I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 344

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Chapter 344: Unleashing the Cheat Code "Wind Spirit Moon Shadow" on the "Babel Tower"!

Mu Ling's expression was filled with astonishment.

She was only a few steps away from the black barrier in front of her.

A black light was almost touching her chest.

Mu Ling instinctively tried to calm her racing heart... but she couldn't calm down at all.

"This power... immense and powerful..."

She looked up at the sky.

The towering black light wall appeared in an instant, separating herself from the "colorless, transparent raindrops" with astonishing precision.

Without a doubt, the person who unleashed this Dark Light possessed an incredible mastery of power.

Mu Ling understood in her heart that even in Annottales, a place filled with numerous saints, there were likely only a few who could accomplish such a feat.

"Could it be that person...?"

She became startled.

Suddenly, a dense black mist enveloped Babel Tower.

Before Mu Ling could have any more thoughts, she was already being taken away from the city by the black mist.

In the next moment, the towering black light wall started to shrink little by little. It forcefully squeezed together the countless and menacing "Colorless Rain" that filled the scene.

Those "Colorless Rain" couldn't fight back at all.

Next, the once upright Colorless Rain suddenly became "soft," curling up like a scroll, wrapping all of them together.

The scroll created by the black wall curled up smaller and smaller, until it vanished completely.

And so, those "Colorless Rain" were also swept away, never to exist again.


In the first district of Annottales, inside the Temple of Dark Light.

Inside the temple, there was a place called the "Dawn Shrine," which served as the retreat and prayer spot for the Divine Executors throughout the ages.

Except for the Divine Executor, no one else had the qualification to enter.

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This was a dark room with no trace of light.

The old man in black quietly knelt here.

The first powerhouse under the Rainbows, the Divine Executor, the Zeroth Sequence, the Incarnation of Dark Light...

In Noah, in the Kingdom of Dark Light, this old man had many, many titles.

Many people worshiped him, and just as many feared him.

"Strongest," this word itself represented many things.

But now, he looks, in fact, not so special, on the contrary, he makes people feel ordinary when they see him.

If this old man in black clothes stood among a crowd, it's doubtful anyone would recognize him. His demeanor was too ordinary, completely contrasting with those awe-inspiring, sharp-edged powerhouses.

"You've arrived, Chris," spoke the old man in black, his voice aged and serene.


Another voice suddenly emerged from the darkness.

That was the voice of Chris, the current captain of the Knights of the Divine Blade.

According to tradition and rules, he couldn't possibly be qualified to enter here because "The Hall of Illumination" is the place where the Divine Executors of generations past directly listen to divine oracles.

Others, they were not qualified to directly commune with the gods!

But whether it was the elderly man in black or Chris, they had no thoughts of disrespecting such a grand act.

"I once again encountered Babel Tower, spiritual leader..."

Chris fell silent for a moment before speaking, "You told me not long ago that they are absolutely trustworthy, and they are the last hope to save this world... I'm very curious to know the specific reasons."

"The reasons, you don't need to know for now," the old man in black shook his head, offering no explanation.


Chris remained silent for a long time, then let out a deep sigh and gazed firmly at the old man, "Oh wise one, I have a question... The prophecy written on the 'Black Stone Monument' has made it abundantly clear... The Babel Tower, it is our enemy."

"Why do you insist on defying the divine decree? You are... the incarnation of the Savior."

If the other knights of the Divine Blade were here, they would probably instantly realize.

No wonder Captain Chris had the confidence to openly defy the divine decree.

So, the person who led the defiance against the divine decree was actually someone unexpected!

It was none other than the spiritual leader of the Dark Light Church, the earthly representative of God, and the legendary saint among saints... the Incarnation of Dark Light!

How absurd and unbelievable this is!

Anyone would find this incomprehensible.

"Why on earth?" Chris asked once again, his voice filled with determination. Today, he simply had to find an answer!

"Why...?" Chris asked, his voice full of curiosity and wonder. He longed to unravel the mystery behind it all.

The dark-clothed old man's tone was calm, yet tinged with self-mockery.

"For the infinite universe, the knowledge of mortals is meaningless. It is like seeing through a tiny hole, there are many things that, even I, cannot understand..."

"For me, everything I am currently doing is merely carrying out a divine prophecy," said the dark-clothed old man with a serious tone.


Chris was completely stunned, unable to comprehend the meaning of the words that were just said.

Carry out the divine decree?

Wait a minute, wasn't he disobeying the divine decree?

"On one day, the great Savior gave me three divine messages... They were the prophecies that only I knew."

The old man in black clothes continued to kneel on the ground without getting up, and quietly said, "The first one is to protect His vessel... so I adopted that girl."

"As for the second rule, it is..."

When Chris heard the old man's second divine command, this usually calm and composed man was immediately stunned. He couldn't find any words to say, his face filled with disbelief, and a chill ran down his spine!

"Killed Him."


Inside the Babel Tower.

Bai Yan stood atop the massive circular platform of the temple, surrounded by swirling white clouds, with the sun dominating half of the sky behind him.

He could feel it clearly, he had become stronger once again.

He just couldn't understand the principle behind it.

"It's not after the entire event that they become stronger, but it's during the first half of the event that they become stronger... It seems like it's not because of 'Babel Tower'."

Bai Yan fell into deep thought, contemplating and summarizing the recent instances of his sudden growth.

He suddenly discovered a peculiar fact.

At least for the first two instances of sudden growth, upon closer reflection, it was evident that there were clues. Prior to that, he had actually been doing the same thing...

Indeed, he successfully resolved the challenges that "Ji" had left for him to solve!

And on the third occasion, the peculiar scarecrow, a Boss named Sophora, appeared suddenly. It didn't at all resemble a summoned creature of Dead Silence.

Just thinking about it for a moment, it is clear that this kind of continually screaming scarecrow that cannot be killed goes completely against the life philosophy of those who belong to Dead Silence.

Perhaps, Sophora could also be an enemy "created" by someone else.

"Taking into account the recent events, this 'creator' shared with me the information about Dead Silence..."

"He knew that someone from the Tulip Manor was a member of the Babel Tower, but he didn't share this information with Dead Silence..."

Bai Yan thought in his heart that he might not be his own enemy.

"Could it be that this 'Ji' is actually here to provide one's own experiences?"

Even though what he deduced seemed far-fetched, the more Bai Yan thought about it, the more he felt the possibility of it.

The meaning of "Ji" was...


"Did he really try to 'save the day' in a roundabout way?"

Thinking about this, Bai Yan was stunned.

Although he didn't know how the other person achieved it, they certainly objectively helped him become stronger.

And after becoming stronger, it seemed that his "game" and "connection" abilities could be better combined and used together.

Now he could do more with the Babel Tower!

"Give it a try... Test and see if it's possible to use cheats in 'Babel Tower'."

If it could be done, saving the world would be so easy, wouldn't it?

Bai Yan took a deep breath, nervously placing his hand on top of the phone, switching to Power Possession - Queen of the Scarlet Moon.


His inner strength immediately became endless, without any hesitation, he began once again to "unravel" the Babel Tower.

Bai Yan immediately saw a large number of entries.

Behind the countless entries lay the representation of how the Babel Tower game operates.

"Sure enough, the head no longer hurt, and one could concentrate better..."

Bai Yan, in a moment of daze, discovered that the "operator list" began to visualize itself right before his eyes.

Bai Yan suddenly saw that it was no longer just words and numbers, but they transformed into vivid images right in front of him.

He caught sight of the projection of Mu Ling, who had just returned to Tatsumi City. He saw the projection of the relic bestowed upon Maryse, and glimpsed the Fire that Burns Everything deep within Aaron's soul...

So that's how it was.

The multitude of images were so vivid that Bai Yan immediately grasped many things about the operating principles of the Babel Tower.

And amidst the numerous data files of Core Operators, he also spotted the images of thousands of vacant "slots".

They... were all vacant slots reserved for "Core Operators"!

In theory, the number of Core Operators in "Babel Tower" could be excessively large!

Outside the vast sea of "empty slots," Bai Yan found that the selected "Core Operator profiles" were connected by a faint black mist.

Bai Yan was already very familiar with this dense black mist.

They might be the power of what is called "Connectors."

And according to the known information, the "Connectors" and the "God of Games" shouldn't be the same "person."

Not one to be found.

And he had a great connection with both of them.

"Maybe 'I' am actually a combination of the two of them?"

Bai Yan fell into deep thought. Even without substantial evidence, he felt that this speculation was somewhat plausible.

In fact, he had the ability to gather information regarding the mysterious existence of the "Connector," which appeared multiple times, using the "Library of Ruina" and the "Cybertyrant."

The known information was...

"The Connector" was not a person from the world of Noah.

But rather, a special entity that left behind many legends in the multiverse.

Extraordinarily special.

Some believed he was a notorious slave owner, while others believed he was the Savior of the world.

According to records, the "Connector" was the only mortal who successfully slew a deity.

It was an unbelievable thing!

The same words were spoken again.

The difference between demigods and gods is even greater than the difference between ordinary deities and Outer Gods!

It is a difference in essence.

Gods, by nature, should be immortal.

So far, Bai Yan didn't have enough information about the "Connector," and there was even more information about the "God of Games."

"The God of Games" was the most terrifying calamity in the multiverse.

Compared to the Outer God, it may be more like a true evil deity that is worshipped as the object of the "Tower".

By means of "games," It plundered and destroyed one civilization, deity, demonic lord, and cosmic will after another.

Once it was able to win over everything, for the gods in the multiverse, that would be a more dreadful outcome than death.

"Food" would provide free labor for the Babel Tower, probably for this very reason.

Bai Yan mumbled to himself, "In short, both of them have a terrible reputation... but why is it that when it comes to me, they suddenly become the Saviors?"

There are actually quite a few examples of gods becoming mortals through reincarnation and other means.

Bai Yan, using the power of the Cybertyrant, browsed through the Rock Morgan group's internal database. Inside, it mentioned that even the Outer Gods had examples of reincarnating as mortals.

"But...these acts of reincarnation were not spontaneous. Most of them were part of a ritual or disguise, each with a clear purpose, almost always paving the way for a dreadful plan and conspiracy." This is what the database mentioned.

Bai Yan paused and pondered, attempting to create a custom "character card" in the empty slot.

After Bai Yan finally arrived at the Potential Apocalypse, he was able to start making changes to the game "Babel Tower" from the ground-level data.

Even though he couldn't alter the fundamental rules of the "Babel Tower" game, he could follow the rules to add or remove certain things.

"Unfortunately, I really wanted to use a cheat device on 'Babel Tower,' but I can't do it yet..."

But at least, he could accomplish this task.

Bai Yan began to try "customizing" new "Core Operator character cards." In front of him, a multitude of character card images immediately appeared.

Thousands and thousands.

Bai Yan caught sight of Sylve's figure, as well as the numerous values that appeared all around.

These "character cards" were all individuals Bai Yan had encountered throughout his life, both ordinary and extraordinary... And only those with the note "Contact Person" could be filled by Bai Yan into the empty slots of the Core Operators.

But he still had a little uncertainty.

"I see... Only those who have sufficient connection with me are qualified to become Core Operators... But I have no connection with Aurora, Ganis, and the others..."

However, Bai Yan soon discovered something.

Even as a "contact person," he couldn't add Sylve and others as new Core Operators for Babel Tower.

When the character card was placed into the empty slot, it remained gray and couldn't be activated.

"Oh, so that's how it is..."

Bai Yan had a sudden realization and smiled slightly with a touch of resignation.

They were not chosen by themselves and thus could not save the world.

But they possessed the inherent ability to save the world, and later they would be chosen by themselves!

Just like the way Hunter Eyes, often referred to as the "Emperor's eyes," saw it.

Even if they weren't chosen themselves, the Core Operators of Babel Tower still possessed immeasurable potential!

"I am the one who found the hidden treasure... The Babel Tower itself was simply a way to ensure and speed up their development."

Sylve couldn't become a Core Operator for a very simple reason.

In her, there was a lack of "the possibility to save the world."

They were their "bonded companions" and possessed the "potential to save the world"... To enter the summoning pool and become a Core Operator of Babel Tower, both were indispensable!