I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 334

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Chapter 334: The Holy Lady of Desire

Bai Yan fell into deep thought.

He really had no idea what kind of person the "Holy Lady of Desire" was.

After all, during the first playthrough, Babel Tower didn't have the "Sacred Heart's Chosen" core operator at all.

The exclusive skin for the second playthrough, and looking at the description, it seems quite captivating...

Since I have drawn it anyway, I can only put it on and take a look.

"I hope I can be useful."

Bai Yan sighed.

"Holy Lady of Desire: The powerful saint who rules over desires and manipulates emotions. In this alternate timeline, instead of wearing the golden armor that she often wears in another world, the new attire of the 'Sacred Heart's Chosen' is more casual and appears to be a black, abstinent-style, open-front evening gown."

"In this world, the deity worshipped by 'Sacred Heart's Chosen' is the god of desires. As the holy maiden of desires, her original power set was replaced by the power set of the 'Desire Goddess.' She can easily manipulate emotional energy, ignite various desires deep within people's hearts, and use various mysterious methods that catch people off guard."

Bai Yan couldn't help but sink into deep thought. This completely transformed him into a mage, didn't it?

He was no longer a knight!

However, Bai Yan carefully thought it over and realized that the skin of the Sacred Heart's Chosen, after all, still belonged to a divine chosen one.

Actually, Maryse's skin underwent even greater changes...

In the end, let's give it a try later and take a closer look at the specific set of abilities.

He also didn't know if this "Sacred Heart's Chosen" in this state had a way to quickly pass through the second stage of the "Eve" night.

He could only observe for now and then decide.

Of course, the first ten rounds had not ended yet.

He still had the privilege to use the "regret card" three more times.

Bai Yan pondered for a while and finally chose "Naraku Yellow Spring," "Shadow Kingdom," "Fusang Tree"... the "regret card"!

"Please, please, kind old lady, please don't give me the Shadow Kingdom anymore."

In the blink of an eye, three new cards reappeared on the screen of the cellphone.

"Possibility! Beyond the Heaven's Reach – Deep Sea Frontier (Seven Days)"

Oh dear, an operator name completely unknown, along with a skin name completely unfamiliar, appeared!

Bai Yan stood there, stunned, for a moment, speechless.

What is this?

Forget it.

Anyway, it didn't have any use for now, so he decided to pretend not to see it. He shook his head gently and flipped open two other cards.

"World Line Change Fragment · Niebelungen×1"

"World Line Change Fragment · Land of Mist×1"

Hmm, for now, they didn't have any use.

Bai Yan sighed and nodded, accepting the current reality.

He then took out the list of operators from his phone.

She was chosen as "Sacred Heart's Chosen."

And then... the possibility of change emerged!

"Holy Lady of Desire!"


Another world.

The Continent of Zeuo.

"We didn't arrive late this time and solved the source of the Decaying Disaster ahead of time."

In another remote village, the Knights of the Sacred Heart had arrived ahead of time before the complete outbreak of the Decaying Disaster at this location.

They managed to extinguish the source of the Decaying Disaster right here.

The source this time was a secluded middle-aged farmer who suddenly transformed into a demon, nearly infecting the other villagers through harmful means...

Just like the previous Decaying Disasters, the mutation occurred without any warning signs.

If it wasn't for the timely arrival of the Knights of the Sacred Heart, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Standing in the village, Aurora looked up at the sky and felt the icy touch of the falling snow on her face.

Ever since the Decaying Disaster began over a decade ago, the Continent of Zeuo has been growing colder and colder.

In the past year, it has even started to snow constantly...

The snow never ceased.

The female assistant, Judy, said, "It has been snowing continuously for over a year now, and many people on the Continent of Zeuo have starved to death because of it... If this continues, hunger will destroy the world before the Decaying Disaster itself."

"Captain, do we really have a way to save this world? Can that Savior... can His power help us?"

They went to another world and fought yesterday.

Not only Aurora, but now everyone became interested in Babel Tower and the Savior.

Aurora looked at her assistant, Judy, without saying a word.

In fact, since Aurora "ascended to Heaven", she had been silent. This event had a great impact on her.

Aurora never told the other members of the knighthood that God had fallen.

She smiled and nodded gently, determination in her eyes.

"Yes," she replied.

The events from yesterday were still fresh in Aurora's memory as she took a deep breath.

Even if the priests could conjure food, it would only be enough to satisfy a few people.

Even if she managed to exterminate all the demons, she would still be unable to solve the increasingly severe famine problem.

"Will this world eventually be destroyed?" he wondered.

"No," she said firmly.

She firmly believed that at the end of despair, there would always be an everlasting hope.

No matter how small and insignificant it may be, she vowed to hold onto this glimmer of hope tightly.

If people were to give up before hope arrives... that would be true despair!

"Captain! There's a monster attacking!"

Suddenly, someone from the knight's group shouted loudly at the entrance of the village.

Aurora and her assistant exchanged a brief glance, slightly taken aback but not entirely surprised.

Perhaps due to the Decaying Disaster or the year-long snowfall, various creatures and monsters that were usually hidden had become restless.

So, the examples of them attacking human villages became more frequent.

"Everyone, get ready!"

Aurora let out a cry and mounted her Dragon Blood War Horse, leading the rest of the knights as they charged out of the village.

Outside the village, there stood a colossal crimson monster, towering nearly a hundred meters high. It roared mightily, its body resembling molten lava from a volcano. Dozens of yellow eyes adorned its head, gazing down at the diminutive knights not far from its feet.


It was getting angry!

"What a huge creature!"

A knight shouted angrily, and they began to wait for Captain Aurora to give the order to attack.

Although the monster is enormous and poses a significant threat, as long as we follow the Captain's footsteps, we can defeat any terrifying enemy!

And then, something extraordinary happened.

[Sacred Heart's Chosen]

[This is the possibility you should have].

"What is happening to me..."

Riding on the back of a horse, the elegant and stunning Aurora found herself completely stunned.

She had always been a very calm and composed person, but at this moment, she couldn't help but feel shocked, completely unable to comprehend.

Her armor unexpectedly became blurry, as if undergoing some sort of special transformation, yet also seemed to be disappearing?

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Is this the monster's ability?

To make her armor disappear in front of everyone's eyes?

If only her armor disappeared, that would be fine. Aurora was not a shy young girl and had no hesitation in wearing long-sleeved linen clothes and joining the knights in battle.

But if even the linen clothes and underwear inside disappeared without a trace...

Even the normally calm and composed Aurora couldn't help but feel a little anxious at that moment!

But then she thought of that familiar voice in her mind, as if it were... the voice of the Savior!

Perhaps this was some kind of intervention from the Savior of Babel Tower?

"Captain, what's wrong with you?"

"What's going on?"

"What happened?"

The other members of the knight squad also noticed something strange. They looked at Aurora in astonishment, finding it hard to believe what was about to happen next.

What's going on?

Only to behold, Aurora's golden armor blurred in front of everyone's eyes, transforming into a modest black evening gown, perfectly accentuating her graceful figure.

The knights, who had experienced countless battles and shed blood for many years, were completely dumbfounded!

They had never seen anything like this before!


Evening gown?

Aurora opened her mouth slightly, unsure of what to do in that moment.

Aurora, who had experienced many formal gowns in the upper echelons, whether during her time in the choir, as a saint, or even as a knight, had never worn one herself!

It's so strange!

Aurora's arms and small legs were exposed, and her tight dress revealed a large, pale area on her chest. Aurora was starting to feel dizzy.

Although she possessed incredible powers as a supernatural being, she didn't feel much coldness at all.

But in that moment, Aurora's heart was on the verge of breaking down.

The armor and lance disappeared, and she could just about accept it.

The most important thing is...

She lost her horse!

Aurora's faithful companion, the Dragon Blood War Horse, had been by her side for many years, fighting by her side almost constantly. In her eyes, it was like family. But now, it had suddenly vanished without a trace!

"What on earth is going on?" Aurora murmured to herself, unable to comprehend.


The monster finally ended its "standoff", and it also felt that the humans in front of it were strange. But hunger and anger prevented the murderous intent from subsiding!

"Not, not, Respected Savior? What on earth is happening here? Please don't joke with me, okay?"

The knights remained silent, looking at each other in astonishment.

Aurora was also disheveled in the snow, feeling lost and on the brink of collapse.


I couldn't understand...

You must have a clever plan, don't you?

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