I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 349

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Chapter 349: "Big and Small"

Bai Yan sat on the throne of the Babel Tower, calmly watching the spectacle through the perspective of the Scarlet Moon, as "arrival" unfolded.

What is the true objective of Dead Silence's heart?

What could be more important than dedicating this city to the Peaceful Songstress?

In Annottales, in fact, besides this city, there were only two things that Bai Yan could think of as being more important.

Or rather... one and a pair.

The former is the key to the Ultimate Ritual of becoming a god.

The latter, then, was the Vessel of God carefully prepared by the Savior of Dark Light.

And that's Evie and Kaluoer, the two sisters.

The god who had just been reborn inside the vessel was actually very weak, without any divine power at all.

The Dead Silence merely needed to find a way to allow the Savior of Dark Light to be reborn from the vessel, in order to offer a truly divine soul to the great Outer God. How could a mere city compare to that?

This was their true purpose, which they had spent a tremendous amount of time and effort designing!


The Scarlet Moon was proud, domineering, and looked down upon all living beings.

Ever since she became the Queen of the Crimson Blood Clan, she had always been like this. No matter who her opponent was, no matter how powerful they were, she never abandoned her proud heart.

Of course, although she said "that's it" aloud, she was also very clear about one thing.

But she was also very clear about one thing: the Evil Spirit before her was incredibly strong, and it would not be easily defeated by her.

According to the information from that annoying person, the "Evil Spirit" was the former Captain of the Knights of the Divine Blade, a past hero of salvation, and the most powerful being under the command of Silence.

It seemed like his strength reached the middle-ranked level of the Apocalypse.

Even though her strength grew stronger each day after obtaining the blood of that annoying person, combined with the power of the Scourge of War, it was beyond comparison.

But defeating a top-tier powerhouse who could easily annihilate even a middle-ranked Apocalypse seemed like an impossible feat, no matter how one thought about it.

"Babel Tower is... you all have indeed come. No wonder they both saw me entering the Temple of Dark Light and were stopped by the 'Son of God', but they weren't even panicking."

The old man's voice was calm and devoid of any emotion.

"Because you were causing trouble here."

The sound was not made by anyone else, not even a person, but by a pile of armor that had fallen to the ground.

Though they were shattered into pieces, it was still possible to faintly see wisps of blue souls connecting various parts of the armor, gradually piecing themselves back together.

And that is the reason why the "Evil Spirit" never reveals its true form.

He had long forsaken his physical body, his soul permanently entering into this suit of armor.

The white suit of armor, in fact, was a Civilization-level Relic. While it couldn't remove the dreadful curse from the Outer God, it possessed the ability to help the wearer continuously overcome negative emotions.

Yes, the curse on the Evil Spirit has never been lifted. For many years, those tormented souls have always clung to him, causing him great pain.

"Evil Spirit" Elia simply no longer feels pain and sadness.

In his forced calmness, the Evil Spirit actually felt more comfortable than before when fighting and killing as a member of the Knights of the Divine Blade.

He also gradually came to understand a brand new idea.

Peace of mind is far more important than happiness.

"Help! Help!"

"Please save us quickly!"

In the midair, the Scarlet Moon suddenly heard two tiny voices. She paused for a moment and carefully looked, only to discover that there were two little beings, each the size of a palm, on the ground.

Without a doubt, it was Evie and her loyal maid.

The two of them had just been hit, instantly shrinking under the sinister influence of the Evil Spirit's magical power.

"Hehe, it seems like you want to protect them?" the voice from within the white armor chuckled.

However, the Scarlet Moon's response was completely unexpected to him.

"I don't know you... If you prefer fried or grilled, it's up to you... but because of a jerk's demand, I have to kill you here."

The Scarlet Moon shook her head, showing no interest in paying any attention to the two of them.

For insignificant outsiders, she had always been extremely indifferent, treating them as if they were nothing.

"Is it really like this?"

In the next moment, the Evil Spirit unleashed its innate power once again.

He reduced the distance in front of him, taking one step and arriving in front of the two little people. He reached out his hand, wanting to grasp them.

"Come on!"

Evie screamed in fright!

Suddenly, the Evil Spirit realized that it had grasped empty air.


The Evil Spirit turned its head and looked in a certain direction.

A few hundred meters away, stood an extraordinary individual wearing a round-faced mask and a purple suit.

He had just used "The Reanimation Spell" to swap the positions of two people and the deck of cards in his pocket.

Without a doubt, this extraordinary individual is the "Mysterious Magic" of Babel Tower, namely Alan.

"Another one has come," he said quietly.

However, both of them were merely extraordinary individuals at the level of the Crown.

The "Evil Spirit" showed no signs of panic or fear, but instead unleashed its innate powers once again.

This time, he unexpectedly threw out a whole bunch of magical symbols. And in an instant, these symbols grew hundreds of times larger, with each one causing a tremendous explosion in the next moment.

"Oh no! Be careful!"

The Scarlet Moon let out a cry, instinctively trying to shield Azurin. However, she realized he had vanished without a trace.

Alan had long ago cast the forbidden spell "Foresee the Future" upon himself, allowing him to anticipate the opponent's attack patterns. Foreseeing the enemy's actions, he preemptively used "Short-range Teleportation" to escape to a location several kilometers away at the edge of the region.


A massive explosion erupted, reaching for the sky, covering a distance of several kilometers, with an incredibly powerful destructive force.

With an awe-inspiring might, a small mushroom-shaped cloud formed, shaking the earth and sky.

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However, the Temple of Dark Light stood unyielding amidst it all, completely unaffected. Not even the ordinary people living inside the temple suffered the slightest harm.

After a fierce explosion, the Scarlet Moon, suspended in the air, was already reduced to a bloodied mess. However, her body was recovering at a visible pace, steadily regenerating.

The Scarlet Moon pondered, realizing that her previous thoughts... it seemed that she had considered the people of the Babel Tower as her companions. Despite the injuries on her body, she was completely unconcerned.

She decided to harness the power bestowed upon her by the Babel Tower, the Scourge of War.

With a single hand extended, a weapon was pulled out from the void.

This time, the Scarlet Moon didn't utilize the Bad Inflammation, a power specifically designed to deal with spirits.

The imagined Civilization-level Relic turned out to be a whip made of dark red flames, named "Incinerator," with the ability to "banish" and "purify" extraordinary powers.

"I will kill you first."

With a cold and indifferent voice that sounded aged, the Evil Spirit once again appeared before her. It casually swung a fist, unremarkable in nature.

Without hesitation, the Scarlet Moon drew out her whip.

The power of this thing could expel the soul of the Evil Spirit directly from its armor.

But the Evil Spirit had already amplified the "power" on its fist and, at the same time, reduced the "distance" between its fist and the Scarlet Moon.

So, with the power of a mountain, the fist struck first, ominously aiming for the Scarlet Moon's head.

The full-force strike of a middle-ranked Apocalypse, unleashed with extraordinary power, would undoubtedly take away at least half of the Scarlet Moon's life.

But at that moment, to everyone's astonishment, the Scarlet Moon suddenly switched places with a nearby stone, completely evading the devastating power of the Evil Spirit!

The Evil Spirit frowned.

"The power of trouble..."

Alan returned to the battlefield at an unknown time, without hesitation, using his abilities to assist the Scarlet Moon.

In the next moment, the Scarlet Moon's fiery red whip sliced through the sky.

The body clad in armor, which was about to be struck by the Evil Spirit, suddenly became tiny and invisible in an instant, narrowly avoiding the attack.

"He disappeared!"

Alan still wanted to use his detection magic to assist the Scarlet Moon, but suddenly he was pushed away by the shrunken Evil Spirit.

The "distance" between them instantly grew, and Alan was directly "pushed" out of the first district's boundaries.

After standing in surprise, Alan wanted to hurry back, but as soon as he turned around, he realized that the streets around him had actually changed their positions... Alan found himself in the midst of a slum.

Annottales has become a "Lost City".

Meanwhile, near the Temple of Dark Light in the first district, the battle didn't cease.

"Now it's just you remaining! Let's see how long you can hold on!"

The Evil Spirit's voice grew heavy as it tried to launch another attack, only to find that the enemy's position had changed again.

He blinked in surprise, and immediately, he saw once again the masked member of the Babel Tower, whom he had just thrown away. Although he had sent them flying, they now stood, a few hundred meters away, in front of him once more.

"How is that possible?"

The Evil Spirit felt incredibly astonished in its heart.

What on earth is going on... Clearly, after leaving this street, there was no way this guy could immediately find his way back in this chaotic Lost City.

The Evil Spirit, of course, was unaware that there had always been a very shameless audience observing everything from the sidelines.

And this white-named "spectator", just moments ago, summoned Alan back again by using the power of the Savior's summoning ability.