I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 348

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Chapter 348: Is This It?

The entire shrouded city of white mist underwent astonishing transformations, with numerous streets not only shifting but transforming into a true Lost City.

Soon, Annottales became filled with chaos.

Everywhere, there were wicked cultists of Dead Silence causing trouble. They coldly slaughtered, taking the lives of the innocent.

And many mutants were suddenly released... This was obviously the doing of the remnants of the Order of the Moon Witch.

Even during this time, both the Babel Tower and the Dark Light Church were cleansing and healing the cultists and mutants. However, there were still a significant number of them hiding away.

It was such a grand event, almost like a war, that the people of the Dark Light Church spared no effort to quell the turmoil in Annottales with utmost haste.

They had been notified and prepared since yesterday. All the nearly ten thousand Dark Light followers of Annottales immediately poured out.

Even though they were all believers and not priests, they were actually divided into twelve different ranks. In such a large national organization, it was only natural that there would be more than just a few positions of each rank.

These people were the forceful individuals among the Dark Light followers, belonging to the ranks of the Dark Light Church above the fifth level. Without exception, all of them were extraordinary individuals.

Although half of the Dark Night Saints followed the divine oracle to Belan World, the remaining saints also immediately took action.

Among them, the weakest one ascended to the position of the Crown, possessing formidable strength.

The Knights of the Divine Blade, who were responsible for protecting Annottales, naturally had a duty to fulfill. They immediately mobilized, intending to destroy the Ritual of Tranquility as soon as possible.

However, even though they were numerous and powerful, they soon found themselves overwhelmed by the peculiar environment of the Lost City.

Because the people of the Dark Light Church couldn't possibly arrive at the scene in such a short time.

Every street in Annottales was constantly changing, and the speed of change was continually getting faster. What used to change every minute soon accelerated to every thirty seconds.

A staggering number of nearly ten thousand extraordinary individuals, including at least fifty to sixty crowned experts, found themselves completely disoriented like headless flies for a moment.

Of course, this situation didn't last long.

The Lost City was ultimately a delaying tactic.

Within half an hour, they would certainly reach the location of the Ritual of Tranquility. Within two hours, they would eliminate all the heretics within the city and capture all the mutants.

But when the time came...

Perhaps, Dead Silence had already achieved its purpose.


In front of the Temple of Dark Light.


With the sound of iron boots hitting the ground, amidst the thick white mist, a towering knight in gleaming white armor emerged.

It was evident that he was completely unaffected by the Lost City, able to navigate precisely to wherever he desired to go.

And the Temple of Dark Light was the very destination of the knight in shining armor.

Before him stood the grand and imposing Black Temple. Elia stood silently in place for a long time, seemingly lost in deep contemplation, recalling many past events.

He had once believed in the Savior of Dark Light and had been the protector of this city.

But now, everything has changed.

"At this point, there was no turning back... and I didn't want to turn back."

Elia continued to take steps forward and saw two figures emerging from the Temple of Dark Light.

The first person was the young man whom Elia had once saved, the one who had changed his life and destiny, the current leader of the Knights of the Divine Blade... "the divine-crafted monster" Chris.

When Chris looked at him, his expression was devoid of sadness or joy, showing no mercy whatsoever.

The other person, on the other hand, was an elderly man with snowy white hair, a face full of wrinkles, and a frail appearance.

He looked incredibly aged, with wrinkles filling his thin face. His eyes were completely sightless.

But Elia's wariness towards him grew even stronger.

Head of Dark Night!

This is the oldest living saint of the present time, and in fact, the most mysterious among the saints. Only a few people know... he is actually a tremendously powerful being who has already reached the middle-ranked Apocalypse.

Under the Incarnation of Dark Light, the two strongest forces undoubtedly belonged to them.

Elia, on the other hand, was not surprised at all. He calmly said, "As I expected, you have actually been prepared for this for a long time."

The voice of the Head of Dark Night was hoarse as he spoke slowly,

"The Temple of Dark Light is always of great importance. How could it not be guarded? You have successfully used a strategy to lure away the Divine Executor, making it temporarily unable to return here... Excellent."

"But that was the end of it."

Indeed, Elia was strong, but he was only at the middle-ranked level of the Apocalypse.

He thought that it was basically impossible to win against two opponents at once.

You should know that Chris, the "God-made monster," is regarded as the strongest transcendent being among the middle-ranked Apocalypses.

In the whole world, only a few people were capable of challenging him one-on-one.

Chris remained silent, his gaze fixed on the great benefactor who saved his life and passed down his legacy, his emotions incredibly complex.

A few days ago, he had doubts, but ultimately couldn't completely believe...

At this moment, the most revered image in his mind finally shattered completely.

"Come on."

Chris had already calmed down, taking a steady step forward. The space around began to distort, with inexplicable fluctuations appearing.

"Not going to make a move?" Elia suddenly shouted.

Chris and the Head of Dark Night both felt an incredibly terrifying pressure, even stronger than themselves.

Although not as powerful as the Divine Executor, the sudden appearance of a formidable enemy undoubtedly made both "Silence" and the upper-ranked Apocalypse super-strong beings.

Soon, they spotted a towering figure, a man dressed in a long black robe with a diamond-shaped mark on his forehead, stepping out of thin air. Standing behind him was a one-eyed young girl.

The man's appearance was so beautiful that it took one's breath away.

Not an exaggeration, but as a mythical creature, he indeed possessed an extraordinary charm that could captivate hearts and souls with every move he made.

"the Son of God"Amicio.

Noah was the most powerful black wizard in recorded history.

"A relic of a great civilization, it held them off for three minutes. Keep moving forward."

Amicio had a wide smile on his face, and his eyes were filled with joy.

A coin... no.

Fate had already revealed the enemies and allies he would face.

Elia continued forward without hesitation, not even glancing at Chris and the Head of Dark Night. He had complete trust in the power of the Son of God, Amicio.

The Head of Dark Night let out a sigh and said to Amicio, "Back when we tried to stop the Ultimate Witch, the Savior should have killed you directly, shattering your soul. Unfortunately, it was blocked by the Heart of Radiance... and He always listens to what that person has to say."

Amicio nodded, fully agreeing with the old man's words and even thinking that it would have been best if the Savior of Dark Light had killed him back then.

He smiled, "Some people criticize her for being hypocritical and it's not without reason. After all, in her eyes, everyone has the potential for redemption, but fails to see that some are born villains."


Inside the Temple of Dark Light.

Evie's heart was in turmoil, as if something big was happening outside, causing her great worry about her sister's well-being.

Worried about the chaos, Evie wanted to leave the temple, but she was quickly stopped by the Crown's lower-ranked personal maid.

"We can't leave now, the situation outside is very chaotic..."

The maid's voice was firm, her gaze serious and earnest.

"Go away!"

Evie immediately became furious, determined to find her sister, with no one able to stop her!

The maid wanted to say something, but then her ears twitched, as if receiving a sudden command, and she immediately spoke, "Let's go! Someone has invaded the temple!"

Evie was slightly taken aback at first, but then nodded in agreement.

"We should escape to the Tulip Manor in the third district, where powerful beings like Apocalypse reside!" She was simply speaking without thinking, but accidentally, she was actually right.

Now, wanting to go to the third district was not easy at all. The maid hesitated for a moment, having no time to explain the situation of the Lost City.

She grabbed Evie's hand and they ran outside.

As a result, as soon as they had just run outside, they were intercepted.

A tall, white-armored knight appeared in front of the two women.

Elia spotted Evie and spoke in a deep voice, saying, "It's you."

His goal was not someone else, nor any object, but the future Babel Tower, "Innocent Singer," and the princess of the Dark Light Church, Evie!

Evie was initially startled, and then instantly became afraid... If she were to be killed, wouldn't that make her sister experience the pain of death?

Elia reached out his large hand, and the iron gauntlet seemed to infinitely grow in size, as if it could grab both of them within its grasp.

Just at that moment, a fiery red light descended from the sky and landed on the ground!

The sky was ablaze with crimson flames, and the Scarlet Moon, like a fiery meteor that brings destruction upon all, forcefully sent Elia flying.

The latter suddenly crashed into the Temple of Dark Light, shattering into several pieces.

The Scarlet Moon stood in mid-air, her robes transformed into a glowing crimson flame, appearing like an endless source of fire with astonishing power.

"Once the leader of the Knights of the Divine Blade, now reduced to this?"