I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 343

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Chapter 343: The Colorless Rain

Bai Yan smiled and suddenly, he paused for a moment.

He sensed a power surging from the deepest part of his soul.

Without any warning.

Here we go again, it has happened more than once, where I suddenly become stronger...

In the past few months, there hadn't been any occurrences like this. After the Doomsday Crisis, for some unknown reason, I started experiencing sudden and unannounced moments of becoming stronger.

Originally, Bai Yan believed that every time he made a breakthrough, he would reach the pinnacle of this level. Now, he realizes that it was an illusion.

In reality, he still had a distance to go before reaching the "Potential Apocalypse."

At that moment, his own strength had truly increased and he had ascended to the pinnacle of power as a Crown!

Bai Yan closed his eyes and could feel as if he was gently touching a threshold.

But what could be the reason for becoming stronger?

Only by finding the reason behind it, could it be effectively utilized.

"Hello, hello, what are you thinking about?"

Maryse noticed that Profligate suddenly acted strangely, calling out with a furrowed brow.

But Bai Yan didn't hear anything at all.

He realized that he was just one step away from the "Apocalypse".

The current version of myself, it seemed, could integrate "game" and "connection" together to use.

You can do more with the underlying data of the "Babel Tower" game!

Not just reading, but so much more!

After discovering this, Bai Yan grew excited.

He knew that some things were about to change, a change unlike anything before.

"What's wrong with you? Why suddenly stop talking?" Maryse's voice sounded a little frightened.

Even though Red Moon had completely vanished, she still feared that Profligate had been affected.

Facing Maryse's questioning, Bai Yan simply shook his head and smiled, saying softly,

"Hmm, I'm fine, just thinking about some things from the past."

"What happened in the past?" Maryse was quite curious about this man's history.

"Traveling through the vast world, saving countless innocents," Bai Yan unleashed his ability to make up stories, continuing to fabricate nonsense.

But Maryse seemed to believe it.

Indeed, she had no reason not to believe, and there was no way or desire to seek proof, as she inherently wanted to believe.

"Tell me more," Maryse said.

"Do you want to listen?"

Bai Yan hesitated for a moment, but he hadn't come up with a story yet.

"Uh, I really want to. Go ahead and tell me."

"Really want to listen?"


Maryse nodded eagerly, her face lit up in anticipation.

"I will talk to you later."

Bai Yan smiled faintly and without hesitation, he turned around.

He vanished from the spot, with absolutely no intention of staying behind.

Only leaving behind the foolish Maryse standing in place, she gazed at the encroaching black mist around her and understood why Profligate had departed.

It turned out that there wasn't enough time left for themselves here. It was already too late to chat more.

"Oh no..."

Before being teleported away, Maryse murmured, "It's all because of the Savior!"


Another part of the city.

Aurora and Chris, the captains of two different worlds, continued to "confront each other".

"You wanted to collaborate... but I don't know what I can decide... because, I can't decide anything."

Facing the requests of a stranger, Aurora gently shook her head.

She had only recently joined the Babel Tower, and she didn't know what she could say and what she couldn't say. She also didn't know who the knights in front of her actually were.

Good person? Bad person?

Step back for a moment, regardless of the other person's identity, can Babel Tower decide with whom to cooperate?

She had become an adult, so it was only natural that she wouldn't be so ignorant.

"I'm sorry, I'm just an ordinary member of Babel Tower and I don't have the power to decide who we cooperate with," Aurora could only honestly explain her situation.

She was just an apprentice member of Babel Tower, and couldn't decide anything.

Chris fell into deep thought and nodded softly, "I understand... but I do hope that collaborations like today won't be the only ones."

Unable to hold back any longer, the Knight of the Divine Blade spoke, a brown-haired man said:

"Captain... The message from the divine oracle is very clear. The Savior of the Babel Tower is actually an evil god disguised as a benevolent deity... You must be careful not to be deceived by them!"

"Yes, Captain!" the others chimed in. "Don't be deceived by their appearances," they added.

Indeed, many cult followers would perform acts of kindness.

Only for a greater evil.

However, when his companions questioned him, Chris didn't respond.

The silent man seemed stubborn in his own opinion.

He seemed absolutely certain, willing to believe in the Babel Tower.

However, the other members of the Knights of the Divine Blade are unaware of what has bewitched the captain. He openly defies the divine oracle of the Savior of Dark Light!

In a land ruled by divine authority, such behavior was truly outrageous in the eyes of many.

"Captain, what happened to you?"

They were getting anxious, starting to worry about their captain.

Although Chris now holds a high position and prestige, second only to the Divine Executor, everything was bestowed upon him by the gods.

The Savior of Dark Light could also strip him of everything in an instant!

Right at that moment, a familiar voice, belonging to the Savior, echoed in Aurora's mind.

[United, they are able to gather everything, saving countless worlds from despair.]

Aurora paused for a moment, then quickly understood the meaning behind it.

The surrounding black mist rose as she smiled at Chris, not far away, before she left. "Actually, I think... He would be in favor of cooperation," she said.

Then, Aurora's tone turned serious.

She looked firmly at the group of black-armored Knights of the Divine Blade.

"...the Savior of the Babel Tower is not an evil god, but a rescuer!"

"I hope you will no longer disrespect Him! Our actions are meant to bring hope to everyone, to free the world from mire, without any doubt or slander!"


In the midst of the white mist, Mu Ling took a deep breath and retracted her two shadow clones.

Then, she almost lost her balance, her body swaying ever so slightly.

"I'm so tired, it turns out that the physical and mental energy expended is three times as much..."

After becoming stronger, Mu Ling rarely felt so exhausted. She had a strong desire to go to sleep immediately.

She, all alone, swiftly defeated six Grand Priests of Dead Silence in a short amount of time.

The astonishingly high efficiency was truly remarkable!

Dead Silence, the largest cult in the world of Noah, was dealt a heavy blow by a lone individual, causing immense losses that were almost unbelievable.

But Mu Ling really did it.

Or, with the help of the "Babel Tower" game, she accomplished something that seemed almost impossible.

Even on her character card, a new milestone emerged.

"The Exterminator of Evil Cults"

Mu Ling slowly sheathed her knife, took a deep breath, and muttered to herself, "So, it's finally over... at least the mission for today is over."

She silently began to wait as the black mist swirled around her.


Mu Ling turned around and looked towards a certain direction.

In the white mist, someone was gazing at her.

Although she didn't know who it was, someone was definitely gazing at her. Mu Ling's powerful intuitions were going on full alert.

He is very strong!

Even possibly...in comparison to that Chosen for Eternity, Glofield, there wouldn't be too much of a difference.

Who is it?

Mu Ling was extremely vigilant!

At that moment, a dark mist enveloped them. Mu Ling realized that she was about to be transported away.

But that threat...

They attacked!

Deep Blue World!

Mu Ling instinctively activated the Deep Blue World, causing time to come to a halt.

To her astonishment, she noticed that rows of transparent "water droplets" had appeared just a meter away from her.

They were like a rain that only existed for themselves.


She raised her eyebrows slightly, sensing through her intuition that something was about to happen.

In the plentiful liquid, resembling raindrops, there existed unimaginable special powers. They were not actually water, but a highly unique substance...

It was a type of substance that didn't exist in reality!

Mu Ling suddenly discovered that after she had entered the Deep Blue World, the dark mist had also been frozen in place.

Soon, the frozen stillness of time would come to an end.

And these "raindrops" would touch her.

Inspiration speaks, and as long as she touched them, there was a high chance of them dying!

While she was pondering, she had already retreated, and within the five frozen seconds, she had already dashed a kilometer away!

For some unknown reason, Mu Ling's spirit had issued this warning: they possessed powers that could harm the soul, and must never be touched!

Time returned to normal.

The raindrops swiftly approached!

So fast that ordinary people cannot identify it with the naked eye!

Mu Ling didn't hesitate for a moment and made her two shadow clones take the lead, choosing to let them bear the attacks.

However, these liquids managed to pass through the shadow clones and continued rushing towards Mu Ling.

How can this be?!

Mu Ling, who quickly stepped back in surprise, had already realized something.

This transparent liquid only comes into contact with beings that have a soul! Things without a soul will simply pass through it!

"Oh no, they are moving faster than me!"

The droplets zoomed through the air, and in the blink of an eye, Mu Ling was on the verge of being caught up.

And these countless "raindrops," as soon as one touches her, will bring about unpredictable consequences.

Mu Ling had no idea what specific consequences would arise from it.

But she didn't dare to take the risk at all!

What should I do?

Mu Ling kept accelerating as she stepped back, darting through countless buildings in a matter of seconds. Her speed was so fast that only a blur was visible to the naked eye.

However, those transparent droplets of liquid continued to pursue her, just like a shadow.

Finally, she was "touched".

In the next instant, they passed right through, without causing any impact at all.

Because, Mu Ling had switched places with her own shadow!

Just now, what those "raindrops" actually touched was a shadow clone.

"What a close call!"

After swapping positions, Mu Ling took a deep breath. The black mist had already surrounded her body, and the familiar transportation was about to commence.

She turned her head...

Thousands upon thousands of transparent "droplets" were now within reach!

Deep Blue World!

Automatic tracking?

Mu Ling's face was covered in cold sweat.

The closest raindrop, just a few centimeters away from her eyes.

If time hadn't stood still and been usable again, she would have been touched. How fortunate, that was really close, so close.

What kind of power is this, after all?

Who was using it in secret again?

Just at that moment, Mu Ling froze completely.

To her surprise, she had unknowingly been lured into a trap!

"Water Drop"

It increased.

Wherever she looked, there were countless "water droplets" covering the sky and saturating the area, as if they were about to gather into a terrifying downpour that would instantly demolish the entire street!

And right now, Mu Ling found herself standing right in the middle of the surrounding crowd, with nowhere to escape!

In the blink of an eye when time seemed to freeze, there was a possibility of one's own life being taken away.

And at this moment, even I didn't know who was attacking!

Mu Ling felt a sense of unwillingness deep inside her.

But she could also figure out who was attacking her in the end.


It could only be this terrifying presence!

Besides the mysterious High Priest of Dead Silence, Noah, the most powerful cult leader in the world, within Dead Silence, there should be no enemy left capable of putting him in such a pitiful state.

This incredibly mysterious being, with a name, gender, and abilities that remain an enigma, possessed an unquestionable and terrifying power!

Respected Savior, I apologize.

Mu Ling took a deep breath, as the black mist surrounded her.

Just a little more, and she would be able to escape from Annottales.

But she was already helpless.


Time returned to normal.

The colorless rain came pouring down, covering everything in sight!


Suddenly, an elderly voice echoed throughout the entire Annottales.

Everyone heard the sound.

Countless faithful followers, who were eating, working, or strolling aimlessly, kneel down at this very moment and devoutly pray.

The black wall of light, reaching straight to the sky, rose up in an instant!

They stood before Mu Ling, precisely shielding her from the Colorless Rain that was so close by.