I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 350

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Chapter 350: The Union of Heaven and Earth!

Bai Yan silently sat inside the Babel Tower, sipping his cola as he watched everything unfolding inside the Temple of Dark Light.

Just the two members of the Babel Tower, the Scarlet Moon and Alan, joining forces are still unable to defeat the powerful "Evil Spirit."

However, stalling for a while felt quite effortless.

Of course, the time was on the side of the Babel Tower, for the "Son of God," Amicio, had acquired a Civilization-level Relic, deciding to assist the Dead Silence in withstanding the onslaught for merely three minutes.

And the third operator who participated in the "Decisive Battle" phase had already been sent by Bai Yan to deal with the Ritual of Tranquility.

That member's strength is relatively weak, so sending them here wouldn't be of much use. On the other hand, sending them over there could lead to greater prospects...

Or, one could say, it had its chance there.

"Is she supposed to be coming?"

Bai Yan, having already completed the game, was well aware of the subsequent development of the "game storyline."

So, even though they saw two Babel Tower members plummeting down to the absolute bottom, they remained calm and unruffled.

Soon, a silver-haired knight dressed in a full suit of black armor appeared on the battlefield, becoming a tremendous game-changer.

"How can it be you..."

Her face displayed a complex mix of emotions-a blend of disbelief, sorrow, and anger.

The silver-haired knight was none other than Christine, the most talented Knight of the Divine Blade known as the "Silver Sword," Dark Light's prodigious warrior.

She was also the granddaughter of the Evil Spirit, Elia.


Christine shouted angrily, but instead of calling him grandpa, she directly called him by his name, showing just how furious she was.

"Why did you betray us?"

Christine's emotions were incredibly intense. She held a silver-glowing sword in her hand, and her heart was filled with anger and fury.

"Whether it's me, Chris the teacher, or my parents... we have always looked up to you as a role model!"

"If it weren't for your influence, both Chris and I wouldn't have reached this point! Even my parents wouldn't have..."

My parents would have also disappeared.

We are all proud to have taken this path because of your influence.

And you, who once tried to thwart the plot of the Outer God.

Without hesitation, even if it meant sacrificing themselves.

Now, what could it possibly be?

"That's exactly why I need to correct my mistakes in time!" the old man suddenly interrupted his granddaughter, while still engaged in a fierce battle with Babel Tower. Surprisingly, he seemed to have the upper hand, effortlessly maneuvering.


Christine stood there in bewilderment, unable to comprehend the old man's words.

The Evil Spirit, Elia, fell silent for a moment, finally revealing the long-held secrets in his heart. This was also the true reason why he chose to sacrifice himself to protect Chris all those years ago.

"Your parents, actually, didn't choose to become Knights of the Divine Blade willingly. They didn't want to battle the most dangerous enemies every day, but rather wanted to enjoy a wealthy life as extraordinary beings... They both became Knights of the Divine Blade under my coercion."

Christine froze, recalling her strict and rigid grandfather from her childhood, realizing that such a thing was entirely possible.

It turns out, upon careful consideration, that my parents were never really happy every time they went on a mission.

Back then, I was still little and didn't understand the reason why.

The Evil Spirit started to howl more and more suddenly, becoming increasingly hysterical!

"They were actually not just missing! They have all died! They have become playthings of the Demon Lord, never to be found again. Their souls will suffer for countless years, forever in pain!"

The voice of the Evil Spirit was filled with pain, sadness, and helplessness.

"I can no longer act so stubbornly! I absolutely cannot let you go down the same path, Christine!"

Christine, who had been clueless about her parents' whereabouts all along, still held a glimmer of hope deep within her heart. But in this moment, as she heard her grandfather's angry roar, her heart sank.

So that's how it was.

It seemed as if the white-armored relic of civilization had an effect. Suddenly, the emotions of the evil spirit Elia became calm.

"The stage of being alive is just a short phase for the soul."

"In life, we often encounter suffering and hardships, even if we have moments of happiness, they only last for a short time... The biggest thing in life is to solve the problem after death... And having a peaceful and eternal soul is the best state after death, the fleeting happiness in life is nothing compared to it."

His beliefs were perfectly aligned with the doctrine of Dead Silence!

"Christine! Help me! This is the path that people should walk on!"

Christine didn't hesitate as she swung her sword, cutting through the sky.

She gazed at her grandfather, her emotions complex yet resolutely determined.

"You have never changed... whether in the past or in the present, you always have been so stubborn... You controlled my parents' lives, and now you want to control mine."

Many people couldn't understand the mysteries of life and death. The Evil Spirit, Elia, no longer defended himself, but quietly said, "After your death, you will surely understand me."

Even when three of them joined forces, they could barely fight the "Evil Spirit" Elia to a draw.

"You and I are fighting, yet you dare to be distracted!"

The Scarlet Moon, full of anger, was now adorned in a brand new attire. She wore a magnificent evening gown, adorned with a combination of black and red, accompanied by exquisite black diamond earrings. An unending torrent of magical flames surged forth!

Fairy Tale Demon King!

The strength of the Scarlet Moon, the Fairy Tale Demon King, immediately reached a new level, unleashing overwhelming demonic power as she attacked the Evil Spirit. Each strike had the power to change the color of the sky.

And this magical power was inexplicably continuing to expand, growing stronger and stronger!

Adding to that, the old man had to also be distracted dealing with the "Mysterious Magic" and the "Silver Sword". Finally, even the mighty "Evil Spirit" couldn't hold on any longer and began to show signs of defeat.

He kept increasing the "distance" between himself and the Scarlet Moon, the Fairy Tale Demon King, with each attack, but this distance was steadily shrinking.

Finally, the "Evil Spirit" was sent flying by a powerful strike from granddaughter Christine.

The power of this strike was immense, as the hundreds of feet tall silver sword directly sent the "Evil Spirit" flying out of the first city district.

Christine said, "Let him escape... We can't catch up. Outside, it has already become a constantly shifting Lost City. Once we leave this city district, we will be caught in chaos and lose our way."

The Scarlet Moon glanced at the female knight, sensing that she might have intentionally let the other party off the hook, but it wasn't appropriate to say it out loud. She just let out a cold snort.

Alan, however, shook his head and said, "There's no need to chase after him. He will come back to us. We are the ones on the defensive side."

The time left for the "Evil Spirit" was actually running out.

The Son of God, Amicio, only agreed to stall for three minutes. Little did he know, he used a wicked spell of a black wizard to transport both enemies to a battle in the otherworld.

Now, more than two minutes have passed. There is less than a minute left, and he will no longer help and will leave the battlefield.

As for "Silence," the battle with the Ruin-level Relic and the Incarnation of Dark Light is still uncertain in terms of its outcome.

No matter which side had a problem.

The plans of the Dead Silence will be completely shattered.

The three of them waited here for over half a minute, but they didn't wait for anything.

The Evil Spirit seemed to have left.

"Is it over?"

Christine watched as her grandfather was knocked away, lost in thought. Deep down, she truly hoped that the stubborn old man would give up.

If there were choices... she didn't want to let her only remaining loved one die in this world.

But perhaps, in the world, there weren't so many choices after all...

Only fifteen seconds left!

Chris breathed a sigh of relief.

It seemed that grandpa had given up, which was good...

Suddenly, everyone felt an unprecedented sense of oppression!

Christine's face turned pale.

In an instant, the tall white-armored knight had returned to the three of them, his entire body glowing with a faint blue light.

Burning souls!

After an extraordinary being dies, their soul would descend into a special dimension for the deceased. They couldn't be reborn nor would they disappear, instead, they would linger in the dimension of the deceased for a long time, becoming lost and confused.

Even though it was very intense, it still existed in the infinite universe.

But if the soul is completely burned away, then nothing will remain, and it will vanish into nothingness.

Even a small amount of soul burning would greatly impair the power of innate abilities, causing a noticeable decline in strength.

And the excruciating pain to endure while burning the soul, even surpassing the physical agony's limits, can drive one to lose their sanity and descend into madness, which is even more terrifying than death itself!

So, even though the advanced spell that burns the soul is not particularly difficult, most extraordinary beings, except for the merciless and fanatical disciples, would not choose to burn their souls even if they were to die.

In fact, besides those with unwavering resolve, ordinary superhumans, even if they were to burn their souls, would lose all rationality due to this terrifying pain. They would become completely powerless in battle, making it a loss not worth bearing.

"Evil Spirit," the elderly man who had been alive for I don't know how many years, was once the captain of the Knights of the Divine Blade.

He stood before the three individuals, resembling a towering mountain, silently burning his own soul.

Everyone has something they believe in, and those with unwavering resolve will burn away everything to achieve their goals.

"No! Why on earth is this happening..."

Christine was perplexed, lost, and anxious when she saw her grandfather burning his soul without hesitation, determined to pursue that elusive goal.

"The Evil Spirit no longer spoke," in fact, at this point, saying anything became utterly meaningless.

Good and evil are indistinguishable! Right and wrong have no contention!

He took a step forward, and all three of them felt an immensely tremendous pressure rushing towards them, momentarily suffocating.

This is how the Evil Spirit suddenly increased the intensity of its presence!

Although it was a middle-ranked Apocalypse, under the amplification of burning souls and innate powers, this momentum was surprisingly not inferior to the Incarnation of Dark Light!

With a thunderous roar, as if it could destroy everything in its path!

Except for the Scarlet Moon, who stood her ground, Alan and Christine instinctively took a step back.

The Scarlet Moon's eyes blazed like fire, not only refusing to back down, but instead taking a step forward.

To everyone's surprise, the sky was filled with a brilliant red glow, which also moved forward alongside them.

However, taking this step forward came at a great cost for her, as her eyes immediately began to shed burning blood.

The Evil Spirit calmly reached out its hand, and the white armguard trembled slightly as if it were straining to hold onto something incredibly heavy and important.

However, in the palm of the Evil Spirit, they only saw a peculiar little stone.

Perhaps it was only the size of a peanut.

What could be so weighty about this?

In the next moment, the Evil Spirit hurled the little stone forward.

Even the Evil Spirit, a middle-ranked Apocalypse who was burning with soul-fire, struggled greatly to throw the little stone.

We need to give it our all!

However, just as he had recently made his move, the so-called "stone" suddenly grew in size.

It kept getting bigger and bigger!

However, in just a few seconds, the once "little stone" had already come crashing down, covering the sky and casting a shadow over everything.

Just after being knocked away, the Evil Spirit, who had burned with soul-fire, astonishingly exerted all its strength and brought back an entire "shrunken" district!

Came crashing down suddenly!

How could he ever catch it?

Alan and Christine's faces turned pale, and they instinctively wanted to run away.

In Annottales, the people also witnessed this scene. Countless individuals fell to their knees in fear, begging for mercy from the Savior. They felt that the heavens and the earth were about to merge, and that everything was on the verge of destruction!


The Scarlet Moon let out a furious roar, even though the heavens and the earth were about to merge, she refused to take even a single step back. Astonishingly, she was willing to sacrifice her soul and risk everything, gambling her life against her opponent!

However, her destiny was never truly within her control. Soon, Bai Yan took complete control of her body, not to mention burning her soul, she couldn't even take a single step.

The Evil Spirit, who had just exerted all its strength, had already regained its breath.

Before the object from the sky could fall, he took a step to "shorten the distance" and instantly appeared half a meter in front of the Scarlet Moon.

The Evil Spirit immediately reached out its hand, attempting to shrink the Scarlet Moon right then and there, wanting to crush her on the spot.

Deep Blue World.

The entire world turned into a deep blue color, and everything froze in place, unable to move. Even the city in the sky, about to descend, had to come to a halt.

There was only one man with dark hair who suddenly appeared, wearing a black robe, moving through the moments of deep blue.

"Let's finish here."