I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 338

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Chapter 338: Shadow Tactics!

The Air Alliance,Tatsumi City.

The crime-hunter family's mansion.

In the old-fashioned dining room of the family mansion, Mu Ling sat in the main seat, earnestly enjoying a dish of Cat Egg Fried Rice.

The plate was almost filled to the brim with ketchup that was loaded with sugar. But Mu Ling enjoyed it so much and felt really happy. For her, there was nothing in the world that could taste better than Cat Egg Fried Rice!

Although there is only a difference between Cat Egg Rice and regular Egg Rice - a tomato sauce drawing of a cat face on the egg wrap - the taste itself is actually the same. However, Mu Ling just prefers this version more.

Just like sometimes, with the same set meal, if it's labeled as "2D-inspired," it would be sold at a higher price. Perhaps it's for the same reason.

After finishing one serving, Mu Ling began to eat another one, with the outer edge of the plate again filled with tomato sauce.

Anyways, no matter how much she eats, she never gets fat. In between her battles and training, she can indulge in eating and drinking to her heart's content.

With her strong control over her body, she was able to easily eliminate any excess calories from the food she consumed.

And, even if she absorbed excess fat... it would only grow in the places it was supposed to.

But Mu Ling actually felt that certain parts were already big enough...

It was a bit inconvenient.

She hoped her chest wouldn't get any bigger.

Occasionally, in very rare instances, Maryse would come across Mu Ling's thoughts on this matter, and she would have no idea how to respond.

Mu Ling, who was sitting and having a meal, looked up as Huo Xin, dressed sharply in a suit, entered the restaurant with a worrisome expression on his face. He approached Mu Ling and began to share something with her.

"Miss, recently I have seen more than one Night Watcher around the entrance of our family. Moreover, they all bear a golden lantern emblem on their clothes. These Night Watchers must be agents from the Demon Hunt General Agency..."

Demon Hunt General Agency.

Mu Ling continued to eat, deep in thought, without any intention of setting down her chopsticks.

It was clear as day.

Those people were watching him/her closely.

The reason was even simpler.

Because she was a member of the mysterious salvation organization, Babel Tower.

She thought for a moment and said, "Don't worry, Huo Xin... I will communicate with the Night Watchers in Babel Tower. They should have a good understanding of the Demon Hunt General Agency's situation... Since they haven't taken action immediately, it shouldn't be a big problem."

Mu Ling wasn't sure about the Demon Hunt General Agency's attitude towards Babel Tower.

She knew that both she and Maryse were actually exposed members of Babel Tower in Tatsumi City.

If they truly meant harm, they could simply come and attack, or capture her loved ones and friends.

But the Night Watchers of the Demon Hunt General Agency didn't do so.

Are they not hostile?

But if the Demon Hunt General Agency doesn't have any ill intentions, why would they be monitoring themselves?

Perhaps, they also weren't sure whether Babel Tower was a friend or a foe.

Mu Ling had no idea about the cause and effect, so she could only seek answers from "Mysterious Magic" in the forum.

The man claimed to have recently joined the Demon Hunt General Agency.

So, he should have the relevant information.

Huo Xin nodded gently and said, "The director of the Demon Hunt Agency, Austin, was known as the 'Sword Saint'. He was a famous hero decades ago, and he had a connection with your grandfather..."

"However, the strongest person among the modern Night Watchers is undoubtedly the current captain of the Sword-wielding Troop, the extraordinary sorcerer 'The Cursed String Music,' seen only once in a thousand years."

Huo Xin took a deep breath and solemnly said, "The Cursed String Music, for him, using magic is like playing music. It is a form of performance and art... He is incredibly powerful. It is said that 'The Cursed String Music' can learn and unravel any magic with just a single glance. Even if you encounter this man, please be extremely cautious."

The Cursed String Music.

Mu Ling knew this man.

He was widely recognized as the strongest among the modern Night Watchers.

Mu Ling nodded gently and replied earnestly, "I understand. I have heard of this man's name... Currently, I may not be his match, but it may not be the same in a while."

If Mu Ling had said this six months ago, Huo Xin would have thought she had gone mad. "Catch up with the strongest Night Watcher in a while? Impossible!" But now, things were different. Mu Ling had grown stronger, and her determination burned brighter than ever. Huo Xin couldn't help but wonder if she just might have what it takes to achieve the impossible.

But in these past few months, there have been so many extraordinary events, and Miss Mu Ling's growth in power has been evident to all.

At this moment, Huo Xin firmly believed that this young girl, whom he had watched grow up, would one day become one of the most powerful beings in the world of Noah!

"I believe in you... You will definitely become stronger," he said.

Just at that moment, Mu Ling's eyes widened ever so slightly.

[Nightsaber, this is the potential you should embrace.]

Once again, that familiar voice echoed in her mind.

The Savior bestowed upon her, new possibilities.

She smiled and pointed to her own head, looking at Huo Xin, "The Savior's favor towards me is simply beyond what I can repay..."

"Indeed..." Huo Xin agreed with this, but he didn't understand why she suddenly brought up this matter.

In the next moment, Mu Ling suddenly activated Deep Blue World!

She sped up and finished eating all the remaining cat-shaped egg fried rice!

We must not waste food.

When the effect of Deep Blue World finally wore off, changes started to occur in Mu Ling's body as well.

The original clothes gradually faded away.

A few seconds later, Mu Ling was shocked to find herself transformed into a black-armored female knight.

Huo Xin was stunned as he witnessed this scene.

She stood up and spread her arms, the sound of armor clanging.

"This is a brand new possibility..."

With her long white hair, black armor, and wine-red eyes, Mu Ling now possessed a peculiar beauty, tinged with a touch of dark mystique and enchantment. She radiated an exotic charm, unlike anything seen before.

The world around them began to change. Mu Ling was so familiar with this scene that she was not surprised or worried at all. Instead, before the transition, she grabbed a piece of paper to wipe her mouth.

Before long, the surroundings were filled with white mist.

She quickly realized that this was Annottales.

"Hmm, are they the villains and monsters again?"

Mu Ling calmly tightened her grip on the sword in her hand, as if preparing for battle. The Imperial Light Execution trembled slightly, seemingly excited for the upcoming fight.

"What could the new power be..."

She had transformed into the "Black King" multiple times before, so she was experienced and began to unearth new powers within herself.

Just at that moment, the white mist surrounding them began to fade away.

This was an empty alleyway.

A grotesque monster, consisting of hundreds of tentacles, hovered in mid-air. Amongst the many pitch-black tentacles, there was a menacing, gigantic pupil.

It stared intently at Mu Ling, refusing to let go!

[Death, destruction, crumbling, devastation, ruin, madness, distortion...]

The monster kept incessantly expressing its negative thoughts.

When ordinary people hear it, they would get splitting headaches, but Mu Ling didn't feel anything at all.

Maybe, it was simply a habit or even a way of communication for this species?

But Mu Ling didn't care at all.

She was simply discovering her own inner strength.

"Ah, I see now, I understand, Respected Savior... This is the new power you have bestowed upon me... My, a different kind of possibility..."

Mu Ling took a deep breath and closed her eyes. As she did, the shadow beneath her feet began to twist and change.

After a while, a wriggling dark shadow split apart from within the shadow.

After a thorough wriggling, the features of the dark shadow gradually became clearer. Finally, a face appeared, exquisitely beautiful, astonishingly identical to the present-day Mu Ling!

"It's not the power of 'night,' but the power of 'shadow.'"

I understood now.

Mu Ling suddenly opened her eyes, and in the next moment, the "shadow Mu Ling" in front of her split into two!

Two brand new "Mu Lings" dashed out from different directions, each heading towards the monster not far away!

Their speed was surprisingly as fast as the real Mu Ling!

In just a split second, almost half of the hundreds of tentacles were sliced in half!

[Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!]

The monster howled in anger, swinging its remaining tentacles at an invisible speed, some of which successfully struck the two "shadow Mu Lings".

Both of them shattered with a loud "crack" and turned into two puddles of "shadows" that started to wriggle, regenerating once again.

After a little while, they completely regained their original appearance, looking as good as new without any signs of damage.

Just then, the monster's attack was completely ineffective!

Meanwhile, the real Mu Ling remained standing in place, completely still and not moving at all.

In her mind, she carefully devised "tactics", and the shadow was able to engage in near-perfect combat, with unparalleled coordination.

[Slay! Slay! Slay!]

The monster continued to emanate terrifying negative emotions. Its remaining tentacles thrashed about in the air, clearly indicating its intention to keep attacking. But at that very moment, something unexpected happened...

It didn't have a chance anymore.

Deep Blue World!

In the stillness of time, Mu Ling's shadow was also able to move. Within five seconds, they effortlessly dismantled the defenseless monster into many pieces!

Once time returned to normal, the monster crumbled to pieces, leaving Mu Ling lost in thought.

"Too bad, the gap between abilities is shared over time... If only we could take turns to activate the time stop."

A dark mist came swirling around.

Mu Ling returned to the dining room of her home. "They" also followed and arrived here.

Huo Xin had already left, taking the leftovers with him. Mu Ling pondered for a moment and sneaked into the kitchen.

Mu Ling continued to eat, while looking at the two "versions" of herself that had split from the shadow. She tilted her head curiously.

So, they also glanced at Mu Ling and tilted their heads.

Mu Ling soon discovered that whatever she imagined in her mind, as long as it was theoretically possible, both of her "selves" could actually accomplish it.

Shortly after, one of the "shadow Mu Lings" started doing a handstand, while the other gracefully danced in place.

The real Mu Ling continued eating.

"Although both of them possess half of my power, after using this new ability, the power of 'NightFall' and the ability to 'travel through the dark dimensions' could no longer be used... With gains, there are also losses..."

Mu Ling muttered to herself and reached out to poke the transformed "version" of herself, only to discover that the physical form was completely identical.

As long as they didn't receive a fierce attack and transform back into a shadow, they were practically indistinguishable from the original self, except for lacking independent thoughts.

Just at that moment, a strange and daring idea popped into Mu Ling's mind!

"Hmm, in theory, it should be possible..."

Can they give birth to children for themselves?

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