I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 337

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Chapter 337: Moon Dance

Maryse blushed more and more as her mind began to feel overwhelmed.

In the next moment, she noticed that everything around her started to change.

Unbeknownst to her, Maryse found herself in Annottales, surrounded by a white mist.

After a while, the fog on the street cleared away, and she discovered that people were all around her!

"Wait, really? You want me to wear this kind of clothing and fight in front of everyone? Although it may look sturdy, it feels empty inside..."

Maryse lowered her head and immediately curled up, not wanting to get up at all.

It feels really awful.


Another monster emerged from the nightmares, and it was the same "species" as the Chilnoth that Nightsaber had dealt with yesterday!

This black Chilnoth appeared, its shape and appearance completely different from the previous one.

It looked like a giant lump of black mud, much bigger in size, with seven or eight red eyes scattered all over its body. It had an evil and eerie appearance.

The things that were born from nightmares were often strange and bizarre.

Maryse sat on the ground and didn't want to move, but she soon realized that she couldn't stay still!

He, once again, started to forcefully control his own body.

"Hmm, why is it like this... I feel really terrible..."

Even though he was wearing clothes, he felt as if he were completely naked!

What Maryse found most unacceptable was that her own body had started dancing in place!

All eyes immediately focused on her!

After all, with a name like "Moon Dancer," it was only natural for her to unleash extraordinary powers and dance.

As for why the Psychic Dancer doesn't need to dance, it's because the meaning of being a Psychic Dancer is to manipulate the minds of others to dance.

The people who witnessed this scene screamed and ran away, while others stood shocked and amazed.

"Look at that girl! Why isn't she running?"

"She was there, dancing!"

"It looks like the half-elf from the Babel Tower! I saw him in a newspaper before!"

What a shameful moment!

Maryse was so angry that even her imaginary limbs hurt.

"Don't be angry, don't be angry, even though the clothes were wrapped tightly, it's just a trick of the mind... how awful!"

Savior, I will kill you a thousand times, and it still wouldn't be enough!

In truth, Maryse's distress was merely a trick played by her own mind.

If it were someone like the Scarlet Moon or Mu Ling instead, they probably wouldn't even care about such subtle physical sensations.

They shattered the enemies' hearts countless times, charging out from the splatters of blood and brain matter. How could they care about such a trivial matter, it's not like they were truly exposed.

The half-elf girl's dance resembled some ancient ritual, possessing a strange and enchanting beauty.

Filled with a sense of rhythm, she was like moonlight itself, enchantingly beautiful.

People were staring intently, unable to look away.

It was as if they were bewitched.

After Maryse's dance began, everyone present was astonished to discover that the sun in the sky had silently vanished and been replaced by a silver crescent moon!

Even the monsters hesitated to attack, as all eyes were fixed on the dancing half-elf girl.

It was also bewildered, unable to extricate itself.

Everyone and everything in the entire room was captivated, except for the almost embarrassed Maryse.

She vaguely remembered, as if she had once seen this type of dance before.

In a dream.

In the dream, it seemed as if she had encountered another version of herself from a different world.

That other self was adorned in the same cloak of moonlight, gracefully dancing under the shining moon. Everything around started to crumble, and even the once silver moon turned a blood red color. The cloak of moonlight also stained crimson.

But that was just a dream.

Maryse found herself lost in deep contemplation.

She could feel a certain power dwelling deep within her soul, slowly emerging.

Suddenly, the dark, slime-like creature began to crumble and disintegrate.

Without any fear of its impending death, it crumbled away silently.

The people present were still not free from confusion.

At the same time, Maryse finally finished her dance, and a black mist started to swirl around her.

Before long, she was transported back to her home.

"This situation... is really too much..."

Maryse took a deep breath and lay directly in the bathtub, feeling a bit dizzy in her head.

"Oh, how annoying this is... But what can I do if I can't resist..."

Maryse's clothes, without her noticing, had reverted back to how they were before, while she lay in the bathtub, consumed by existential confusion.


Inside the Babel Tower.

Bai Yan calmly looked at everything through his phone.

Live broadcasting.

Although no one else noticed, he actually noticed Maryse's subtle expression.

Displeased, shy, helpless, curious, excited...

A range of captivating expressions could be seen on the little face, as if a fan-shaped graph were being unfurled before our eyes.

Although Maryse was very resistant to this new skin, deep down she was quite curious about what new powers she could gain and felt excited about becoming stronger.

"Unfortunately, this will become news in Annottales, rather than a video in Tatsumi City. Otherwise, Amy and Mu Ling would have definitely been able to witness this scene..."

However, Bai Yan felt a little peculiar.

Maryse turned out to be such a shy person on the inside!

She only danced in public and became so shy, completely unexpected.

Bai Yan from before truly never could have imagined that deep within the heart of this little puppy, there existed such a side.

"Moon Dancer: She wears a flowing silver dress that seems to be made of solidified moonlight. In this world, the 'Psychic Dancer' is raised in secret by an evil force as a special weapon. Her soul holds a portion of the power of the Outer God, 'Eternal Moon', which is an incredibly frightening negative energy that can both nourish and destroy everything."

"After the possibility is activated, the "Moon Dance" ability group will replace the "Psychic Dancer" ability group, gaining the power to wield negative energy."

Bai Yan glanced at the specific changes in the character card.

He couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Because, under these circumstances, Maryse had magically become one centimeter shorter!

Core Operator:

Title: The Psychic Dancer, Moon Dancer (Maryse)

Gender: Female

Plane:Formation Realm

Level: Crown (Supreme)

Race: Elfkind

Operator Identification: Control/Support/Assassin (Mastery in Assassination)

Milestone: High Elf, Betrayer, Chief of the Shadow Clan, Executioner

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 88+50 Self-healing Specialization (She could knock down a big guy twice her weight with a single punch)

Inspiration: 566 (The power of the Outer God is contained within her soul)

Skill: 128 (Her amazing dance moves can make any professional dancer surrender)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 10 (A fairy under the moonlight, with an almost perfect appearance)

Loyalty: 8 (She is grateful to you, perhaps she will say it)

Mood: 3 (Savior, I want to kill you a thousand times!)


......(no changes)


Moon Dance · Bewilderment: It is a dance ritual that creates illusions of the silver moon, enchanting everyone who sees the illusions.

Moon Dance: Midnight's Embrace - A dance ritual that, through the power of moonlight, causes a specific target to crumble in solitude.

Moon Dance: Blood Moon - A dance ritual that creates illusions of the silver moon, cursing anyone who sees the illusions without distinction between friend and foe.

Moon Dance · Concealment: In the enchanting ritual, the power of moonlight is used to grant other characters the ability to become invisible and enhance their strength and speed.

Moonlight Refraction: With the power of moonlight, they could instantly move within a vast area.

Moon's Protection: As long as the shelter of moonlight is present, there is all-encompassing and powerful defense.

Blood of Darkness·Self-healing Specialization

Sacred Rune - Athena (Proficiency 100%)

Deep Red - Divine Punishment (Proficiency 100%)

Secondary information:

Size: She was 144cm tall, with measurements of 74, 54, 81.


If the 'Psychic Dancer - Moon Dancer' acquires a Relic with 'Yin energy', she can absorb the Yin energy from it to temporarily become stronger...

Bai Yan finished reading the little one's brand new card, and upon seeing the last sentence, he immediately remembered Mu Ling's civilization-level relic, "Nyx's Cover."

He thought that Mu Ling wouldn't mind sharing it with Maryse.

And, in fact, "Nyx's Cover" doesn't belong to Mu Ling, but is the property of the Babel Tower. Mu Ling only has temporary right to use it.

*Cough* *cough* He increasingly felt like a capitalist...

The last skin was Mu Ling's "Shadow Tactics".

Bai Yan now feels that he truly has "great luck," and he might even reach a milestone as a "lucky star" soon...

Because "Shadow Tactics" is undoubtedly the best choice among all of Mu Ling's abilities for engaging in multiple battles at once! Undoubtedly, it is the skin that he needs the most!

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