I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 351

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Chapter 351: The Praying Mantis Catches the Cicada

In a deep blue, enchanted world, Bai Yan had an expression of neither sadness nor joy. He reached out and took the civilization-level relic whip "Incinerator" from Scarlet Moon, which possessed the power to "expel".

"Uh, let's end the battle here."

There are only four seconds left.

In the last four seconds, he swung the whip countless times, completely hitting the enemy.

As a transcendent being of the "Apocalypse" level, he possessed a powerful "Aura" as a versatile defense against "Evil Spirits". When his soul was ablaze, the defensive power of the "Aura" became even stronger.

However, over time, the relentless strikes of the whip eventually broke through this layer of defense.

Meanwhile, the "Evil Spirit" itself was completely unprepared at this moment, unaware that it would be ambushed by a formidable opponent. Thus, the "banishing" effect of the whip began to fully take effect.

Finally, Bai Yan found some spare time to put the whip back, taking care to switch it to his other hand.

Time returned to normal.


With a mighty roar!

The armor on the Evil Spirit suddenly scattered in all directions, and the ethereal blue souls that connected to the armor were reluctantly expelled, leaving the dimension of reality with a sense of longing.

But because of this, the Evil Spirit didn't completely dissipate due to the burning of souls, at least preserving over half of its soul.

Christine saw this scene, her heart filled with overwhelming emotions.

In this way, Grandpa would be considered completely dead.

However, perhaps it could be considered a good outcome.

The former captain of the Knights of the Divine Blade, undoubtedly a top-tier warrior, was thus sent away from this world.

However, the crisis he caused still remained unsolved!

The huge city in the sky resembled a dark cloud, blocking out the sky and casting a shadow over everything in its path.

The immense city is about to descend, and in just a few moments, it will surely smash the entire first district of Annottales to pieces!

The members and servants of the major families were at a loss, unable to do anything but kneel and pray, crying out loudly in sorrow.

Suddenly, at the spot where the Ritual of Tranquility had formed a pillar of white light, a faint and melodious bird song could be heard.

With the sound of the bird song, the sky was transformed into a colorful display, replacing the once-flooded red light.

Under the infinite array of colorful lights, the enormous city district unexpectedly began to slow down, gradually being pulled back to its original position.

Very well, the problem was resolved smoothly... Although the activity has not yet come to an end, each step so far has been nearly perfect.

"World Savior", "Profligate"... Bai Yan's clone nodded gently as he watched this scene, feeling quite good.

Then, there came the sound of a bird chirping.

The white beam of light shattered with a resounding echo, and the majestic Ritual of Tranquility dissipated into nothingness.

Both bird chirps actually came from a mighty mythical creature of the Apocalypse level, a phoenix of flames that had been alive for tens of thousands of years.

It didn't belong to Noah, but instead came from another world. It was a mythical guardian beast of a magical civilization.

This fiery phoenix was brought as a powerful ally from another world by the Divine Executor after half of the Dark Night Saints suddenly departed due to the divine oracle and Annottales underwent a transformation.

The influence of the Dark Light Church had long expanded to multiple worlds. It had stood strong for nearly ten thousand years, with a profound heritage. Its true power was much more than just a few members on its own.

In a very short time, the Kingdom of Dark Light managed to recruit Apocalypse-level reinforcements from the outside world. This is something that both the Air Alliance, established for less than a thousand years, and the Nightfall surely couldn't achieve.

Bai Yan praised, "Truly, you are the Divine Executor of the Dark Light Church. You easily guessed that the enemy would have ways to deal with you. You didn't give up on preparations despite your absolute strength..."

After a while, Amicio, the Son of God, and the one-eyed girl returned from the Otherworld.

He knew that the Evil Spirit had failed, but he didn't really care. He simply smiled and glanced in the direction of the people at the Babel Tower.

"Maybe, we will have a chance to become friends in the future."

"But it is also possible..."

After saying that, he vanished into thin air, and the space distorted for a moment. Chris and the Head of Dark Night also found themselves back here.

At this moment, Bai Yan felt an unusually heavy sound of breathing.

Just a short distance away...

The immobile Scarlet Moon gazed at him, her eyes glistening, a slight trace of drool at the corner of her mouth, breathing heavily.

The Scarlet Moon, now, completely discarded the strength and dominance she once possessed. Her face was filled with eagerness, like a hungry beast, softly whimpering.

"It feels like it's been a few days since I last saw you... but I didn't expect that you had sucked so much blood before, and yet you couldn't even last for a few days..."

Bai Yan was also stunned. He knew that the Scarlet Moon had a strong craving for blood, but he never expected her craving to be this immense!

After pondering within the Babel Tower, Bai Yan, in his true form, decided to release the Scarlet Moon from her confinement.

Then, Bai Yan controlled the clone outside the Temple of Dark Light while leaving the Babel Tower. He waited for the right moment to enter the interior of the Temple of Dark Light.

Sometimes, opportunities are fleeting and may never come again.


In the next moment, the Scarlet Moon transformed into a streak of red light and swiftly pounced upon her target.

She tightly embraced Bai Yan, greedily drinking in the delicious fresh blood.

Alan and Christine stared at this scene, both completely stunned.

But the Scarlet Moon paid no attention to others, calmly drinking the blood without any expression on her face, her gaze coldly fixed on Alan and Christine.

Both of them felt a strong sense of danger and coughed softly, both subtly turning their heads away.

Pretending not to have seen it.

The Scarlet Moon was not embarrassed, but Bai Yan was... Bai Yan tried hard to push the Scarlet Moon away, but was held tightly once again, unable to escape at all.

He shook his head and decided to let it go. He didn't care about saving face anymore. He allowed her to hold onto him like that while he smiled and took a step forward.

Bai Yan, as if praising a student, spoke in a senior tone, "Mysterious Magic... you did very well just now. Your abilities can work wonders when paired with anyone."

Alan nodded silently, not providing any response because Profligate gentleman was being forcefully embraced by the Queen of the Scarlet Moon in a blood-sucking state, which was quite comical.

Oh, how embarrassing it was.

He couldn't help but recall how, in the past, every time they encountered a case related to the bloodline at the Demon Hunt Agency, Lin Bian would repeatedly emphasize and tell everyone about the great power and mystery of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

Lin Bian even said that if he ever encountered her, he shouldn't even try to escape, but rather kneel down and beg for mercy directly, which was the best choice.

Was this greedy and beautiful woman before his eyes truly the Queen of the Scarlet Moon, who possessed great power, aloofness, mystery, and elegance all in one?

Why did she become such a greedy and monstrous creature?

Thinking of Lin Bian, Alan's mood immediately darkened as he let out a sigh.

"Babel Tower..."

Christine hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to face these people and confused about her current situation.

She was about to ask them why they had come here when she discovered that both Captain Chris and the Head of Dark Night were approaching from that direction.

Chris gave her a wink and shook his head gently.

Does this mean that we cannot communicate with the Babel Tower?

Soon, Christine understood.

Blind Head of Dark Night sensed the presence of the three individuals from Babel Tower, but had no intention of thanking them for joining forces to retreat the enemy. In a hoarse voice, he simply said, "According to the prophecy personally passed down by the Savior on the Great Stone Tablet, as members of the church, we should all give our utmost efforts to kill those who belong to Babel Tower. Let's go together."

Upon hearing these words of ingratitude, Alan paused for a moment and frowned, murmuring, "Why is this person being unreasonable? We just helped them!"

The Scarlet Moon was filled with anger as well, releasing a wry smile. "It has been many years, and the church remains as shameless as ever. If you want to come, then come! Whoever dares to step forward, I will strike them down first! Whoever dares to kill a member of Babel Tower, I will wipe out their entire family, young and old!"

After she finished speaking, she gently placed her mouth back and continued to suck blood.

It was as if they would not stop until Bai Yan was completely drained today.

Bai Yan pushed once again, but he still couldn't manage to push her directly off him. So, he simply decided to ignore her.

"I will temporarily return them to you for now..."

Bai Yan reached out and placed the "things" on the ground. Naturally, he was referring to Evie and her loyal maid.

The two small figures quickly started to recover on the ground. They grew taller in the breeze and swiftly returned to their normal human body shapes.

After shrinking, everything that Evie had just experienced was so bizarre, it felt like a dream. She stood there, dazed, for quite a while before coming back to her senses.

"I, I just...thank you..."

It was evident that Evie was still a little confused.

Captain Chris and the "Silver Sword" Christine, of course, didn't lay a finger on the Babel Tower.

However, the Head of Dark Night wasted no time and directly smashed a Civilization-level Relic in the shape of a pagoda, hoping to suck in the three individuals at the Babel Tower.

This Civilization-level Relic had the power to instantly suck people inside, either killing them or trapping them, all with a single thought.

However, in the next instant, the three individuals vanished without a trace.

"Unfortunately," Chris shook his head in a feigned manner as he witnessed this scene.


Meanwhile, beneath the Temple of Dark Light.

In the quiet black space, a dark and ancient ring silently floated above the pedestal.

Dressed in a long black gown, with long white hair, Merete Chambers smiled. She was still as beautiful as before, and only a few, like Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon, could be compared to her.

The witch stood in front of the "ring" and reached out without hesitation to take it.

This is the key to the Ultimate Ritual of godhood!

From what she knew, in Noah's world, there was only one Ultimate Ritual left that hadn't been used up yet.

Actually, it is unimaginable that there are multiple Ultimate Rituals in one world.

To become an immortal god, it's not that easy at all. Many powerful quasi-deities have traveled through countless worlds in the multiverse, but they could not find the Ultimate Ritual they needed to become gods.

And even if they obtained the Ultimate Ritual, it would only be the first step for the quasi-deities on their journey to becoming gods.

"Hehe, it's best to wait until the old thing isn't around anymore. These days, I have endured and carried burdens without any reason."

Merete Chambers felt a wave of joy in her heart as she obtained the key.

This meant that she would have another opportunity one day to strive for the level of the "Divine Throne."

Perhaps at that time, everything could be resolved.

Immediately, the witch's face turned angry. She extended her fair hand and gently covered her bottom beneath the black gown.

"Bai Yan, oh Bai Yan, you've endured a total of twenty-seven strikes! How infuriating! Don't think I don't know it's you... In the future, I will definitely try out twenty-seven types of punishment on you!"

"Oh, is that true?"