I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 341

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Chapter 341: A Quick Journey!

The High Priest extended his aged and withered hand.

The surrounding ground, stretching hundreds of meters, shattered under the control of an unseen tremendous force.

Silently, it floated up.

The High Priest slowly extended his hand.

Manipulating invisible forces.

The sky was filled with massive boulders, carrying an immense impact as they crashed towards the buildings ahead.

The momentum was incredibly grand, like a meteor shower.

However, the Brave Knight in black armor showed no fear. She simply drew her sword slowly, and in the blink of an eye, she vanished without a trace.

In just an instant, Mu Ling appeared behind the High Priest.

She sheathed her sword.


The High Priest turned around in disbelief, wanting to do something more, but at that moment, his head fell to the ground.

Instantly, he struck with deadly precision!

Just as Mu Ling skillfully evaded all the attacks, she swiftly approached through the Deep Blue World. In the end, with a single powerful strike, she instantly defeated the "Frail Skin" High Priest.

All of these actions had already been predetermined within the Babel Tower game!

A magnificent Crown-level transcendent being, even stronger than the renowned Pastor who once had a glorious reputation in Tatsumi City, was easily and swiftly defeated by Mu Ling!

It's not just a gap in power, but also a restraint based on compatibility.

Additionally, with Bai Yan's meticulously planned actions, the unexpected "instant defeat" became a reality.

The surrounding cultists stood frozen for a moment, completely unable to comprehend what had just happened.

They still wanted to resist.

But within a few seconds, without exception, the heads of all the cultists fell to the ground.

"Clean-up is finished."

Mu Ling's voice was cold and indifferent, and she had no intention of staying here. Before anyone could arrive, she immediately rushed towards another district in the city.

At the same time, in two other districts, two "shadow" Mu Lings also successfully killed the two high priests who were conducting the ceremony after an intense battle.

Their basic attributes are only half of the original body, but they possess a special physique that is almost indestructible.

To deal with ordinary crown-level extraordinary beings, they were more than capable.

And besides the three powerful "Mu Lings"... elsewhere on the battlefield, the conflict raged on in an intense and relentless manner.

In the eleventh district, above the deserted streets, a silver crescent moon appeared, as if by magic.

That was an illusion of the moon.

"Humph, is that all there is?"

Maryse, dressed in a silver lunar gown, danced gracefully in the shimmering moonlight, enchanting everyone with her captivating moves.

She still found the dress to be quite delicate, but she was slowly getting used to it.

Maryse watched as the enemies fell into enchantment by the moonlight, and she couldn't help but feel proud of her own power.

Oh, dear!

It was a beautiful, magnificent, and powerful presence!

It felt amazing!

No, it didn't feel great, actually. It was a bit, um... frustrating!

She suddenly transformed her dance moves, uncontrollably beginning to dance with even more rhythm, in a graceful and mysterious way.

It felt even more like an ancient ritual from a distant era.

Moon Dance: Blood Moon.

Suddenly, in the sky, the shining silver moon began to undergo magical transformations.

It gradually transformed into a terrifying blood-red moon.

Unbeknownst to her, the moonlit gown on Maryse also turned crimson!

Like flowing blood.

The expressions on the faces of the cultists, too, gradually shifted from fascination to horror!

The blood moon hung high in the sky.

They could no longer remain silent, and one by one, they began to shout in disbelief!

These people laughed and cheered, even the high priest who was in charge of the ceremony was no exception.

He laughed heartily.

"Oh, I see now! It was actually like this!"

"I, I understand now! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Why is it like this? Why? Ahhhhh!"

Maryse, who was still dancing in place, was suddenly stunned.

What did they see?

She also didn't know what these cultists had seen during the Blood Moon.

This scene was too eerie and sinister, even Maryse herself, who possessed special abilities, felt a bit frightened.

"I always feel like... that bloody moon is watching me..."

She felt a sense of uneasiness in her heart.

Meanwhile, in another district, on another battlefield.


Aurora, once again, led her team of knights in a charge. They transformed into golden light, surging with impact!

Not far away, the cultists faced a mighty surge of divine power and were utterly powerless to resist.

Only a young high priest in charge here raised his hands, using a spell like a Transparent Wall, managing to barely fend off the attack.

He wanted to continue attacking.

Suddenly, Aurora forcefully threw her lance forward, accurately piercing through the body of the young high priest. He was sent flying by the immense force.

But even so, the high priest didn't completely die; he continued to struggle relentlessly.

"Don't struggle anymore, it's over."

Aurora swiftly stepped forward and pulled out her lance, without hesitation she delivered another strike, finally putting an end to him.


"Is it finished like this?"

Aurora, feeling rather peculiar, had an unusual sensation during this battle.

The recent battle felt as though it had been perfectly orchestrated, as if everyone was following a predetermined script.

The actions manipulated by the Savior always managed to flawlessly evade the enemy's attacks ahead of time.

It didn't feel like a battle; both sides were almost like rehearsing!

The enemy's strength was not significantly different from one's own, but "oneself" perfectly predicted every move, leaving them no chance of winning.

So Aurora and her knight squad easily emerged victorious.

"Is this the power of the Savior... It's like the ability to foresee the development of everything..."

If everything could really be pre-designed by the mysterious Him.

Babel Tower, isn't it invincible and unbeatable in battle!

As Aurora thought about this, a profound sense of awe welled up in her heart.

The mysterious and enigmatic Savior possessed incredible powers, unquestionably making them a truly great deity.

At that moment, Aurora suddenly turned around and sensed an immensely powerful presence.

Who could be approaching?

Very strong!

Aurora, to her surprise, noticed that her body had started perspiring uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, the Sacred Heart Knights, who were much weaker than her, remained completely unaware of anything unusual happening.

"Not bad, you actually noticed me."

The voice of the elderly person.

In the white mist, a white armor slowly appeared, resembling a statue. Its body, standing over two meters tall, possessed an overwhelming sense of terror akin to a towering mountain.

Once the former leader of the Knights of the Divine Blade, known as "Phantom," now standing as the top disciple under "Silence's" tutelage.

Evil Spirit.

"The Babel Tower really lived up to its reputation, being able to foresee the future... In a short amount of time, half of the core members of the organization were unexpectedly killed. It was the most devastating loss in decades... Truly, it was the Babel Tower, truly, it was the Savior."

The elderly knight in white armor walked forward slowly.

The aged voice trembled with an imposing force, causing the knights to be filled with a heightened sense of tension.

Although they had not yet clashed, all the Sacred Heart Knights were well aware of one thing.

Even if they risked their lives, they were no match for the enigmatic White Armor Knight.

The difference in strength was too great, the power of both sides existed in separate dimensions.

However, the Evil Spirit didn't make its final move.

"Unfortunately, today is not the time for the final battle yet, so I will let you go for now..."

His figure slowly disappeared into the mist.

Just as everyone was confused, the space not far in front suddenly began to tremble. In the next moment, Chris, the captain of the Knights of the Divine Blade, appeared with more than a dozen members of the Knight of the Divine Blade at the scene.

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Aurora was slightly startled, the ability to teleport collectively?

"Oh, I see," Aurora realized immediately, "that's why the old man just retreated. He didn't want to be held back. Besides the Babel Tower, there are others guarding this city."

Then, her gaze met Chris's.

"Babel Tower?"

This man had sharp eyes, gleaming with vitality. He seemed like a lion strolling leisurely in a garden, as if the entire city was his territory to protect as the Lion King.

Both of them were captains of the knight's order, but there was a world of difference in their abilities.

Aurora immediately understood that the black-armored knight in front of her was equally dangerous!

Chris looked at Aurora and the others, and slowly spoke, asking, "Are you all from the Babel Tower?"

No one answered.

Just as the knights were on edge, Chris, without any hint of hostility, shook his head and simply said:

"I hope to share the known news with all of you."

Chris spoke with determination, "Protecting this city is more important to me than anything else... Even if it means openly defying the divine proclamation, I don't mind."

As soon as these words were spoken, the other Knights of the Divine Blade all showed expressions of astonishment.

Chris hesitated for a moment, then continued, "I know, you must also have the intention to cooperate... After all, this time, you voluntarily reported the possible location of the enemy."


In the fifteenth district, in a dark corner.

The Profligate of the Babel Tower had appeared here not long ago.

He was battling against a towering giant puppet that stood five meters tall!

"Quack, quack, quack!"

The puppet looked extremely peculiar, like a scarecrow made of black straw. It was shrieking strangely while swinging an enormous weapon in its "hands".

The weapon would sometimes transform into a sickle, sometimes into a longsword, and sometimes into a bow and arrow.

Even though each strike could cut and crush buildings, the people nearby had already been evacuated by Bai Yan in advance, and these attacks had no effect on him.


The thing in front of them couldn't be killed at all.

Yes, the profligate Bai Yan had tried using various abilities, but he could never completely kill it.

After each "injury".

It would instantly regain its well-being.

Even the Fire that Burns Everything, though capable of destroying everything, cannot devour at a speed faster than its ability to regenerate.

And this is the "Eve" stage, one of the two big bosses...Sophora.

"In the midst of all the excitement, you were the odd one out, a BOSS who appeared out of nowhere... But why were you participating in this Babel Tower game?"

Bai Yan smiled and continued,

"What are you exactly? Or rather, what is the force behind you, pulling the strings of your existence?"

Sophora, of course, didn't answer. It simply cackled oddly.

Bai Yan stopped speaking to the strange being and also confirmed a difficult matter.

Every time this thing gets injured, its power grows stronger after it recovers.

I don't know when it started, but I couldn't easily inflict harm upon it anymore.

Since that's the case, they couldn't easily launch an attack, otherwise it would keep stacking up the monster's strength.

Bai Yan actually knew deep down how powerful this thing would become... he had tried it in the "Babel Tower" game.

A regular "Apocalypse" wouldn't be its limit.

"But... you're actually dead."

Bai Yan's face showed a joyful smile.

Filled with confidence.

"Before this battle between you and me started, the outcome of your defeat had already been decided..."

I, the Savior...

Many hours ago, I had already "battled" with you. After numerous attempts, a certain outcome was determined through the discovery of a weak point.

And that is... she could completely destroy you.

"She arrived."