I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 340

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Chapter 340: Face Your Sins!

"Don't cry, child."

A tall elderly man walked in from outside, and Christine took a few steps back.

From the initial disbelief, she transformed into great excitement, but soon her emotions gradually calmed down.

Christine gazed at the towering knight before her. Undoubtedly, this elderly man was her grandfather, and his presence perfectly matched... except she wondered why he was clad in full white armor.

This seemed very strange, unless he had just been in a battle or was about to go into one.

Just returned to this city, who will Grandpa have to fight again?

The old man stepped into the room and, after carefully looking around, spoke in a somewhat surprised tone.

"Christine, your living place is unexpectedly small, even without a servant... Your way of life seems too carefree. It looks a bit messy."

Christine smiled awkwardly, even though her home still looked messy, she had tidied it up herself.

She thought about the chaos in her own home just a few minutes ago, unsure of how to explain it.

Even though she was already in her twenties, when her parents said "your room is messy," she still felt powerless.

The old man reached out his hand and gently placed it on his granddaughter's head, lovingly saying, "As a Knight of the Divine Blade, of high rank, you can have a better life in the city of Annottales."

Christine sniffled.

She had gradually come to accept the reality that her grandfather had returned.

Christine shook her head and smiled, saying,

"I still couldn't decide, that kind of life is just about having a bigger house and more things... Although it looks happy, it means dealing with a lot of messy people, causing me to feel restless."

Can't find peace, huh?

The old man remained silent for a while and then spoke:

"So that's how it is... It seems that your thoughts now align with mine."

The old man nodded as if confirming something and began to speak slowly, "For most people, the happiness they gain after spending half of their lives is only a fleeting moment. Yet, they have to toil for half or even their entire lives, making pain become eternal... In truth, finding peace is what truly matters."

"The happiness we should pursue is not fake, but true peace of mind."

Christine paused for a moment, tilting her head with a smile. She curiously asked, "You're saying such things, it doesn't sound like you, Grandpa..."

"After all these years, I've changed a bit too," the old man sighed, reflecting on the past.

Christine continued, "I remember when I was little, just five or six years old, you pushed me to train and fight against monsters and cultists... It was tough, but sometimes I'm grateful for those experiences. If it weren't for your insistence, I wouldn't have become so strong at such a young age."

She certainly remembered what kind of person her grandfather had been in the past.

Former captain of the Knights of the Divine Blade, "Phantom" Elia.

He not only possessed strange and powerful supernatural abilities, but also was an extremely strict and even somewhat terrifying instructor.

Throughout his battle-filled career spanning nearly a century, he has vanquished more than one cult and trained numerous Knights of the Divine Blade. As the esteemed guardian of Annottales, he is a renowned figure, and as an instructor, he is unparalleled in his expertise.

Even the Dark Night Saints held some awe for him. In the hearts of the people, Captain Elia was always dignified and meticulous. He would mete out severe punishment to subordinates who violated the rules, even publicly executing those who dared to disobey.

Yes, in Christine's childhood memories, her grandfather... wasn't the kind of benevolent old man who would chat with her.

... but rather a knight leader who possessed even more dignity, decisiveness, and bravery.

The changes happening to him now were tremendous.

The old man named Elia remained silent for a while, his tone filled with remorse, "Christine, I must apologize to you and your parents for my actions in the past..."

Christine fell into silence.

Her parents were also members of the Knights of the Divine Blade, and they had always been treated harshly by their grandfather, but it had also brought them great fame.

After a perilous mission, both of them disappeared and their whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

Christine shook her head and said, "If it weren't for my grandfather's guidance, perhaps in some other timeline, a weaker version of myself wouldn't have been able to survive until now."

"Don't blame yourself."

Elia shook his head and let out a silent sigh.

He stood up.

"I will come back, Christine... There are things I need to do, so I will be temporarily leaving for a while... But someday, we will meet again."

Christine blinked in surprise and then said, "Grandfather, speaking of which, why do you always have to wear this armor? Has something happened to your health..."

She certainly noticed something was wrong.

Since he appeared, Grandpa never had the thought of taking off his helmet.

In everyday life, normal people don't usually wear full body armor for daily activities.

There must be a reason for it.

"This is the price I have paid over the years to break the curse."

Elia shook his head gently once again, choosing not to explain further.

As he walked out of the door, he calmly said:

"Christine, I'm glad you didn't walk down the same path I once did."

"That was not the right path."


A few hours later.

On a street in Annottales, a thick black mist slowly rose.

Soon, three female figures emerged from within.

Mu Ling,Maryse,Aurora.

At this moment, Mu Ling and Maryse both changed into new "skins," while Aurora remained in her original form.

"One golden knight, one black knight... Why am I the only one who is different?"

The one complaining without a doubt was Maryse.

She was covered in shimmering silver liquid, appearing even more enchanting. However, the texture of the Moon's Robe was quite perplexing.

"So adorable..."

Mu Ling looked at Maryse wearing the Moon Dance gown, and she paused for a moment before expressing her admiration straightforwardly.

"Indeed, grandpa is very adorable."

Maryse's mouth corner twitched, her tone subtle, and she felt quite awkward.

Then, before she could dodge, she was suddenly embraced by her older sister Aurora.

"Hahaha, it turns out you all have 'new clothes' too! I thought it was just me... However, this time I'm the only one who hasn't been 'changing clothes'... Is this all part of the Savior's plan?"

"Stop it, you meanie! Let me go!"

Little Maryse struggled, she was like an insecure kitten, constantly kicking her little short legs, but she was still forcefully picked up by the tall Aurora.

"Hmm, your clothes are cool, like a flowing layer of water." Aurora noticed the wondrous nature of the Moonlight Robe shortly after picking up the little one.

"Oh, so it really is a liquid, and the hand can go right through and touch the skin!"

Maryse became extremely angry, but she couldn't break free at all.

"Silly dog, let go!"

She wanted to take a bite without hesitation, but quickly gave up and didn't want to find out which one, the armguard or the teeth, was stronger. It was truly disgusting!

Mu Ling curiously asked, "Is what you're saying true? I have never seen this kind of clothing before."

"Yes, it's true."

Aurora nodded, as if passing a cat, and handed the little one directly.

Mu Ling held Maryse in her arms, feeling that indeed, it was a kind of icy cold liquid.

But she quickly set Maryse down.

"You don't want to be treated like this, right? Sorry... we were just joking with you."


Maryse lowered her head, unwilling to answer. She began continuously stepping on the feet of the two female knights, but her attacks failed to penetrate their iron boots.

"Don't make a fuss."

Mu Ling rubbed her hair, trying to soothe herself, and said, "Today's enemies might be very strong."

"What are you saying? Am I causing trouble? Hmm?"

Suddenly, all three of them realized that their bodies could no longer move freely.

Familiar circumstances.

"Um, indeed, it has come again..."

Maryse felt speechless, yet utterly helpless.

Even though she didn't like the outfit, she had no choice but to accept it without protest.

And if she were to express her dissatisfaction, both of them would probably think she was just being difficult.

Okay, okay, okay, I admit it, I was just being difficult.

Suddenly, Maryse was astonished to see that a black shadow in front of Mu Ling was wriggling and rising, and from within it, another shadow split apart.

Then, the two shadows suddenly transformed into two brand new Mu Lings!

"I can't believe it! There are more filthy bodies!" Maryse exclaimed in shock.


On the street filled with white mist, over a dozen followers of Dead Silence gathered here.

Most of the spellcasting process required chanting incantations, but in this moment, it was eerily silent.

Each disciple remained silent.

They were setting up a complicated ritual, spreading strange blue blood on the ground to paint a special magic circle.

Standing at the center of the magic circle was an elder, one of the nine high priests under the rule of Silence.

He remained silent, seemingly having done nothing at all.

But the enchantment spell written in blue blood all around suddenly came to life with an unseen force, immediately starting to twist, blur, and sway, appearing and disappearing intermittently.

A powerful force was gathering.

This is the preparation for the Ritual of Tranquility, it will absorb the life force of all living beings on the entire street, and then support the completion of the Ritual of Tranquility at a critical moment.

Because, this city is home to incredibly powerful monsters.

Both the saints and the Knights of the Divine Blade are extremely formidable enemies.

By the way, there was also the Tower of Babel.

If Dead Silence were to perform the Ritual of Tranquility without any protective measures in place, it would be nearly impossible to successfully complete it.

Not only did Dead Silence set up enchantments on this street, but also other people had the presence of Dead Silence spells.

Meanwhile, in different nine districts of this city, there were a total of nine streets where devout believers of Dead Silence resided.

They were all setting up evil formations to drain life force!

The high priest conducting the ceremony stayed silent, silently allowing the blue patterns within the formation to spread outward.

Power, expanding.

Suddenly, he jerked his head up and gazed at the top of the building behind the white mist, where a black-armored, white-haired lady knight stood.

Her wine-red eyes resembled a mesmerizing blend of blood and fine spirits.

"Face your sins!!"

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