I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 342

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Chapter 342: Who Are You?

Maryse watched as the mad cultists died one by one, and her clothes were stained with what seemed like blood.

She always felt a chilling sensation running down her spine.

"What a strange power... Why does such a frightening power exist, a gift from the Savior... How peculiar..."

After the Doomsday Crisis, Maryse never doubted the "righteousness" nature of the Babel Tower.

But the bizarre sight before her left her momentarily stunned.

Why would the Savior of the Babel Tower bestow such an evil power?

She couldn't understand.

But deep inside, Maryse still believed that the Savior was not just a hypocritical deity, disguised as a benevolent god, but a truly great presence with a genuine desire to save the world.

And there was no time left for Maryse to ponder any further.

Because this time was a "fast track" level, with Bai Yan's arrangements, Maryse would soon have to rush to battle the next enemy.

She suddenly felt as if her body was merging with the crimson dance dress of the moon.

This is, what is happening?

I have turned into liquid!

Maryse was startled and then felt frightened. She was being controlled to unleash the power within her character card... "Moonlight Refraction."

Only I saw the fairy girl's body transforming into a stream of crimson moonlight, soaring to the sky in an instant!

After a few seconds, the streak of blood-red light swiftly descended onto the fifteenth district of Annottales.

In just an instant, the blood-red moonlight transformed back into human form.

Maryse crouched on the ground, panting heavily, taken aback.

"Scared to death, just thought I was about to become a drink for some evil god..."

After she looked up, she suddenly saw Mr. Profligate, whom she hadn't seen for a while.

Profligate was fighting a terrifying scarecrow monster!

The black scarecrow monster was incredibly powerful. It cackled sinisterly, and with a casual swing of its weapon, the surrounding buildings were knocked down by a fierce gust of wind!

"So strong!" he exclaimed.

Maryse was a bit startled, and also a bit afraid of being hit by the aftermath.

But the young elf girl soon discovered that this scarecrow monster was completely being toyed with by Profligate, the master of revelry.

No attack could land on this man who had a myriad of tricks up his sleeve. He would disappear and reappear in an instant, often employing teleportation!

"Yay! Mr. Moriarty, go for it!"

Maryse excitedly wanted to wave her flag and shout, her body immediately started moving with enthusiasm.

Of course, this wasn't something she wanted to do on her own.

But instead, she was supposed to dance.

"Here we go again?" Maryse sighed, already accustomed to dancing.

Just then, a familiar blood moon appeared once again in the sky.

And when the blood moon appeared, even the immortal creature named "Sophora" was instantly captivated, standing still in place.

It gazed at the blood moon in the sky, no longer shrieking or making any movements.

It seemed to transform into a real scarecrow.


Suddenly, a peculiar sound emitted from within "Sophora's" body, resembling the crying of a child and the sigh of a dying old man.

It seemed as if it had witnessed something extremely terrifying.

Even monsters feel fear!

Just then, Maryse was suddenly startled and exclaimed in a panicked voice, "Don't look! Mr. Profligate, Moriarty! Please, don't look! Don't!"

Bai Yan, who was standing by the side...

He also gazed silently at the blood moon in the sky.

Even though the fairy girl shouted loudly beside him, Bai Yan remained calm, seemingly unaffected. He didn't hear a word of Maryse's voice.

Maryse was extremely anxious, trying her best to free herself from the clutches of the "Savior", but she was helpless and couldn't break free, no matter how hard she tried.

She could only silently continue dancing with a dance that possessed a mysterious beauty.

Watching from here, Profligate was beguiled by the blood moon that cursed humanity.

"No, no, please don't!"

Tears streamed down Maryse's eyes. She knew just how terrifying that thing was. Even a Profligate, might very well...

Would she end up killing him with her own hands?

At this moment, Bai Yan never took his gaze away from the blood moon.

It was so beautiful.

He had never seen something so beautiful before.

"What is that?"

Just like everyone else, he also saw something extraordinary.

Inside the crimson moon, there seemed to be something.

Bai Yan gradually saw clearly that in the crimson moon, there was a slender, silver, and immaculate seven-clawed long dragon.

And in the instant of seeing the dragon, Bai Yan felt... himself being watched by it!

He seemed to have glimpsed countless universes.


Just as Bai Yan was about to shift his gaze, deciding not to look any longer.


Suddenly, some incomprehensible information entered Bai Yan's mind. Numerous pieces of information gradually arranged themselves, forming a message that Bai Yan could understand...

[Who are you?]

A question arose.

A mysterious and formless great being, whose appearance was unknown, seemed to question Bai Yan, as if reaching out to him through countless worlds.

But Bai Yan had no idea how to respond.

[Indeed, it was as such.]

That voice appeared once again.

[Don't look.]

As if being forcefully pushed, Bai Yan instantly snapped awake.

He closed his eyes, no longer lifting his head to look at the Celestial Dragon in the sky. Although from the very beginning, he had felt confident in facing the Outer God without any mishaps, he still wanted to thank that unfamiliar voice.

According to what was mentioned in the description of the "Moon Dancer", if he wasn't mistaken, the Lunar Dragon within the Blood Moon was very likely the "Eternal Moon" of the Outer God.

He is also an Outer God.

Symbolizing all the negative energy in the diverse universe.

And within the Outer God, the Primordial Fire is the exact opposite of Him, symbolizing all the positive energy in the diverse universe.

As for the person who had just reminded himself...

Who could it be?

Bai Yan closed his eyes and fell into deep thought. The voice he had just heard belonged to a young man, soft and calm.

It was definitely a presence that he had never encountered before.

That person, perhaps even highly likely to be from beyond this world, could interfere with the Outer God's influence on himself.

Who could it be?

He was very puzzled, but couldn't speculate.

But Bai Yan couldn't help but feel that this person who had just spoken was an unbelievably powerful being... They might even be an Outer God themselves.

Finally, the monster named Sophora died.

Under the influence of the Blood Moon, it crashed to the ground, transforming into a pile of ashes and straw, devoid of any signs of life.

A curse was cast.

Compared to the use of positive energy, the utilization of negative energy seemed slightly more mysteriously eerie, possessing various unique ways of causing harm.

Just then, Maryse also came to a halt in her dance.

She rushed over without hesitation and embraced Bai Yan, exclaiming loudly, "Just now! I was so scared... So, what did all of you see? Why were you all spellbound!"

The Moon Dance is indeed a powerful special move, though it becomes utterly useless once you close your eyes beforehand. Bai Yan smiled faintly.

"Everyone should see something different, right?" he gently touched the hair of the fairy girl. "I'm fine, you know?"

Maryse jumped back, her face slightly flushed. "So you're not dead, huh? Then you can leave."

Bai Yan smiled and remained silent.

"Why haven't I seen you around these past few days?" Maryse suddenly asked.

"Because I have things to attend to," Bai Yan pretended to answer seriously, speaking nonsense with a straight face. "There are other worlds that need me to save... Babel Tower, not just Noah."

Maryse nodded and said, "So that's how it is... then it's all the Savior's fault... I knew I couldn't blame you, after all, I can't defy the Savior either."

Um, Bai Yan instinctively touched his face.

Well, it's hard to say... even before I could come up with a proper excuse, she had already found one for me and defended me.

It seems that Maryse is quite easy to get along with.

"In fact, the Savior had no other choice..."

Bai Yan was about to explain a few words in defense of himself as the "Savior", but Maryse suddenly got angry!

"Are you taking care of Him? Is it always because He has no other choice, or is it because we all have no other choice? Ah?"

Maryse's face was filled with indignation as she continued to speak loudly, "I knew you would defend the Savior! It really makes me furious! Do you think that, like Mu Ling, the Savior is the most important person in your heart?"

No, no, no. What's the matter with you? Bai Yan was completely taken aback and couldn't anticipate what had just happened.

Such intense resentment?

From the looks of it, Maryse seemed quite difficult to get along with.

Bai Yan felt a bit of a headache. He had always known that Maryse was easily emotional, like a little donkey that would kick its hooves. He had to constantly stroke her fur in the right direction.

He had just decided to go along with what she was saying.

Maryse turned her body, facing away from Bai Yan, and fell silent.

"You are right."

Bai Yan took a deep breath and pretended to nod seriously, "Compared to the Savior, it is indeed harder for us. He sometimes forces us to do many things that can indeed be unpleasant... I'm sorry, I haven't been paying attention to your feelings all this time."

Maryse turned her body and looked at him, but she didn't say anything.

Bai Yan realized that his words were not strong enough, and his expression became more serious. He said, "If one day, the Savior forces you to do something you absolutely don't want to do, even if it means making sacrifices to save the world, I will never forgive Him!"

Maryse shook her head and quickly said, "You better not say anymore. Speaking too much might result in punishment... Although there is no clear evidence, I always feel like He might be a bit petty and seek revenge in various ways..."

Bai Yan smiled and didn't reply.

He knew that the second phase of the "eve" had come to an end.

The thunder was loud, but the raindrops were small!

What was the reason? It's very simple.

That's because of various designs made in advance and the power of the "Babel Tower" game, which ultimately resulted in the premature destruction of all the setups in Dead Silence.

Regarding the appearance of "Evil Spirits," of course, it was he who reported it.

So, that's why the Knights of the Divine Blade were able to arrive in time.

If you want to pass the level quickly, you naturally have to use all sorts of techniques that can be utilized.

Inside the Babel Tower, Bai Yan also discovered a new game hint popping up on his phone.

"The game achievement has been obtained: Purple Achievement · No one was harmed!"

"No Casualties: In large-scale events where casualties would be expected, ensuring that not a single ordinary person dies!"

"Has received an achievement reward: Mystical Power - The Foreteller!"

Unexpected delight!