I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 336

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Chapter 336: Moon Dancer


We have already won the game!

Seeing the delightful content on his mobile phone screen, Bai Yan's face was filled with joy. At this very moment, he felt as refreshed as if he had just put on a brand new pair of underwear for the New Year!

"Now I feel comfortable..."

Regretfully discarded!

Without hesitation, he regretfully discarded the scattered fragments of several wonders.

But it seemed that luck had run out, as the few cards drawn again didn't have anything good. Among them, five were still fragments of wonders, and there was one more...

"Possibility! The Fishing King: Drunken Masters Panda Rowen (Seven Days)."

Bai Yan fell into deep thought.

This talented panda bartender was sometimes a warrior, sometimes a werewolf, sometimes enjoying a cup of tea, and sometimes fishing... Oh, I almost forgot, he even had a swimsuit, with a total of five peculiar skins.

Is this fair?

Never mind, I'll go ahead with it! Who cares if it's reasonable or not?

Apart from the newly released skins, a new wonder also emerged...

It is called the "Shadow Kingdom."

Throughout, Bai Yan was always frustrated with the constant bouncing of Shadow Kingdom fragments and the various polluted card pools.

But this time was different, it directly went all out.

Although he didn't like fragments very much, being able to go all out and directly get the Shadow Kingdom was definitely enjoyable.

Bai Yan carefully looked at the relevant description.

"Shadow Kingdom: A mythical and mysterious land, said to be home to powerful martial arts masters."

"Core Operators can be sent to the Shadow Kingdom for combat training. It is recommended to send close-combat Core Operators, as they can gain certain skills and acquire special abilities. In the real world, one day is spent for the training. Each deployment costs 100 Source Energy Points, and only one person can be sent at a time."

Bai Yan couldn't help but comment, "Speaking of which, in this Shadow Kingdom, could it really be an old lady..."

The first playthrough of "Babel Tower" was just a game, but the second playthrough of "Babel Tower" was a real and tangible world.

That means, those things that were originally only present in the background actually exist in reality.

He was curious about what the inside of the Shadow Kingdom was like.

Unfortunately, Bai Yan could only send Core Operators from Babel Tower into the Shadow Kingdom.

And he himself was not a true Core Operator of Babel Tower.

Not only could he not go to the Shadow Kingdom, but he didn't have a place in ascending to heaven or traveling to the Continent of Zeuo either.

Sigh, I also want to play with you all...

Bai Yan shook his head gently and muttered, "Very well, I hope to have the chance to send Mu Ling and Ganis over to the Shadow Kingdom to see if they can learn the skill of defeating gods firsthand."

Maryse and Mu Ling's new skins have been obtained.

The effects of the two skins were something Bai Yan remembered from his first playthrough. It just so happened that they perfectly matched his speedrun requirements.

Now, let's put their newfound abilities to the test with a weekly mission!

Before this, Bai Yan carefully examined the character card of "Sacred Heart's Chosen" after changing its appearance.

Core Operator:

Title: Sacred Heart's Chosen - Holy Lady of Desire (Aurora)

Gender: Female

Plane:Formation Realm

Level: Crown (Intermediate)

Race: Tersian (a branch of humans)

Operator Identification: Special/Support/Surveillance (Optimal)

Milestone: Saintess, Savior

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 112 (The strength of the body remained high, although it couldn't match its original state)

INT: Inspiration (472) She was a Holy Lady who presided over desires and emotions, possessing an almost unimaginable amount of inspiration.

Skill: 241 (The mastery of new powers is quite remarkable)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 9 (She exuded the irresistible charm of a refined, mature lady, captivating everyone in her presence like a goddess.)

Loyalty: 7 (This world is in need of the Savior!)

Mood: 7 (With new hopes and dreams, the mood became quite cheerful.)


... (remained unchanged)


Knights of the Sacred Heart: A knightly order consisting of a dozen elite knights, who have fought alongside the "Sacred Heart's Chosen" to the extent of being able to understand each other's thoughts and intentions.

Emotional Perception: Able to perfectly perceive the emotions of the creatures around them.

Mastery: The ability to control the seven emotions and six desires, having the power to amplify certain positive or negative emotions by tens of times.

The Embodiment of Desires: Has the ability to enable a creature to conceive the embodiment of desires within their body, giving birth to unique and peculiar beings.

Secondary Information:

Height and body measurements: She is 176cm tall with measurements of 94 for her bust, 63 for her waist, and 92 for her hips.


If a female Sacred Heart's Chosen were to use this ability frequently, she would receive prophecies and blessings from the Goddess of Desires...

Bai Yan, upon seeing this, helped the Sacred Heart's Chosen put on a new set of clothes, taking away her armor and horse.

"Sorry, your Light God is gone, maybe it's time to find a new boss to rely on..."

Bai Yan whispered to himself.

He wished earnestly that the goddess of desires would adopt Aurora, just like a mentor, in order to aid Babel Tower.


Noah's World, the Air Alliance, and Tatsumi City.

Platinum Zone, the Augustus family's mansion.

Maryse, sitting on the bed, lifted her white evening gown with delight, finding it increasingly beautiful the more she looked at it.

"But, actually, the person wearing clothes looks even better!"

She giggled and couldn't take her eyes off the evening gown, holding it tenderly.

"Want to wear it again!"

On the side, the maid Irena shook her head and said, "Miss Maryse, although you are very reluctant to part with this dress, evening gowns like this can only be worn once. Otherwise, it would bring great shame to the Augustus family."

I couldn't care less about Augustus' reputation!

Maryse huffed and suddenly asked, "By the way, I heard Amy say something..."

Upon hearing Amy's name, Irena couldn't help but think of... After you told me so much about the Babel Tower, is it really not a problem?"

Irena had already become familiar with the members of the Babel Tower, because Maryse would talk about these things every day.

"No problem, otherwise the Savior would have warned us a long time ago."

Maryse shook her head and said, "Listen to me first, and don't worry about those things. What I mean is, Amy often talks about poor people on the forum."

"She said that the daily expenses of the nobles could sustain many poor and destitute people for one or two years. The money spent by nobles on pets could give hope to those who couldn't afford medical treatment."

"She also said that if the nobles could just waste a little less, many more people could live better lives."

Amy's title was "Cybertyrant," but she looked very gentle and kind.

Her desire for control was implicit.

In some families, children would be told that they must visit their grandparents on weekends, while in other families, children would be repeatedly reminded that caring for the elderly is moral and right, and any contrary behavior would be considered immoral.

Amy's way of controlling was undoubtedly the latter.

In the forum, she would regularly embark on sermons, instilling her own values.

"This Amy is perhaps too controlling, you also have your own way of life..." Irena frowned slightly, feeling a bit displeased.

Maryse shook her head again and said, "But Mr. Profligate said that what she said is right. After thinking about it, I realized that maybe I can sell off the things I don't need and donate them to the poor."

Irena paused for a moment and gently reminded, "Um... this might not be a good idea. These are the clothes you have worn close to your body!"

Maryse pondered for a moment and nodded, "Indeed, if my clothes were bought by a perverted man, I would be furious and feel phantom pain... Hmm, I think I'll keep the clothes and such for myself, and wear them at home. I won't throw them away... As for the remaining money from other things, I can donate it."

Irena didn't stop her, she just said, "Alright, since you want to do this... Actually, the five great families are all involved in charity. If you insist, you can join a charity foundation."

Maryse said, "I don't really understand, but I've heard that their charity foundations may not necessarily be established for charity... It seems like there are tax benefits involved."

When it came to these things, it somewhat touched upon her area of knowledge that she lacked.

Maryse scratched her head and said, "Actually, I can sense what Amy is thinking. She might be even more radical, but she really likes me... Yet she strongly opposes the aristocratic system itself."

"I can't say much about this issue."

Irena gazed at her friend, who was also her master, and said earnestly, "For me, my parents, and my ancestors, we have been serving the Augustus family for generations... I was taught to be loyal ever since I was born."

"We, from birth to death, have had the Augustus family take care of everything, be it tuition, medical expenses, housing, education, healthcare... My family and I have always enjoyed various benefits."

Irena took a deep breath and smiled as she held Maryse's hand. "But most importantly, it's our friendship, Maryse. No matter what happens, I will never betray you."

"I understand," Maryse sighed instead.

From the unspoken thoughts of Irena, she instead heard a different direction.

If it weren't for these things, for a stranger, the nobility system would indeed be very dissatisfying.

These things were something Maryse had never thought about before.

Until she joined the Babel Tower, she would look at various values expressed by Amy on the forum every day, which made her start to think... Are some things that she was born with truly meant to be hers?

Maryse knew how the kings and nobles of the Air Alliance came to be.

The so-called royal families were actually leaders of different strongholds centuries ago. After the establishment of the Air Alliance, they imitated the ancient system of the Eruo League and proclaimed themselves as kings. As for the so-called nobles, most of them were descendants of powerful and extraordinary beings from centuries ago.

The blessings from our ancestors have continued until today.

Just as Maryse was lost in her thoughts, she suddenly heard a voice in her mind that was as familiar as can be.

[Psychic Dancer]

[This is the possibility you deserve]

"Oh, here we go again?"

Maryse immediately realized that something was about to happen!

She swiftly moved with Deep Red - Divine Punishment, leaving the bedroom and running to the private pool in the villa.

At this moment in the pool, there was no one but Maryse.

She ran to the pool because she was afraid that after gaining new possibilities, there might be some strange and unusual transformations.

If she stayed in the bedroom and let Irena tease her, she would feel very upset.


In the next moment, Maryse's clothes became blurry and began to undergo a transformation.

She gazed at the changes, gradually becoming astonished.

"This is simply...unbelievable!"

Maryse's face was filled with astonishment as she discovered that her new attire consisted of a flowing liquid dance costume, accompanied by crystal-made dance shoes.

The glass slippers seemed as light as air, completely barely noticeable.

The gown was a form-fitting garment made of flowing silver liquid, soft as water and graceful as the wind.

"This thing feels like flowing water. When you put it on, it's like the sensation of being naked and soaked in a pool... It doesn't feel like wearing clothes at all..."

She felt as if she had draped moonlight around herself!

Maryse's face turned slightly red. Even though this liquid outfit was silver in color, it was completely opaque and didn't reveal anything. It only faintly exposed her fair arms.

However, umm... she herself felt very embarrassed!

Just like wearing a stream of water!

Just like taking a bath naked!

Maryse took a deep breath and reached out to grab a handful of the garment, only to pass through the silver liquid.

No matter how much she wanted to take it off, oh, I almost forgot, changing clothes was impossible.

However, standing in front of people in this state, it just feels so embarrassing, so shy!

Oh no, oh no, oh no!

Maryse gently swayed her body, and the liquid clothing moved with her, giving her the sensation of moving her body in a pool.

"What... You're making me wear this outfit to battle? In front of everyone?"

The half-elf girl blushed and murmured.

Please don't do that!

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