I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Blood of Darkness


[The research has produced a new product. Mutation – Blood of Darkness.]

[Current utilization rate of Gravity of Darkness is 40%. You can continue studying it.]

[Continue investing three logistics personnel in research?]

Bai Yan tapped it without hesitation.


Then three logisticians were once again put to research. Although he knew they were all real people, Bai Yan had no sympathy for the criminals who killed in the city. For some reason, he had never been tolerant of evil people. He even thought stories about torturing bad guys would be interesting.

Also, there were only three months left.

Bai Yan clicked on the details of Blood of Darkness. A dark green syringe pattern appeared on the phone screen.

[Blood of Darkness, the special potion that is made from the essence extracted from the heart of Gravity of Darkness.]

[Blood of Darkness can be applied to core operators, strengthening their power and endowing them with self-healing ability.]

Bai Yan smiled pleasantly. ‘Good.’

Self-healing ability means the operator can recover strength automatically. It was actually very important.

He immediately consumed twenty Energy Points, produced two doses of Blood of Darkness, and gave to Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer.

“Enjoy it.”

Bai noticed that Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer’s loyalty had finally risen to eight and six, respectively.

Hours later, Mu Ling was suddenly unable to walk again. Slightly taken aback, she waited calmly for further developments.

[This is your reward.]

The next moment, the black mist appeared again, and Mu Ling’s arm automatically raised. Then, the flash drive disappeared, but the few drops of blood were not taken away. The Pursuing Shadow spell lost its effect.

There was a slight tingling in her arm, as familiar as ever.

Mu Ling already knew what this was, the new reward.

She was so touched that her eyes blurred.

The Babel Tower helped her avenge her family and even rewarded her. Mu Ling had never seen a mysterious organization that treated its members so kindly and decided to repay Babel Tower wholeheartedly.

The slight tingling began to intensify. Mu Ling didn’t move at all. The sweat that ran down her face from the increasing pain mixed with the rain.

Her body had become different, totally different.

Mu Ling took a deep breath and felt an extremely subtle difference, as if there was an active substance constantly swimming around her body.

However, she did not feel any discomfort. Instead, she felt that this active substance was a part of her.

“What is that?”

The new power was different from Deep Blue World. Mu Ling couldn’t tell what it was for a while.

Until… the black mist implanted relevant information. The vast array of information in her mind gradually formed relevant knowledge about the Blood of Darkness.

“I see.”

Shocked, Mu Ling understood that this power came from the Spawn. The Babel Tower could actually use those terrifying monsters to obtain special powers! She tested it at the same time as the sword flashed in front of her.

The huge sword cut an extremely small wound on the back of her fair hand. Fresh red blood had just flowed out when the open wound completely healed.

“The power of regeneration.”

Mu Ling knew that this was an important power. Otherwise, no matter how resilient one was, it was easy to die.

In the past, some powerful spellcasters had fallen at the hands of much weaker supernatural beings because of a mistake. However, this would not happen again with the regeneration ability.

She slowly realized that her body was “shaped” more inhumanly.

At the same moment, Maryse lay staring at the ceiling.

Sitting on the edge of the big pink bed was her maid, Irena. She was dressed in a black maid’s uniform, and scrolling through her phone videos, her face bored.

“Irena, how do you usually go to school?” Maryse said suddenly.


“What car?”

“Just the usual car,” Irena replied insincerely.

[Although it’s very ordinary compared to your car, many students will still envy me and think I’m a rich girl.]

“I see. People actually think you’re a rich girl?”

Maryse pretended to be surprised as she climbed out of bed. “I always thought you were poor,” she continued in an exaggerated tone. “You looked so envious every time you saw my expensive clothes.”

Then Irena pinched her delicate face.

“Hum… how dare you. Let go. Otherwise I will punish you for this transgression by having you stand upside down without any clothes on!”

Irena ignored her completely. “Of course, I’ll be rich with this job of looking after you every day,” she said helplessly.

[Actually, my monthly salary is five times that of an ordinary person. The Augustus family also gives me a bonus every year. But it’s a full-time job. It’s really tiring…]

[Every day since primary school… I’ve been circling you.]

Maryse shuddered slightly.

At this thought, Irena immediately said, “You heard what I said, didn’t you? Although I’m tired, it’s worth it. After all, it’s more fun to play with friends.”

[You’re my best friend, Maryse. You really are.]

[However, if I have the chance to fall in love, even once… I can only let the family choose a suitable spouse. My children will also serve you when I’m old.]

The tiniest of inner thoughts remained captured, and Maryse fell silent.

A black mist suddenly filled the room, very close to Maryse.

[Maryse, look out!]

“My lady.” Irena cried out and lunged instinctively.

Maryse was shoved directly under the bed.

However, nothing happened through Irena’s body. It still quickly enveloped Maryse’s arm. Sweat immediately trickled down the little girl’s face as if she felt intense pain.

Irena was horrified. She tried to dispel the black mist but couldn’t.

“I’m going to get help. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen!”

That was when Maryse’s voice carried to Irena. [No, Irena. Don’t ever tell anyone about this.]

“Why?” Slightly taken aback, Irena turned to Maryse, who had fallen to the ground without moving.

Her face was covered in sweat, but her eyes were bright and happy.

[Are you hiding something from me… Maryse, didn’t we already agree that as friends, we definitely won’t hide anything from each other?]

Maryse had mixed feelings, but she didn’t tell Irena everything.

Even now, she wasn’t sure what Babel Tower’s master was like. She didn’t understand Babel Tower’s overt or covert rules. She feared that Irena would be silenced if she found out what she wasn’t supposed to know.

‘Sorry, I have to hide this. Didn’t you hide that you wanted to fall in love too?’

‘Irena, let’s call it even!’

Bai Yan was already waiting in the school building for Alan, who had just finished class.

Alan came out of the school building in a sorry state. Not only was his hair a mess, but a clear red palm print was on his face.

“Hey, did you do makeup?” Bai Yan teased with a smile. He could guess the reason even with his toes.

Alan was all smiles and didn’t feel bad at all. “Nothing. I just saw my girlfriends arguing… Suddenly, one pulled my hair, and the other slapped me.”

He was silent for a moment.

“Perhaps I shouldn’t have suggested we play together tonight.”

Alan skipped, “What shall we eat?”

Bai Yan suddenly thought of Mu Ling and said, “How about the cat omelet from the new shop outside the school?”

“Cat omelet? The ingredients are too cruel. Fine. As you want. I have no objections.” Alan nodded gently, distracted. He still looked like he was thinking about his girlfriend.

At that moment, Alan’s phone rang.

He saw the message and was slightly stunned. He turned and smiled, “I have something to deal with now. Please wait for me in the shop. I’ll see you in half an hour. You can eat first.”

Alan turned and ran back toward the Biochemistry Building.

He looked so anxious.

For some reason, Bai Yan felt uneasy as he watched his friend leave.

Perhaps it was because he had come into contact with too many things in this aspect recently, and he already knew about Alan’s other identity. Bai Yan felt that it was not ordinary. Was it a supernatural-related emergency?

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Bai Yan took out his phone and logged into the Babel Tower.

“If only I could release the mission.”

Of course, knowing Babel Tower as well as he did, he knew it wasn’t impossible.

He tapped the screen and thought. ‘Power Possession.’

He copied Nightsaber’s powers to himself and calmly headed for the Biochemistry Building.