I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 35 (Part 2)

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Chapter 35: The Rat Man (Part 2)

Bai Yan was calmly watching everything from the ladies’ room.

Although he didn’t even see anything, he knew everything that was happening due to the telepathy power of Psychic Dancer’s. He had copied Psychic Dancer’s power by Power Possession.

Bai Yan has never had such an experience. He can now hear within 30 meters of all animals except insects and plants. In addition, he also can clearly grasp what happened around him.

Bai Yan thought that Psychic Dancer had improved her skills a lot. She should not have been able to sense a distance of 30 meters.

He suddenly sensed that a strange creature was coming towards him from the ground!


[Eat! Recover!]

Bai Yan was slightly taken aback when he heard the Strange voice. He had just come to gawk.

But now the Strange being came towards him.

He knew how to defeat the enemy in the gray area because escaping into the gray area was not difficult for members of Babel Tower.

Bai Yan switched to Nightsaber’s mode.

Bai Yan obtained the dark blood of the crime hunter family at this moment, and the Dark blood gave him the power to defeat everything in the gray area.

He grabbed the faucet in the bathroom and the faucet was broken easily. Bai Yan slammed the faucet at the wriggling gray shadow on the ground.

An extremely huge force bombarded the shadows, and a large amount of black blood burst out like a small fountain. Bai Yan calmly dodged backward so that no drop could touch him.

He looked at the blood on the ground without any discomfort but felt that the emptiness had been filled somehow.

It’s an extraordinary experience that makes people feel that being alive is full of fun.

The Rat Man screamed as he emerged from the shadows on the ground, struggling to move his body. He was almost breathless. It was obvious that he could not live for much longer.

“Who’s there?”

Alan’s surprised voice sounded. Bai Yan was calm and soon spelled the skill of Nightsaber.

“Deep blue -- world”

Bai Yan’s eyes turned into a deep blue color, and the whole world in his eyes gradually turned into a deep blue. Everything became completely motionless.

He immediately rushed out of the lady’s room and smiled at the curious Alan.

Bai Yan walked around Alan and came into the men’s room. He then switched to Psychic Dancer’s mood to hear Alan’s voice.

Time freeze ended.

Alan rushed to the lady’s room, but only saw a dying monster lying on the ground. The cruel scene made him stunned for a while.

[Who’s here?]

[He could kill the monster with one single blow. Such a powerful force.]

[He dared to fight against the monsters who believed in the Chaos Star and hid his identity in front of me. Could he be a member of the Babel Tower?]

Bai Yan was stunned. ‘He was kind of right.’

Alan frowned, and took out a rectangular black cloth from his arms, which displayed a picture like a three-dimensional projection, showing the phantom of all life in the vicinity.

Magicians would always have a plan, and Alan is such an extremely comprehensive superpowered person.

Of course, his frontal combat effectiveness was not very strong and stayed in a weak position at the Might level.

[That’s it! You’re in the men’s room! Let me see who you are.]

‘He found my location? How did he do that?’ Bai Yan was curious. He soon switched back to Nightsaber’s mode and prepared to use “Deep Blue World”.

Alan suddenly drew a door frame on the wall with a cane and slammed into the men’s bathroom.

However, no one was there.

He was slightly taken aback and found that the magic curtain showed that the rival was actually in the women’s room!

Alan spun around and rushed back to the women’s room, only to find the rival in the men’s room again.

‘What the fuck? How did he do that?’

‘What’s his ability? Exchanging position with others?’

Alan was confused and didn’t find out the existence of the Deep Blue World.

“Who are you?” Alan asked directly.

Bai Yan wanted to answer but was afraid that Alan would recognize him. Finally, he tapped the wall three times.

“Bang, bang, bang.”

Then, he left.

Alan came through the wall again but found that the man had left. The magic curtain no longer showed any information about humans.

“He left... Who is it?”

He had already thought that the man was Nightsaber since the man showed similar abilities to her.

Nightsaber was very likely to be Mu Ling. It was logical for her to return to the university.

And she can kill strange creatures and play tricks on him.

But somehow, Alan subconsciously didn’t feel like it was Nightsaber.

Moreover, Nightsaber wouldn’t break the tap to fight. She obviously enjoys using her black sword.

He muttered, “The mysterious man knocked on the wall three times. Maybe he was the third member of the Babel Tower?

Alan fell into deep thought and suddenly thought of Bai Yan who was still waiting for him for dinner.

“I got to hurry up.”

There will be low-level Night Watchmen to deal with the monster’s corpse. Alan threw the magic curtain and blocked the entire bathroom. Ordinary people would turn a blind eye when passing by.

He was slightly taken aback before leaving and found a book on the altar.

<em>Abyss Memories</em>

“The treasure of the Deep Ones...”

The Deep Ones are a race of servants who believe in the Chaos Star. They only exist in legends. Alan frowned deeply and put away the book.

On the way home, Alan thought a lot. The failure of the prophecy book represented the intervention of the Outer God, which had not happened many times in history.

He thought that something terrible would happen in Tatsumi City soon, and there would be a huge disaster. Could people survive this disaster?


‘The strong are more likely to survive.’ Alan thought.

“Become stronger…” He muttered.

Inspiration was the foundation of all superpowers, and it would greatly strengthen intuition. Therefore, most supernatural beings chose to trust their intuition.

He bought two cups of coffee and went to the restaurant he had made an appointment. Bai Yan was waiting for him.

Bai Yan sat calmly by the window, listening to the music in the headphones, pretending that nothing had happened just now.

He said calmly, “I’ve ordered two cat omelets, and they’ll be ready soon. Is this for me?”


Alan smiled and handed over the coffee with a gracious look.

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“What’s wrong with you?” Bai Yan was stunned for a moment. ‘He must want something from me.’

The smile on Alan’s face faded away.

He sat on the opposite chair, lowered his head slightly, and pondered for a long time. His voice became more serious than ever.

“Bai Yan, I’ve something to tell you.”

“What do you want to say?” Bai Yan was stunned.

In fact, he could guess what Alan wanted to say, but he never thought about the current situation!

Alan said solemnly, “It’s the truth about this world... As long as you know the truth, you will never be able to return to normal life.

But you can also have a chance and obtain real power!

“It's like a warrior who dares to light a torch in the dark. Even if he knows that it will be easier to attract danger and misfortune, he wants to take the real world into his own hands."

He stared deeply at Bai Yan and continued.

"I know that you would definitely accept this path."

Alan paused, "However, I still want to confirm because this matter is really important… Once I tell you the whole truth hidden in this world, there is no turning back."

"Do you want to listen?"

Bai Yan didn't know how to answer for a while. When he saw the sincere look of Alan, he felt a little ashamed for a moment.

‘Sorry, but I won't share my secret with you.’