I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 35 (Part 1)

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Chapter 35: The Rat Man (Part 1)

The biochemistry Building is located on the south side of Herendor University, where many of the science and chemistry labs are in this building, far from the rest of the teaching buildings. There are many scary legends.

For example, the explosion of the lab, the wandering female ghost, and even the dog-headed evil spirit.

Herendor University has ten horror legends. Eight of them happened in Biochemistry Building.

Bai Yan walked peacefully in the dark Biochemistry Building without encountering any student or teacher. it wasn't class time.

He dodged quickly to the stairs and stopped urgently without making any sound. It is difficult for ordinary people to experience the feeling of having a superpower.

If it is only the “Origin” level of superpower, then ordinary people can feel it as if humans can feel how strong the body of top athletes was in comparison to their own.

However, people with “Might” level superpower have already become an entirely different species from human beings.

Bai Yan copied the superpower of Nightsaber. His body was as light as a feather, and he could “dance” to any position as he wanted.

Like a smart cat, he rolled over and jumped silently to the handrail of the stairs.

Bai Yan could feel a blue card burning in the air, and when it was completely burned out, he would become an ordinary person again.

“It’s best not to stay in the state of a superpowered person for too long, or you will not be able to adapt when you change back to an ordinary person.”

If you have not seen the light, you will not be so afraid of the darkness, but if you have seen the light, how can you tolerate the darkness?

The Biochemistry Building is very dark, the light can’t come in at all, and the surroundings are silent.

Bai Yan had already arrived at the bathroom on the second floor. Minutes later, Alan arrived.

A few mice sprang out from under Bai Yan’s feet and kept squealing as if they were not afraid of him at all.

“The cleaner works so hard. How could there be so many mice? That’s impossible ...”

Bai Yan fell into deep thought and suddenly heard a strange sound from the men’s toilet, which sounded like a mix between the roar of a wild animal and some kind of strange scream.

There seemed to be something terrifying in it, which moved him slightly.

Because of the “Power Possession”, his courage also increased. Bai Yan was not afraid at all and even a little excited.

Bai Yan even felt that he seemed too calm... The last time he saw Child of the Star, he didn’t have any mood swings.

‘Perhaps, I was born to be involved in this kind of thing.’

“Is it here?”

Suddenly, Bai Yan heard Alan’s voice, and it was very close. He immediately hid in the nearby women’s toilet.

After a while, Alan arrived there with light sweat on his forehead.

He looked down and saw a few rats hovering in front of the men’s room and muttered, “The prophecy book says it’s a level 2 situation, so it shouldn’t be too hard to deal with.”

DHA classified dangerous situations of superpower events into five levels.

Level 1 refers to incidents that do not cause casualties and will be dealt with in order to conceal the truth.

Level 2 refers to incidents that cause casualties, but even the average person can resolve them.

Level 3 refers to incidents that cause casualties and must be solved by a superpowered person.

Level 4 refers to major events that will cause many casualties and require multiple superpowers to deal with.

Level 5 refers to extremely serious events that will cause disaster-level casualties and must be addressed by the DHA as a priority.

Alan just saw on his phone that the “event” in the prophecy book was in the Biochemistry Building.

He thought it would be better to solve it immediately.

The prophecy showed that it was a level 2 incident, so Alan applied on his mobile phone to complete the task alone, intending to solve it quickly and then join Bai Yan.

“Come on, let me see what’s inside.”

Alan held a clean white cloth and waved it, and a small spider-like robot gradually appeared on the ground.

“Hey, you in there! Don’t take too long! Come out now!”

Alan squatted down and activated the spider robot, which immediately moved towards the men’s toilet!

Alan took out his phone and saw the image from the robot.

In the men’s toilet, there were actually quite a few white candles, and many of those candles surrounded a small black altar.

Under the altar, a black-haired, half-human-height, bizarre black ape like creature was kneeling.

It made a gloomy, hoarse sound with its back to the spider robot.

“Born in nothingness, return to chaos.”

“The only real star among the stars.”

“The endless darkness hovering at the very end of the haze of the abyss.”

“I will offer you flesh and blood of the Son of Earth.”

“I always look forward to your great return.”

The weird being in the video suddenly turned around.

Alan’s pupils constricted, and cold air rushed from his back.

The black mouse-like body is extremely bloated, and on the disgusting body is a fat, twisted and extremely ugly face.

It’s staring right here!

The next moment, the Rat Man swooped over, and the picture on the phone screen turned black.


Alan was taken aback and immediately realized that the Rat Man’s strength was more than level 2 danger, and the prediction in the prophecy book was wrong!

Alan couldn’t calm down for a long time.

How could the prophecy book make mistakes? Maybe it was involved with the Outer Gods?

Thinking of this, Alan took a deep breath. Anything related to Outer God was undoubtedly a major event.

At worst, it will affect the survival of the entire world!

Alan’s expression was solemn. Since this is the case, he must not let it go!

“It’s too late to call for help. It seems that I could only rely on myself. You can’t escape.”

Alan smiled confidently, like a magician about to start performing.

He took out a long black cane from his arms and stroked the ground lightly, creating an invisible wall.

The Rat Man is huge, and the bathroom window is so small that it can’t get out of it.

In other words, there is only one exit!

Alan suddenly raised his head and saw a black monster rushing out of the bathroom. His ferocious face roared towards Alan and slammed directly into the invisible wall.

The Rat Man rolled to the ground, covered in blood, and screamed.


“The essence of magic is deceit, and I’m scamming people every day.”

Alan smiled, a black top hat had appeared on top of his head at some point.

He took off his top hat, took out a toy gun, and fired a toy bullet at the Rat Man.

The bullet exploded in mid-air to produce a violent shock wave!

The rat man’s body was knocked back into the toilet, black blood flowed all over the place, and it suddenly began to chant!

“Great Chaos Star, I am willing to dedicate one-fifth of my soul. Please let me return to the gray domain.”

That was Sacrifice!

Alan’s expression changed.

No! He shouldn’t let the Rat Man go into the gray domain. That place is the junction of reality and nothingness, and it is absolutely impossible for normal humans to come in!

The fat and ugly body gradually disappeared. Alan immediately threw a white dove from his sleeve, trying to stop him.

The white dove turned into a giant eagle more than one meter high in mid-air, and rushed into the toilet, but it was still a step too late.

The Rat Man completely disappeared from the world.


Alan gritted his teeth and fell into deep thought, thinking about what to do next.