Chambers fell silent.

The task of letting her into the Babel Tower had not been successful until now, but she truly didn't blame herself.

No way, even though luck is on my side, it's just not with you. I've been unable to draw it. What am I supposed to do?

As for the matter of taking away the "key" to the Ultimate Ritual by resorting to deceit,

In fact, for Bai Yan, giving the witch the chance to become a god in the future wasn't a huge loss.

After all, her fighting ability would eventually become a part of Babel Tower's reserve, liable to be completely drained away.

But, it was still better to keep certain things in one's own hands.

When the time came, he could use it as a fish treat to playfully tease Merete Chambers, this mischievous and naughty cat, making her obediently listen.

If after joining Babel Tower, Merete Chambers proved to be good enough... of course, Bai Yan wouldn't give her the first chance to become a god.

What a joke!

He had already made up his mind, and he would grant the opportunity to become a god to Mu Ling first.

The reason is incredibly simple: Mu Ling is a super powerful character in the late stages of the "Babel Tower" game. She is the ultimate protagonist among all the protagonists, and there is no member of Babel Tower who can outmatch her in battles.

After the Apocalypse, Mu Ling would grow stronger and stronger. If she could become a god, it would naturally maximize her own gains.

If it had been before the First Doomsday Crisis, Bai Yan might have actually taken into account the "favor" he owed to Merete Chambers and his "promise", and the act of double-crossing wouldn't have been so enjoyable.

But after experiencing the First Doomsday Crisis, Bai Yan had already learned one thing.

He realized that he had to give it his all, and fight with all his might, in order to survive the Doomsday Crisis, without harming the innocent.

Otherwise, if he really compromised here and as a result, Mu Ling couldn't become a god in time and Babel Tower thus lacked sufficient power, in the end, both himself and the entire world would be destroyed... That would be too foolish.

Merete Chambers' past acts of kindness and favors were all motivated by her own self-interest.

And, she couldn't be considered innocent either, as she stole without any guilt.

In terms of the ownership of the "key," Bai Yan had her completely figured out.

"Alright then, since that's the case, I have nothing more to say," the witch reluctantly conceded, bowing her head in a rare display of submission.

Merete Chambers let out a sigh, then revealed a stunning smile. "You're very strong, I can sense it. At the level of Potential Apocalypse, I am no match for you... It seems you've been hiding your true strength all along."

"Ah, in the end, this is still a world where the strong are respected. Even if you forcefully keep me here, doing this, doing that, I actually..."

"Overflowing in the World, Recording Everything!"

The Book of Concealment appeared out of nowhere, and she suddenly launched a surprise attack!