I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: Loved Ones

In fact, Maryse had a reason to say that Mu Ling was a hypocrite.

Mu Ling is usually quite serious, but sometimes she would have some "strange ideas" or, you could say, "wild thoughts."

To be honest, in a world that could potentially be destroyed at any moment... Mu Ling had never really considered the idea of romance and love.

She only wanted to battle, train, and have children.

Clearly, falling in love and starting a family are two different matters.

But now, almost every day Mu Ling has to go on missions, and she doesn't have any time at all to do certain necessary things.

She had a feeling that there were countless worlds in the multiverse that needed to be saved, like grains of sand in a river. She might have to fight for thousands and thousands of years for this.

In other words, personal time was scarce.

Regarding the future, how to live with her husband and find time to have children... Although she understood how to conceive, she still found it very challenging... No time, no energy, never done it before.

But Mu Ling, with a strong desire in her heart, longed to carry on her important family legacy.

Mu Ling looked at the two shadowy figures that had transformed into "herself," and a peculiar thought popped into her mind.

"If they could get pregnant for themselves and accompany my future husband... Hmm, two completely obedient 'me's, maybe it would be better for men than a slightly clueless, pretending-to-be-serious me regarding those matters..."

"They" were able to do things that she dared not do herself.

Mu Ling subconsciously pondered the feasibility, and then, to her surprise, an unexpected scene unfolded.

The shadow clones began to carry out the orders.

"Hello! I was just thinking! You don't have to demonstrate actions right away..."

Mu Ling was taken aback as she discovered a major flaw in the "shadow clones". Some of the ideas she had contemplated as possibilities were actually being carried out by them as "commands"!

"Sigh, I need to learn how to control my thoughts... I'm still not very good at it for now..."

She shook her head and murmured to herself, "If you think about it carefully, once this 'possibility' is unraveled, they will no longer exist. Even if they have the same physical structure, how could they possibly take my place in getting pregnant...?"

And would the child born like that still be my own?

Even though there is a clear connection in terms of physical bloodline, it didn't originate from within my own body...

How strange!


Inside the tower called Babel.

Bai Yan still sat silently on the throne, quietly watching the live stream on his phone.


He didn't actually expect Mu Ling to be so... mysterious.

Bai Yan looked extremely surprised.

"I couldn't believe that shortly after acquiring new abilities, my shadow clone would be able to perform such movements..."

I truly couldn't believe it at all, Mu Ling!

You turned out to be such a person!

Just like before, Bai Yan carefully read the new version of "Nightsaber" card.

Core Operator:

Title: Nightsaber: Shadow Tactics (Mu Ling)

Gender: Female

Plane:Formation Realm

Level: Crown (Potential Apocalypse)

Race: Human

Operator Identification: Crowd/Infiltration/Destruction (Optimal Infiltration)

Milestone: The crime-hunter's homestead, the Hound of Babel Tower, the hero of Tatsumi City, the hunter of malevolent gods.

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 325+50 Self-healing Specialization (A terrifying power hidden within a beautiful body)

Inspiration: 218 (An incredibly powerful inspiration, almost like a mythical creature)

Skill: 462 (In controlling her own shadow, it's like controlling herself)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 10 (No one can ignore her beauty, unless they are already blind).

Loyalty: 9 (A loyal blade, dedicated to a deserving master).

Mood: 8 (She received a new omelette rice and new possibilities).


With the elegance of a cat (skill improvement speed significantly increases).

Embrace fear (while battling foes stronger than oneself, both skills and inspiration soar).

Oh, my dear people (In battles where the innocent are present, skills greatly improve)

Shadow Spirit (When fighting within the shadows, skills rise to new heights)


Deep Blue World (with skill proficiency at 100%, time pauses for five seconds).

Self-healing Specialization

Shadow Shift: Create a clone from one's own shadow, possessing attributes identical to the original in a one-to-one ratio. The physical structure is completely the same, but the clone lacks self-awareness and obeys the commands of the original. It is highly resistant to elimination and shares the same ability cooldowns.

Shadow Split: The shadow clone can split into a second clone from within itself. However, as a result, the overall strength of both clones will decrease by half compared to the original.

Shadow Maneuvers: No matter how far apart they may be, as long as they exist within the same realm, the original can instantly switch positions with its own shadow. However, the further the distance between them, the longer the cooldown time becomes.

Secondary information:

Physical appearance: 170cm tall, with measurements of 92-56-87.

Likes: Savior, Babel Tower, Glory, Victory, Cat Cat Omelette Rice

Hate: cultists, criminals, and salty food


If Nightsaber, using her Shadow Tactics, goes to the Shadow Kingdom, she may have a chance to learn a special exclusive legacy...

For now, let's not talk about anything else.

Speaking of the last one, it made Bai Yan feel really lucky as a complete set of skins and wonders appeared together.

However, sending a Core Operator to the Shadow Kingdom would require a whole day.

Mu Ling will be sent to the battlefield soon, but for now, she cannot be placed in the Shadow Kingdom. Bai Yan could only make a mental note of it.

"Everything is ready."

Sitting on the throne, Bai Yan's clone takes a deep breath. He begins a new gaming adventure called "Dark Night Lost City."

Fully absorbed.

This time, he wants to quickly overcome all the levels!

Promise that in the game "Babel Tower", no one will die!

So, in reality, there would never be any innocent sacrifices.



On the outskirts of the Fourth District, there was always a humble street. And deep inside the street, there stood a relatively secluded apartment building.

Several decades have passed since it was built, and with the erosion of time, the entire apartment building has become quite dilapidated.

Few people know that the famous prodigy, the young powerhouse who has already reached the level of Potential Apocalypse - "Silver Sword" Christine from the Knights of the Divine Blade, lives right here.

With her strength, it was actually effortless for her to live in any mansion, luxury house, or estate she desired.

There were countless merchants who wished to bestow upon the mighty individuals properties, wealth, and businesses.

In this world, even organized armies don't exist, a single person possesses tremendous power! Personal strength is the source that determines all systems and laws!

So, almost no powerful extraordinary beings would become poor.

Because only they were eligible to distribute wealth.

Above the Crown level, the extraordinary individuals had numerous legitimate ways to acquire wealth. Even if they didn't want to make any effort, there would be countless ordinary people who wanted to ingratiate themselves and give them money.

Even when these ordinary people actually encountered trouble, they didn't really need the extraordinary individuals to lend a hand... Those respectful gifts were merely a means to borrow the prestige of the powerful figures.

However, Christine never chose to live a "wealthy and extravagant life."

She had chosen a life that was "just enough" for her.

In the small room of the apartment building, Christine was sprawled amidst a pile of nearly a hundred specially crafted liquor bottles meant for the extraordinary beings.

At that moment, she was wearing only pajamas, with disheveled hair, and she was completely intoxicated, like a fallen leaf.

"Wow, it feels so good, really really good, hee hee hee..."

The disheveled woman stood up, scratching her head with her eyes closed. She took a few unsteady steps and brought over a large amount of fried food from a nearby table. She ate it greedily, taking big bites.

The room was dark, with the curtains left undrawn, blocking out the sunlight. Christine, all alone, was lost in this place, sinking deeper into despair.

She ate and drank for a while, then suddenly laid down, scratching her fair leg.

Christine began to pray:

"Oh great Savior, I don't want to become stronger anymore, please, no... If I truly reach the Apocalypse, even those strong spirits given to extraordinary beings may not be able to make me drunk... Sigh!"

"Ah, please don't do that kind of thing!"


If someone were to see Christine's dejected appearance at this moment, they would surely widen their eyes in disbelief.

After all, she had a great chance of becoming a member of the Knights of the Divine Blade.

And at the pinnacle of the knightly order stood the esteemed Knights of the Divine Blade, undoubtedly serving as a formidable defense line for the sacred city of Annottales.

The guardian of the sacred city turned out to be such a person... I suppose not many people would wish for such a thing.

"Knock, knock, knock!"

Suddenly, there came a heavy knocking sound at the door.

Christine froze, almost instantly snapping out of it, and calmly began to perceive... Who could it be outside the door?

Being able to arrive at the door without any warning, the strength is not to be underestimated.

Even if one were drunk, it would be impossible for an ordinary extraordinary individual to approach within a hundred meters without making a sound.

After a moment of sensing, Christine suddenly froze.

She thought her perception ability had gone wrong, but she continued to perceive so clearly.

"This scent could it be..."

How could this be possible?

But it seemed, it really was him...

Christine remained silent for a long time. Suddenly, she stood up and swiftly emptied all the bottles of alcohol, quickly washed her hair, and finally changed into her usual clothes that she would wear outside.

She took a deep breath and walked to the door, placing her hand on the doorknob.

Is it really him, the person outside the door?

Christine hesitated at this moment.

Because, this doesn't make sense... He should have, long ago, chosen to end his own life.

Christine took a deep breath and slowly opened the door.

Standing outside the door was a tall knight, over two meters in height, completely enveloped in white armor. When he saw the girl, he spoke with a voice that sounded very elderly.

"Christine, it has been such a long time since we last saw each other. The little girl from the past has now grown into a graceful adult... You truly bring me joy."

Christine stared blankly at the old knight. After a while, she finally spoke with a complex expression, "Grandfather... Is it really you?"

Her emotions became excited!

Christine always believed that her last relative, Grandfather Elia, had long passed away.

When Christine was young, she lived with her grandfather and parents. But then, her parents disappeared, and Christine and her grandfather relied on each other for many years.

Until that day... "The Son of the Evil God" descended upon her hometown.

Christine saw with her own eyes as Grandfather and Captain Chris confronted the enemies, charging forward together.

They bravely battled against the terrifying "Son of the Evil God," standing fearlessly against the horrifying power that could tear through the sky.

Back then, when I was just a child, I couldn't intervene on the ground at all. I could only witness everything happen.

Finally, Captain Chris **will** personally banish the "Son of the Evil God", almost dying in the process, while Grandfather **will** bear the terrifying curse of the Outer God alone in the final moments.

That curse was a hundred times more wicked than death itself!

But in an instant, the curse caused a mighty warrior, who had seen countless battles, to experience immense and unbearable pain.

At that time, Elia, the leader of the Knights of the Divine Blade, had a twisted and ferocious expression on his face due to the immense pain.

Christine still remembers that not long after, Grandfather went mad.

After a while, he suddenly vanished from sight.

Afterwards, Chris received a divine prophecy, becoming the captain of the Knights of the Divine Blade, and journeyed to Annottales. In doing so, he brought his orphaned self along.

Christine still remembers that after enduring that curse, Grandfather was in constant pain almost every moment, often wailing and begging others to end his life quickly.

Even the mighty Savior of Dark Light could not lift the curse, and at that moment, Christine had already lost all hope.

However, to Christine's astonishment, she discovered that her grandfather now appeared completely normal!

He appeared, very calm.

In the infinite universe, always filled with limitless possibilities and miracles, it turns out even the curse of the Outer God can be lifted, as they found a way.

"Grandfather... I thought... I thought you were..."

Tears welled up in her eyes, and she couldn't help but express her emotions:

"I really didn't expect to see you again... To see the normal you..."

Is this a miracle?

Is it you, the great Savior, who is blessing me?

Christine's eyes welled up with tears at first, but soon she started crying uncontrollably. In the end, a smile appeared on her face, just like that of a little girl.

"Grandpa, welcome back home."

"I really feel... very happy."

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