I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 346

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Chapter 346: Restless Mind

"Hmm, it's almost done."

Bai Yan quickly completed the task and, using the power of connection, discovered numerous pieces of information about "Belan World."

Belan World, once a world jointly ruled by the Cat-human and Human tribes.

The Cat-humans are a physically powerful humanoid species, often ten ordinary humans can't defeat a single Cat-human.

In Belan World, a long time ago, the Human tribe was actually just the Cat-human tribe's pets. However, many unexpected events occurred, and the situation for the Human tribe suddenly changed. They then turned the Cat-humans into slaves.

Until a few hundred years ago, the Cat-humans, with the power of technology, rebelled and regained the upper hand. However, they chose not to enslave humans again, leading to a seemingly equal and delicate situation.

Then, Noah arrived.

The saints of the Kingdom of Dark Light suppressed with thunderous force, directly annexing most of the territory of Belan World as colonies.

But they soon discovered that it wasn't just them who had set eyes on this world, but also the Noy Military, one of the three giants of the night.

However, the Noy Military had no interest at all in the civilization of Belan World. They had no desire to interact with the native cat people and were solely focused on searching for remnants of advanced civilizations.

In the legendary Belan World, there once existed the origin civilization of the advanced civilizations.

The Original People have left behind relics and traces about themselves here.

The Original People were the most prominent and exclusive beings known among the advanced civilizations, including the Noah people. They appeared frequently and possessed the highest status, being the only ones who truly knew and understood history.

They called themselves the "Spawn" of the Outer Gods, claiming to be the origin.

Countless eons ago, the Original People once rampaged through the vast universe using their 'portal' technology, conquering numerous worlds abundant in resources.

As the level of civilization progressed, the entire system of civilization underwent significant changes, and the previous nation-state system completely collapsed and disintegrated. The Original People abandoned the conquest of worthless worlds and fragmented into seemingly individual entities, yet connected through consciousness and information across the universe, forming a "super-special collective."

One by one, the Original People ventured into numerous universes, aiding indigenous races in creating new civilizations and leaving behind countless mythical legends.

Completely redeemed, they transformed into a powerful race spoken of by people as full of kindness and innocence.

Legend has it that the Original People were nearly immortal and possessed everlasting souls.

Eternal souls are a very important concept.

Actually, the path to immortality is extremely difficult. Not only does the physical body age, but even wise beings, after experiencing the vicissitudes of life, will also gradually experience the aging and decay of their souls.

If they don't possess the eternal trait of the soul, many extraordinary beings who have lived for thousands or even millions of years will lose interest in the outside world, and some may even choose to commit suicide.

The spirit is far more difficult to maintain lasting youth than the physical body.

The Original People scattered across one universe after another, even though they were once numerous. However, since they no longer multiplied, it became very difficult for them to meet anyone in the infinitely vast universe.

As for the remnants they left behind, they were truly marvelous.

"The remnants of the Original People, huh..."

Bai Yan fell into deep thought. The things from a higher civilization are truly of immense benefits. After all, isn't the Nine Trees System in the Tree City derived from such a higher civilization?

"Regular people, if they receive even a small blessing from the Original People, might be able to rise up and achieve great success. But if they were to obtain the remnants left behind by the Original People, it would be truly extraordinary..."

"Unfortunately, it was not a good thing for me."

Just now, he had learned from the information related to Belan World that something absolutely bad had happened.

It was said that in order to contend with Noy Military for the relics of the advanced civilization, about half of the Dark Night Saints had heeded the divine oracle and set off for Belan World a few days ago...

That means, Annottales is now in its most vulnerable defense.

"Not a good thing, it's so coincidental when you think about it..."

Bai Yan fell into deep thought. He was about to enter the "final battle" phase of the upcoming event, and every bit of help he could gather would make a difference.

He attempted to give various commands that are typically used on Core Operators to the "World Savior" and, to his amazement, each command proved effective, to the point that he could even summon duplicates of himself.

"Very well, but the three Crown members to be sent during the 'final battle' phase cannot include the 'World Savior'... because even if he is not on the battlefield, he can still directly intervene."

Bai Yan remained the only variable not included in the calculations of the Babel Tower.

He pondered for a moment, and he already had candidates for the three Crowns to be sent.

The first one, of course, was the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

There's not much to say about this. Setting aside Bai Yan himself, she is undoubtedly the strongest Core Operator at Babel Tower, the true face of its power.

After attaining divinity, the Scarlet Moon's strength and potential greatly increased. It remains uncertain what achievements she will have in the future, but at least for now, her power is comparable to that of the top-ranked lower-ranked Apocalypse.

Of course, Babel Tower's greatest reliance is Bai Yan himself.

He possessed the divine power, ah, no, the power of Power Possession, allowing him to easily harness the strength of all the Core Operators. Coupled with his numerous extraordinary abilities, he could easily defeat even two lower-ranked Apocalypses in a one-on-one battle.

This was already an incredible display of power.


It represented stepping into the realm of demigods.

At this level, the top extraordinary beings like Noah had the ability to find a way to leave the world of Noah and venture into other realms to survive. Moreover, their lifespan could extend for several thousand, or even tens of thousands, of years.

Except for the schemers at the Babel Tower, ordinary extraordinary beings sought to enhance their abilities through various means, such as completing special rituals, mastering their innate powers, using potions, seeking the assistance of demons, and tapping into the power of dark gods and other external forces...

Becoming an extraordinary being at the Apocalypse level was extremely challenging. One needed to receive a "revelation" in order to have a chance to break through.

The "revelation" is often elusive and varied, unlike the predictable Crown Ceremony.

It could be a flower, or it could be a sentence, or even a world-shaking war.

A delightful surprise that cannot be sought after.

Often, only the most extraordinary of geniuses have the slightest chance, but if luck and resources are lacking, it is impossible to reach the "Potential Apocalypse" before the Apocalypse itself.

In theory, it was so.

Apart from the multitude of people who cheat to become stronger in the Babel Tower, there are also individuals like "Silver Sword" who, at such a young age, can reach the level of Potential Apocalypse. Their monster-level talent is more than enough to leave a mark in history.

Actually, this is the reason why "Silver Sword" Christine couldn't find someone to marry.

The entire Annottales was filled with people her age who could match her, but in reality, there wasn't a single one... The ones who were on par with her abilities were mostly saints, the ancestors of prominent clans...

She was simply too powerful!

If she were in any other country, even if she had great strength, perhaps she could have married an ordinary person.

However, in the Kingdom of Dark Light, societal hierarchy was deeply ingrained, and there were strict expectations of social status... Men of extraordinary abilities below the Crown were discouraged from interacting with Christine.

So, Christine, who longed for love and marriage, might have to remain a spinster for many years.

Looking at the symbol of the final level of the new game on his phone, Bai Yan took a deep breath and was filled with excitement.

Let's begin.

At this point, she finally had the chance to discover the true purpose of "Dead Silence".

Because of the prompt from the mission reward, Bai Yan realized that the Ritual of Tranquility was not the reason for Dead Silence's arrival.

As for the true reason for their arrival...

Deep inside, Bai Yan actually had a vague guess in his mind.

Because, in Annottales, there was nothing of greater value than this city... except for one thing...


The Temple of Dark Light.

Inside the room, Evie sat on the bed, her brows furrowed in worry.

These days, she always felt a bit restless.

"What on earth happened..."

Her many servants inside the house remained silent, with a respectful and orderly relationship between the master and the servants, which was completely different from Maryse's situation.

Everyone knew that the "princess" had a fiery temper. In the past, they served her attentively, fearing her anger.

In fact, ever since Kaluoer left the Mercury Ball, Evie had not been tormented every day, and her temper had improved significantly.

"Oh no."

One maid accidentally dropped the teacup from her hands, leaving a noticeable stain of red tea on the expensive tablecloth.

Evie became furious!

The maid kept apologizing, kneeling on the ground, wanting to clean up, but suddenly she shouted out:

"Go away! All of you, go away and come back later to clean up!"

Once everyone had left, Evie lay down on the bed, with a frown on her face.

Why does she always feel so restless... her temper flares up again...

"What in the world, something is about to happen?"